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  1. ^i still dont get the theory you guys have that EunBi and EunByul got switched. and that EunBi is the original adoptee... 

    I think  that EunByul was adopted by her mom and he really is the childhood friend of YiAn. Yes, she is not as sunny as she was a kid but come on who is always the same since he was a kid...

    I think Eunbyul just learned later that EunBi exist, when her mom told her that she is adopted. And I dont think she knew when she was a kid that she was adopted, kids dont really question paternity at a young age...
    I think Eunbyul was told she was adopted around her teenage years, she then became curious about her paternity and went to research her life before being adopted. then when she dug more on her past she learned of Eunbi. feeling sorry and somewhat guilty since she is having a good life while Eunbi is not, she became Eunbi's sponsor...

    Anyway Eunbyyl's life is full of mystery and I kinda liked the fact that we are peeling one layer at a time of EunByul's life as Eunbi is living hers...

    ​Maybe many people assume that they are switched before because eun-byul told yi an in eps 1 that she isn’t the same eunbyul before, that she grew up different now, and she isn't remember what promise that they make 7 years ago

  2. ok after I wacthed the raw ep I believe that they are twins. eun byul know everything about eun bi so she's make decision to switch with eun bi. I remember in the teaser, eun byul watching eun bi before she jump to water.
    its very interesting bc we will know mystery behind their own lives. eunbyul maybe will find the truth why eunbi's friend always bullying her, why she ended separate from her and her mom and eun bi will find the truth about her school and friends. Bc I always assume that eunbyul friend isn't her real friend. . .
    I think that man who fighting with eun byul is yi ahn, its same outfit like the teasers

  3. @emme85 thanks dear! ugh that girl who bullied eun bi its just annoying, why she do that? I'm so sad about eun byul, what happenned to her. .so after eps 1 till maybe the end of series, we will see eun bi as eun byul while eun byul is still missing? I think sung jae character will fall in love with eun bi and yi ahn will stay in love to eun bi bc he still think she's eun byul

  4. @rossy5 I think its better for her. I mean high school in korea is very strict, from wikipedia : Many high school students wake and leave home in the morning at 5am and return home after studying well after 10 pm, then return to specialty study schools often to 2am, from Monday to Friday and also they often study on weekends.
    it's very dificult to so hyun since she work as actress. she is currently act in 2 dramas and considering in big screen too. I always wonder idols could attend their activities overseas yet they manage to graduate even going to university. thats why k-netizen always bashing at them because its obvious a special tretment, so I happy as her fan for her decision, even k-netizen is supporting her. here the news :http://entertain.naver.com/ranking/read?oid=018&aid=0003237312&m_view=1&m_url=%2Fcomment%2Fall.nhn%3FserviceId%3Dnews%26gno%3Dnews018%2C0003237312%26sort%3Dlikability

  5. Hello I'm new here. I'm so excited to this drama! first I decided to watch this drama bc of kim so hyun, now after look at the teasers and lead actor ( I dunno about nam joo hyuk acting, but he's hansome and tall I like he's being together with so hyun, so I hope his acting will good too) so I wanna watch it! hope monday is coming faster >.<
    off topic but its so obvious yook jung sae is wearing insoles lol. he suddenly as tall as nam joo hyuk. I think his acting would be good since his character matched so well with his personality

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