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  1. Yes!! When the episode first started out I was a bit disappointed because when OR refused to try and see things from BR's pov abt the protesters (despite him telling her he understands where she is coming from), it seemed like she regressed from her earlier growth when she realised her actions hurt Eun Ji and when she started to see things from BR's perspective. The puncher came when she realised that despite getting the justice she was so bent on getting, she feels hurt and upset at PJ Gam being taken away. I don't think it was wrong for him to be taken away though. Everyone was upset simply because PJ Gam was a nice person and probably also a good judge. It's just that as he said, he is human before he is a judge. To be honest if this was PJ Sung, I doubt people would have felt as sorry for him and as angry against OR. I guess it also shows that even if you are a good person, you can fall but because you have lived an upright life thus far, people will help you get back on your feet. Too many life lessons to learn from this drama! I also really like the teamwork. they help balance each other out and it's so funny how PJ Han is like "Judge Park isn't it time for you to say something now?" when she is trying to keep her mouth shut hahaha. I guess the love scenes here are more realistically portrayed plus grandiose romantic scenes would be too weird for this drama ahahhah. I would rather have more scenes where they slowly connect with each other, understand each other and just be there for each other. BR has been doing a good job so thumbs up to him The scene of him with OR's mum was so beautiful. Now it's OR's turn to make an effort. She hasn't realised that she likes/is interested in him...
  2. Hello, new to this thread!! I finally managed to catch up with all the episodes after my friend and colleague recommended the drama to me and I love it! It's a pity the drama is not more popular. The writing is quite thoughtful and the writer asks lots of hard questions. Sometimes the answers to them are not easy to find. I also appreciate that while the drama takes its liberties in the writing, they try to keep it real (like when they flashed the notice that family cases are handled by the Family Court). I really liked Episode 9 because it reminded both OR and BR that they are humans with feelings and shouldn't be so fast to judge. Both of them are perfect for each other, but not just yet. If they get into a romance now, realistically they will probably have a lot of arguments. When both of them change and move a bit closer towards the core of what they think is justice, then that will probably work. OR needs to understand that justice without mercy is the mother of cruelty and BR needs to understand that justice without compassion is tyranny. Special mention to Presiding Judge Han!!! I love how he is so grouchy and seemingly jaded after being so long in the system but he is always humble and does his best to understand the parties before him. I was really touched at his speech for the father fighting for custody. I'm looking forward to the next episode!!
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