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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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Looks like Made In China is going to be at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which runs from Jan 21- Feb 1.  Here's the movie's page on the festival site.  Hopefully there will be some news and reviews about it soon.

Has anyone been able to make any sense of all those articles about some celebrity basketball tournament?  He's listed as being on one of the teams, but I don't understand anything else, really.  Can he be in a basketball tournament right now?  It seems strange.

This is a translated version of one of the articles, but they left out his name...




Minho, Jinwoon, Shin Sung Rok and More to Participate in “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival,” First-Ever Celebrity Basketball League
ehk38 January 8, 2015

The “Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” for multicultural families will open on January 15 in Yongin. It is the first-ever celebrity basketball tournament in Korea.

The tournament will consist of seven teams, six of which (“Ahddi,” “Cool Kiz on the Block,” “Jinhon,” “Rainbow,” “The Hole,” and “Hoop Stars”) will be composed of celebrities. The seventh, “Women’s Press,” will be composed of the nation’s top women’s basketball players, including previous national representatives and still active professional players.

Over 10 weeks, from January 15 to March 19, the seven teams will go head to head on the court. Four teams will go to the playoffs, and the winner will be determined by a championship game. A total of three basketball matches will take place every Thursday, one at 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and then at 7 p.m., KST. MBC Sports Plus will always live broadcast the 5 p.m. games but will broadcast only one of the other two games.

“Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Festival” is organized and sponsored by MBC Sports Plus and Hanstar Media, the entities behind the ongoing four-year-old celebrity baseball league.

The opening match on January 15 will be between “Rainbow” and “Jinhon.” It will be followed by an opening ceremony and then two more games, “Cool Kiz on the Block” vs. “Ahddi,” and “The Hole” vs. “Women Press.”

The team rosters are as follows:

“Cool Kiz on the Block”: Seo Ji Suk, Park Jin Young, John Park, g.o.d’s Kim Tae Woo, Julien Kang, among others.

“Ahddi”: Lee Se Jun, SHINee’s Minho, Shin Yong Jae, Ryan Kim, and David Oh, among others.

“Jinhon”: Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Ki Woo, Lee Chun Hee, Shin Sung Rok, and Son Heun Su, among others.

“Rainbow”: 2AM’s Jung Jin Woon, Lim Hyung Suk, Na Yoon Kwon, and Heo In Chang, among others.

“The Hole” aka the gagman team: Lim Hyuk Pil, Song Joon Geun, Kim Jae Wook, Yoo Min Sang, Kim Ji Ho, Park Hwee Soon, among others.

“Hoop Stars”: Double K, Sangchu, No Min Hyuk, Shim Ji Ho, Oh Jong Hyuk, and Kim Heung Soo, among others.

“Women’s Press”: Park Yoon Sun, Kim Jeong Min, Lee Hye Kyung, Kim Soo Hee, Kim Jung Mi, and Yang Hyo Jin, among others.

source: soompi

Here are excerpts of some of the other articles. 

아띠(대표: ‘유리상자’이세준)에서는 샤이니의 민호, 배우 박기웅, 백성현, 엄기준, 가수 정이한, 신용재, 라이언킴, 데이비드오 등이 뛰고 있으며 일반인 선수에는 전 여자 프로농구 선수 출신인 신혜인도 포함돼 있다. 최인선 감독 아들인 선수 출신 최율록씨가 감독을 맡는다. (source)

한스타 농구대잔치에 참가하는 주요 선수들을 보면...이세준, 샤이니 민호, 박기웅, 엄기준, 백성현, 데이비드오, 신혜인(이상 아띠) (source)

‘아띠’ 팀 : 농구선수 출신 최율록 감독 / 샤이니의 민호, 박기웅, 백성현, 엄기준, 정이한, 신용재, 라이언킴, 데이비드오, 신혜인(전 농구선수) 등. (source)

아띠(대표: ‘유리상자’이세준)에서는 샤이니의 민호, 배우 박기웅, 백성현, 엄기준, 가수 정이한, 신용재, 라이언킴, 데이비드오 등이 뛰고 있다. 일반인 선수에는 전 여자 프로농구 선수 출신인 신혜인도 포함돼 있다. 아띠 감독은 최인선 감독 아들인 선수 출신의 최율록씨다. (source)

I would think that they're not talking about him (but some other Park Ki Woong), but some of them specifically say "actor Park Ki Woong".  So...I don't know.  It doesn't seem terribly likely to me.  I'll believe it when I see it, I guess.  (But...I did sit through a short Minho famcam of the first game to check, since they're supposedly on the same team, and I didn't see him.  I did see Jo Dong Hyuk on the other team though!  Haha.)



