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  1. Thanks for the update guyss!! Glad our thread is still active :wub:


    The drama is indeed popular!! This is why we shouldnt trust rating these days, I'm really glad we never give a fck about EY rating lol (people on other thread usually post about the rating after the eps end, and when it goes down or the rating is low everyone was sad. .)


    God bless all the actors and staffs who worked hard for this drama. Most of actors in EY are rookies but they did good, I hope we can see them more in the future, I can see they will get more popular after this drama


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  2. I have not seen the finale yet (and eps 15) because I want to see how the finale would turn out first lol. I dont want to waste my time to see our otp non happy ending, I just wont accept it ^_^


    I am glad that we got happy ending, though it's still a bittersweet

    I will patiently wait till subbed eps come out.


    I cant believe it ended already. I will miss this drama so much, and of course this thread with yall here :tears:


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  3. @nrllee


    About baekyung removing her mask, it's true that dan oh might not instantly death because of it, but honestly, she is in serious condition and her life depend on the help of the oxygen mask, if we try to put the real life situation here, it's normal to assume that she might death because he removing the oxygen mask, eventhough the effect might occurred later not instantly death, but in her state it's not okay to removing it at all. It's still inhumane to do something like that I dont understand his action at all


    As for the actor, because I'm completely neutral here (I didnt know any of extraordinary actors before watching at all), lee jae wook is good but I dont think he add more than the character has written for him to make him less evil instead I feel like he appear to be more unbearable and harsh but it could be because the writer written his character that way, a lot of people said his character is less evil in manhwa, but of course thats just my opinion. As for Baekyung he is just a self centered guy to me, immature and egoistic. I dont think he is more interesting than other characters


    Okay I dont want to argue again, we just have different opinion thats all

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  4. Honestly it doesnt matter whether baekyung put Dan Oh mask back or not, but it's a fact that he tried to kill Dan Oh dan removed her oxygen mask, I dont think we should excuse his action again 'But but he put it back again!!! He didnt kill her!!' I mean Dan Oh is in critical condition for god sake, the fact he dare to remove her oxygen mask and try to take her life for nothing but himself says a lot about him. I dont know why people still excuse his action again this time.


    I dont know, this is the first time that I see a lot of people take more sympaty to evil villain like baekyung while our leads are suffering and crying non stop, a lot of people excuses baekyung action more than our lead. .The villain tried to kill the female lead, yet some people still try to excuse his action. .I saw a lot in my SNS. I guess one of the reasons because lee jae wook is more popular than rowoon and hyeyoon? But thats outside of drama, shouldnt bring that to the drama character. Well I hope in the next drama he shouldnt play another villain again because I'm sorry, looks like some fans cant take it positively. Sorry for a little bit rant

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  5. @celebrianna @Jillia



    sorry for late reply! I actually haven't watch the full eps yet but I watched some clips on my sns, I think Baekyung killed Dan Oh because he want Dan Oh to forget Haru because if character dies in the shadow, he/she will lose memories or become unaware again , so he can keep Dan Oh for himself and prevent Dan Oh to change the stage again. Thats why in the next screen Dan Oh couldnt remember Haru, I assume Dan Oh already dead in the shadow and she reborn again because she is still alive in the stage






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  6. Reading yall reaction and spoiler I'm glad I didnt stream today lol



    I knew baekyung is the culprit of Dan Oh death in TC, there is no way Haru would do something like that to Dan Oh. So we get the whole new level of selfiness of baekyung, he tried to kill Dan Oh in shadow so she won't remember Haru, and could own Dan Oh for himself? Just wow


    I really missed Haru and Dan Oh lovely scenes (+Do Hwa), the last eps isnt my fav, so many Baekyung scenes and Haru Dan Oh sad story. I hope 2 last eps wont disappoint us, the writer of this drama better not ruin the story and wrapped it up nicely or he/she is just same as secret/TC writer (that would be tragic and ironic lol)

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  7. Honestly the discusion about baekyung as second male lead, usually in romance drama the second male lead likes female lead eventhough she doesnt like him back (one sided love), but as I watched the drama until now, I dont think baekyung even likes danoh in the first place?


