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Guest sunshine4ever

New BTS Stills of Park Ki Woong for “Full House Take 2″ Released

Translated by jnkm  on October 23, 2012


New behind-the-scenes stills of Park Ki Woong for “Full House Take 2” have been released! Park Ki Woong will be playing a member of an idol duo called Take One in the drama and the stills reveal his dance practice session.

In order to seem like a real idol star with dancing and singing skills, Park Ki Woong is said to be taking dance and vocal lessons in between his filming. The stills show how hard Park Ki Woong is working to fulfill his role as a Take One member.


Earlier, Park Ki Woong suffered an ankle injury and could not proceed with his dance practices. When the staff members suggested that he use a stunt double for the dance scenes, Park Ki Woong stated, “I needed to film it myself if we wanted a perfect scene,” and “I have been going back and forth to the hospital to receive treatment and pain medicine in order to practice.” This certainly shows the level of enthusiasm coming from the star actor.

However, Park Ki Woong was said to have a natural talent for dancing and sense of rhythm, which earned him high compliments from the choreographing team.

Production staff members praised Park Ki Woong by saying, “He is naturally talented but he also has strong will and sense of responsibility. So despite his busy schedule, he always takes 3-4 hours a day to practice, which was how we were able to smoothly and successfully film his scenes. We were deeply touched since he worked twice as hard as anyone else even with his pain and injury.”

Park Ki Woong’s dance scenes was seen in the first episode, which aired on October 22.

Source: http://www.soompi.com/2012/10/23/new-bts-stills-of-park-ki-woong-for-full-house-take-2-released/

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I never thought that Full House Take 2 could be so fun. And seeing those Kang Hwi fans and the so-called-KangHwi-wifeys' attitude in the drama, I cant help myself laughing like crazy LOLOL who can resist Kang Hwi/Ki Woong's adorable and killer smile anyway....:x :x
Here some Full House Take 2 Promo Photoshoot featuring No Min Woo ^^
more photos here http://blog.naver.com/infraxy/30150377627

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[Rough Trans] Park Ki Woong's kindergarten graduation photo became public 
Graduation picture of Park Ki Woong became public and it captures his lovely big eyes. Park Ki Woong is still the same, nothing different. Netizens were so amazed by his big eyes and lips. This Netizens said "Park Ki Woong is really handsome in graduation photo," etc.etc.
source http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201211070913293010
I also found his teenage photo on Baidu, very cute and handsome!^^479dc1ea15ce36d3154dc0ca3af33a87e850b1a3cr. Infinity Kiwoong Baidu
[Nov 5, 2012] Kiwoong Twitter Update682797484.jpg낄낄. 사진첩을 보다가... 문득 그립다 각시탈^ ^ -원이, 긴자, 나-[Rough Trans] "kkkkk....Suddenly I miss Gaksital..." cr. Park Ki Woong's Twitter :x I miss Shunji and Kang To, too...
[Nov 7, 2012] Kiwoong Twitter Update 내일수능. 다들 긴장하지마시고 힘내세요^ ^ 울 사랑스런 팬들 에블띵. 뿐아니라 모든 대한민국의 수험생여러분들. 다잘될겁니다. 걱정마세요. 화이팅^ ^얍![Rough Trans] Kiwoong is cheering students who will take SAT exam. He said "cheer up, don't be nervous my lovely fans, everything will be alright. Do not worry about it. Fighting ^ ^ Yap!"

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[Nov 9, 2012] Kiwoong Twitter Update684791952.jpg여기분위기대~~~박♥오늘 초대해주셔서 감사합니다! 정말 좋은공연 잘봤어요^ ^ +홍대광씨 최고였어요! 이미 모두 슈퍼스타☆ cr. Park Ki Woong's twitter[Rough Trans] Kiwoong attended Mnet's Superstar K4, he said "Great atmosphere tonight♥" later he added "Thank you for inviting me today. There are lot great performances. All of them are superstars!"  *there's a part that I don't know exactly what he means. I think he likes Soul Lights and give them support*
b08726dda3cc7cd9c9ff13253901213fb90e9127finally we got to see him after such long quiet weeks, he looks pretty skinny on TV T__T could it be his new movie very exhausting? please eat more, kiwoong-ah...Here's the cut of his appearance http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDczNDE0NTYw.html
-screencaps & video from Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu-
Anyway, this is my fave scene from the latest epsiode of Full House Take 2. LOL. Wong Kang Hwi hapkido pose is totally made my day!kanghwihapkidoooyy.jpghis cuteness and bratty side...viewimage_zpsdca487bb.jpg 285741_442864805760760_1889932918_n.jpg
and when we look his other roles...^^
The nice turns evil-badass Kimura Shunji (Bridal Mask 2012)bb90f0b4.jpggaksital16-00242.jpg gaksital26-00030.jpg gaksital26-00544.jpg
The serious & calm Mr. Yoo Jin (The Musical 2011)tumblr_lrrn7zRa9A1qljisho4_1280.jpg tumblr_lywcrllvBI1roj9w1o5_500.jpg
The Autistic Genious Kyung-Tae (The Story of A Man 2009)tumblr_lzxinwJ0EX1qz90igo2_1280.jpg tumblr_lzxinwJ0EX1qz90igo5_1280.jpgiyagi8-173.jpg
Full House Take 2 may be a weird choice lol but It's been quite a journey just to watch him in different roles on screen, though somehow he's still unknown, I hope some good scripts & projects will come up soon for him^^
-all screencaps credit to dramabeans & tumblr-

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Actually, I really wanna commented in this thread since bridal mask ended but I never succeed to log in... until this night, I can write my comment finally!!!   

