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[Movie 2008] The Good, The Bad, The Weird 좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈

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좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈 Nom Nom Nom (2008.07.17)

Dir. Kim Ji Woon
Song Kang Ho
Lee Byung Hun
Jung Woo Sung



Nationwide Release  July 17th, 2008!

May 24, 2008: Invited to 61st Cannes International Film Festival

Out-of-Competition world premiere!

August 29 - September 1: 35th Telluride Film Festival

September 4 - 13: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' Gala Screening at the 33rd Toronto Film Festival

25 September - 9 October 200810th edition of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival at the Copacabana Beach

September 25 - October 10: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' screening at 27th Vancouver International Film Festival

October 2 - 10: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' Open talk & screening at the 13th Pusan International Film Festival

October 2 - 12: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' in Competition at 41st SITGES Film Festival

[WINNERS] Best Director, Best Visual Effect

October 9 - 19: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' closing the 28th LV-Hawaii International Film Festival

Maverick Award - Director Kim Ji Woon, Lifetime Achievement Award - Jung Woo Sung

October 15 - 30: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' screening at The Times BFI 52nd London Film Festival

October 30 - November 9: 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' at AFI Fest 2008 in Los Angeles

November 1 - 8: GBW as Opening Film at the Singapore Korean Film Festival

November 11: GBW in competition at the 2nd Asia Pacific Screen Award in Gold Coast, Australia

[WINNER] Best Cinematography Achievement Award - Lee Mo Gae

November 6 - 14: GBW at 3rd London-Korean Film Festival 2008

November 18 - 29: 20th Stockholm International Film Festival

November 20: 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards

[WINNERS] Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction & Maximum Audience Award

December 4: 7th Korean Film Awards

[WINNERS] Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction

December 16: 11th Director's CUT Awards

[WINNER] Best Director of the Year - Dir. Kim Ji Woon

2009 March 23: 3rd Asian Film Awards

Hong Kong International Film Festival




Download Clip thanks to midnight sun

The Good, The Bad, The Weird HD Trailer [95 MB]

Official Website » www.3nom.co.kr

Official GBW Fansite » GBW-cafe.daum


 th_gbw2good.jpg The GOOD » JUNG WOO SUNG


 th_gbw2bh.jpg th_0008323M.jpg The BAD » LEE BYUNG HUN


 th_gbw2weird.jpg The WEIRD » SONG KANG HO




Additional Cast -

Lee Chung Ah

White Dragon aka Hakuryu

Uhm Ji Won


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“The Good, The Bad, The Weird” 

by Director Kim Jee Woon 

Presented by CJ Entertainment
Produced by Barunson Film Division / Grimm Pictures
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
SONG Kang-ho, LEE Byung-hun, JUNG Woo-sung
Director KIM Jee-woon
July, 2008
Oriental Western, 35mm, 2.35:1, Color, Dolby SRD 
Genre : Period Action/Drama


Synopsis : With the Korean Peninsula under Japanese rule in 1930s, many Koreans flock to Manchuria for refuge. Some become bandits, some train robbers and yet others bounty hunters. While the Weird, a notorious train robber, is stealing from a Japanese train crossing the Manchurian plains, he discovers a treasure map. But the map is also sought after by the Bad, a merciless gang leader. Coincidentally, the Good, a bounty hunter, is on the train, and he is after the Bad. The three engage in a spectacular chase with the Japanese Army, the Korean independence fighters, and the Chinese bandits all looking to get their hands on the prized map. 


SONG Kang-ho - A self-commando train robber with nine lives, Tae-goo

Tae-goo is a train robber who goes around on a scooter rather than a horse. Always at the source of trouble and dispute, he is an unpredictable die-hard self-commando with no telling what he’ll do next. 

SONG has portrayed some of the most memorable characters starring in hit films like <The Foul King>, <Memories of Murder>, <The Host>, and <Secret Sunshine> and his lines often became the cant phrases in fad. SONG has always been in the films that changed the history of Korean films. No matter the role, through outstanding distinction and ‘SONG Kang-ho-ization’ acting, he has become one of the most beloved actors by moviegoers, directors, and producers alike. Now in <The Good, the Bad, the Weird>, SONG presents the world with ‘the weird’ character teeming with unparalleled individuality, ‘Tae-goo’.

