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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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More Mad Sad Bad news...there is a release date (post-festival) now: May 15, 2014.  And the tickets for the opening ceremony (featuring the movie) apparently sold out super fast.  Here's the article from the film festival website:

Opening Ceremony of The 15th JIFF, Sold Out in 2 minutes and 9 seconds!

All tickets for Opening Ceremony for The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) has been sold out in 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

Opening Film of The 15th JIFF has been on the eye of the audiences since its release. The interest toward Opening Film was shown from all tickets being sold out in 2 minutes and 9 seconds. It is assumed that since a Korean film MAD SAD BAD has been selected for Opening Film, it would have attributed to the tickets being sold out earlier than expected. Last year, it took Opening Film of The 14th JIFF, Foxfire by Laurent Cantet, 6 minutes and 26 seconds to be sold out.

Opening Film MAD SAD BAD is a 3-D omnibus film directed by Ryoo Seungwan, Han Jiseung, and Kim Taeyong. Although they may not share same background for it is an omnibus film, the unity is shown through 3-D by the main characters who have fancies to get over suffering in reality. It will be interesting to watch a 3-D film by renowned directors, but it is also interesting in that MAD SAD BAD suggests the possibility and reality of Korean 3-D film to Korean film industry.

3 directors, actors and actresses will visit Opening Ceremony. With them, Opening Ceremony will be more colorful, and the fast sold-out of tickets for Opening Ceremony will boost the expectation towards The 15th JIFF. From Thursday, April 17, reservation for general screenings will begin.

The bolding is mine, but does this mean that maybe he'll be attending?  I hope so; I think it would be a nice send-off, with the film festival opening being only a week before he leaves for military service.

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Beating Hearts episode 22 screencaps (aired April 8, 2014):
I laughed when they talked about their previous CF experiences.  Of course the neck thing has to come up while on the topic.  I wonder how tired he is of talking about that after all these years.  I guess he must be used to it though.

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Twitter updates:

(14/04/15)문득, 드라마가 하고싶다. 영화를 하면 드라마가 하고싶고, 드라마를 하면 영화가 하고싶고, 연기를 쉬면 연기가 간절하고, 연기를 하고있으면 휴식이 간절해져. 사람마음이 참.....
Suddenly, I want to do a drama. If I'm doing a film I want to do a drama, If I'm doing a drama, I want to do a film. If I'm resting of acting I really really want to act, If I'm acting I really really  want to rest... People's heart (mind) just...
PKW posted this at 1:00 AM, a little bit later of the Beating Hearts episode 23 ending. Uri poor Kiwoongna.... the army enlisted date is aproaching... and is being hard to him... 토닥토닥.

(14/04/16) After the ferry accident news
아...제발..... 보잘것없는 저의 기도가 전달되길 간절히 바랍니다.모든 요구조자분들과 구조대분들에게 기적이 일어나길.....제발...제발.....

Ah... please... I hope sincerily my humble pray is listened. To the victims and rescuers, miracles happen... please... please...
The tweet was reported to te media too. The disaster of the Ferry has all South Korea crying... my friend that is living in Korea says that is heartbreaking... the channels were 24 hours about the news, even if there is nothing new to say... and it could not be that bad if the captain and crew did a good job, but the captain was... (insert insult) and the crew didn't have enough preparation... so sad.

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Changing the mode.I found the drama festival( Swine Escape) subtitles! I don't think I can post a link here, but some one of you want it I'll let you know if you PM me =)
I didn't watch it yet... so I'm not sure if the subtiltes are good or not.... but is better than nothing  ;)

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@na71, are you spying on me?  I was in the middle of rewatching that (raw) when I came here and saw your post.  Thanks for the reminder about the subs.  I just found them too.  I'm sure we got them from the same place, lol.  I had already watched it subtitled a while ago, so I can say that the subs are good ("good" meaning the English was good; I have no way to judge the translation), assuming that it's the same version as the one I've already seen (I think it is).

So the reason why I was rewatching:

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The pants are kinda sorta ...too Eco-friendly ;))


I'm in love with this hairstyle ever since Kim Namgil sported it once  :P

na71 said: Sorry for what?? for stealing our concentration and time? Don't be sorry... you can do this every time! I won't complain  :))

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Beating Hearts episode 23 screencaps (aired April 15, 2014):
That baby looks pretty skeptical :)
And show, you know you don't have to make him cry every week, right?  Why does he always end up doing the sad things?

