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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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T.O.P magazine (Japan), February 2013 (vol. 22):
I don't actually know if this last one is from the same thing, but it's the same clothes, so whatever.  Here it is:
Sources: 1 2 3 and as tagged

Yay for more orange hair, lol.

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Sorry for what?? for stealing our concentration and time? Don't be sorry... you can do this every time! I won't complain  :))

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Beating Hearts episode 19 screencaps (aired March 18, 2014):



Ha, I got a little screencap happy this week, I guess.  And it's a good thing that he doesn't seem to care much about maintaining some sort of image, because he surely would have ruined it this week, lol.  Poor boy.  At least he did it in a totally endearing way.  Of course, right?


And the song :D


I wonder if he rewrote the lyrics himself, or someone else did it and he just sang it?
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Kwave, September 2013 (Vol. 12):



“Going with the flow naturally is who I am.”

Actor Park Ki-woong is busy these days. He just finished the movie Secretly, Greatly and is currently shooting the entertainment program Heartbeats. Recently, he introduced a song “You Are My Baby,” which he wrote the lyrics for himself. Although he has an exhausting schedule, his eyes subtly (secretly?) showed his great happiness.

Prior to our interview, I tried to find a few articles about him. There was one about his fan meeting in Osaka, Japan on July 20-21 where he showed his delicate regard towards a hearing-impaired fan. Other articles about him also made me think: “This guy really is a very considerate person.” What would meeting him in person be like? Is he really that considerate? It’s true. He really is that kind of a person. It was more than just a feeling.

You Are My Baby
“That number ‘You Are My Baby’ after thinking for a long time about what I could give back to my fans, fans that have been there for me for a decade now. It is a duet with Younha and I even wrote the lyrics myself. The original title was ‘Falling in Love’ but there was a song by the same name by 2NE1, so I had to change the title. But ‘You Are My Baby’ is more direct, so I like it better. (Laughs)”

Secretly, Greatly
“The most difficult thing about shooting was the cold. Even after having been in so many TV dramas, I had such a hard time dealing with the cold weather for the movie. Hmm… I also had blonde hair for the movie, and it was really hard to keep the color of my hair the same all the time. Because the schedule for movie shooting was different for each cut, I had to bleach and dye my hair every other week. Now I guess I’ll have to start taking care of my hair, right?”

Where would he like to go on a trip in September?
“I actually prefer staying at home. I like resting, watching movies or listening to music by myself on the weekends. If I had to choose a place to travel to, I would choose Andong. My grandparents live there, so I like to visit them whenever I have time. It’s probably because I lived with my grandparents when I was young because my parents were both working. I also like Jeonju. It feels like my hometown, so familiar and comfortable.”

Who would he take along on the trip?
“I would like to take a trip with Joo Won. While I was shooting for the movie, I went to drink beer or went bowling with Soo-hyun or Hyun-woo, but I didn’t get a chance to meet Joo Won much even though I really like him. I want to take a trip with him and talk. Of course, he might not want to, right? (Laughs)”

What food would he want to eat on his trip?
“My grandma’s bean paste stew! That’s what I would want to eat the most.”

Unexpected question #1: What is the music on his playlist?
“These days, I am into tango. I also like listening to dramatic movie soundtracks. I usually pay more attention to a song’s melody than its lyrics. I can put myself into the melody more easily.”

Unexpected question #2: What if he only had 9,000 KRW in his pocket? (Why 9,000? Because this magazine is for September)
“I think first I would eat what I want to eat. After that, I would pay the subway fare. You can’t live without eating. (Laughs)”

What would be a good romantic relationship in his view?
“I think a relationship is about trust, understanding each other’s point of view and fitting into each other’s lives. Romance and excitement wear off as time goes by, and when that happens it is important to have a relationship in which you can rely on and trust each other.”