I am so grateful, got to see a cheerful pkw after watched such tragic sunji in bridal mask, I dont really miss sunji actually except for his bloody hot and manly appealing which in full house I see him more as a very adorable child than a mature man ;))

I miss kyung tae too, really miss him so much!!! Pkw is really good actor, he portrayed so many different character, his talent is no joke, he even beat kim myung min, joo ji hoon, lee sun kyun, ju in sung, won bin and cha seung won as my favorite korean actor!I love full house 2 so much, it made me laugh so much, even at first I kinda dissappointed, still I watched it cause him, then I realized, full house was not that really bad, pkw was able to show more of his talent and for sure he will get more fans so he will be more popular and more success too, 

My wish is to see him as lead male soon in drama or movie and get the girl in the end! Please God...

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[Nov 11, 2012] Kioong Twitter Updatetumblr_mdcrkevuAA1rf9mzso1_500.jpg음악추천! 이것이 진정 달달한 보컬이죠^ ^ Jeff bernat강추!As we all know that Kiwoong loves music and does recommend some music to his fans and followers, especially indies singer/band, mostly jazz-soul-brit rock genre. As for Jeff Bernat's new album "The Gentleman Approach" he said "HOT" ^^**Actually I already heard the new album, Jeff Bernat indeed has sexy smoothy voice, I personally like "Just Vibe" & "Groovin".  Those are chill songs to end the hectic work day!  ^^
tumblr_mdcroagOVB1rf9mzso1_500.jpg아참, 나 이분들하고 사진찍었어요. 푼수처럼 하하 귀여운 성은씨, 공씨 호호 팬이예여^ ^ 울아부지 벨소리가 성은양 비나리예여ㅡHe took this photo when he was attending Mnet's K4 Superstar. I'm not sure of the 2 persons sitting behind him.
[Nov 13, 2012] Kiwoong Twitter Updatetumblr_mded3z79Ap1rf9mzso1_1280.jpg

오늘새벽에 이러고 나왔어요~
많이춥데니까 다들 따뜻이 입기~~
그나저나 완전겨울이다^ ^;;;
풀하우스촬영당시 현장에 저렇게 입고있었더니 울고등학생 보조출연자들이 나보고 고딩같데서 내가 저리가라고 했었어요 큭큭큭.

+노스입으면 다 고딩이냐?! 욘석들아! ㅜㅜ
등산복들이 젤 따뜻하다구…..

I guess he said it's already cold outside so he got to wear warm jacket....^^

credit : park ki woong's twitter @woonggnoow ^^


Kiwoong's Full House Take 2 Co-star, Yoo Seul Ah posted 2 photos on her twitter few days ago



cr. @YooSulA twitter

These two are so cute together, nice couple. If only her character is nice and not totally richard simmons in FH2....lol

I also got these photos from Kiwoong Baidu



cr. Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu


@readlead welcome to his thread^^ hoho actually I miss his hot, badass & manly look as Shunji LOL

You said it right! I've seen him playing serious, comedic, badass, vicious, childish, they're all different characters. I think he has great potential to be a chameleon actor, who has ability to disappear physically into a role and render himself almost recognizable for the sake of the performance, that no one of his character looks like another. he has demonstrated versatile ranges of an actor so far, he said it in KBS Star Date something like "you can always create your character". Also I like the fact that he's not in the spotlight so much, we barely see his news lol~ I hope that he will gain respect as an actor who enjoys more his low-key life. I can see him as the young Gary Oldman or the male (korean) version of Cate Blanchett. ^^


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Guest sunshine4ever

Hi everyone,

Below are some captures from Win Win variety show that Joo Won was invited to attend. Joo Won invited Ki Woong as his guest to the show. If you would like to watch it, go to the Variety Shows' Forum and find Win Win variety thread. The episode Joo Won appeared in is episode 137. You can find Ki Woong towards the end of the show. Maybe about 53ish into the show.

To read more about the Win Win interview, go here to Softy's place: http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/win-win-joowon/

You can scroll to the bottom to read more about JW & KW


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Guest sunshine4ever

class="content-title" “Bridal Mask” Co-Stars Joo Won and Park Ki Woong Does This to Pass Time on Filming Set halves in unison November 14, 2012


Two good friends and actors, Joo Won and Park Ki Woong shared their secret to pass time when the production staff team is busy setting up for the next scene.

On November 13, Park Ki Woong appeared as a special guest on KBS’s “Win Win” for Joo Won’s special, proving their close bond and revealed some stories from their filming.