There aren't many of these left.  Just a couple weeks until he goes, but I would guess that there will be a few episodes (with him) still to air after he leaves.  (Or maybe I just hope so.  I guess it's possible that he's already done filming for the show, and the next couple of episodes really are the last we'll see of him on the show.  I hope that's not the case.)  I'm feeling kind of torn about whether I want the show to do some sort of farewell segment.  If they do it, it's going to be really sad.  But on the other hand (and all bias aside, honestly), he's been a really important part of the show for 8 months now.  I think it would make me sad if they just didn't mention it at all either and he just disappears.  So I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.

And now I'm all sad :(

Maybe now would be a good time to revisit Full House Take 2. 

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ecs707a said:

 Or maybe I just hope so.  I guess it's possible that he's already done filming for the show, and the next couple of episodes really are the last we'll see of him on the show.  I hope that's not the case.

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na71 said:
It's suposed that he'll be filming the show this week too (21, 24~26) and 04/29 he'll have a fanmeeting in Japan.But with the Ferry dissaster we really don't know... a lot of fanmeetings were cancelled.
I feel sad too... I don't want to say goodbye for 2 years... is too long but is what a South Korean man has to do so... we'll wait until he comes back!And now that we are active here... I think is going to be even harder... well if we don't dissapear and keep talking and making reviews... waiting is not that hard. =)

He really is going to be working right up the last minute, isn't he?

Well, we'll still have news and things to talk about for a while, since there will be two movies still to come after he leaves.  And a couple of bonus Beating Hearts episodes too, if he's still filming until the end of the month.  So there's that.  And like I said, there will probably be a time when I get bored enough to watch those older dramas that I haven't gotten around to yet.  Maybe this will be the time?  Silver linings, right?

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New Mad Sad Bad poster:
source/bigger version from Hancinema

The film festival is still on, albeit with a less celebratory mood, it seems.  Excerpts from an article about it:

"We have contemplated canceling the festival in light of (the ferry disaster). But as online ticket sales are complete, we have decided to proceed with the festival as planned, though with a mourning heart," JIFF organizers said Monday.

The Jeonju Festival will not be rolling out the red carpet or installing photo op zones during the opening and closing ceremonies, and will be asking audiences to refrain from clapping. Organizers also have canceled the welcoming gala dinner.

It will open with the 3D omnibus Mad Sad Bad by top filmmakers Ryoo Seung-wan, Kim Tae-yong and Han Ji-seung. Online tickets for the opener were sold out just five hours after the box office opened earlier this month.

credit: The Hollywood Reporter/Lee Hyo-won

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Park Ki Woong and Nam Gyu Ri Have an Unconventional Romance in “Mad Sad Bad – Saw You”
The movie “Mad Sad Bad – Saw You” forewarned about its unconventional romance.

Director Han Ji Seung, who received praise for maturing his ability in melodramas to the next step through the drama “Age of Feelings,” is attempting an unconventional melodrama about zombie romance in ‘Mad Sad Bad – Saw You’.

“Mad Sad Bad” is a 3D movie containing three stories from directors Ryu Seung Wan, Han Ji Seung and Kim Tae Yong, and the movie was selected as the opening film at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival. Among the parts of the film is “Saw You” from director Han Ji Seung, in which it contains a story about a zombie situation where the original curers and humans end up living through the development of a cure while also touching upon the memories and love stories of those involved.

Nam Gyu Ri appears as a beautiful zombie and Park Ki Woong as a human who controls the zombies, so the anticipation of the movie and the chemistry these two will show together is rising.

Director Han Ji Seung has a basic interest towards 3D movies, as he relayed about the opportunity to participate in this project. Through this project, it will be his second 3D project after the 3D short film “Chaos”, which was about zombies.

The relationship between the characters is one of the movie’s strong points, and the movie affectionately portrays romance between zombies and humans. There’s anticipation toward the zombie genre, as this is the birth of a new melodrama never before seen in a Korean movie that mixes action and horror. Movie buffs are already claiming this movie as the birth of the Korean “Warm Bodies”, which was a movie depicting zombie romance and was a hit around the whole world, and the anticipation toward “Saw You” is increasing.