Selected Filmography

2009 Evil Live (Director: PARK Chan-wook. Filming) 
2007 Secret Sunshine (Director: LEE Chang-dong), 
The Show Must Go on (Director HAN Jae-lim)
2006 The Host (Director: BONG Joon-ho)
2005 Antarctic Journal (Director: LIM Pil-sung)
2003 Memories of Murder (Director BONG Joon-ho)
2001 Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Director: PARK Chan-wook)
2000 The Foul King (Director: KIM Jee-woon), 
JSA, Joint Security Area (Director: PARK Chan-wook))
1999 Swiri (Director: KANG Jae-kyu)
1998 The Quiet Family (Director: KIM Jee-woon)
1996 Green Fish (Director: LEE Chang-dong)

Interview with SONG Gang-ho

Tae-go is ‘the Weird’ but when I first read the script, I didn’t realize who ‘the weird’ one really was. All three of the main characters are bad with a weird side to their personalities mixed in with some good. Tae-goo’s character is like a weed. He does all kinds of things by fair means or foul in order to survive in the vast, desolate Manchurian plains in chaotic times. But he is not bleak in human nature. He has his own unique feelings and attachments to people but lives like a die-hard weed on the hit and run in order to survive. He appears comedic but he is the most miserable character out of the three. His actions are different from Do-won’s and Chang-yi’s, not typical of the western genre. While the others prepared for their action scenes prior to production, I found my own answers to ‘How did Tae-goo live and what is he like?’ and prepared that way.


LEE Byung-hun – Guns or swords, Chang-yi, the man 
who wants to be the best

A cold-blooded man who kills at will with no turning back to get what he wants. His greatest desire is to be the best shooter in a duel. He is a man of great pride who would rather die than to lose.

Perhaps due to his gentle voice and wet, glistening eyes, his filmography consists mainly of love stories. However, since the film noir, <A Bittersweet Life>, Lee started to show a stronger masculine side. Even in portraying villains he stands out due to his exquisite expressions and acting. Chang-yi, a stubborn, atrocious, and cruel character who 
sometimes shows a hint of madness comes alive through LEE as not just a simple villain but a strong, appealing, and charismatic character. 

Selected Filmography

2009 G.I Joe (Director: Stephen Sommers, Filming)
2008 I come with the rain (Director: Anh Hung Tran, Post production)
2005 A Bittersweet Life (Director: KIM Jee-woon)
2004 Three Extremes (Director: PARK Chan-wook) 
2001 Bungee Jumping of Their Own (Director: KIM Dae-seung)
2000 JSA, Joint Security Area (Director: PARK Chan-wook)
1998 The Harmonium in My Memory (Director: LEE Young-jae)

Interview with LEE Byung-hun

This is my second collaboration with director KIM Jee-woon since <A Bittersweet Life>. <The Good, the Bad, the Weird> is a more entertaining film, so I think the production as a whole was more fun this time around. If the tone of the film is serious and dark, it’s bound to be filled with suffering and agony. But the genre here calls for the viewers as well as the characters in 
the film to be excited, so it was fun work. Chang-yi is the complete opposite from Tae-goo in every way. He does not make effort to survive. 

For Chang-yi, living is not his main goal and death does not matter to him. All that matters is if he is the best shooter or not. Even when he fights, he does not think much about his life. The thought ‘I could die’ never crosses his mind. It was a thoroughly refreshing experience to play a villain for the first time in my long acting career. I didn’t have to think ‘the character must have his reasons for that kind of behavior.’ Rather I just had to create his walk, his manner, his 
expression, his way of speech etc., and try to ‘get down to character’. Chang-yi’s cool and cold-blooded personality also comes through in his actions scenes.”


JUNG Woo-sung – An excellent shooter who does anything for money. 
Do-won, a hunter after criminals for the reward

Wild beasts, wanted criminals, you name it, the ace shooter will hunt anything for money. Do-won uses a rifle and shot guns with longer range of fire and higher shot accuracy to get his game. He never gives up on a target he sets out to get.

Jung is an actor who teems with masculine beauty. He is even more superb in actions. He glides as if dancing and flows like water drawing unique lines as he gracefully moves about. Do-won from <The Good, the Bad, the Weird> is the 
ultimate character in which one can show off all his masculine beauty. ‘Do-won’ races on his horse, shoots guns, and rides downhill to provide moviegoers with all the fun of watching an actor act and move about on the big screen.

Selected Filmography

2006 The Restless (Director: CHO Dong-oh)
2004 A moment to remember (Director: LEE Jae-han)
2001 The Warriors (Director: KIM Sung-soo)
1999 Phantom, the submarine (Director: MIN Byung-chun)
1998 City of the rising sun (Director: KIM Sung-soo)
1997 Beat (Director: KIM Sung-soo), Motel Cactus (Director: PARK Ki-yong)

Interview with JUNG Woo-sung

“Any actor would love a chance to work with Director KIM Jee-woon. I had my hopes, too, and wasn’t let down. He pulls out hidden talents that the actor doesn’t even know he had within him and lets him enjoy them. The movie is such an exhilarating and animated film, it was really fun working on it. Although Do-won is an ‘outlaw’ he knows he is on ‘the good’ side and has clear set standards and moves accordingly. Even in doing the action scenes, I thought ‘Why would Do-won act like this? How does he feel?’ etc. Do-won is an excellent rider and shooter so the action scenes were on a big scale. There were even some dangerous moments, but I kept on all in good fun. Different from Chang-yi who pushes himself wanting to be the best, Do-won is sure he is the best and his confidence is evident in all the actions scenes.”