When I think about myself, even when I was at my most mature Park Ki-woong,
“I think I was still immature. Of course I think I am getting more mature than I used to be. When I was younger, I was rigid about everything. But now I try to go with the flow, to be more natural. That’s how my parents taught me to be when I was young. If you let go and let things go, then you can show who you really are. (Laughs)”

Writing, drawing, fashion and music…… everything loses its light when it reaches a certain point. I think the same goes for lives. This is the reason that the life of a twenty nine-year old actor Park Ki-woong seems beautiful.

Download the whole magazine here.  It starts on page 38.

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He was on some show (금요일엔 수다다 - Google was not helpful in translating) today (March 28, 2014).  This is all so super-specific of me, yes?

So here's an article too, and at least it has a picture, lol.

Google translated:
Yawning dramas and movies, over time, to show deeper actors bakgiung smoke.

SBS [heart beats] did not show through the meantime, the public and the more human and honest look closer to ....

Learn bakgiung to [be on Friday Dada] appeared in the meantime, the two sides of his new film, which appeared in an episode related to work, to talk about the agency opened his own firm.

Than the influence of his father who from childhood a lot of movies the best movies recommended bakgiung jeophaetda is a "cinema of each of them" to introduce.

So I still don't know what it's called, but I watched it.  They talked about his movies, dramas, and because it's SBS (haha), a little about Beating Hearts too.  And then about (I assume) movies that he likes or have influenced him in some way.  They were:
1. Wicker Park
2. Carlito's Way
3. The Godfather part 2
4. Scarface
5. Donnie Brasco
6. The Boat That Rocked
in case anyone is curious (heavy on the Pacino, but he's talked about that before).  And then there was a little Q&A/answer yes or no-type thing at the end.  (Which I have no idea about since there were no visual aids, haha.)  And if anyone intends to watch, it's a fairly long segment, from about the 15 minute mark all the way to about 38 minutes.

Oh!  And they showed a super-short clip of Made in China!  A few screencaps of that part:
So he speaks a little Chinese, has a hoodie and a gun, and laughs in a deranged sort of way?  I still have no idea how this connects to eels in any way, lol.  But interesting that they released a clip so soon.

(Okay, back to your regularly scheduled programming (aka end of edit).  What a nutty post this is.)

And unrelated, this:
from here

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Beating Hearts episode 20 screencaps (aired March 25, 2014):
And the next part is a little spoiler-y...not really that spoiler-y, but if you are planning on watching, you shouldn't read...




The game, and the aftermath:
Haha, so sneaky.  And such a good actor!  I think he had everyone completely fooled.  And the boss guy gave such a convincing lecture too.  That should teach them all to not ever make him do something like that again. Ha.




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I don't think this video was ever posted--guesting on Younha's radio show, Starry Night on July 8, 2013 (credit):


He's there from about 25 minutes until about the 1 hour, 30 minute mark (but not quite continuously).

And how did I miss that he's a Lana Del Rey fan?


I must have not been paying attention when he tweeted it way back in August of 2012, haha.  And this was almost a year later, so it must have stuck, I guess.

(Well, there are some good songs on there, so I suppose I can back him up on this one.  She's clearly talented, and definitely interesting, if inconsistent.)  (Aside #2 (haha): I wonder why he doesn't really tweet music recommendations anymore?  I hope it's not because of that stupid Ailee thing and now he feels like everyone is suspicious of his motives or something.)

And here's his cut from that show the other day (seriously, someone needs to tell me what the correct, translated title of this show is, lol) (credit):


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Hey, we finally have more information about 'I Saw You'!  The title of the full, 3-part omnibus is 'Mad Sad Bad'.  It's been chosen to open the Jeonju International Film Festival, which is in May (May 1-10, so maybe he'll get to attend).  Here's an article about it.

Top South Korean Filmmakers to Open Jeonju Film Festival With 3D Omnibus

Ryoo Seung-wan, Kim Tae-yong and Han Ji-seung will showcase experimental shorts for the 15th edition of the film event, which signals a return to its arthouse roots.

SEOUL — The 2014 Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) will open from May 1 to 10 in the South Korean city of Jeonju. This year's event will focus on presenting a wider range of genres while strengthening its traditional core of independent and arthouse films.

