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Park Ki Woong 박기웅


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New Photo Update!2a52d2b44aed2e7378f549c58701a18b86d6fae0found new photo in baidu, I guess it's new still for his new film. ah I can't wait to watch it. I hope they will announce the premiere date soon! ^^

Full House Take 2 : Kang-Hwi Official Stills65190255b319ebc49d75ec718226cffc1f1716f4

Full House Take 2 OST Picturesc94a8d35e5dde71110b6901fa7efce1b9c16619f
5f3e65224f4a20a4779fef2e90529822730ed07aall pictures cr.Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu
speaking of FH2 OST @readlead finally we got the video ^^http://youtu.be/iXfbzlU40tohttp://youtu.be/SZOnZwU5XqE(videos credit to the uploaders)I was wishing his voice would not turn into fully autotune, coz I know Kiwoong can sing much better than this, but since Won Kang-Hwi is known as an idol who can't really sing and only use his cute face, so this is quite nice for Kang-Hwi though..lol
@mojobobo I hope it's not next year, please he should do 1-2 good dramas/films before his army duty....>,<

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@mojobobo NO!!! He cant go to Army before staring a drama/movie as lead role, pleaseee  [-O<

@Irish_Law  ^:)^  ^:)^  ^:)^  I know too, he can sing better, but still I Love it  :x
I was so surprised he sang another vers of "baby cry" since I love "hello miss" more but now I love "baby cry" and "baby why" more than "hello miss" :)) :D
have you watched ep 13 part 2 (ep 26)? his body, :-O six pack???
I kinda surprised because he was looked thin before! Many fans don't really like ep 13 but I love it so much since so many scene of pkw,
mostly when he topless ;;), he looked so handsome and healthy ;))
I hope someone will upload screen caps of that scene B-)

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I just found this new article from naver...I think it's related to his new movie "Covertness"
[출처] junior 12월호 박기웅 인터뷰|작성자 쀼 ~ Park Ki Woong Interview

source http://blog.naver.com/wnsdldml0653?Redirect=Log&logNo=10153961223

For anyone who understands korean, the whole interview script here (I hope for translation soon^^) http://blog.naver.com/starkid1986?Redirect=Log&logNo=60177188414



Dramabeans has this year's drama review which Ki Woong's name mentioned ^^

"Gaksital was characterized by a number of notable traits: For one, it dared go darker than many a prime-time drama has ventured. Forget sheer body count, the hero himself traversed a side swath of the nobility spectrum—from not at all to awesomely so, but not always on a linear path.

Moreover, the storytelling was strong and the direction top-notch. Action, music, gravitas—all were calibrated skillfully and in service of the story; it didn’t feel silly when trying to convey dire, or underdeliver when going for grand. Committed acting from leads Joo-wonand Park Ki-woong brought their conflicted love and growing antagonism to life and broke your heart, in a small-scale representation of the greater conflict, which broke your heart again."

more here http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/12/2012-something-for-everyone-year-in-review-part-1/

You can also vote for Gaksital or Shunji (Ki Woong's character) in Dramabeans' Beanie Award 2012. Shunji is leading for Best Villain so far. ^^ http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/12/2012-beanie-awards-vote-for-your-favorite-dramas-of-the-year/

I got these random old photos around 2007-2010, in case anyone hasn't seen yet 



all pics credit as tagged


@readlead I know he has those six packs inside his thin body LOL I saw it in Tutor Friend 2 and one of his interview from Mnet when he was working out at the gym. :D

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Guest shunjiryo

Park Ki Woong won Best Supporting Actor for Bridal Mask!!!!!!!!!
Okay, this will contain mostly my personal view. Just saying. This. JUST. WOW. I am just soooooooo proud of him.
The truth is I was worried he would not get it. I was even worried he might not show up in the drama awards! The nominees are not revealed until awards night itself so I was not sure if he really was nominated. I wanted to see it for myself.
I wanted him to win so badly but there were other other actors there too, that are all of course, not all are deserving, but in my opinion, he was really the best among them. His win even has a suspense factor to it.
Kim Sang Ho's (veteran actor) name was called first so I was like OH NO. And then they called his name so I was like OMGYELLINGLIKECRAZY. I was really glad to hear they called his name too. 
To me, this is really special because there are no other awards for Best Supporting actors. (Unlike the "excellence actor", or "top excellence actor" awards..) PKW was nominated only once, and he got to take it home.-- In the same way that IF he did not win, he would not receive an award anymore, because that was the only category that he was nominated in. This is really something that makes me happy. 
Finally, his craft and his efforts are recognized in such a "large scale audience". I am sure his skills have always been recognized but not as public and huge as this. 
And I am glad to see the hug that Joo Won gave him. Joo Won gently pulled his arm and gave him a hug in front of everyone- they were seated in front. *sigh* I am just so touched and grateful to this very happy event. What a great way to end 2012.
Very proud of you, our Shunji. :) 
Happy New Year to you all. 
Photos: © Bridal Mask Facebook account 