Source: cjent.co.kr

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Guest joyeux

Good*Bad*Weird Media*compilation


Capture credits to PlanetBH0712, credits to barunson.co.kr

Thanks to the highlight by ff120

[chinkymovies.blogspot.com] [kobunagaplace.blogspot.com]


TGTBTW.part1.rar TGTBTW.part2.rar

TGTBTW.part3.rar TGTBTW.part4.rar

TGTBTW.part5.rar TGTBTW.part6.rar

TGTBTW.part7.rar TGTBTW.part8.rar

OR (English subs included in RAR)

[1] [2] [3] [4]

[5] [6] [7] [8]

Megaupload movie links at [dramacrush.blogspot.com] thanks to the highlight by jicks

Thanks to Huangsy for the links, GBW OST with a 40 tracklist!


Source: listen.daum.net

Simply right-click to download

Track 1 l Track 2 l Track 3 l Track 4

Track 5 l Track 6 l Track 7 l Track 8

Track 9 l Track 10 l Track 11 l Track 12

Track 13 l Track 14 l Track 15 l Track 16

Track 17 l Track 18 l Track 19 l Track 20

Track 21 l Track 22 l Track 23 l Track 24

Track 25 l Track 26 l Track 27 l Track 28

Track 29 l Track 30 l Track 31 l Track 32

Track 33 l Track 34 l Track 35 l Track 36

Track 37 l Track 38 l Track 39 l Track 40

z_MMEDIA5.gifThe Good, The Bad, The Weird media clips

These clips aren't new and have been posted at the thread, around the July-release courtesy various fan-sharing & media update. Our utmost gratitude to everyone sharing the original uploads (tv shows, interviews, etc), truly appreciate each sharing from the bottom of our hearts! :wub:

Links in Megauplaod format, please refer digrams below for instructions to download

Film2_GBW photoshoot (16.98 MB) [X]

Cine21_GBW cover story (62.80 MB) [X]

mbc_movieweek 08_0704 (78.83 MB) [X]

Movieweek_080630 focus on gbw (31.79 MB) [X]

gbw_premiere mag photoshoot (6.95 MB) [X]

KBS2_GBWfeature (22.26 MB) [X]

gbw CF_samsung sens (1.71 MB) [X]

GBW_BTS poster1 (9.07 MB) [X]

KBS2_20080623_poster (13.37 MB) [X]

KBS World_080701poster subbed (12.09 MB) [X]

dont_let_me_be_misunderstood1 (1.36 MB) [X]

dont_let_me_be_misunderstood2 (1.59 MB) [X]

dont_let_me_be_misunderstood3 (1.81 MB) [X]

GBW_So Hot MV (4.95 MB) [X]

GBW MV_the BAD (11.47 MB) [X]

GBW MV_the BAD 2 (4.23 MB) [X]

etn 20080708_preview (11.40 MB) [X]

etn 20080804_gbw500 (8.57 MB) [X]

gbw preview film 270837 (48.58 MB) [X]

gbw preview film 270839 (45.97 MB) [X]

gbw_character_trailer_h1080p (95.22 MB) [X]

2008Jun2 KBS ER_Good Bad Weird (47.20 MB) [X]

20080707 Arirang Showbiz Extra - GBW China (7.35 MB) [X]

mnet082_poster-shoot bts (11.73 mb) [X]

mnet_GBW preview 070608 (8.97 MB) [X]

20080709 MnetWide News - GBW press preview (10.51 MB) [X]

20080730 Live TV Ent. News - The Good The Bad The Weird (8.54 MB) [X]

20080731 Mnet Wide News - The Good The Bad The Weird (10.48 MB) [X]

20080731 Showbiz Extra - The Good, the Bad, the Weird (13.69 MB) [X]

20080804 Showbiz Extra - The Good, the Bad, the Weird (11.57 MB) [X]

The.Good.toshoot.ER.080630_ahboo (31.23 MB) [X]

MBC-GBW Fan Premiere0607 (24 MB) [X]

GBW July17 movie releases (20.32 MB) [X]

GBW VIP preview clip1 (9.87 MB) [X]

GBW250708 stage-greet (9.27MB) [X]

gbw3107_daegu stage greet (9.77 MB) [X]

GBW stage greet compilation (3.96 MB) [X]

GBW stage greeting 3.8.8 (16.27 MB) [X]

GBW_2507stagegreet (9.31 MB) [X]

GBW_2607stagegreet (10.78 MB) [X]

gbw_070708 preview j-clip (13.10 MB) [X]

gbw_080708 preview (5.51 MB) [X]

innolife_080708_gbw preview 1 (8.77 MB) [X]

innolife_080708_gbw preview 2 (16.07 MB) [X]

innolife_080708 preview 3 (4.24 MB) [X]

innolife_080710_gbw vip 1 (9.27 MB) [X]

innolife_080714_gbw cannes (8.14 MB) [X]

gbw_cast_dir kjw (18.13 MB) [X]

