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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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Why he's so freakin adorable :xviewimage_zps72439499.jpg
source http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=262798 via DC

Some random pics...
viewimage_zps3a76c30a.jpgcr. as labelled via DC^^I'm dying to see him like this hahaha ~~ in movies or on stage...lol *pardon me* ;;)

@ccandrea lol that kind of outfit makes him look a bit short tho. but maybe it's just his style  ;;) 
@DesertRose they wanted to make FH2 more into japanese comical style I guess #sigh 
@mojobobo thanks for the Go Show link ^^ ~~He looks so fresh, young and casual in that wedding party :\">
@shunjiryo so happy to see him playing basketball and hanging out with friends again... ;) he can be more relax now... // thank you for the DL link ..*hugs* as for the Go Show, he's still the shy-dorky boy and I looove seeing his smile and laugh. Funny that those MCs were creeping out seeing his spookey Shunji stare and then they were laughing at his famous neck-dance :D  I gotta say that he's pretty consistent on Dara, she's his ideal girl since his debut time ^^ btw I love the way he said HCA's name ;):P

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Just read his interview on dramabeans.. LOVE LOVE LOVE his honest interview. Really, some actor/actress/idol interview are soo boring since they always said the same stuff and always want to keep their good image in front of public. Though I don't mind that since I know their job required to keep their image look perfect and I would do the same thing if I'm a public figure. But It just feels refreshing, u know? 

@Shunjiryo: Yup, I Loveeeeee Shunji's hairstyle when he is being a bad shunji. He looks so HOT and manly. So glad after seeing his last photo's pic on his twitter. He really enjoying his life and seems felt more comfortable now... After saw him kind suffering from Shunji's character (feel bad for him), I feel relieve for seeing him can Laugh and slowly enjoying his life. He can do basket, too? wow.. it seems he love sport. Some of his old interviewed also revealed that he like Soccer and pick MU as his favourite Club! hehe... So glad to find my fav. actor has similar hobby like me...  I have watched Go SHow, and man, He is really a shy-man. Honestly it surprise me abit, since I though he had a extrovert personality. He seems could blur with other people easily based on what I saw in several BTS. @Irish_law: thanks for the PIC! Whah the last pic you posted shocking me! LOL...  I'm not used to see that kind of style from himBut he rocks and can pull it off!  He is really decent as a model IMO... He CAN embodied and act in front of camera, he has a good facial expression too... I'm so wish he will spread some photoshots for several magazine ... 
thanks @mojobobo: although the quality is kind blur, but he is sooo handsomeeeeeee in that pic you posted. 

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Park Ki Woong's other dream
Park Ki woong never dreamed of becoming an actor. In fact, other than a brief spell of admiration for child star Kim Min Jung, Park Ki Woong didn't have any favourite actors. He was a guy who only knew drawing, to the extent that he didn't even know about the other aspects of the study of Art. In the nation wide model examination, Park Ki Woon ranked top 10. 
Many are curious as to how he entered this industry. The answer: he was discovered by the talent company's agent on the streets of Seoul, Sincheon [the agent even asked Park Ki Woong to bring him home so he could convince PKW's father]. At that time, Park Ki Woong had just suffered a setback because he failed to enter into his dream university. It was a huge blow for him and he wanted to retake the exam but circumstances didn't allow for it. Even though he still managed to get into another university, he didn't feel overly happy about it. 
"At that time, I really felt suffocated and trapped in a corner. It was at that time when I was discovered.Because I didn't manage to get into the university of my choice, I thought "Maybe this will be better" and that was acting."
When he first debuted, Park Ki Woong didn't hold too high a hope for his acting. He said: "I've thought about earning a lot of money and becoming famous. When I was still a newcomer, there was no steady income so while acting, I was also a lecturer in my school. I thought that I suited acting and I wanted to do better. I think, even if i managed to enter my dream university, I would still have chosen to act. From this, it was not difficult to tell his deep love for drawing. 
Talking about his new dream, Park Ki Woong said "Although it's very tough, it's also very interesting. If it's possible, I wish to continue acting for a long time. the possibility of being in only one profession for your entire life is low, so in future I want to do something related to educating the juniors. After being a lecturer in my school and having taught English tuition, I felt that teaching was a very meaningful job. Come one day, when I've amassed sufficient experience and skill, I would like to share that with my juniors."
Hmm....so that's why he was so good as teacher Shunji hahah!! So cute! But Ki Woong ah, don't go off to teach too early, we still want you on our TV screens! Thankfully we have the present day Park Ki Woong or Kimura Shunji would not have been awesome/scary/crazy/weak/vulnerable. 
Some of Ki Woong's drawings, credits to DC and baidu:
Original text and photo:TV reportChinese translation by 莪爱雀斑 @ Park Ki Woong baidu tieba
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi

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Guest shunjiryo

@ccandrea YES! Looove Shunji a lot. The clean 1930's look. So handsome. Yes, I have so much feels for his suffering playing Shunji- I never thought he was going through so much for that. Now that I think about it, I realize how difficult it was and how it was draining to be angry and in rage over and over again- during filming. He really is so shy and a teeny bit awkward- the type of awkwardness that I like. His eyes wander a bit but he doesn't talk when he is not spoken to- but in Go Show he was a bit talkative and it was good that he had so many "parts" where they let him tell stories and stuff. Not to mention he looks reallly good and cute when he smiles. He transforms into a little boy when he smiles <3
@Irish_law No worries! I will be posting here more of the making of to those who are interested. Do tell us what you think of the making of *coughskisscoughs* I agree he is shy and awkward (oops said that there already ^^) but yeah- he has that cute shy/awkwardness in him and he turns in to smile when he gets shy *fuuu* I love the creepy Shunji- for some reason it was refreshing to see him closing his eyes to prepare for "the Shunji transformation" and when he opened his eyes he had that Shunji stare already. It was so cool. And then they giggled when he called out the host's name (instead of Gaksital) The famous neck dance/tortoise imitation was so funny- it never gets old hehe (they made him do it in a 2011 Strong Heart epsiode) Oh yes, I think I read somewhere that he mentioned he did like Dara and cute how he mentioned it again. AND YES yes yes, it was cute how he said HCA's name! he said it twice :) 
@mojobobo thanks a lot for the translation. I love interviews like this- talking about his life- his past, his schooling. It is amazing how he is extremenly talented as an artist- on screen and on paper/canvass. I am glad he ventured into acting because it would be such a loss if he didn't become and actor, and how we see him now. I feel a bit sad that it's only now that I got to know of him- to me, he is an excellent actor.

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New photoshoot everyday.... ;;)
Source: http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/news/view.asp?seq=702587 >>> [rough trans] "I want to try a quiet villain like Christoph Waltz in the movie 'Inglorious Basterds' , aka a friendly calm villain is the most scariest villain, I'd like to try (laughs). "^^Aww my dear woongie, did you read my post here in soompi? LOL I think you already did Waltz's role, your Shunji came as creepy and nice as Col.Hans Landa. That's why when I saw you in Gaksital, I remember Waltz's amazing performance. Waltz already won an Oscar for the role, and I hope at least you'll get your own trophy,too  ;;)
@ccandrea yupp, he looks awesome in dark-gothic style, doesnt he? maybe he should try the troubled rock-star role? ;) as you wish, we need more unique & edgy photoshoot of him *Bazaar and Vogue I'm calling you...kkkk :P *
@ryoshunji his closing eyes transformation was brilliant! especially in episode 23 when SJ and KT met in office after the epic reveal. I love his Shunji hairstyle too, the time SJ enters police station and wears the white uniform, I was totally hooked! how come SJ is so bloody handsome! :x//  I think he will do that famous neck-dance in every varshow, I hope he wont get tired of it lol //
@mojobobo your latest post is another inspiring article of PKW. Thank you so much for your hardwork. I think I saw pics of him teaching some students and standing on podium like a lecture, so he's really a teacher for real (english tuition too?!). No wonder he's convincing as teacher Shunji. 
His sketches are beyond amazing. I also come from design background but I'd looove to learn sketch from him coz I'm only doing furniture sketches, drawing human face and body is the most difficult. Ki woong-ahh...Please continue teaching and drawing and acting...kkkk *he can do all of them, right?*  :P//I love that he's very honest about earning some money in the beginning, not every celebs would admit it//
Just saw his Strong Heart preview, LOLa male yelling "gaksitaaal" at him 

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Ki Woong tweeted yesterday!!
1st was "Los colorados! 정말정말좋아! 위트있는 우크라이나 개구장이들^ ^촬영당시 너무 우울해진다싶으면 찾던이들의 음악! 익숙한음악들의 즐거운리메이크^ ^ 진짜최고예효!홀~ "
He said " Los Colorados! Really really like them a lot. An interesting Ukraine group of young at heart people ^^ When i was filming I became very depressed so I listened to their songs. Music that I'm familiar with being covered by them, it's really the best!! Rawr!"

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aw.. Ki woong-ahhh ... I miss your SHunji's style, lolThanks @mojobobo...
it seems my heart beat faster just looking at those pics.. hahha

and those Full house 2 pic... wew.... Min WOo's hair ... I saw FH2 trailer, it seems Min WOo's acting has improved alot since his MGIG's days.. haha sorry OTT... from MGIG, i have kind curious about his progression as an actor, because i thought Min WOo has potential.. 