    Up till now it's only his ego, he doesnt want to lose his main character title, he is jealous of Haru somehow and he doesnt want to be left alone. .NOT because he even likes Dan Oh and trully want her to be happy, he doesnt even care about Dan Oh feeling at all.


    Why there are so many justification of baekyung action? even some fans worship him and shipping him with danoh. .Because he is handsome? the actor who play baekyung is lee jae wook? Or we are so used watching jerk male lead so instead of calling out his shitty action, we would worship him and believe he would change later. In this drama baekyung is definitely unlikeable and imo his character is close to villain rather than second male lead (he doesnt even like the female lead), I find it really weird a lot of fans rooting for him and try to excuse all of his bad actions.

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    So baekyung was even worse in trumpet creeper, he did exactly like his father in secret, he tried to approaching Dan Oh for his own benefit and he was also jerk the way he treat Haru

    I feel sad about Haru the most. He was typical second male lead in trumpet creeper. .he was subordinate of Baekyung, and looks like he already liked Dan Oh but he couldnt do anything about it, he also need to see her liking baekyung eventhough baekyung only take advantage of her





    Haru is only subordinate of Baekyung, he killed that man under baekyung command, sad he couldnt do anything about it. I agree Haru might do the worse since baekyung was even worst in trumpet creeper and I'm sure he would do more evil commands later




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  9. Girl I've been waiting for your post! :D @Jillia


    I totally agree your opinion about Baekyung. I'm thinking exactly the same, but most of people kinda understand him at some point (even shipping him with Dan Oh) thats why I rarely say about him but I'm glad at least I'm not alone lol


    I'm also too old to fall with an arrogant male lead who treat the girl like a richard simmons but somehow the girl is still in love with him. My exact reaction is like Dan Oh after the stage end lol, I dont want to be with baekyung even for a sec, I'd prefer to run to Haru asap :rolleyes:


    I try to understand him but honestly I cant. In fact when I dig it deeper, the more I get annoyed by him lol.

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  10. Finally done watching with english sub!


    I agree with you @Jillia Jinmichae havent done anything wrong until now, he is actually just another victim of the writer, he was a character from trumpet creeper and become an extra in secret, just like Dan Oh and Haru, and seems like his past story is not good either. I find it satisfying too when he diss the writer lol! Says the writer is not creative and just recyling the character and story. Jinmichae is actually just afraid that something tragic will happen again in secret, I have same sentiment as him, I think baekyung is dangerous, he is a jerk and a mad man, I have a feeling that he would explode and destroy everything later

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  11. @Jillia I actually thought he was also completely forget everything but the twist at the end. .why he went to school in the middle of night (he had reason but still weird because old Haru also lived in the school). .and just like you said there was a sound of changing stage, he knows it then he went straight to place where he hanging his painting (looks like he already knows the place so well huh?)


    It could be he is just pretending that he forget since the begining OR he suddenly remember after he saw the hole and painting, MBC uploaded the last part of the eps with title 'Ro won who remembers everything'.



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  12. Done watching with sub. What a twist at the end. At first I thought new Haru is a completely different person/extras (he doesn't have scar either), but he is just acting and he is actually self aware. 


    So I want to know his motive, Is he afraid that he might change the story again and disappear so he pretend that he doesnt know anything? Baekyung is already suspicious of him, and Haru also know that baekyung is self aware now, He would be more careful towards baekyung. Btw Baekyung is still annoying af whether he is self aware or not lol.


    So in the next eps seems like Dan Oh already accept her fate and will getting married with Baekyung, I guess Haru won't just sit down and he would reaching Dan Oh again, and the circle continue he might disappear again. .sigh. These poor souls, I actually feel bad for Haru and Dan Oh couple, they suffered a lot, they only want to be together :tears:


    Ps. New Haru is so hot loll :P:rolleyes:

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  13. Lol I thought I was the only one who watched the stream with so much lags. .I actually lost my patience and closed my stream before the ending lolll :D

    Thanks @Jillia for the recap!