Joo Won revealed their secret action to get through the night. “I dance a weird dance with Park Ki Woong in front of the camera. Since we have to wait a while for the production team to prepare the next scene, we will look at each other and hold a serious expression while dancing.” The MCs asked them to display their little ritual. They danced the “weird dance” at the studio, which drew much laughter from everyone present.

English source: http://www.soompi.com/2012/11/14/bridalmask-co-stars-joo-won-and-park-ki-woong-does-this-to-pass-time-on-filming-set/
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@sunshine4ever Thank you so much! I missed them :(  my most favorite bromance of kdrama ever! Seem that pkw really like joowon and miss him so much, now I cant wait to see his upcoming movie covertness which more bromance in his acting report :D and their dance :))

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Guest septmoon16

Hi guys, we're just having some fanart fun over Joo Won's upcoming drama. However, this one has a special guest appearance by Park Ki Woong so thought I'll just drop this over to share :D


Is James Bond REALLY the world’s best secret service agent?

For the past 7 decades YES… but now let us introduce you to the last agent M personally trained before retirement.

Some of you know him by his civilian name – Joo Won

Dramabeans fondly calls him Yolo

But come January 2013, the world will know him as Agent Han Gil Ro





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[Nov 14, 2012] Kiwoong Twitter Update687055653.jpgHe said he was playing 'playstation 3 guitar hero' and this photo took by his friend lol ~~ I'm not sure if he was joking. He's currently filming a movie as north korean spy who can play guitar though. ^^

credit : park ki woong's twitter @woonggnoow ^^


Stills for upcoming episode of Full House Take 2 
cuteKangHwi.jpg~Cute KangHwi~
edcaa3049bc4615986efeac7567be28c.jpg~Emotional KangHwi 1~
img_510407_13870303_6.jpg~Emotional KangHwi 2~
photo cr. as tagged via Kiwoong Times Infinity Baidu
Full House Take 2 DVD Photobook Cover (huhu I want to buy...)197163_555528697807041_1167520544_n.jpg
cr. Full House 2 Facebook Page
@sunshine4ever and @septmoon16 thanks for the news and fanmade picture! ^^ aww so much bromance, they were my OTP in Gaksital, I ship them more than with the females lolol, so happy when I found out that Kiwoong is a guest star in Joowon's WinWin ^^ I miss seeing them together kkk....:D
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VIDEO UPDATENew Kiwoong interview with Arirang! :xAn actor who's handsome with mysterious and chiseled facial features and tall with a perfectly proportionate body... I'm talking about one of the most talented young actors in Korea - Park Ki-woong! Get ready for a heart-to-heart talk with this rising star right this minute!
Part 1

Part 2

cr. Arirang Channel-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
New PhotoshootI like his upper suit!
10ff992397dda14461f42450b2b7d0a20df4867f 791004d7912397dd6a84d0e65982b2b7d1a2877f
cr. KEJ News via Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu
Endorsement Pics
722e15950a7b020818b4960562d9f2d3562cc8f9cr. Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu
speaking of FULL HOUSE Take 2I'm waiting for this scene! I hope he will show his real voice ^^
4df289cb39dbb6fd88800ec40924ab18962b3725cr. japanese blog via Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu
Cant get enough of Kang Hwi and his adorb Kitty~~^^kanghwicute-1.jpg:x
@readlead I don't know how Shunji will feel if he sees his twin brother, Kang Hwi LOL *oops they live in different era* =)) I hope he continues to challenge himself to do various-difficult-different roles in the future.^^ <3
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@irish_law I LOVE YOU!

"I don't know how Shunji will feel if he sees his twin brother, Kang Hwi LOL *oops they live in different era* " Omg, I can imagine it, sunji would be totally SPEECHLESS!!! =))

"I hope he continues to challenge himself to do various-difficult-different roles in the future.^^ <3
" Yes, I hope too, but please after covertness, he will get lead role, PLEASE GOD... [-O<

"An actor who's handsome with mysterious and chiseled facial features and tall with a perfectly proportionate body... I'm talking about one of the most talented young actors in Korea - Park Ki-woong! " =D> WOW, SEE! I have heard many fans and audiences said his acting is great, but rarely I heard or read media called him as one of most talented young actor right now in korea, I am so proud to him!!!

"New Photoshoot -I like his upper suit!" I Love his upper suit too, he looks so handsome even with his current hairstyle :x

"speaking of FULL HOUSE Take 2 - I'm waiting for this scene! I hope he will show his real voice ^^ " I am amaze how pkw and no min woo have many commonly like both played drum, both were never dance or singing as group idol, but they did sing and dance in FH2 =D> tough nmw did better in dance, I think pkw will do better in solo singing (yes, if he show his real voice since pkw have more power like in drama the musical) than nmw, but I can be wrong, really cant wait to see he sing!!!

"Cant get enough of Kang Hwi and his adorb Kitty~~^^" You know what, since last week, I kinda lost a little interest to watching FH2 because KH became less sweet, less cute and instead happy, he always looked sad, I began to feel worry, how if KH lose his sight in the and and after more he cant get MO too (for sure), it will be totally sad for me to watch it! :(( I miss KH's smiles so much and ofcourse, his lovely kitty, cathon too!!! :(( :(( :((

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