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  1. Okay about the kiss scene, I dont think pd call or instruction/script can make a good kiss scene. .let's be honest, there are a looot of bad kiss scenes in kdrama. .especially when female lead doesnt want to open her mouth and doesnt want to respon the kiss. And I'm sure those couple are supposed to do good kiss (in script/pd instruction) but in the end they cant even do it (I'm sure they already done a lot of takes too). So imo kiss scene is mostly depend on the actor. Since we know that psj and pmy are really close (they even had some flirting moments off cam too) so they can do it naturally and they make a really good kiss (doesnt seem like acting to me :phew:)



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  2. 1 hour ago, MeritaG said:

    Well, in real life, PSJ has bee dating around 10 girls - it was when he was still in university (if I am not mistaken). I heard this in Taxi interview after the Witch's Romance.. So, he has that experiences for these kind of scenes. 


    he said he dated mostly on school, and when he dated his first love they only holding hand. .lol. and dont forget he already served in military (for 2 years) after graduated, during that time I'm sure he couldnt date at all. I think sometimes date experience isn't related to kiss scene, yoo seung ho is single since birth but his kiss scene is so wild lol


    I think after debut he doesnt date a lot and he said in interview that his love cell is dead lol ( probably because he is been single for too long)


    Pmy and psj seems very private and careful about their relationship, probably because they are celebrity and they both want to marry early? Usually people who want to get marry early want to have a person who suitable for long time relationship so they are more careful

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  3. 13 minutes ago, minseojoon said:


    ***WARNING: If you feel like you're about to faint and lose your breath...walk away from the computer and this thread until you get your oxygen back, we are not responsible for any damages to your health***



      Hide contents







    Your gifs quality is so amazing and clear, no wonder it took so long lol :lol:


    Thank you so much once again!! I will bookmark this page for science :rolleyes:

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  4. 7 hours ago, saved2K said:

    This I can honestly say..... Park Min Young has finally found her match.  I always feel that she is a strong,  badass kickass type of girl...but with PSJ even if he is younger  he seems to be the one in control....the one really leading lol.  I love this pairing. 


    I agree. It's weird not only psj doesnt look younger, he also does look older and he is the one who lead her





    Gifs from our saviour @minseojoon


    Love how psj give instruction to pmy and pmy also listen to him well


    In viki interview psj said he is a type who working hard in everything because he doesnt want to regret, even when they take a filming break , psj is still working out and pmy also seems adore his work ethic (she also said it on press conference interview). I think that part really somehow make psj looks older and mature? And I agree, I think pmy has found her match!!


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  5. 22 minutes ago, strawberryfall said:


    I know, right ? It doesn't look like they're just totally acting anymore... question is : has things progress somehow between them that there are personal feelings thrown and mix into their kiss already to make it look and feel so REAL even to those watching :sweatingbullets: Wow... don't know what to think right now... no words :rolleyes:


    Right. I mean off cam they are already flirting with each other (we have a lot evidences :phew:) so when they had a chance to actually do the skinship or kiss they seems really do it for real. . :rolleyes:


    Excuse my delulu mind lol

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  6. I want to know psj reaction when he watch that hot kiss lol. He was dying when watching a simple hug, cant imagine his expression and panic face when he saw his hot kiss with pmy :lol:


    11 minutes ago, minseojoon said:

    I am not joking guys....my laptop overheated before I can post the gifs....I had to shut it down..LOL

    Be back with the gifs :sweat_smile:


    I'm still waiting patiently here lol. Fighting!!


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  7. Today eps is soo funny lol. I dont understand korean but I laughed since start till the end.


    YJ is sooooo sweet. I wish I had bf like him lol. I like how kms is so open with him, she even showed the text from lsy lol. I love the kiss lol, they forgot that they supposed not good at kissing


    The story progress is so slow but who cares lol. I'm sure most of us only watched for our otp :lol:

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  8. yall had a lot of ships :lol:


    This is actually my first time shipping otp this hard. I usually just enjoying some otps interaction but never bring myself to invest anything (like analyzing everything they do, join shipping forum etc).