More stuff from The Musical!  Here are all the (extant) BTS videos that he appears in (going to hide most of these in spoiler tags because there are quite a few, but I'll leave out my favorites):


#5: he's in the beginning up to about 1:40, then for a few seconds at 2:35 or so (this is when they make the announcement about the musical, and then at the auditions

#7: starts at about 0:50 to about 2:30 (Yoo Jin's date with Ra Kyung...this one actually has the proto-freakout!  See 1:30.  Hahaha.  Is he always like this when he has to do romantic scenes?)


#8: He's only in this one for like 15 seconds, watching someone else shooting a scene.  Starts at about 1:25.

#10: from about 1:55 to the end (this one's at one of the meetings, but has some entertaining stupid human tricks while they wait.  He has quite the hitchhiker's thumb.)

#14: from about 1:15 to the end (the bonfire scene)


#15: from about 0:55 to 2:55 (the zoo)

#17: he's in most of this one!  (This one is that part where he and GHS's character have to run through the rain)
All of the above from DramaSBS.

And there's one more that SBS never uploaded to youtube, as far as I can tell.  It's of some of the hospital scenes towards the end of the drama.
You can watch it on the official site (maybe; it doesn't work for me though), but it's also on SBS vod, which does actually work for me.

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I think I never posted this version of the poster for Mad Sad Bad here either.  Oops.
source: CJ Entertainment International facebook
There's also a GINORMOUSLY HUGE (lolol) version if you click on the poster on the movie's profile page on kobiz.  You could crop it to just his face and it's still like 1000x1000 (not that I would do such a thing.  Nope, never.  Haha.).

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Happy birthday!  I guess since there won't be any new stuff for this year, I can post some things from birthdays past.


I posted some videos of last year's birthday, well, last year.  But there are more!

Singing!  Haha.


credit: さりー

Another really short clip of the singing (and dancing):


credit: 별초딩

The video that fans made for the fan meeting (has some things from earlier birthdays too):


credit: 박주은

And there were two more on youtube not too long ago, but they've since been deleted.  (Lucky I saved them then, I guess.)  I did find an alternate link for one of them, though (more singing!).



credit as tagged in photo



A couple more:





Here's a pretty long clip of his 2013 birthday fan meeting.

Some photos:




(Oh, the hair.  You all know how much I loved the orange hair, but this...is maybe pushing it even for me, lol.)


Here's a pic from when fans visited him on set for his birthday in 2012:



And next year at this time, we should have two things to celebrate. Only 359 days to go!  :)

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Haha, I think some bored reporters are stalking him through other people's instagram photos (that's where the photo is from). 
Articles here: tenasia, donga

Nooo!  Don't eat him, random guy!  I know he looks yummy, but I need him in one piece.

The person who posted the original photo now has their account set to private though.  I've been thinking about putting together a post with all those random instagram photos that he's shown up in, but it makes me feel like a stalker.  And not a very good stalker either, since I'm really not even that good at finding them.  Oh well.  Keep posting photos and making me feel like a stalker, people!  At least there's evidence that he's still alive.

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Aw, it's been a year since this aired:
And therefore it's been a year since I wrote the fangirly-est thing that I have ever written.  Haha. 

Have totally been missing this show.  I've finally started watching what few episodes there are with subs.  I'm on episode 5 now, with the kitten rescue. :)

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I feel like I've been looking for the larger versions of the entire set of these forever.  But reading through the Story of a Man thread finally led me to them (totally indirectly though).

10asia: April 22, 2009 (part 1/2)










Finally found them all together here.  Thanks to whoever saved them all for posterity way back in 2009.  (Archive links for the original article here: part 1 / part 2; of course, you can also read the translated one on dramabeans)

Going to split this into two posts because there are 17 of them.  And I don't want to hide so many. :) 

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Made in China will be shown at JIFF (source).  Two years in a row with a movie there, and neither time does he get to attend.

10asia, part 2:











I really love this photo shoot, even though he's in what looks to be a parking garage and wearing a raincoat.  But I like it. :) 

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shadi.hariri68_979f said: New Made in china

Good lord, this sequence of posts got totally screwed up.  To recreate:  I said something about Made in China getting a limited release in Japan in June, as far as I could tell from these articles: 1 2

And here is the Japanese version of the poster.


