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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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Guest shunjiryo

@Irish_law thank you for the welcome :) I am glad for all the photos and interviews posted here. thanks for sharing them!  
@mojobobo thanks a lot for all the PKW images!
(I am still learning how to post and "talk" to people here so..... thanks!)

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Guest shunjiryo

Sharing some scenes from the Making Of The Musical:This was from the (double date) scenes in the zoo/theme park..
1- The scene where they saw Go Eun Bi (Koo Hye Sun) with Jae Yi (Daniel Choi) and they went on walking to join them (his churros broke/cut into half lol)2- PKW playing a multiplication game, it was game over eventually3- They were filiming a drinking/eating scene with the 4 of them and then they heard a kiddy/theme parky-ish song played, they were shocked, but then started to dance to it. (how cute)4- Adoring this cute baby on set5- PKW transferred to a seat beside KHS (I am under the assumption that they were tinkering with her phone/playing a game or sumth)
The Musical Making of clips may be found HERE

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I found this old scanned pictures from japan magazine, I think this is from early this year......japmag1.jpg^Beautiful eyes~~~  :xjapmag2.jpgcr. daum

Endorsement : SterlingWorth 
(what's with this hairstyle? lol)
SterlingWorth-PKW.jpgcr. Sterling Worth
Some Random Pics ~ I love that this young man can do any different kind of hairdo and hair colors lolpkwcute.jpg
PKWrandom.jpgpics from DC PKW Gallery
@mojobobo ah I wish he stopped smoking too ~~~I need his high notes and good voice back ^^
@shunjiryo thanks for the gifs... finally I can watch Musical BTS ^^ 

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whahhh there is so many goodies I can't handle my feeling just looking at them, gah! thanks you, all! 

welcome @shunjiryo, so glad more people come to this thread to share so many feels for our Ki WOong  :\"> :x
@Irish_law: yes.. I think there are so many epic scene in the drama... just want to pointed out some scene that are really my favourite hehhe :) 

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Guest shunjiryo

@ccandrea thank you for the welcome :) I am very glad to see lots of Ki Woong stuff here :)@mojobobo yes. super glad that he is doing more interviews, variety shows. means we get to see more of him (yay!) thanks for the video to the interview. must say he looks so gooood :x@Irish_law oh no... :( but the videos work just fine when I view it from my end... let me try pasting the link of my favorite making of to see if it works.. )I hope it does because this making of is soo cute. this includes the making of his kiss scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k29pzrYSsY&feature=plcp Do tell me if it works. If not, I can re-up it for a few days in another server (cuz I ripped the video)
This is also from that Go Show preview where they made him do Shunji ♥
ps: I hope I don't sound weird but I am happy he is keeping the black hair for now.. (I was thinking like he may need to go blond since he is  filming for Full House 2) It's refreshing to see the black (Shunji) hair, styled in a different way. :\">

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Hmmm I actually liked the Shunji hairstyle on him because it made him look very manly and mature, not that he isn't now but there's a different feeling ahha.
Ki Woong's been a busy man! Aside from the Star Focus intervview that was recently aired, Go Show will ben airing his episdoe on Friday, 21 September and Strong heart episode with him will air on 2nd October I think. Then 5th October we get Full House 2 airing in Japan. Did I miss out any more?
By the way, I'm waiting for translations for the Star Focus interview to come out but it seems he did say that Han Chae Ah was his ideal type kekeke.  These two! I just knew from the way they were flirting over twitter!

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@mojobobo @shunjiryo: OMG, me too! I love Shunji's hairstyle...!!when his character become police officer, his hairstyle changed. that's when I start see him manly and sexy.... BEfore, I used to see him as a cute actor 

edit: I just watching him in war of the arrow.... His character is sooo evil there... that I end up hating his character so much... SO I end up cheering Moon CHae Won's character to kick his as*.. LOL.. His character there  is seriously 100 % evil unlike Shunji who still has humanity left eventhough he had become like a monster. I think PD nim end up choosing him as Shunji because of this role and his chuno's role... 

