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  1. 1 hour ago, polydadmiac said:

    I myself have lots of problems with that piece of news from Sport DongA:


    1. They said they had 'industry insider'. But then they said the couple has been in a '007-style dating operation' such that even their close friends didn't know. Let's assume that they started to open to people in the industry now, how did they know the 3-year dating timeline? Where is the foundation of the 3 years dating? I don't think either PSJ or PMY was brain-hacked to the point that they confessed to others they've been dating for 3 years.

    2. You shouldn't write such news with no concrete evidence. News with no concrete evidence should not be called news. It is mere rumours. It is trash.

    3. Using shippers evidence in a piece of news is up to the highest level of BSting. Technically it should be a laugh for other media outlets. To my surprise, they joined in the party. Then the involvement of MBC made me more sick and disgusted. 

    4. To throw such rumours out just couple of hours after the final episode was aired was so disgusting because you see how it clouded the closing-off of the drama. 


    Anyway, the whole thing just seems to me like someone tries to steal some lights to themselves. I pity those people. 


    The recent dating news of hyuna and e-dawn also didnt have photos but it also turned out to be true. Yes what they did is horrible but I'm sure there are some truth behind their news


    Other than dispatch, news outlets usually cant provide photos but doesnt mean their news are 100% fake (see the recent dating news of hyuna), they just dont do things like dispatch, stalking celebs private life. They probably heard from some insiders or people who witness them together, unlike dispatch who stalk celebs until they get the photos.


    Let's just agree and disagree then. You can choose not to believe them, it's okay but I do think there are some truth of media reports

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  2. 21 hours ago, BINGO_O said:

    @baby.hae Min Young denied the marriage rumor already, but actually it seems like there are a lot of people who believe they’re dating in the industry or else this rumor wouldn’t have become so big and spread like a wildfire.

    I wouldn’t be surpised anymore with a sudden wedding annoucement but imagine how it would throw those haters off guard and blow their minds away *me being petty :tounge_wink:



    Sorry for late reply. I mean of course pmy denied marriage rumors, both parkpark already denied their dating report. Looks like the opinion get divided, there are a lot of people who didnt believe they are dating (I dont know why I get funny emoticon lol, if you dont believe then it's okay, we can have different opinion)


    Honestly I just saw another 'coincidence' they were both in same place around same time in 2016. .I dont know why 'it was well known in industry that parkpark is dating' and people assume that industry only use shipper evidence. Nope, if we talk about industry, they wont use shipper fanaccount as a evidence, they are insider, they are working in entertaiment industry, it's netizen who dig the evidence through instagram but the industry already know that they are dating, industry source report arent same as netizen source


    Like I said before they just wait for the right timing. For all these years they probably have something to hold their back. I think PSJ big agency (SM/keyeast) is one of them. And wwwsk popularity is just big (I think this drama get more buzz than mr.sunshine) they probably think that is the right time, and psj already move to small agency who doesnt have big power. 


    I find parkpark route is very similar to songsong. Both already dated during the drama, media released their dating report after the drama end, denied the report, dispatch is also quiet, no picture, then BOM news of their marriage. The last report also says that parkpark have a plan for for marriage. .

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  3. I'm sorry I probably late for this (I was so busy these days) but according to a news report, parkpark plan on getting married soon. .




    This is interesting because on that report 'it was well known in the industry that parkpark couple are dating'


    Just like what I said earlier its all about the timing. The fact that the industry already know parpark are dating but waiting till right moment to announce it (after the drama end).


    I'm so happy. Both want to get marry asap, they finally will achieve it. we probably dont need to wait for a long time for their marriage news!

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  4. Honestly I still believe that parkpark are dating for 3 years. .about pmy interview, since parkpark already denied the report of them dating of course she need to follow the narration that they are not dating. So they will denied it until the end and shut down the rumors so media and netizen can stop talking about their dating news.


    Songsong couple also denied it when they are dating already. A lot of celebs dont want to make their relationship to be known by public and being controlled by media. I still remember even the pictures already out, park shin hye still didnt want to admit her relationship. Being in public relationship is really burdensome and I'm sure pmy also knows it better.


    So the question why now? Where is the media before because parkpark already dated since 3 years ago?

    Media need attention and wwsk popularity is really huge and parkpark chemistry is hot as fire. Remember media really quiet about lee jun ki relationship with jung hyebin eventhough they dated for 2 years already, but when My Ear Candy popularity was big then after being quiet for 2 years, suddenly media drop the bomb that ljk already in relationship. Yes media doesnt care about celebrity feeling/life at all, as long as they can get attention and money. I find it really cruel too they destroyed celebrity private life/carrer


    I find it suspicious too because the timing is really match after psj move from big agency (keyeast/SM entertaiment) to small agency. .we all know how powerful keyeast/SMent is. .PSJ popularity is in the top right now, he has a lot of CF deals, his variety show had the higest rating, his current drama is big hit and he also has upcoming movie. .and the list goes on. I'm sure SM lost a lot of money because psj move to another agency, SM is popular for being a petty company and we are talking about million dollars money loss here on SM side .Idk if this rumor started because of that, entertaiment world is really shady after all


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  5. 20 minutes ago, BINGO_O said:


    I beg to differ on this part only. I think celebs have their own way to go incognito during their dates. they never got caught in three years doesn't mean they rarely meet. I know that they're both very busy but I still think they manage to secure some time to meet up, although not frequently like normal couples, either at their houses or in public. They live in a complex where many other celebs also reside so even if they pay a visit to each other's house, it's likely that no one may notice. Couples like songsong usually have very late night dates in public, there was a time they got spotted in a restaurant at 2am. IMO PP, just like other celeb couples love travelling abroad together becuz they don't have to pay extra care on hiding their identities with  scarf, hat, mask or shades. Basically it doesn't make sense to me if they don't meet just for the sake of not getting caught. 