Edited by ecs707a
putting back content missing after the move :(
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Guest halves in unison
박기웅 - Park Ki Woong
Birthday: February 13, 1985
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Kyeong-an High School, Daejin University (Visual Design), Kyungpook National University (Chinese language)
Religion: Christian
Talent agency: Wave On Entertainment
Twitter: woonggnoow

MBC Drama Festival: Escaping Slavery/Swine Escape  (MBC, 2013)

Good Doctor (KBS2, 2013) - cameo, episode 20

Full House Take 2 (SBS Plus, 2012) - Won Kang Hwi

Gaksital/Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012) - Kimura Shunji

Me Too, Flower (MBC, 2011) - cameo, episode 4

The Musical (SBS, 2011) - Yoo Jin

Pianissimo (TrendE, 2011) - in episode "Never Ending Love"

KBS Drama Special: The Scary One, The Ghost, and I (KBS2, 2010) - Kim Yong Soo

Golden Fish (MBC, 2010) - Han Kang Min

Chuno (KBS2, 2010) - leader of gang of slaves (episodes 15-16)

Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (KBS2, 2009) - Jo Sun In

Story of a Man/The Slingshot (KBS2, 2009) - Ahn Kyung Tae

Seoul Warrior Story/Seoul Martial Arts Series (MBC, 2008)

Love & Marriage (KBS2, 2008) - In Gyeon Hwan

When It's At Night (MBC, 2008) - Heo Kyoon

Drama CityLove Hunt, Thirty Minus Three (KBS2, 2008)

KBS HDTV Feature (HDTV 문학관)Castella (KBS1, 2007)

Chosun Police (MBC, 2005)

Made In China (2015) - upcoming
MAD SAD BAD (in segment '
I Saw You', second part of 3-part omnibus) (2014)
Secretly, Greatly (2013)
Never Ending Story (2012)
Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon/War Of The Arrows (2011)
Someone Behind You (2007)
My Tutor Friend 2 (2007)
Art Of Fighting (2005)
A Ghost Story/Guidam (2005)

Beating Hearts/Heart Is Beating (SBS) - permanent cast member
, September 2013-June 2014 (pilot through episode 30)
Radio Star (MBC) - E364, January 29, 2014
Win Win (KBS) - E137 (secret guest for Joo Won), November 13, 2012
Strong Heart (SBS) - E148, October 2, 2012
Go Show (SBS) - E23, September 21, 2012
Happy Together (KBS) - E231 (with Never Ending Story cast), January 12, 2012
Strong Heart (SBS) - E27 and 28, May 4 and 11, 2010
Yashimmanman - E224, August 13, 2007

Younha "The Real Reason We Broke Up" (2013)
JOO "Because of a Man" (2008)
Defconn "City Life" (2006)
K2 "Giving You Love" (2004)

Vita 500
Everland Caribbean Bay
Global Etiquette Campaign

SKY PMP phone

2012 KBS Drama Awards - Best supporting actor (Gaksital)

Propose (feat. Jung Yup) 
You Are My Baby (feat. Younha)
I Close My Eyes 
Touch (with No Min Woo) - Full House Take 2 OST
Baby Why - Full House Take 2 OST

Please credit translators if reposting elsewhere!
How is the actual relationship between Bridal Mask "enemies" Joo Won and Park Ki Woong? - translated by mrdimples
Park Ki Woong's other dream - translated by mojobobo
Go Show: Park Ki Woong - how could such a sensitive guy become a convincing villain? - translated by mojobobo
Park Ki Woong: "I got to know Joo Won through Gaksital; he was an excellent partner" - translated by mojobobo
(Bridal Mask) Park Ki Woong: "Shunji and Gaksital are both pitiful" - translated by sunshine4ever
Park Ki Woong: “I gave up on drama offers for “My Heart Beats”
Park Ki Woong of Full House Take 2, "Now I know why people become idol singers"
Park Ki-woong interview: two-faced never looked so good
Park Ki-woong: the real draw of a new hit soap

Park Ki-woong moved to tears at acting praise
Park Ki-woong scores a timely hit
Park Ki-woong joins the variety ranks with Beating Hearts
For more news, please visit the news archive 

Please credit translators if reposting elsewhere!
April 2014 1 2 
February 2014 1