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! How was your holiday? 8->if anyone was missing the twitter updates during holiday, our dear Kiwoong has been greeting Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013  to his followers and fans.^^
[video UPDATE]Here are special gifts for Kiwoong fans from KBS Drama Award 2012 kkk....special thanks to insomniac906if for uploading them on utube^^
Kiwoong with Joowon and Han Chae Ah on the red carpethttp://youtu.be/oUI3qn8u5a0
Kiwoong won Best Supporting Actor and his winning speech :xhttp://youtu.be/ZTYO9eEmy80
Bonus : Kiwoong's Carribean Bay CF (it's an old CF) -- kkk so cute and hillarious ~as always!http://youtu.be/yNb2rafbWAw

[PICTURE UPDATE]Our handsome boy @ KBS Drama Award 2012 (Speech & Red Carpet)his ORANGE weird HAIRDO totally stolen the spotlight that night LOL some people HATE his hair but some people also said his look was so brave and not boring = entertaining kkkMany top actors in Hollywood have been doing like Kiwoong did on awards red carpet though, they're still filming their new project and truly committed to their roles so dont surprise if you see Brad Pitt or Russel Crowe look like an ancient old man on red carpet LOL
cr. as tagged, via Kiwoong Times Infinity Baidu Bar---------------------------------
@shunjiryo I'm sooo happy too..aww his FIRST EVER AWARD after so many years LOL, PKW totally deserves it, he's been robbed years ago! I remember he was nominated in New Actor Award category in KBS Drama 2009 for Story Of A Man, if you look at the other nominees, for acting&character wise, he could've been won it, but he didn't. I was like WTF. LOL We have to get used to this korean awarding system which more based on rating, voting & popularity more. You're right about the Supporting Actor Category, it's only one category so we can consider it's special for both KSH (I like him in his winning drama too) and PKW. If you really noticed in some excellent actor categories, they put the leading actor and supporting actor in the same category which I dont understand how KangTo and Kimura Taro were in the same acting category and then in other category you see the same actor compete with another actor again. So confusing coz I'm more familiar with Emmy/Golden Globe Awards system which to me is more fair for actors in drama category.
@readlead to be honest I already predicted SJK will win the Top Excellent Actor, this is SJK's year with his top drama and movie, he's been in drama industry more years than JW so I think SJK deserves it, not to mention that he's wonderful actor too. It would be awesome if they won it together though, but we already got the result so it's fair enough I think JW has good future ahead, I'm sure he will be fine :xThe best thing that night is, I was soo happy to see both JW & PKW were sitting together kkk I guess I was more disappointed that PKW & JW didnt win best couple LOL......

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[Dec 31, 2012] Ki Woong @ Jung Yeop's Deep Blue Night He went to this radio show after attending KBS Drama Award 2012, I guess that's why we didn't see him in the 2nd part of the award event.Ki Woong was sad that he didn't get the best couple award with Joowon **aww me too** the news here http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=25389
48cf3ed12f2eb938eb79bf2cd5628535e4dd6f84 253abb1bb051f8197fffd994dab44aed2f73e73b
photos from enewsworld & Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu Bar

Fantaken photo @ KBS Drama Award 2012 when he went on stage receiving Best Supporting Actor Award Trophy ;;)IMG_3187.jpgcredit as tagged from Kiwoong DC Gall----------------------------------------------------------------------
FULL HOUSE TAKE 2 PHOTO GUIDE BOOK715982492.jpg715977199.jpg715975838.jpg715984021.jpg715985023.jpgcredit NoMinWoo Indonesia ‏@Nominew_Indo
RANDOM OLD PHOTOScb026859252dd42a52ad8169033b5bb5c8eab870
cr. mtime.com via Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu Bar


@missjb I also hope his new movie will be a hit and then he will start shooting a new drama again ^___^

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^^LOL KangHwi and Shunji should not in the same page =))  thanks @chane019 for the update! 
Got this from Baidu, some pics from his recent FAST MAGAZINE photoshoot reveal, but those are still too small.4d27d1f9d72a6059a257712e2934349b033bba63cr. Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu
and his agency just posted the magazine with Kiwoong on the cover.c94a8d35e5dde711adee5ec0a6efce1b9d1661ebcr. @MyNameIs_Ent 's twitterI dislike the first photo posted by Kiwoong himself in twitter, the hair and that terrible black & white stripes suit are really hurting my both eyes. LOL but this one above is totally NICE! ^^
Kiwoong did photoshoot in a japanese magazine telling about korean wave. there's an article about him also.japmagzJan2013.jpgSource : naver, Everything PKW via Times Infinity Kiwoong Baidu

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