    My last lowkey ship was lee joon and jung so min lol. When dispatch caught them dating, I was like 'I KNEW IT!!!' I'm so happy for them!!


    For this ship, I like both of lead and been waiting for this drama since tvn announced psj and pmy as couple. I was in awe after watching first eps because of their acting and chemistry. Then I watched some of their bts. .they looks soo close already eventhough its just begining of filming and match really well!! Idk it's hard to explain but I also smell something suspicious between them lol. I read and watched their old interview it's just mindblowing that they have a lot of similarities and their personality also match! I hope parkpark couple will sail lol

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  9. 28 minutes ago, minmangfan said:




    You mean ships of other former on screen partners of PSJ / PMY or just any other ship? Either way, that's so sad to hear. We're all here just for fun and even though we have been comparing our ship's behavior towards their former on screen partners, we haven't put any ship down or thought of this as a competition. We are all aware that this ship hasn't sailed so far yet and we're all not quite confident that this ship will manage to dance along with the waves. We're in no position to think that this ship is better and we know it, so hopefully others will stop the hate. 


    I hope that people remember that everyone here is allowed to have their own fun and that no ship is superior than others, unless said ship gets anchored down aka gets married to each other.


    The positive side of life is that tomorrow is Wednesday and we will get to see these two again! 


    Yes thats why I like this thread!! We mostly just talked about park2 couple here lol. I personally also dont like to comparing to other ships. I hope we can keep the positive vibes on this thread :wub:


    22 minutes ago, twoparkcouple said:



    my fav part in bts is this. even while wating for filming, PSJ keep doing for only PMY, staring at her, even though he gotting wet in the rain and the jacket is too heavy.soo sweet:wub:


    Oh god why I missed this part. Thats so sweet, he protect pmy from the rain but not for himself. That jacket is soooo heavy tho. UGH psj just confess to her already my heart cant take it :crazy:

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  10. Ok sorry if this not related, I just read some of comments from other shipper, it's actually really funny that they tried to hate on our ship and act like their ship is more superior :lol: 


    Shipping is supposed to be fun and happy, why need to forcing other people or hating on other ship. I laughed when they said psj is like a dongsaeng/junior and treat pmy as huge senior and they aren't close at all. What kind of junior who dare to say 'I ate it all' after he kissed his senior :lol:


    This is the first time I ship couple this hard, I didnt know that shipping war is really exist :lol:

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  11. Omg this interview is so cute. THEY ARE REALLY CLOSE, I dont know anymore, I hve never seen a lead couple with this kind of chemistry, they are just way too comfortable with each other, a perfect match. Also PSJ said pmy is his inspiration. .asgdjsgsjnsns


    Watch it here



    Idk how to post the video here sorry :(

    Please someone make gifs from this interview :lol:

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  12. Since we're talking about psj being generous, I recall some of psj good traits. He is indeed a nice and good guy. Kang haneul said psj always waiting until the filming end (eventhough he is already done) and take his time to greet everyone on set. He always give genuine support to his friend, he promoting hyorin and bts album on his ig, and always sent food truck to his friends when they had project. He is really good taking care of people, his family, friends, fans even staffs.


    Ofc because of that he is also good at taking care of his future girlfriend/wife. He said he is a type who go all out, he doesnt want to regret. If he could fall in love with someone, he said he will do his best to love her and want to get marry early. He also likes children, he said he always miss his niece lol. I'm sure he will be a good husband and father in the future. Honestly I'm soooooo jealous of his future gf/wife, it's not easy to find a man like psj. He is really genuine and a loving person.


