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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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Did anyone else read this article and stop at this sentence: "Before the cancellation of the celebrity military unit, Park Ki Woong had the intentions of being an average serviceman, and since he has the skills, the actor’s application was accepted" and think about Shunji?  I don't think that's what they were going for there, haha.

But seriously, I wonder what skills are actually required for such a position.  There must be some on the job training, surely.  But maybe the firefighter/EMT training applies here too.  He's at least got to be CPR certified by now. :)  Police officer is something I can easily picture him as, thanks probably to some bizarre mental mash-up of Gaksital and Beating Hearts.  But it seems like a good fit.




na71 said: @ecs707a Next episode is going to be a special one: "Our neighborhood (우리 동네)" and the different members will go to differents neighborhoods. We know about all of them but not PKW, it wasn't in the preview.Maybe because PKW's neighborhood is Gangnam.
Perhaps, after that, they are going to another location or... we're not going to see the behind escenes in the boradcast episodes and won't satisfy our curiosity... if this is true... I'm going to get mad! I wan't to watch the whole scene!... please.... SBS make a special program ㅋㅋ with more behind scenes. It would be good, to relieve my heart once in a while, cos sometimes the reality of the world (what we watch in this program) is really sad and hard.



I couldn't figure out why they didn't show where he was going when they showed where everyone else was going, or if that preview was for episode 16, or referring to the upcoming set of episodes (after they leave Gangnam).  I get so confused with the previews for this show sometimes, I swear.
And @na71, it sounds like you want to join me in my petition for more BTS.  That long-ish one they posted before was so funny.  I even posted in the show's thread that I wanted them to make a reality show of their BTS.  I want more, SBS!  I would totally watch both shows, lol.  But if they're filming this stuff, there might be a reason.  Maybe we'll get BTS clips more frequently from now on, or they're planning a special or something.  Otherwise, I don't know how to explain it.  It seems like a waste of resources to film this stuff and not have any plans to air it.



na71 said:

At first, they said that he was going to the department of Publics realtions in the Police Office of Seoul, other said in the Theatre Group at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency... for me it sounded like the celebrity soldier unit so I wasn't happy... because we know that he's a sportman and he's good.

Now WaveOne ENt. is saying that he'll be a normal police, not in any public or promotion unit...

So if we go to Korea in the next 2 years... maybe we can meet him in the streets on Seoul ㅋㅋㅋㅋ



dr25 said:

I assume the drama we both want won't be coming any soon. At least we expected the enlistment; weren't taken aback by it and as Na71 said..we might get to meet him if we head to Korea anytime next year XD Thu I know not of any problem-free reason for one to end up at a police station, lol.



Hmm...a trip to Korea might be in order here.  If kdramas have taught me anything, it's that you can get arrested for all sorts of things, only to be immediately released with no further consequences as soon as someone comes to pick you up from the police station.  That must be exactly how it works in reality too, right?  Heh.

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Beating Hearts episode 16 screencaps (aired February 25, 2014):
Not too many this week...he was barely in this episode other than flashbacks.  Must have been doing movie stuff.  (And no further info about that bts...)

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Beating Hearts episode 17 screencaps (aired March 4, 2014):
And no, I did not screencap the crazy wig.  Ha.
This seems to be a pattern now (13/14 were like this too).  Any episode that is severely lacking in PKW-goodness will be followed by an episode absolutely full of him.  I think I'm okay with that. :)  Maybe he wasn't off doing movie stuff last episode; he was gone visiting the woman from episode 14 and her family.

I feel like I should have a lot to say about this episode, but I don't know how.  Hmm...I do know that I had to stop myself from screencapping every frame of that part where he's being all gorgeous and perfect and helpful and positively glowing in the pretty light while being shot with the pretty camera.  That took willpower.  And more willpower to only choose 2 to put here.  I also know that so much of this was surely set up by the show, but he's just so sincere about everything that I don't feel manipulated, when I think I easily could have.  So: good job, show.  Keep it up.  Only two more months (or possibly a bit more, if they're still airing episodes with him in them after he leaves).  Okay, no more incoherent thoughts for now.

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@ecs707a  The woman's story is pretty sad. I cried the first time and in this episode too. It supposed that if the ambulance had been arrived on time, that woman would have her leg now. The members have a new project, something about the "golden time"... But in Korea they don't have a good road-safety education, seriously... I have a friend that studied traffic engineering and she visited Seoul and was really amazed... in a bad way. She understood all the traffic accidents and more. The last episodes are focusing a lot in the problem with not letting pass the ambulances and making comparisons with other countries. I don't know about Korea but in Spain, you can be fined if you don't let pass an ambulance in a emergency situation. If they don't have this, they need to introduce it.