"This year's festival will be about embracing a diverse range of genres, from our main pool of independent and arthouse films to works showcasing new technologies," said festival director Ko Suk-man Thursday.

The lineup of 181 films from 44 countries will include less mainstream works compared to last year's edition, returning to the festival's traditions rooted in experimental works. As such JIFF will open with Mad Sad Bad, a 3D omnibus film by renowned Korean helmers.

Ryoo Seung-wan (The Berlin File), who made his directorial debut through JIFF and served as a judge at last year's edition, is contributing Ghost.  The title will be shown alongside Picnic, about an eight-year-old girl looking after her autistic younger brother, by Kim Tae-yong (Late Autumn) and Han Ji-seung's (Papa) I Saw You, a zombie melodrama set in the future.

Read the rest here.

And the trailer!


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News archive

Oh Snap! Park Ki-woong’s last pre-army photo shoot
Park Ki Woong releases new fashion pictorials
Park Ki-woong to begin military service
Actor Park Ki Woong to enlist in May!
Park Ki-woong joins new Kim Ki-duk production
'Heart is Beating', Park Gi Woong writes, "Make way for firetrucks"


Park Ki Woong's unique hairstyle
Park Ki Woong receives trophy from Korea K-Wave Awards
Park Ki-woong cast as zombie in omnibus film
Park Ki-woong back on television as nobleman-turned-slave
Park Ki Woong Admires Joo Won’s Incredible Focus
Park Ki-woong joins the variety ranks with Beating Hearts
Park Ki Woong releases "You Are My Baby" for his fans 
ZE:A's Hyungsik and others to become special DJs for 'ShimShimTaPa'
Park Ki Woong to debut as a singer for his fans
Kim Soo-hyun, "Park Ki-woong is silly"
Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Hyun Woo, and Park Ki Woong Do Giyomi Player with Movie′s Success
Kim Soo Hyun and men of  'Be Covert, Be Great' take over women's university campus
First Annual DramaFever Awards announced
Park Ki Woong really wanted the best couple award with Joo Won
Covertly Grandly's award-winning cast

“Bridal Mask” Co-Stars Joo Won and Park Ki Woong Does This to Pass Time on Filming Set
"Bridal Mask" star Park Ki Woong talks about heads on SBS's Go Show
"Bridal Mask" Park Ki Woong plays camera man
"Bridal Mask" stars Joo Won and Park Ki Woong bring the bromance on Twitter
Behind the scenes of Gaksital in all its aegyo-riffic glory
Park Ki-woong joins Bridal Mask

...on the other hand, Jo Yoon-hee & Park Ki-woong join Full House 2

Park Ki-woong joins the slaves in Chuno
Park Ki-woong joins The Musical

Park Ki-woong is autistic again
Park Ki-woong added to Story of a Man

Clap for Park Ki-woong

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Castella quest update (ha):
I still can't find the whole thing, but there's someone on youtube who's been uploading PKW cuts of lots of things, including Castella.  Here are the links for parts 1, 2, and 3.  I've also been watching the cuts from Seoul Warrior Story, since I've never been able to find that either.  So 딜란 DYLAN, thanks for the videos!

(I do still want to see the uncut version of Castella, though.  What I have seen is extraordinarily odd, and I actually don't expect it to make a lot more sense to me even if I do see the whole thing, lol.  But I still want to.  Anyone have any idea where to find it?)

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Another still from Mad Sad Bad:


And also the 30 second trailer:

credit: Mad Sad Bad Facebook, Thirtytoes for youtube upload

Also, the movie's page on the film festival website is here, and it has a bit more info.  I was particularly interested in this line: "A zombie romance that Han Jiseung mixed musical and horror with his own sensibility."  Is there some musical aspect of this that I missed?  So, 'I Saw You' is a 3D musical horror zombie romance (did I miss any genres?)?  :D

(Hmmm...I wonder if I should make a thread for the movie?)

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