News_20080728_ArirangTV (1.82 MB) [X]

mbc_morn_0708_gbw stunts (4.08 MB) [X]

mbc_morn_20080717_2 (4.48 MB) [X]

mbc_noon_20080717_0 (3.40 MB) [X]

sbs news_20080710 lead bad guys (6.74 MB) [X]

sbs news 20080620gbw (6.47 MB) [X]

sbs news_gbw-girl scout (6.56 MB) [X]

sbs_260708_stage greet (25.22 MB) [X]

sbs_20080707preview (6.25 MB) [X]

sbs_GBW preview 070608 (12.83 MB) [X]

sbs_20080718_gbw vs red cliff (4.69 MB) [X]

ytn24_20080714 gbw preview (5.06 MB) [X]

ytn_20080708_preview (11.01 MB) [X]

ytnstar_200806 gbw new movies (10.87 MB) [X]

GBW trailer (3.70 MB) [X]

z_MMEDIA5.gifGBW-CANNES 2008 Media Clips (in wmv format)

[Cannes 2008] Highlight 2008-05-24 (78.06 MB) [X]

[Cannes 2008] Photocall Interview 052408 (14.61 MB) [X]

Cannes 2008_Red Carpet (59.79 MB) [X]

Cannes_sbs20080529 (28.51 MB) [X]

Cannes 20080530 Mnet Wide News (16.95 MB) [X]

Cannes 20080528 Live TV Ent. News (13.96 MB) [X]

Cannes080526_tvb_bhjwlove (17.57 MB) [X]

ytnstar_20080609_cannes (8.27 MB) [X]

Megaupload 101

Step 1: Download the Megaupload Toolbar at http://www.megaupload.com/toolbar/

Step 2: Install the MU Toolbar, it will appear as an extra browser (similar to Google, Yahoo!, etc) which can be removed later

Step 3; Click on the MU link of the clip that you wish to dl..

Step 4: Follow the Diagrams 2,3 and 4

Step 5: Enjoy the clips ^^

Instruction diagrams in clickable thumbnails

th_mu_01a.jpg th_mu_02a.jpg th_mu_03a.jpg th_mu_04a.jpg


What the... this is the best trio in a movie! OMG. I can't believe this! I'm hyperventilating! Three awesome actors in one! What the heck, this is a dream! lol. Ok, I'll stop hyperventilating like a little kid. . . I can totally see SKH as the Strange Guy xD

Anyways, thanks for the awesome news!

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Large teaser posters from CINE21


th_postergbw.jpg th_gbw2good.jpg th_gbw2bh.jpg th_gbw2weird.jpg th_20080610gbw1.jpg th_20080610gbw2.jpg


Thanks to chula for this movie info ^^

The Good, The Bad and The Weird

Genre: Oriental Western

Format: 35mm

Estimated Running Time: 120 min.

Budget: US$10,000,000 (HK$78,000,000)

Funds Secured: US$8,000,000 (HK$62,400,000)

Producer: CHOI Jae-won

Writing Credits: KIM Jee-woon (screenplay), KIM Min-suk (screenplay)

Production Company: Barunson Co. Ltd. / Grimm Pictures

Partner Attached: Showbox, South Korea


Korean filmmaker Kim Jee-woon has created box office hits in Asia with The Foul King (2000), A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) and A Bittersweet Life (2005). This time he would take on the challenge of a new genre: an “Oriental Western". Set in Manchuria in 1930s, the story deals with three Korean men and their entanglement with the Japanese army, Chinese and Russian bandits, accompanied with many exciting action scenes.


In the 1930s, the world is in chaos. In Northeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula has fallen into the hands of the Japanese Imperialists. Many Koreans have flocked to Manchuria, the vast terrain of horses and wilderness bordering their homeland and China. Some of them, inevitably, have turned into mounted bandits to earn their living in this barren


Tae-gu (The Weird) is a thief. He robs a train of Japanese military officers, but the incident is not as simple as it first seems. In the middle of this fierce gun battle against the Japanese, he obtains a mysterious map that leads to a treasure from the Qing Dynasty, buried somewhere in Manchuria.

Yet, the map is also sought by Chang-yi, the cold blooded hitman (The Bad). Tae-gu must fight not only the Japanese but also Chang-yi and his fellow thugs, who happen to attack the train at the same time. At the end of this intense gunfight, a mysterious man jumps into the center of the battle from nowhere and rescues Tae-gu with astonishing gunplay.

Having survived the battle, Tae-gu thanks the man for saving his life. Yet, he does not know that this stranger is Do-won, the bounty hunter (The Good), who has been chasing Tae-gu to turn him in for a reward.

These three men - Do-won (The Good), Chang-yi (The Bad) and Tae-gu (The Weird) - will soon discover that the map they are battling for is also a magnet that attracts others as diverse as the Korean resistance, Chinese/Russian/Korean mountain bandits and the Japanese army. The blazing gun battle in the train proves to be merely the beginning of the rollercoaster ride to the final showdown to come.

