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  1. Really enjoying the Juda and Dohwa scenes sooooo much! I am also so glad that both supposed 2nd leads Haru and Dowah are getting the affections of the ladies. It's really a gem that our 2nd leads are shining! Made me feel relatable in a drama context whereby in script the actresses are supposed to to act and like the bad boy main character, but in reality when it's behind the scenes that it's the kind hearted and honest 2nd leads who actually stole their hearts. Really feel sad for Baek Kyung though, it is already in his character set-up that he is defensive and an introvert. He had so many opportunities once he became self aware to fix things with Danoh, let her know his true feelings. But I guess having that set-up with the scarred memories of his mum's death and how terrible his dad is, he can't suddenly change and be a romantic character. And worse is he is up against the forever honest and expressive Haru. Holding Danoh's hands cause he wants to, and hugging her cause he misses her so much. He never denied any relationship with Danoh to Dohwa and Danoh's friends, always clearly expressing how much he likes Danoh and wants to be with her.. If it were me, I'll choose Haru too.
  2. Haru must have had so many regrets, not being the one next to Danoh in the saeguk manhwa.. He is now stealing all of Baek Kyung's lines? So much feels.. My heart feels so heavy for Haru this episode..
  3. Well everyone should you go support the live recaps by dramamilk! This episode there was more saeguk moments. So here's some events that happened in today's episode. There was this scene that Haru tears up when he was looking at Danoh, and he mentioned something like why is feeling this sadness? And in his "dreams" of saeguk land, the gift of stars to Danoh and her thanking the "unknown" man in the pavilion seems like Baek Kyung. Also, Baek Kyung attempts to get close to Danoh (her dad is some big shot minister) to gain power, sent Haru to stalk her and find out more about her. This led to the Haru and Danoh "back" incident. So Haru was the one that Danoh meets first. But later, with the information about Danoh, it was used to create a "chance" meeting for Baek Kyung and Danoh - with led to what it seems like Danoh fallen love at first sight with Baek Kyung. Haru started to have awareness then, and tried to stop it, but it didn't work.
  4. I can't help but omg at so many eye-catching moments in the latest episode! Its like more characters are getting out of hand! - right at the start, the black hole showed some scenes with saeguk Haru's hand holding a blade, and him in tears.. (oh no!!) - our quick witted Dohwa says that Haru may have regained back his awareness cause of his determination or maybe he likes Danoh! - at the sandwich shop, during stage Baek kyung rejected Danoh's sandwich but ate it when it switched to shadow - still at the sandwich shop, while in shadow Dohwa confesses that he will give up on Jooda, and the disappointment on her face.. - the amazing acting skills when Saemi quickly catches on that Danoh likes Haru and goes into fits mode cause her bestie is in an affair - the funny and out of place comments by one of the 3 Saemi minons (praising and being in envy of Jooda) - cornered in the science lab, Jooda can actually have that evil look in her self-aware mode! - OMG Jooda may like Dohwa..!!!! she didn't look too happy with Namjoo confessing to her in the science lab - in the hospital, Baek Kyung's brother jumping out to take the hit for Baek Kyung and might have slipped abit more than necessary about if Baek Kyung married Danoh and asked Baek Kyung not to change anything.. - Jinmichae seems to be seeing the replication between the saeguk and current story as the characters keep saying the same things
  5. Had a feeling while watching today's episode that more and more characters are gaining awareness, like Yeo Ju Da and even Baek Kyung's brother? They all have that weird look at certain parts of the drama.. Even Sae MI? Like Yeo Ju Da actually smiled (Sae Mi saw it!) when Nam Joo pulled her out of the classroom after saving her from the evil classmates bullying her. And Baek Kyung's brother had this look on him ever since the episode when Baek Kyung "claimed" Dan Oh to be the only one for him during Nam Joo's birthday party. Same look during the dinner with Dan Oh and Baek Kyung families after the stage ends.. Amazed, but really have no idea where this drama is heading!!!
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