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@na71: Oh my gosh, I know!  I was like, how can this not be a law in Korea?  Is it really not a law that you have to yield to an emergency vehicle?  I don't understand how that's even possible.  But good for the show for making people more aware of this.

Gah, the crying in this episode.  I was crying as soon as she started crying outside the room.  And everyone was doing the awkward "no eye contact or you'll make me cry too" thing.  And then she walked into the room and everyone was crying, lol.  I think this is only the second episode of this show to make me cry.

Oh yeah, I guess I should post this here too.  From a press conference for the show recently:
from this article

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Hi.  This is atel.  I started this thread back, like way back - in 2006!  Gosh it's been so long ago. Though not as active anymore, I'm pleased to see how much this thread has grown and that 박기웅 has finally gotten some recognition.  Back when I started it he was such an unknown face in the Korean entertainment world. 

Anyways, back to post for a *special* reason.  Via pm, it's been decided ecs707a will be taking over this thread (like as in the first page).  I think ecs707a will do a great job seeing how active she is in updating (compared to me at the least).  I'm glad that ecs707a will take over and hope to see this thread grow even more. Still be lurking around soompi though... heehehe

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Ohhhh...@na71, this one's for you.  I think this explains the "I love you" stuff, finally.

Bad Google translation of an excerpt:
Recent advanced SBS 'heart beats' being taken safely to Seoul Kwangjin fire department issued after the first day's work in the morning and reached the second day of the jeonhyebin bakgiung into the sleeping room, "I love you," he confessed.

Confessions of bakgiung tteungeum not be surprised jeonhyebin is grinning endlessly "I love you too," he confessed, and did the back door astonished look happy.

In fact, the hostel's confession of love jeonhyebin bakgiung and admitted the first day, the crew made ​​their accommodation with the rules was one of the co. Hwagiaeae hostel life, open your eyes in the morning to each other 'I love you' Passing by to say that it was.


So they maybe just all say that to each other every morning or something?

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@Ecs707a I'm going to read the source and make a better translation, then I'll edit this post heheBut is what I thought because you posted another viedo and in that video they were also saying "I love you" among themselves.
Edited: A better translation, not word by word, but...

'Heart is beating' ParkKiwoong love confession to Hyebin.
In the recent preview of SBS 'Heart is beating' in the Seoul station shooting, after finishing the first day safely, Park Kiwoong went in the room where Hyebin was sleeping and confessed "I love you" the next morning day.
ParkKiwoong all of sudden confess didn't surprised Hyebin who answered with a smiling and happy face "I love you too".
In fact, ParkKiwoong and Hyering love confession the first day in the quarters is one of the rules made with the (119) workers. To live in a quarter (home) in peace and harmony, you need to say "I love you" every morning to the first person you meet when you open your eyes.

Edit 2: In all the new pictures he's really handsome!!! :x I saved all of them in my special PKW folder hahahaha I searched a lot of articles trying to find new ones but... watching them again here... I love it!A video of the press conference for the show: 

Edit 3: I want that rule too, I want Park Kiwoong saying me every morning "I love you" :\">
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I was looking for a clip of the part of this week's episode with the singing in the car (again!  Someone's going to have to make a compilation of these at some point.).  Anyway, I didn't find it, but there was this:


So weird :)

So far I love the addition of the dogs to the show.

na71 said: In fact, ParkKiwoong and Hyering love confession the first day in the quarters is one of the rules made with the (119) workers. To live in a quarter (home) in peace and harmony, you need to say "I love you" every morning to the first person you meet when you open your eyes.

Edit 3: I want that rule too, I want Park Kiwoong saying me every morning "I love you" :">

@na71: Yeah, that's not a bad rule.  Also, if he happened to say that to you, that would imply that you were the first person he saw when he woke up.  Hmmm...

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Huh.  Well, updating the first post is never going to get done if I keep getting distracted like this.  I knew there were a lot of things that I'd never seen, but now I feel compelled to watch them.  Especially if it's short, because then I have no excuse, lol.  Like I've never seen any of the dramas pre-2011, but that's mostly a conscious decision, just because I don't have that much interest in most of the dramas, so I haven't been able to justify watching that many hours of something I don't really care about.  Someday I'll probably get bored enough, though. :)

But for now, I'm on a quest to watch all the drama specials and single episode things that I haven't seen yet.  I'd already seen Escaping Slavery and The Scary One, The Ghost, and I, but not Castella, Love Hunt Thirty Minus Three, or the Pianissimo episode.  Still can't find Castella (only a verrry short clip), but I did manage to find the other two.  The Pianissimo episode...I will never watch again, lol.  Oh well.  But now I know.  And I also had no idea that he and Nam Gyuri had already been paired up in something already, so that was interesting, I guess.