Director's Statement

The broad plains of Manchuria offer a seemingly boundless landscape of earth and sky, long ruled by wild men and their horses. It became a battle field for great powers in 1930s. And it also became a land of exile for Koreans wandering there.

Do-won, the bounty hunter, Chang-yi, the cold-blooded hitman and Tae gu, the train bandit, are players in an epic story staged against Manchuria’s striking, exotic landscape. I would like to express the overflowing emotion filling the endless landscape with a matter of life and death, but I also want to do it in a rather humorous way. On yet another level, I want to show the audience the faces of Koreans of that era who had been abandoned by their homeland and by the insurmountable tide of history.

Personally, this film also represents a genre that I have envisioned during my previous filmmaking endeavors. With this never-before-seen genre of the “Oriental Western”, I want to create cinematic excitement and the sensation of wild action staged on a vast and exotic landscape.


Kim Jee-woon began his career as a stage actor, then stage director, and finally has become one of the most popular and acclaimed figures among modern Korean directors/screenwriters. His second screenplay, The Quiet Family (1998), won him the Best Screenplay prize in a local contest, and Kim went on to make his directorial debut with this screenplay. The film was invited to many film festivals. Kim’s films, from The Quiet Family (1998) to last year’s A Bittersweet Life, have been hailed by critics and audiences alike for his unique style and storytelling. His second feature, The Foul King (2000), drew more than 2 million spectators, while his astounding horror film of true visual elegance, A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), reached 3.5 million viewers nation-wide. It went on to be remade by Dreamworks in the US.

Kim is now working on his next project, The Good, The Bad and The Weird, an oriental western that will surprise

the film world once again.


Choi Jae-won founded I Pictures Inc. in 2000 and has executive produced globally-acclaimed films such as Memories of Murder (2003) by Bong Joon-ho; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring (2003) by Kim Ki-duk; A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) by Kim Jee-woon; Chihwaseon (2002); Volcano High (2001); My Beautiful Girl, Mari (2002) and Take Care of My Cat (2001), to name a few.

Since changing the company name to Barunson Co. Ltd. in 2005, Choi has taken the initiative to produce a number of projects by world-renowned directors such as Kim Jee-woon (A Bittersweet Life, A Tale of Two Sisters), Bong Joon-ho (The Host, Memories of Murder), Yim Phil-sung (Antarctic Journal) and others.

In addition to these projects, Choi is seeking to expand project development with other producers abroad with efforts focused mainly on family-oriented animation and feature films.

Production Company

Though Barunson film division is a newcomer in the film industry, its founders have been involved in producing for the last decade, with various kinds of films, including The Host (2006) and Memories of Murder (2003), by Bong Joon-ho; A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) by Kim Jee-woon; The President’s Barber (2004) and Volcano High (2001).

Employing a system of "Synergetic Producer Groups" that unites producers of different backgrounds and specialties to maximise productivity, Barunson Film Division’s primary objective is to make films that convey Asian originality while meeting world-class production standards. This ambitious vision has resonated deeply among the directors currently preparing their next projects with Barunson – Bong Joon-ho, Kim Jee-woon, Yim Phil-sung and others – and they represent the rare filmmakers who can make this vision come true. The ability to attract these talents to the banner is testimony to Barunson’s goals and visions.

Source: http://www.hkiff.org.hk/

좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈 2008

좋은 놈? 나쁜 놈? 이상한 놈?

Source: http://www.cine21.com/Movies/Mov_Movie/mov...il.php?id=21853

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Guest erure

It would be terrible if the movie wasn't as good as it's expected. But I'm expecting a good movie >//////<

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Guest apple red

Wowww..this one definetely the most waiting for next year..

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Guest atel
:lol: funny comment by mark russell... jung woosung "the long hair guy in china." lol. was thinking the same thing when jung woosung was to play the bad guy and the concept picture showed him with long hair.

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Guest Shortyyy126

i never cared too much for remakes, but jung woo sung<3 and lee byung hun who reminds me of my dad. =X haha. well this should be a good movie, but omg it's gonna be a long wait.. 2008? T_T

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Guest ovette

wow cant wait for one year.... really an ALL STAR CAST!!! :)

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Guest inez

Definitely A MUST watch movie!!..

Three mega dudes..

The Good..


The Bad..


The Strange one..


Now..how COOL is that??? :P

Thanks Rubes for the thread!

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Guest ellabel

^ Hahaha!! inez jang, i think you confused your other Hottie's pic with Jung woo sung... :lol:

Wow!!! :w00t: It's a casting coup!!! LBH + JWS + SKH... a dream cast!

Knowing the PD, there maybe some twist on who the good, the bad and the strange shud really be. ;)

Have not seen the original and I'm not too keen on remakes but having these 3 superb actors in the cast will spell the difference. Not to mention an excellent director.