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I think Ki Woong has a very nice forehead so whenever his hairstyle shows that off, I swoon. Ok but then I swoon anyway no matter what his hairstyle is lol
Ah Ki Woong and Han Chae Ah tweeted to each other again kekeke. This time, Han Chae Ah tweeted two photos of her palying tennis and Ki Woong laughed at her exercising. Tsk tsk, something's going on. 
credits dc and baidu

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viewimage-24.jpgcr. DC PKW 
another hairdo lol ~ Ki Woong supporting Never Alone by UNICEFNeverAloneUNICEF-PKW.jpgcr.bnt news via daum
more cute pics...PKWcute2.jpg
PKWcute6.jpgcr. as tagged via daum ~~~*fancy his yellow watch!*
This is the news about him and HCA  class="ks_article_title" style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 7px; text-transform: capitalize; line-height: normal; "http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/5640/20120916/park-ki-woong-shows-interest-in-han-chae-ah.htm

LOLOL as much as I like Ki Woong and Chae Ah's chemistry on and off screen, I think this is an example of what reporter always make juicy news to gain more viewers interest *look at the title* :D He was the one who being asked about HCA, of course he would answer properly, cheerfully and openly as a good friends that he likes her lolimo .It would be fishy if he denies or hides something and say "we are just friends". but I cant wait to see him collaborate with her again as lovers in rom-com drama.kkk ^^

@shunjiryo, dear, may you upload the videos to youtube? it is said that the videos cant play in my country :(( thanks~

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Guest sunshine4ever

This is my first time translating this long. I hope it is readable.

(Bridal Mask) Park Ki Woong: "Shunji and Gaksital Are Both Pitiful”


He accepted the role as an imperial police in Gaksital KBS “despite many nightmares.”

His voice was still slightly hoarse as though his tiredness had not gone away.

KBS 2’s Bridal Mask had ended for the past 6 days. In his role as an imperial police, [Park Ki Woong] had performed various emotions such as indignation, hopelessness, and letting go of oneself, he said, “Even though filming has stopped, I am not back to my reality yet.”

On the 10th, we met Park Ki Woong at Eul Ji Street.

“Because I was so into the character that even after the filming ended, I still have a lot of nightmares. To the point that other staff members asked, ‘Hey, where did you put your eyes? Stop acting already.’ I was very tired and wanted to run away, but ending like that way would create a lot of emotions in me. Now I feel more safe now that everything has ended, and I feel a little regretful because I would like to act better…”

He performed as an elementary teacher; however, due to his background as a son and little brother of the imperial police officers who were evil and cruel, he did not reveal his true identity to the Joseon people. Adding on to that he [shunji] and his friend Lee Kangto – this person whom he later found out is the Bridal Mask who loves the same woman as he does and that creates a love triangle [between the three of them], but Shunji ends up being a person who fails in love.


I tried my best to convey the outrages of a villain role, but this time my role has a lot of changes/emotions that are complicated. Shunji has become a monster because both his brother and father died in Bridal Mask’s hands. However, if he turns into a real monster completely then it won’t be attractive anymore, so I have to immerse myself into the character and create a [shunji] that the audience will not feel like a monster.  That was quite tiring because each second or minute I have to concentrate on which way I should act to be more evil or poor (poor as in lovable for others to emphasize with).

The more he immersed himself into his character the more he encountered difficulty. The more he immersed himself into Shunji’s emotions, Park Ki Woong became as angry and outrages as Shunji.

“In Dam Sa Ri’s public execution I seemed to be very into the character.  I was very hesitant about performing this scene to the point that before filming that scene, I remained silent and waited in the filming location. I felt very tired so I thought that I might not be able to endure until the end. Thus later I decided to change my facial expressions and purposely remained indifferent towards everyone in the studio. I also tweeted intently to try to control myself.”

A Shunji who had a warm-hearted, but became crazy because of his vengeance and jealousy towards Bridal Mask.

“Shunji occassionally penetrated deeply into me. There was a scene in which Shunji had to revive an independent fighter who had passed away decide to inject needles into his chest. When I saw my face on TV I felt very strange. At first I was happy when I could concentrate and immerse into my role; however a while later, it was not like that. I realized that I was just so into my character.”

In the final episode, Kimura Shunji chose to die with a gun. After aiming the gun at Bridal Mask, but accidently shot at the person he loves, Mokdan, he gave up the distribution to win over with Bridal Mask and killed himself.

“It seemed as though it was hopeless, he thought that as long as he could capture Bridal Mask he can go back to his old self from the past, but in the process of getting after Bridal Mask, he lost his father and killed Mokdan wih his own hand. Additionally, even though going after Bridal Mask, but he also came to his leader to run away. He did not commit suicide because he killed Mokdan. At first, Shunji loved Mokdan, but later he seemed to have gone beyond love and hate. He insisted that ‘as long as Mokdan stays with me I can come back to the past’; however, in reality, he knew that Mokdan will not stay with him and he would not be able to come back to the past either. But he did not want to admit it. When I thought about that I felt very sorry for Shunji [i felt that Shunji is very pititful].”


