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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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Park Ki-woong back on television as nobleman-turned-slave October 17, 2013


Park Ki-woong is back in a drama! Even if it’s only an episode, it’s better than no episodes, so you can look forward to the Drama Festival installment he’ll be headlining titled Escaping Slavery.

complete article here : http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/10/park-ki-woong-back-on-television-as-nobleman-turned-slave/

I've never imagine before that he'll look so handsome in sageuk :\">
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Hi everyone!  I'm new to this thread but have been a fan since Gaksital.  I didn't see this posted, so forgive me if it was and I missed it, but Park Ki Woong is in a variety show called Beating Hearts (more info from Dramabeans here).  There have been three episodes (and a two-part special that covered their training) aired so far.  Not sure how many more are planned, does anyone know?  I've seen the first two so far, and even without subs, I thought they were pretty entertaining.  Since there is no thread for the show, I'll post a few screencaps here.  Also, I recently realized that viki has the license and is subbing the show (it's listed as Heart Is Beating there), so maybe we can see it with subs soon!
Here are some screencaps for the pilot/training special part 1 (aired September 6, 2013):

And I guess he didn't enlist on October 4th, ha.  Google translate of this article tells me that he is not going until April?  Which gives him more time to do stuff like the drama special, which I guess is airing later this week (October 31).

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Beating Hearts episode 5 screencaps (aired November 12, 2013):
Aaaand I'm all caught up now. :)  But only because there wasn't an episode this week.  Also, how cute is all the kitten-cuddling in this episode?  Reminds me of Kang-hwi, lol.

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Park Ki-woong cast as zombie in omnibus film

by girlfriday | November 24, 2013


Park Ki-woong is starring in the section called I Saw You directed by Han Ji-seung, who also directed the drama Alone in Love and did a 3-D vampire short last year that was horror/romance. It’d be really fun if this new one could be a mashup like zombie comedy or zombie romance. Park plays the lead character, and all we’re told about him is that he suddenly finds himself a zombie one day for unknown reasons. I wish we knew more about the plot, but I suppose Park Ki-woong playing a zombie is enough of a hook to get me to watch. He certainly has a flair for the weird characters, whether savant, idol, spy, or freedom-crusher, hero or villain, or all the gray in between.

Read the rest at Dramabeans


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Excerpt from gummimochi's year-end drama review article on Dramabeans about the MBC drama special:

Although there were plenty of other short drama offerings this year, MBC Drama Festival one-episoder Escaping Slavery was the only other mini-drama that made it on my list. And I’m not gonna lie: it had everything to do with Park Ki-woong playing a Joseon-era good-for-nothing aristocratic son, ignorant of the world beyond his privileged status.

The premise alone could have made for an entertaining hour of watching his world turned upside down after being sold into slavery. But along with the laughs, we also got a hero’s eye-opening journey of witnessing the social injustices brought upon by corrupt authority firsthand (and getting a taste of it himself, to much hilarity).

Even though I knew the show had only one hour to tell its story from start to finish, I was still surprised at how swiftly the story moved; often times it was as if I was watching a bedtime storybook (you know, the ones with a moral lesson at the end) in action, complete with a satisfying ending.

Both humorous and heart-tugging, there’s also an adorable bromance between the nobleman’s son and his slave, which is really just icing on the cake. So if you have an hour to spare, or you just want to see Park Ki-woong take a spin in the Torture Taco (à la Dr. Jin!), it’s a good hour worth spending.


My thoughts:
I watched this raw and found it entertaining, even without knowing what anyone was saying.  There are no subtitles, as far as I know (but if anyone else knows, please enlighten me).  But it's good to see a positive review.
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