Thanks rubes for starting the thread.

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February 7, 2007


Korean actor trio ride to Western

Kim recruits three top-tier thesps for film


By DARCY PAQUET Variety.com


SEOUL -- Three of South Korea's top male stars have signed on for director Kim Jee-woon's hotly anticipated Korean-style Western "The Good, the Bad and the Weird."


Production company Barunson announced the Sergio Leone-inspired Western will star hot thesps Lee Byung-heon ("A Bittersweet Life") as "the good"; Jung Woo-sung ("The Restless") as "the bad"; and Song Kang-ho ("The Host") as "the weird."


Casting of the three top actors turns the pic into the biggest showcase of South Korea's star system in recent memory.


The ambitious $10 million production will be set in Manchuria during the early 1900s, building off a string of Korean genre films from the 1970s that combined the aesthetics of the Western with outlaw movements aligned against Japanese colonial forces.


However, latest pic is expected to include more humor, along the lines of helmer's early work "The Foul King" and "The Quiet Family."


Pic is scheduled to shoot from April to June in China, with delivery planned for early 2008. Seoul-based seller Cineclick Asia will handle presales at Berlin's EFM.


February 8, 2007


With the Berlin International Film Festival underway today, a nice bit of casting news has been dropped today on Kim Jee-woon's upcoming korean western The Good, The Bad And The Weird. 

No this isn't a typo, I did say western. Now that you are over the shock, now for the casting news. We already knew that Song Kang-ho was attached to the project, taking up the role as the weird. For the role of the good, we have Lee Byung-heon, and for the role of the bad Jung Woo-sung. 

Many of you will remember Song Kang-ho in a little film called The Host last year. Lee Byung-heon was also in Kim Jee-woon's A Bittersweet Life, and you last seen Jung Woo-sung in The Restless also last year. 

Not much has been revealed about the plot yet. We do know that the 10 million dollar project will be filmed in China and is set in the early 1900's. You can also expect some dark humor along the lines of Kim Jee-woon's eariler works The Foul King and The Quiet Family for this upcoming 2008 release.

Credit: kfccinema.com

February 15, 2007 

Three top stars join director KIM Jee-woon 

Top actors LEE Byung-heon, JUNG Woo-sung and SONG Kang-ho have all agreed to star in director KIM Jee-woon's ambitious new project The Good, the Bad and the Weird. LEE will portray "the good", JUNG "the bad", and SONG "the weird", respectively.

A so-called "Korean-style Western" set in Manchuria during the early 1900s, the film ranks as one of the highest-profile Korean films scheduled to be shot this year. The casting of three major actors in a single film also makes it a virtual showcase of Korean star power.

Produced by Barunson and sold internationally by Cineclick Asia, The Good, The Bad and the Weird will cost over $10 million and is tentatively scheduled to start shooting in spring of this year, with a release expected in 2008.

Inspired by the Sergio Leone classic The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, the film also builds off a string of Korean genre films from the 1970s that combined the aesthetics of the Western with outlaw movements aligned against Japanese colonial forces. 

International sales company Cineclick Asia will have the film available for pre-sale at this week's European Film Market at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Credit Darcy Paquet (KOFIC)


February 23, 2007

Source: Japanese chosun // ylin

Lee Byung Hun recovered from ankle fracture and prepares to start filming in China

Lee Byung Hun who has fractured his ankle on 1st of this month (February) has recently removed the gypsum cast and is preparing to shoot the movie "Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strange Guy".

Lee Byung Hun fractured his ankle while walking down the stairs, had the cast removed just before Chinese New Year, after receiving 2 weeks of medical treatment.

He is now able to move as per normal and is preparing for the movie, which will start shooting in China, April this year.

The movie "Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strange Guy" is a new movie by Director Kim Ji Woon whom Lee Byung Hun has worked with in "A Bitter Sweet Life". The other casts are Song Gang Ho and Jung Woo Sung.

The story is set in the 20's and 30's of Manchuria, incorporating Western movie scenes and is expected to have more gun fights scenes than "Bitter Sweet Life". Lee Byung Hun will soon start to rehearse the scripts with Song Gang Ho and Jung Woo Sung in preparation to start the shooting.

April 4, 2007 

Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho and Jung Woo-sung star together in next movie

Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho and Jung Woo-sung, 3 of the most famous Korean actors are going to star together in the next movie (current title is Good Guy, Bad Guy and Weird Guy).

The movie is invested by the same company that produced The Host, the best selling movie in Korea history.

All the 3 actors are famous not just in Korea, but currently 3 of the most high profile Korean actors internationally as well.

Source from stareastasi.com

April 9, 2007

Source: mydaily.co.kr

Briefly translated by Hyc-soompi.com

Go! Dream team, Song Gang Ho, Lee Byung Hun and Jung Woo Sung begin filming

Director Kim Ji-woon big-scale movie 'The Good, the Bad and the Weird' has started shooting. As the crank in for this movie was done on 7th April, this Korean western style movie would be filming in the movie set in studio for 2 months, and is scheduled to go to China in June for the site photographing. 