    Since pmy is very cautious, I think she really need someone who is trusted and nice, who treat her like she is a precious and everything. .I think psj would treat her very nicely if they could dating. Imagine this just make me happy lol



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  13. 32 minutes ago, twoparkcouple said:

    news source : https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003267419

      the article is saying  that PSJ invited around 150 WWWS staff and actors to clelebrate the 1st.


    Thanks for the info! PSJ is indeed a sweetheart. That place looks so luxurious and he invited a lot of staffs. What a great man.


    He said he want to be an actor not for money. He always give his friends support and food truck whenever they had project. What a lucky girl if pmy could date him lol (both are lucky!!)


    1 hour ago, minseojoon said:


    Practicing the hug?


    But what I don't get is....MY was trying to get her arm out to do the "fighting fist", but PSJ didn't budge or let go of her waist for her to get her arms up....Wey????? PSJ she's not going anyhere! 2018new_xixi_thumb.png And don't you just love how after their bunny/peace sign...MY's hand so naturally went back up to his shoulder....sooo smoothly...haha



    Lol ikr? I mean they were still joking, a lot of staff also werent ready, why pmy need put her hand that fast to psj shoulder? He wont go anywhere lol. Same with psj he didnt want to move his hands from pmy waist!! :wub:

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  14. This couple make me going crazy lol. Ever since tvn released the kiss bts I cant stop replaying it and coming to this thread lol


    @addikorean16 your analysis is so point. I also hear the sound from their kiss :rolleyes: :P .In this bts it's obvious they lowley flirting. I noticed exact same things. Like when psj lick his finger while starring at pmy after touching her lips, I mean if this is not flirting then what?? Lol. Also when psj look at her with mouth open when pmy put extra sauce on her lips, what he was thinking at that time ?? :phew:


    I think psj cant hide his happiness after kissed pmy lol. Like he cant hold his laugh then make a comment 'I ate it all' like somehow he was really happy and proud?? Lol. Psj is indeed act suspicious and extra. Seems like he was happier and his mood was really good during those shooting. .because of pmy? Only psj knows :rolleyes:


    Honestly it's not just psj, but pmy too. Idk if anyone notice this but when psj tried to kiss her (the pizza scene), pmy was holding her laugh but she lowkey make a kissy lips/duck face (?) after that lol (it was so fast I need to rewatch many times lol) she was teasing him


    We really need your gifs to confirm that lol @minseojoon


    I just cant with these two argghh

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  15. 14 minutes ago, minseojoon said:

    I feel like every WSK fans were stalking TVN's youtube channel for this BTS. People were so quick to write up articles and close to 10K views in less than an hour! LOL.


    Hmm...let's just say for now. I am shocked to see my PMY this shy after a kiss scene! My professional PMY...SHY? Of course she's entitled for a first kiss in any drama...but this shy????? I'm not sure about PSJ because this is the first I've seen him in a drama, but I heard he's also a very good kisser, very professional. In the BTS he also seems shy after their kiss....just curious, is that normal coming from him?


    Right? Ive been waiting for this bts. But why it is so short? Its weird because everyone is waiting for the bts, and last week this drama got the highest rating ever after kiss scene. .I dont know whats wrong with tvn, i'm salty ugh. I want to see a bts when psj ruined pmy hair during the kiss lol.


    I agree pmy looks so shy after kiss scene, she is blushing and smiling so shyly, I find it really cute ><


    Did anyone notice psj bite his lips after kiss scene? Lol

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  16. 1 hour ago, minseojoon said:

    The BTS!!!!!! To short but :heart::heart::heart: it!!!




    They are so cuteee. They joking with each other soooo comfortably. Psj is a mood maker and pmy is also outgoing, what a perfect match. Waiting for your gifs as always :lol:


    With my super limited korean I think in min 2:14 :


    pmy : 'Let's stop now' (she keep retake 'I like you' line) then psj jokingly said : 'You want to stop? Do you know how many times I did that (he talks about ljy who keep confessing to kms)'. They both laughed. I find this part is soo funny too lol


    I wish someone could translate the entire bts ><


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