But Love Hunt I liked.  And noteworthy for being the first time working with Gaksital/Story of a Man director.  Awww...I kind of already want to watch it again.  Maybe I'll rewatch to screencap a couple of things.  But I'm not sure it's really necessary, since there are about a million official stills for it.  I have no idea why there are so many.  Like these:
The hair...

But so nice to see him as the lead in something.  Not just a lead, but the main male lead.  That's never happened in a drama, right?  But it should be happening with Made in China, so yay movies.

Now, to find Castella, lol.

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I don't think this was ever posted here.  An old interview (source: KEJ News):
Park Ki Woong of Full House TAKE 2, “Now I know why people become idol singers”

[2013-03-13 10:55:16]

【November 19=KEJ Minja Kwak / Photo=Jo Sung Hwan / Translator Eunbee Kim】

We met with actor Park Ki Woong, currently starring in the Korean-Japanese collaborative drama “Full House TAKE 2”, at a café in the Seoul Shinsadong area on the 16th. Appearing in a bright orange outfit and done up hair after filming, the actor as ever looked the part of an “idol”.

Starring as a member of idol group TAKE ONE in “Full House TAKE 2”, Park Ki Woong plays the bright and friendly pop star with great fashion sense, Won Kwang Hi. How would he feel as he transformed into an idol member receiving the utmost fame?
“I felt as if I had a taste of what being an idol was like and therefore began to understand what is so attractive about being one. There are many circumstances in which I am able to feel the praise from everyone as an actor, but through this role I was able to experience it firsthand. We filmed the first half of our China concert during the second half of shooting, so at that point I was used to being Kwang Hi, so the acting definitely came a lot easier to me.”

After experiencing the life of an idol star filled with outrageous fashions and singing and dancing, Park Ki Woong shared, “The choreography was so ridiculously hard. Noh Min Woo and I are both inexperienced and clumsy with dancing, but the compilation of dancing made us look very stylish and cool. We did practice a lot for this, though.”
Being the one who always appears with a tender look, he confessed that he has a very blunt side as well.

“Because I’m a man from Gyeongsangdo, in reality I really am a blunt man. There isn’t much skinship or intimacy, and I’m not very good at remembering and celebrating special dates. I’m someone who likes to deal with things and express emotions on my own terms. There was a time I’ve drawn a picture as a gift, and a time I once moved near an ex-girlfriend to try and win her back.”

In response to the question of what was the hardest thing to deal with during filming, Park Ki Woong said it was the “contact lenses”. In the drama Won Kwang Hi regularly used contact lenses when circumstances rendered his vision even worse. However, the actor revealed he had never personally put in contact lenses.

“Even still, I’m unable to wear contact lenses myself. During filming, our make-up artists had to put them in for me. However, I’m good at taking them out afterwards. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear contact lenses ever again for filming. They made my eyes so dry.”

Even after becoming Dorgon, Prince of Qing for the film “War of the Arrows”, Japanese music teacher Kimura Shunji in drama “Gaksital”, and even Won Kwang Hi in “Full House TAKE 2”, there are still many who have yet to realize that they are all played the same man, Park Ki Woong. This goes to show just how versatile of an actor Park Ki Woong can be, easily morphing into characters that are polar opposites.
“’The kid in this drama was Park Ki Woong?’ is the kind of reaction I love to get. It’s my motto as an actor to ‘expand my horizons’ and widen my spectrum. Rather than becoming an actor known for only one specific style of acting, I want to be known as someone who can take on any role and build a range filled with an assortment of characters. I would really like for the audience to see the characters I play and wonder what kind of man Park Ki Woong really is.”

After bleaching his hair to suit his character role of an idol, he colored his hair back to an outrageous orange for his current role in the film ‘Secretly, Gently”.
The film “Secretly, Gently” is about the episodes revolving around three spies who have come to Korea and are the product of the meeting of actors Kim Soo Hyun and lee Hyun Woo. Park Ki Woong in this film is a young guitarist going by the name of Lee Ha Rang.
“Because it’s based off of a webtoon, the film is also going to have a cartoon-like feel. Filming is extremely fun and enjoyable for all of us at the moment. I’m practicing and preparing a lot for this role because I have to work on my guitar playing skills, my action stunts, and my North Korean dialect. Please anticipate this film as well,” he said.

The photos that go with this interview were posted here previously.  Interview from a Japanese magazine; you can view the contents for the issue it came from here.  (So the interview was published in Japanese in December 2012, and then translated (in part) into English in March 2013 and posted on their website then?  Interesting.  Also: lol @ "Secretly, Gently")

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Cine21 (씨네21), June 2013 (no.907) (with Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo): cine211_zps7ae5c18a.jpg


Sources: 1 2 3-4 5-7 8

Please excuse the massive number of pictures I keep posting.  I keep realizing that there are things that I want to link to in the first post that don't actually exist yet.  So I'm posting them.)

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