For the three guys, Song Gang Ho would portray a train robber, Lee Byung Hun a killer and Jung Woo Sung a reward hunter.

Thanks to Hyc-soompi.com // empas


Lee Cheong-A the only girl among the cast of male leads Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo-Sung, and Song Gang Ho

In The Good, the Bad and the Weird Lee Cheong-A (23) will portray the restaurant owner in uncultivated field of Manchuria, the only woman who is involved in the events among the three men. She will be going to Manchuria, China in April with the 3 male leading actors to start shooting.

Translation by Hyc // chosunonline.com


White Dragon to perform in Director Kim Ji-woon’s new movie 


Japanese actor White Dragon (Hakuryu) would be added to the cast of Director Kim Ji-woon’s movie “The Good, the Bad and the Weird”.

White dragon that has shown individuality in his acting in movie Violent Cop, 'HANA-BI' etc., and also known to the Koreans, receives an offer from Director Kim Ji-woon to appear in his movie.

The production company is anticipating White Dragon’s role in the movie as a leader of strong charisma against the background of full state prewar days.

The western style film has top stars such as Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung in the cast and movie crank in has started recently. It is expected to be released early next year. 



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Guest suejinners

I tottallllllyyyyyyyy screamed when i read this

i watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly cause of my dad like 3 times!!!!

Jungwoo sung is perfect for the bad role.. so i guess he has Lee Van Cleef's part ^____^

oo Clint eastwood's part will be Lee Byung Hyun

and the strange-Eli Wallach will be Song KAng Ho! I love him he's such a good actor



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Guest inez

I tottallllllyyyyyyyy screamed when i read this

i watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly cause of my dad like 3 times!!!!

Jungwoo sung is perfect for the bad role.. so i guess he has Lee Van Cleef's part ^____^

oo Clint eastwood's part will be Lee Byung Hyun

and the strange-Eli Wallach will be Song KAng Ho! I love him he's such a good actor



Hahaha!..oh yes!!..The coolest Western (tho' made in Italy) movie ever!!. No other cowboy can be as cool as Clint Eastwood!

I am so excited too!!..do you think Jung WooSung will have the 'Musa' hair????? :rolleyes:

Lee Byung Hun is made for the role and yes Song Kang Ho ..truly versatile..no doubt!!

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Guest lilgzl

omgshh..wat r they trying to do to us?? 3 in 1?? its like buying a shampoo and you get the conditioner and anti dandruff....ALL IN ONE!


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Guest jicks

omgshh..wat r they trying to do to us?? 3 in 1?? its like buying a shampoo and you get the conditioner and anti dandruff....ALL IN ONE!


HAHA I think they're test how much we can handle... I'm ready, I say bring it on!!!

LBH suave good guy + JWS hot bad boy + SKH left of centre fella = me one very happy girlie :D

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April 20, 2007 

Top Producer Talks About Three-Star Hat-Trick

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

Director Kim Ji-woon

Next Wednesday, the stellar triumvirate of Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung gather to start filming “The Good, the Bad and the Weird.” Simply by starring the three stars, the movie is generating huge advance buzz. The Chosun Ilbo spoke to Director Kim Ji-woon (43). 

"As a movie fan, I have certain wishes. Why are there no movies in Korea like “Ocean's Eleven” that gather an ensemble of superstars? There should be at least one such movie in my generation, never mind popularity and ambition.” 

That begs the question how difficult it was. The audience may be delighted, but persuading the stars must have been a headache for Kim. Every star, after all, has a tendency to think of him- or herself as the center of the universe. Catering to the emotional needs of three solar systems can’t have been easy. 

Even though the three actors are reportedly close, Kim seems reluctant to talk about the point. After some thought, he puts it this way: Lee Byung-hun is “the most questioning actor in Korea”, Song Kang-ho is “Korea's super actor” and Jung Woo-sung has “ambitions as a director.” “Of course it wasn’t easy. For many stars acting is only possible if they understand the character, but that’s especially true for Lee Byung-hun.” How much so? Kim smiles. "Byung-hun may be unhappy to hear this, but for example, if I convince him to play the character on April 1, he calls on April 3 saying he doesn’t understand. If I convince him again the next day, he calls on April 5 saying some part is strange." Kim adds, "As you can see, he is stubborn about his parts." 

Even though they call each other brothers -- in order of Song, Lee and Jung -- there is a certain tension. But Kim is undeterred. "I’m excited about the prospect of seeing Song, Lee and Jung Woo-sung in the same frame,” he says. “I’m going to give the audience a picture and a story they have never seen in Korean movies." 

April 14, 2007 

Director trots the globe in search of the perfect western 

By Lee Hoo-nam JoongAng Ilbo [jainnie@joongang.co.kr] joongangdaily.com


"I wanted to take the most American of film genres _ the western _ and turn it into something that felt authentically Korean," said director Kim Ji-won. After thinking about it, Kim said he figured Manchuria during the Japanese occupation is the perfect setting. 