November 2012 1 2 3
September 2012 1 2 3 4

August 2012 1 2 3

Swine Escape/Escaping Slavery: screencaps 
Good Doctor: bts photo / official still and bts video 
Full House Take 2: Trailer / screencaps 1 2 / official stills / bts photos 1 2 3 / press con 
Gaksital: official stills 1 2 3 4 / screencaps / bts: photos 1 2 3 4 5 6  / videos 1 2 3 4 5 6 
The Musical: screencaps / bts gifs 1 2 / episode 10 clip
The Scary One, The Ghost, and I: bts photos
Golden Fish: script reading, official stills 
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang: screencaps 
Story of a Man: official stillsscreencaps / poster / press con / bts videos 1 
Love & Marriage: screencaps / stills / press con 
Love Hunt, Thirty Minus Three: screencaps / clip / official stills 
Castella: video links 

Made In China: trailer link / trailer screencaps 
MAD SAD BAD (I Saw You): bts photos 1 2 / stills 1 2 3 / trailer: full 30s subbed gifs / 
Secretly Greatly: screencaps 1 2 / gifs 1 2 / bts: photos 1 / video 1 / interview / stage greetings: 1 2 3 4 5
Never Ending Story: VIP premiere and bts photos 
My Tutor Friend 2: 1 2 3 
Someone Behind You: press con and premiere 
Art of Fighting: screencaps 

Beating Hearts: screencaps (by episode) pilot1 pilot2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 (end) / clips 1 2 / bts: video 1 2 3 / bts: photos 1 2 3 4 / March 2014 press con photo video
Radio Star: bts photo 
Win Win: screencaps 
Strong Heart: screencaps / gif /bts photo
Go Show: screencaps 1 2 3 
Happy Together: screencaps / clip (subbed)
Yashimmanman: subbed episode parts 

2012: September 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 / 
2010: March 1 2 
2009: April / unknown 

bnt International, July 2014 photos / bts 
Harper's Bazaar, June 2014: 1
bnt International, April 2014: photos 1 2 / gifs 
bnt International, January 2014: 1 
Harper's Bazaar, December 2013: 1 
Allure, September 2013: 1 
Cosmopolitan, September 2013: 
Kwave, September 2013 (vol. 12): photos & interview 
Cine21, June 2013 (no. 907): 1 

Harper's Bazaar, June 2013: 1 
T.O.P, April 2013 (vol. 24): 1 2

GQ, March 2013: 1 2 3 
T.O.P, February 2013 (vol. 22): 1 2 
Fast, January/February 2013: 1 2 3 4
KEJ News, December 2012 (vol. 108): photos / interview excerpt
Junior, December 2012: 1 

Movieweek, August 2011 (no. 493): 1 
Vogue, October 2007: photos / bts video 
Movieweek, 2006: 1

Military service: enlistment, May 8, 2014: photos 1 2 / other photos: 1 2 3 
Japan fan meeting, April 2014: photos 
Birthday fan meeting, February 2014: video 
'When a Man Loves' VIP Premiere, January 2014: photos 
2013 KBS Drama Awards: screencaps 
2013 SBS Entertainment Awards: photo / screencaps 
'Catch Me' VIP Premiere, December 2013: photos
Japan fan meeting, July 2013: links and summary 
Japan fan meeting, March 2013: links / summary / article 
2012 KBS Drama Awards: photos 
2009 Mnet 20's Choice: photos 1 2 
2009 Seoul Drama Awards: photos 

Entertainment Weekly, May 9, 2014 (English subbed): video
Cultwo Show, March 14, 2014 (with Jeon Hye Bin): audio, video clip, photos 
SimSimTaPa (guest DJ), September 24, 2013: audio, video clips, photo / translation of video clip 

Jung Yeop's Blue Night,
 August 26, 2013: video clips and audio 
SimSimTaPa (MC Shindong of Super Junior), August 6, 2013: video 1 2 / audio and photo 
Healing Tour (episodes 10-11), July 19 and 26, 2013: video links  
Younha's Starry Night, July 8, 2013: video 
Entertainment Weekly (English subbed, with Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo): 1
Cultwo Show, May 28 and June 11, 2013: audio 1 2 / photos 
Jung Yeop's Blue Night, December 31, 2012: photos / audio 
Arirang, November 2012: subbed videos 
Star Date, September 2012: subbed video / screencaps 
TVian interview, March 2010: video (no subs) 

Park Ki Woong DC Gallery
Official fan cafe
Official Japan fanclub
Times Infinity Baidu Bar
Wikipedia (Kor/En)

Profiles (English): Hancinemaasianwiki
Profiles (Korean): daumnaver

Banners and photo editing by @dr25
Thanks to atel (original thread starter), and rorakitsuzu (previous updates)
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Well, since we're still in temporary forum-land, and we were gifted a temporary thread, I guess I might as well use it since it's here. :)

It's been an entire year since this happened!