For that reason Park Ki Woong said that in the scene that Shunji decided to commit suicide, he had been born again after telling Bridal Mask, one who was his ex-best friend and an enemy who could not live in the same planet, “Yes, I am ready, let’s see each other outside”

[sunshine4ever's notes: I have no idea what “bạn chí cốt” means in Vietnamese and I asked my sister and she said that it means “a friend who is living and dying with you” I have no idea what term that is in English so I’m gonna call them best friend.]

“Shunji did that to end everything, but also to convey the many things that were mixed and touched his heart. That courtyard was where Shunji and Kangto have kendo match with each other. Both Kangto and Shunji are very pitiful because of vengeance, but could not do better. Perhaps that was why I felt very pleasant when I acted the scene that Shunji committed suicide and had his nanny who took care of him since little hugged him in her arms.”

Through acting as Shunji, Park Ki Woong had several injuries. Towards the end of filming, he had torn his wrist and had 14 stitches.

“I cannot comment on other actors’ performance. However, they had done a wonderful job. But  this time I have to admit that I do not want to be an actor who beat other actors as well as actresses up like that.  In the series, I had beaten and tortured a lot of actresses. Of course I felt very sad because of that. Every time we film a torturing scene I felt of how cruel the Japanese Empire was.”

In 2005, [Park Ki Wong] debuted a movie “Corridors” and in January 2006, he joined “Millstone Dance” cell phone CF and when known by others, he continued to choose his main role with the movie “My Tutor 2.” But the movie was not doing well and received very low revenues, from that time on he focused on joining movies and TV dramas, but did not receive many big successes.

In 2009, he scored a mark when he accepted a role as a genius in a stock market in “The Slingshot” and in 2010, he performed as an antagonist in the film “Hunting Slave” and this time through Bridal Mask, he reached a higher level of acting as an antagonist. Even though he had left deep impressions in the audience’s heart, he was always concerned about acting in the long run and through this acting he became more mature.   


“Lately whenever kids saw me, they would cry and got scared while asking me, ‘Are you a bad person?’ Is that an indication that Gaksital had been successful? I feel very grateful for a meaningful work.  However, I want to quickly let go of the images of Shunji so that people can see a completely brand new Park Ki Woong.” (Smiling)

Korean Source
Vietnamese translation by
sit_gold@kites.vn & sussi@kites.vn
English translation by:

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^^@sunshine4ever words cant describe how thankful I am to you for translating this awesome interview of Kiwoong! he tried to understand the humane level of Shunji..he explained and studied his character. Gotta say that he's very articulate. I feel for him when the kids asked that kind of question. I'm looking forward to seeing his brand new Ki Woong ~ more awesome projects, more various roles!!! Amen ^^
MORE INTERVIEW !! Kiwoong got soo many interviews lately and lots article to translate~~~, me sooo happy!!  \:D/

viewimage-34.jpgsource : mydaily ---> he talked about Shunji, a bit JW mention
viewimage-35.jpgsource : http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/entv/201209/sp20120918070134125330.htm --->> he talked about his acting career, his famous CF, his previous drama...
This is my fave ^^viewimage-27.jpg << so cuuutee ;))
Via DC PKW, Source :- http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=213&aid=0000244353 -->> same like previous interview, he talked about HCA, his perspective about Shunji & Hongju (HCA's character) http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=213&aid=0000244348  --->> how he feels about Shunji torturing female characters in drama
viewimage-30.jpg1 more photo : http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae160/irish_law/viewimage-31.jpgVia DC PKW, Source : http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201209171824252510 -->> He mentioned his co-star JW, JSY, HCA ^^
VOGUE PHOTOSHOOTcan you believe this is him ~ our pretty boy Woongie... kkk^^viewimage-25.jpg
via DC PKW

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Hello, nice to meet you all! Thank you so much to everyone who has been sharing photos, videos and articles~! Ahh I think I'm going to camp at this thread, haha. Sadly, I probably won't have much to share but... I'm supporting PKK and you all with all my might ^^ 
I love PKK's input about Shunji; he was such an interesting character (masterfully carried and portrayed, at that) with such conflicting natures, so it's always great to hear what PKK himself thought about him, and Shunji's thought-process; since he was the one who walked in his shoes. Here is to hoping we will be able to see the other interviews translated as well :D Biased as I am, I am particular looking forward to this one, hahaha Irish_law said:
Via DC PKW, Source :- http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=213&aid=0000244353 -->> same like previous interview, he talked about HCA, his perspective about Shunji & Hongju (HCA's character) 

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