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How Is the Actual Relationship between Bridal Mask “Enemies” 

Joo Won and Park Ki Woong?


Lead actors of Bridal Mask, Joo Won and Park Ki Woong developed a close friendship

We interviewed the 2 main actors Joo Won and Park Ki Woong of the recent popular KBS2 Wed & Thurs special drama Bridal Mask. Let us understand the honest opinion they have of each other.

In the drama, Joo Won and Park Ki Woong played respectively Bridal Mask and the Imperial Japanese police Kimura Shunji who wanted to catch Bridal Mask. Between them, the two inevitably had many intense fights. However in real life, they are friends who are even closer than brothers. Even during the filming, they revealed interesting news and anecdotes on the film set through their tweets.

Of course, in the beginning they were not familiar with each other. On one hand, Joo Won was just like in KBS2TV 1N2D, loves skinship and aegyo, and Park Ki Woong did not like contact with men too much. So, Joo Won said that “Personally, I love touch, together with hyungs I will feel more relaxed. Filming non-stop from March, whenever I feel tired, I will love to hug or hang around Hyung. I think at that time, Hyung was shocked. So he always told me not to torment him. But later, Hyung got infected by my aegyo. Unlike our relationship in the drama, in reality we are very close.

Park Ki Woong laughs and said “ Although we didn’t really talk too much, but whenever we meet on the set, we were especially happy. We did not know why but we always had this feeling that we were on the same boat. We would always ask “How many days have we endured?” Originally I do not like to stick too close to others but later I became infected with by Joo Won’s kindness and cute aegyoness(laughs).”

In this manner, they went through difficult and happy times during these 6 months, just like the loving brothers that they were in the beginning of the drama. Now, they are very good sunbae and hoobae. Also because of this, although their acting style differed, they could work together seamlessly. Park Ki Woong said “ Joo Won is naturally a very strong actor, also he is the type of actor who has tremendous focus once he immerses himself in the role. On the other hand, I was half into the role and half awake. Because of Joo Won’s coordination, then we could have such good results. With Joo Won, my acting skills kept improving, my ability to immerse myself into emotional scenes grew stronger. The two men whose emotional acting skills grew stronger, often had many NGs because they were unable to stop their tears.

Throughout the interview, both men kept praising each other. Park Ki Woong said “Filming the fist fight in ep 27 and the suicide scene in ep 28, I suddenly thought I want to continue acting with Joo Won. I had this thinking that if we continue acting, it will be interesting. He is really a partner who is hard to come by." While saying this, he showed boundless tender affection and trust in Joo Won.

Joo Won also assessed Park Ki Woong, he revealed saying “Although our acting styles were different, we matched each other perfectly, Ki Woong Hyung is the type who loves to think and seek perfection, he knows how to act opposite his partner. On the set, Hyung did not deliberately flaunt himself, he only showed up in appropriate times like when he was needed or when he was required to help an actor in acting their lines. In order to act each scene perfectly, he will always discuss at length beforehand.

Without Joo Won and Park Ki Woong, we will not have this beautiful partnership, and we will not have the success of Bridal Mask

Chinese translations: 由米35

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: Newsen

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New Photoshoot

Source : http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/1087040.htm >> more about his Shunji's dramatic transformation and his acting career again 
[Rumored Project] This news has been spreading on twitter, it's not confirmed yet. Ki Woong's new movie project as a spy who goes around as guitarist looking for auditions : http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/5737/20120925/park-ki-woong-starring-in-movie-covertness.htmit would be an interesting role for Ki Woong though. I wanna see him playing guitar...^^ because it's hard for me to find this special drama :001166015_L.jpgcr. KBS 
Finally I found Kiwoong old "Vitamin CF" with Hyori ^^ for those who have not seen yet...enjoy..http://youtu.be/6aqgD2zLYzocr. vid uploader
@mojobobo kkk..Shunji with short pants LOL :D

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Guest shunjiryo

PKW's tweet:5살 크리스마스 파티~엄마랑 건배!^ ^
Just look at that cuuuute smile♥ 5-year old PKW having a toast with mom during Christmas.He didn't have his "crows feet" back then- but he's cuterrr with it now- makes him look young and just.. soo cute :)

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Guest shunjiryo

PKW's tweet:얼마전에 결혼한 내 평생친구 홍이랑♥요건 5살때^ ^;;
All I got was this is his childhood friend.. :)

His hair! It's like it never changed- till recently I see photos of him in this hairstyle ///cute!

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