    From what I remember 1st part of the eps is mostly Da Oh searching for Haru and missing him. 2nd is the birth of new Haru but with lost memory, I missed a lot of part because of the lags, but I find it quite funny because he is now a baekyung follower lol. Honestly I'd pissed off if I were baekyung, he was annoyed by Haru before and now Haru is his follower, will following him eveywhere but Haru didnt even remember anything LOL, for the first time I feel really bad for baekyung!! :D


    I actually quite bored with nam joo and juda story lol. They are so predictable and they still dont aware of themselves. Do hwa shouldve just stay out from their relationship and make his own story lol

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  14. 1 hour ago, Jillia said:

    What is this? I need to know!? Did I miss this? Did this happen in tonights episode?


    I think Haru wants to hug her arghhhhh my heart


    Honestly Haru and Dan Oh have perfect height difference, When he pat her head, when he protect her from baekyung, it looks 100x more heart fluttering because of their height


    my heart would explode if they hugged later, imagine smoll Dan Oh in Haru arms and chest :rolleyes::rolleyes:


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  15. My stream was lagging so much zzzz

    I'd say this eps is so intense. As we already knew from the preview, Haru was missing gosh I almost cried. .it happen after he saved Dan Oh



    Baekyung in this whole eps is annoying AF, my reaction is exactly like Dan Oh because he keep appearing and ruined the mood. He reminds me of 2nd mean female character in typical manhwa who always ruined the leads realationship lol. Btw He finally read the manhwa 'secret' in the end of eps


    How can I survive till next week? I'm worried so muchh, what happened to Haruu :tears:

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  16. 1 hour ago, nateko said:

    @Jillia I think he is on the path on becoming self-aware but who knows if he'll behave differently then. What if he becomes worse? Either way I don't want Dan Oh to end up with him simply because that would be very tropey  - a nice girl changes a scumbag for the better and through hurting her he somehow becomes a better person and starts treating her better. This is  sooo overused and presents a stupid misconception that men can behave like douchebags as long and there will come a woman who'll change them. Like that almost never happens in real life and the girls who believe in it end up in an unhealthy and abusive relationships. 


    Girrll preach lol. I totally agree. And this is also happened to my friend. She always tells me she is tired of because her bf is treating her like crap but she cant quit and believe that he would change. .but she is crying everyday and totally unhappy. sigh


    I'm really addicted to this drama so I searching some fanmade videos on youtube, I'm surprised there are a lot of baekyung and Dan Oh fanmade vids and a lot of people shipping this couple, I know everyone has different taste but I really dont get it? I mean until eps 4,  He is nothing but jerk and treating Dan Oh like richard simmons, hurting her phisically and emotionally, He doesn't even care if she is dying or not. I dont get it lol. Anyway cant wait for today eps!! I will camping here later lol

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  17. I didnt expect that I would like this drama, I'm not familiar with all actors at all and I'm too old for high school drama but here I am lol


    First I would give my appreciation to hye yoon, she is amazing. She hard carried this drama with her acting, I love her! Ofc the plot is also hella interesting, I cant wait for the next eps. From now I only want to watch the drama without reading the webtoon.


    I'm all for Haru and Dan Oh loveline here, no room for Kyung lol. I'm sorry for kyung fans here but I never like him and eps 4 really make it worse! He left Dan Oh all alone in forest when she was struggling with her health, and what I dont understand is when he push Haru until he bleeding in library out of nowhere. .like? Is he jealous of Dan Oh and Haru together after treated Dan Oh like richard simmons all this time? I love how Dan Oh also hating him to death because he is just arrogant af. In the end of eps 4, what he said to Dan Oh is beyond hurtful, I'm glad he got a punch from Haru lol. I dont know how kyung character would turned out after he realized he is a manhwa character too, but for now I'm just pissed off everytime he appear lol (sorryy guys!!)