This movie is receiving a lot of interest mainly due to Nam Gyu Ri’s transformation as a “flower zombie” and Park Ki Woong, who is a bad guy to Nam Gyu Ri. Though these two are friends of the same age in real life, this is their first project together, so they stated that the chemistry both show wasn’t expected. Nam Gyu Ri had to put on makeup that took a lot of time in order to become a zombie, and while that may have been a burden as an actress, Nam Gyu Ri stated “Since I don’t have to look pretty, it’s more comfortable.”

Park Ki Woong gathered massive popularity after the 2013 movie “Secretly, Greatly”, so he received a lot of love calls and scenarios, but the reason he chose “Saw You” was “Because I don’t want to become an actor fixed on one image.” It is worth paying attention to Park Ki Woong’s transformation into a charming bad guy in this movie.

Meanwhile, “Saw You”, “Ghost” and “Picnic” plan to open in theaters next month on May 15 together as “Mad Sad Bad”.

source: original, English (translation by The Real CZ)

The director didn't have anything to do with Inspiring Generation (bleh, that drama...) though, did he?  I thought Alone In Love was the only drama he's been associated with (his Daum and Hancinema profiles seem to agree with me). 

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More bnt photos!  I guess these were released to various news agencies, but weren't on the bnt site.
sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6

sources: 1 2
Also, there are some larger versions of some of the bnt photos for your perusal here.

And welcome @minnieXD!  It may be your first time posting here, but hopefully it won't be your last :)

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I have been remiss in not posting any of these translated bnt interview snippets yet.  Heh.  So here's one:

Park Ki Woong Talks About Close Friendship with Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won
In an interview with Newsen, actor Park Ki Woong talked about his close friendship with former co-stars Kim Soo Hyun and Joo Won.

The interview was held during his photoshoot with “bnt International.” The reporter asked Park Ki Woong about his compatibility with co-stars that he has worked with in the past. The actor answered, “Strangely, I tend to have better chemistry with male actors,” with a laugh. He added that he was compatible with Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo while they filmed the movie “Secretly, Greatly,” as well as Joo Won, in the drama “Bridal Mask.” Park Ki Woong stated, “I still keep in contact with them and we remain close friends.”

Also in the same interview, Park Ki Woong discussed his previous dramas as well as his appearance on a variety show.

The actor talked about the hardships he faced while filming “Bridal Mask.” He confessed, “Filming for the KBS drama ‘Bridal Mask’ was the most difficult period I have ever experienced during my acting career. At the time, I did not get any sleep for up to 9 days. The filming schedule was so busy that I could only shave and had no time to properly wash my face in the mornings.”

When asked about how he came to appear on the SBS variety show, “Beating Hearts,” Park Ki Woong said that he felt a sense of duty to share the work of firefighters and the difficulties they face with viewers.


And related:
"Ki-woong hyung is a really good person. He is sincere/earnest and honest so I like that about him. Also, he has ability to make the other person comfortable. He’s a hyung I would like to discuss issues with." - quote from Joo Won in an interview from earlier this month (original/translated version)

So cute, these two.

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Here are a few photos from his fan meeting in Japan a few days ago (April 29, 2014):
credit: 1 2
There are more photos and a complete transcript (I think?) of the event (in Japanese) in the articles I linked to above.

(Is anyone else confused by the short-sleeved sweater?  What is that?  Oh well, I guess it's just proof that he can make even weird things look good.)

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Yet another version of the trailer for Mad Sad Bad.  This is the international version, so yay subtitles!  And it's a little longer than the others (credit: MrCJENTERTAINMENT).


(I'm working on making a thread for the movie.  I doubt anyone cares, lol.  I just keep finding news and stuff, and there's a lot actually in English because it's associated with JIFF, so I thought I should put it somewhere.  If I ever actually post the thread, I'll link to it here.  Or if anyone wants to convince me that I won't be the only person to ever post anything there, that might encourage me to actually finish putting things together.)

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ecs707a said: Here are a few photos from his fan meeting in Japan a few days ago (April 29, 2014):

credit: 1 2
There are more photos and a complete transcript (I think?) of the event (in Japanese) in the articles I linked to above.

(Is anyone else confused by the short-sleeved sweater?  What is that?  Oh well, I guess it's just proof that he can make even weird things look good.)

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