Only 274 days left!  (Ack.  That's still a long time...)  And every time I saw a story about Sewol protests and riot police...that must have been military police, right?  The whole situation is just sad.  Hope everyone is safe, and everyone gets the answers they're looking for. 

On a less depressing note...also about a year ago...

I randomly chose an episode to watch a few days ago, and it was this one.  I can't ever remember what happened in which episode, so I just kind of picked one.  So I guess it had been a year since I watched episode 26.  It was a good one to randomly pick though.  Gah, the crane climbing and the dialect and reuniting with the Busan guys...aw.  I still miss that show.

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Mwahahaha.  I see a "new" face here, @dr25.

I was all annoyed for the past couple of days because I kept seeing those articles about Cheese in the Trap and how lots of people were saying that he would have been good as Inho.  Grrr.  So want him back in a drama.  So want him back, period, I guess.

But today we have real news, so I feel a little better!

Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Made in China’ confirmed for June release

The sixth movie written and produced by director Kim Ki-duk “Made In China” will be released in Korean in June.



The movie follows the events surrounding a Chinese man named “Chen” and an agent of the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety named “Mi.”

Both “Chen” and “Mi” are after the truth surrounding the level of mercury found in eels imported from China.

“Chen” will be played by Park Ki-woong and “Mi” will be played by actress Han Chae-ah.

The character played by Park, who played a North Korean spy in the movie “Secretly, Greatly,” is after the truth, while “Mi” is a government employee who needs to hide the truth.

By Choi He-suk (cheesuk@heraldcorp.com)


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Mwahahaha.  I see a "new" face here, @dr25.

Doesn't I look fabulous today? @ecs707a

The character played by Park, who played a North Korean spy in the movie “Secretly, Greatly,” is after the truth, while “Mi” is a government employee who needs to hide the truth.

A Korean movie that allows a Chinese to points out the Korean government's shortcomings. Ummm That's new.  

Edited by dr25
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Doesn't I look fabulous today? @ecs707a

​You do, @dr25!  I'm sure you spent lots of time getting your hair juuuust right.



A Korean movie that allows a Chinese to points out the Korean government's shortcomings. Ummm That's new.  

​It is an interesting way of going about it.  Also, I think there's a bit of: he represents China/communism and she represents Korea/capitalism (maybe).  One of the film festival synopses seemed to allude to that.  But these things could all be wildly inaccurate at this stage.

But I think it's meant on the whole to question our prejudices.  Made in China = bad/contaminated/inferior-type prejudices.  The "I am made in China" line from Chen in the trailer comes to mind.  What did the director say?  *steals from movie thread*

Before we had a chance to observe, China has become a global economic superpower, and our bias towards China and its citizens have created a barrier. Facing equal negligence due to clashes in our history, Korea and Japan have not maintained favorable relationship over the years. I hope, with this film, we acknowledge our neighboring countries with utmost maturity and reflect on the conditions we have set for ourselves.

But the eels actually are contaminated, so...I don't know. 

Aaakk.  Need to see.  It physically pains me to watch the trailers.  (I am so pathetic.)  :)

Also, I wonder how much Chinese he's speaking in this role.  The trailers suggest quite a bit, which is interesting.  The accent in the English line I was referring to before kind of throws me off every time I hear it, but then I think of all the layers there and it just hurts my head.  Korean actor playing Chinese man who is of course a native speaker, speaking English.  Ouch.  I don't think anyone can accuse him of taking easy roles.

Edit: the bigger versions of the new stills...



credit: daum

Edited by ecs707a
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There are some articles about all the languages and dialects he's had to pick up for various roles: from chosun, Korea Herald, Newsway...

They mention Manchu for War of the Arrows, North Korean dialect for Secretly Greatly, and now, of course, Made in China.

There's a quote from the director that I hope someone can translate better than my buddy Google and I can. :) It is very complimentary, however.  I can tell that much.


김동후 감독은 "박기웅은 모든 감독들이 좋아할 수밖에 없는 배우인 것 같다. 시나리오에 대한 이해, 순발력과 집중력이 굉장해 촬영 분량 중 대부분 첫 테이크가 가장 좋았다"고 박기웅에 대한 찬사를 아끼지 않았다.

Google: Gimdonghu director "Park Ki-woong seems to be like all the directors have no choice but to learn. Understanding the scenario, improvisation and concentration is first take the most amount of shots the most awesome was good," he did not spare praise for Park Ki-woong.


But...how come no one mentioned Kang Hwi?


I guess he still mostly spoke Korean, so maybe he doesn't count. :)

Edited by ecs707a
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