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  18. @scarletlover1 calm down lol. A lot of love alarm fans ship SO with Jojo, it's okay, I mean everyone have different opinion, you have to respect that. Before anyone coming to you, here's the different view that people (especially SO and jojo fans) might thinking :


    - About SO and Jojo first kiss. Yes it was weird move but jojo also accepted that. Yes HY has crush to Jojo but then jojo had BOYFRIEND. That's make the different, thats why HY can do nothing about it to make any move, he has no right to stop SO to like her either. If enyone could stop it it should be Jojo boyfriend. Also Jojo and SO were interested to each other, not just SO. I dont know why you blame only to SO, when it takes two people to build relationship. When jojo and so kissed, she even still had boyfriend, actually that's also considered as cheating. From love alarm itself we learned that you cant stop from liking someone and can do nothing about it. Same with SO, and Jojo


    I'm still going out, will add more if I back to home :))

  19. Thought of jojo's possible choice



    about jojo's choice in the end. .we dont know yet and the webtoon is still on going but the lastest webtoon jojo's boyfriend is HY. .

    I agree with @pinkypanda419, my heart want sunOh but HY is the writer choice after all. .I mean it would be VERY weird if jojo ended up with sunOh in the end, she is already with him in during high school, then HY when she is adult and she change her heart again and getting back to sunOh in the end? That's just unrealistic. I know a lot of us here are still hoping jojo with sunOh (including myself) but the chance is very small. I just hope the writer wont make him a jerk, he is already pitiful, doesn't have family who support him and he won't get the girl in the end too


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  20. Done watching until eps 5

    Here is my thought


    I agree with yall @enigmatic_zephy @mapleoaks5 



    I didnt expect that this drama is quite dark? Everyone has deep problem, frustated and aren't happy with themselves. Jojo is really pitiful, everyone is too actually. Not gonna lie my heart feel heavy while watching this drama, as if I watching a tragic melodrama not a teen romance drama


    I'm actually surprised sun oh and jojo already kissed on their 1st met. Hyeyoung already liked jojo eventhough they never know each other personally, I thought they were already friend before because they work at same place but they didnt even know each other. And he keep his feeling until they graduated? How come? All he is doing is just watching her from a far, how can he keep his feeling same for long time. I dont understand the fact that jojo also will like him instead of sun oh. I also not fan of 2nd typical male lead

    this webtoon/drama reminds me of true beauty. True beauty also has love triangle, actually the the female lead and the 1st male lead also like each other, but 1st male lead has family problem, so he was missing and move to japan (similar to sun oh), but he was the one who know her face without make up and saved her life. then the female lead suddenly like his friend. .I stopped reading after that. The moment I saw sun oh has complicated family problem, that's remind me of true beauty. I can expect that jojo will also fall for hyeoyong too.

    Honestly I dont know why the writer keep this similar plot, In real life this kind of plot is actually really sucks, because the person that you love will ended up with your bestfriend, eventhough you're the one who's always be there in sad and happy time, and your bestfriend is waiting for you to break up.


    On happy note I actually like both male lead actors, eventhough I never watch any of their dramas. This is why drama production should cast rookie actor with new faces, there are so many of them who are quite good but always lose to idols so they cant get the opportunity


    Also Kim so hyun is pretty as always! I feel sad when wacthing her as jojo, I hope she can get cheerful character next time!

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  21. Hello first time here, nice to meet you all!

    I'm really looking forward to this drama, especially because of kim so hyun! I love her, imo she is really suited to play high school drama like this (I miss school 2015!!) so I'm very happy she work on this project.


    So I already decided to watch this drama, but is anyone already read the webtoon? Sadly I couldnt find the webtoon with eng sub, but only available in korean.


    From the trailer and the drama description it's quite obvious that soen oh is the main lead right? seems like jojo likes him too. And Hye yong is typical second main lead who love the female lead quietly, kind and always watching her from afar. Or am I wrong? what y'all think?


    Big spoiler dont read if you havent read the webtoon


    I actually try to read the original webtoon, though I dont know korean at all, it seems like hye yong is actually the main lead? From the lastest update of the webtoon, jojo and hye yong already like a couple so it's surprising to me. .I already ship seon oh and jojo from the teaser. I actually never like typicall 2nd male lead like hye yong to ended up with jojo. .sigh I hope the drama wont ended up like the webtoon




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