"Then, I realized that there are already films by Korean directors that are westerns set in Manchuria, such as Lee Man-hui's 'Cut the Chain' [1971] and Shin Sang-ok's 'Vagabond.' I didn’t get to see it but I heard that Im Gwon-tek also made this kind of film,” he said. 

I met Kim when he was in the middle of making his new film "Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strange Guy," which is set to open in theaters early next year. The idea of Kim (who is known for mixing genres, including horror, comedy and noir) shooting a western in Manchuria has been a hot topic in the industry for some time. 

The title, which the director borrowed in part from Segio Leone's 1966 spaghetti western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," makes the film accessible for non-Koreans as well. The star-studded cast includes Song Gang-ho, Lee Byeong-hun and Jung Woo-sung, forming a 'dream team' of actors.

"Good Guy, Bad Guy, Strange Guy" is set during the 1930s when the Japanese occupied Manchuria. Conflict elements such as the West eying the land for occupancy will add to the tension of the plot. Visuals will also be strong "with Westerners and Asians riding horses. Besides horses, there will also be motorcycles and jeeps appearing in the film," said Kim.

The three stars will play horse-riding thieves who embark on various adventures after discovering a treasure map. As to matching the three to their respective roles as the good, the bad and the strange, the director said: "The roles can change as the plot develops. On the outside, they can all be bad guys. They are basically three guys who, during the Japanese occupation, had to leave their homeland to go to Manchuria and struggle to adjust to living there."

The production cost totals 14 billion won ($15 million). Many action scenes were digitally made before the actual shoot. 

"The last big chase scene features almost all of the characters in the film coming together to perform. There needed to be a lot of preparation beforehand. Also, because we had Chinese and American staff working together with translators, we had to be prepared," Kim said.

The film will be shot mainly in China, for around six months, with other shoots taking place in Hollywood and Korea. "I thought about a lot of things as I was going from continent to continent. I wondered what the Korean map would feel like if the top [of the peninsula] stretched wide open," he said.

While preparing for the shoots, Kim said that he felt a sense of respect for those who direct blockbusters. "Even though the process was really tough, my heart beats when thinking about the three actors and the vast land that we will be filming on," he said.

February 8, 2007


Top Stars Roped Into Korean Western
It may not get any more star-studded than this


By Kim Tae-jong The Korea Times



The nation's top actors _ Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung _ have teamed up for a movie.


The film's production companies, Barunson and Grimm Pictures, first cast Song for the film "The Good, the Bad and the Weird" (working title), which will be directed by Kim Jee-woon. The two other actors, Lee and Jung, recently joined the project.


With an estimated production budget of more than 10 billion won, the film is a Korean version of a Western. It revolves around three men who go on an adventure to Manchuria, China, in the 1930s.


As Kim is well known for his directorial talent, the three actors are expected to show their charms. Kim directed hit films such as the 2000 comedy "The Foul King," the 2003 horror film "A Tale of Two Sisters" and the 2005 noire flick "A Bittersweet Life."


One of the leading Korean wave stars in Asia, Lee played a college student in last year's "Once in a Summer." In the new film, he plays a hired bounty hunter who will do anything to earn money. But at the same time he is a good guy.


Jung, who played a warrior in the recent blockbuster "The Restless," will take on the role of an assassin, a bad guy.


Song, who played the desperate father who tried to save his daughter from a monster in the nation's most viewed film, "The Host," last year, plays a troublemaker, a weird guy in the new film.


Director Kim worked with Lee in "A Bittersweet Life" and with Song in "The Foul King." It is the first time Jung has worked with the director.

"The Good, the Bad and the Weird" will begin shooting in April and will be released early next year.



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Guest Zombie

What a great offering having 3 outstanding actors working with the talented KJW. I specially like the LBH & versatile SKH combination. :lol:

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I tottallllllyyyyyyyy screamed when i read this

i watched The Good, the Bad and the Ugly cause of my dad like 3 times!!!!

Jungwoo sung is perfect for the bad role.. so i guess he has Lee Van Cleef's part ^____^

oo Clint eastwood's part will be Lee Byung Hyun

and the strange-Eli Wallach will be Song KAng Ho! I love him he's such a good actor



gosh i think i have vague memories of the original movie ..~ .lol but i know it was like a classic just that western movie was not really my cup of tea but to have a western style movie in the 1930s Manchuria, China then that is one choatic times .! ..amazing combination of actors and director

i rem from old news that song kang ho was the first to be in the project been wondering how was this project coming along ..never expect them to include such a cast ..

..to me i always think mr song and lee byung hun has the best chemisty ..for JSA .

great to see them paired up again ...~!

So exciting!!!!!! I was hoping to see Woosung act again! Definitely worth watching!

yo ..maybe we can go together watch the premier .^ ^

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