    I agree but I think it's also depend on the couple themselves.


    PMY already got caught before with LMH, she said it clearly that she doesnt want to get caught again, she said she prefer not dating at all instead of getting caught by media. I'm sure her dating news with LMH really make her hurt and she didnt want to get caught again. I find it really amazing she can keep her hidden relationship with psj for 3 years. it could possible that parkpark rarely meet in korea because of that and prefer overseas date

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  6. Lol I was so happy because of their dating news but when I look to their report. .I think they really use shipper evidences. .I screamed lol


    I knew psj would deny it because it was reach. Thats why shipper need to be careful sometimes because media is watching


    I hope this is not affected their relationship. I'm sure they are just in the begining of romantic relationship and getting know to each other right now. If they are trully love each other they will find the way. .dont lose hope! Song2 couple also denied it multiple times but they got married in the end!

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    1 hour ago, saved2K said:


    What I did notice she set her boundaries straight after the first kiss when she gave PSJ the sharp look after he made some joke after their first kiss. She didn't like it and she made it clear to him that's why he didn't say anything after the 2nd kiss. Just my pov.


    imo I dont think thats serious? I'm sure they are just joking and having fun, after that glare pmy also smiling lol


    And the 2nd kiss psj looks exhausted because during the kiss pmy was sit on his lap and he was stay in the closet for some time, I dont think its because of his joke earlier (1st kiss), I'm sure pmy also doesnt take it seriously


    Just my thought


    40 minutes ago, MsMinnieFran said:

    Here is my POV. There are three more weeks where we  are guaranteed to see this couple on our screens....after that, there are no more guarantees. So let us enjoy the time to the fullest. Don't worry about what they did on past sets and with previous partners.... just have fun with the here and now. Sometimes it is not that deep. :D


    and yes i delurked again...so... hey. Thank you all for your posts, i'm enjoying them. Okay bye.




    I agree Let's just try to be positive. Only 3 weeks left huhu. Hey dont back to lurk mode! Please talk more and enjoying this couple together


    Time flies so fassst I dont want this drama to end, I miss our otp already :tears:

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  8. On 7/8/2018 at 9:22 AM, lyca mena said:



    Thank you so much for the video!

    And @minseojoon for the gifs :wub:


    Here is my opinion about that vid :


    -I noticed psj was looking at pmy most of time, the stage was on his left stage, he could set the chair and looking at the stage instead but he didnt. Pmy was more beautiful and interesting than the event itself, right psj? :ph34r:

    Why wouldnt psj looking at her? She was super pretty (and sexy too at that night :phew: ) and psj already a fanboy since high kick


    - Pmy definitely act strange there. SHE KNOWS psj was looking at her, and I couldnt wordly better than @dramamilftx, if you know a hot guy or a guy that you likes/interested looking at you, you will do something to attract him but pretend not looking/aware (yes I did it before too lol). You can see the change of pmy act before psj was there and after psj sit there. Remember in press con? Pmy said she watched a lot of psj dramas/movie, praised him highly and want to act together. .I'm sure pmy already interested to psj at that time too (AAA)


    So my conclusion parkpark on/off cam chemistry in wwsk and their closeness didnt happen overnight. .yes from AAA fancam, I'm sure they already interested to each other. Not just pmy or psj but both. It wouldnt happen if other party didnt interested at you (since we sometimes doubting about pmy heart to psj, but imo pmy is also interested to psj even since AAA).


    Idk if after AAA they exchange a phone number or contacted to each other, we dont know. But I think they already keep their eyes to each other during AAA. Then they work together in wwsk. .it's like a dream come true lol. I'm sure they already spent a lot of time together during filming and did a lot skinship. .their feeling should be bigger than just a crush/like and we assume they might have some relationship now

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  9. @haelan very well said. I feel like I ghostwrote your entire post!! Lol


    Yes me too. This is the first time I ship a couple this hard. .I've been fan of kdrama since winter sonata lol. I cant explain why I ship them so much. .idk I feel like the way they interact with each other is really beautiful? Like they are really in sync, the way the look to each other and their conversation is also match. .since I also follow them before this drama I see A LOT OF similarities from both of them. .it's like they destined to meet through this drama, I was like 'yasss finally!!!' when they confirmed for this drama. Well I wasnt really wrong. .the drama is a big hit, their chemistry is out the world and they match well off cam and a lot of people also ship them. .now we just need to wait until they get married like songsong couple (my delulu wish lol!)


    I agree with you they also seems suspicious to me, I also like you I watched their kiss scene almost every day lol. I feel like I'm a weirdo but I cant help it lol.


    The way I see it when watching closet kiss. .it's not lyj and kms but psj and pmy. .I mean their characters are single for life how can they kissed like that? It can happen because of psj and pmy themselves. Even pd said they should just shoot kissing scene. .lol. I think they already contacted each other during the drama. .you know they probably communicate everyday through chat/phone call or secretly meet. . . if they only talk to each other on the drama set, they wouldnt look THAT close, we clearly see they already look so close during early stage of filming  (bts eps 1 and press conference), they seems already very familiar with each other. I think they are on the stage of getting know to each other and have some relationship. .I hope everything goes well for them :wub:

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  10. 31 minutes ago, MayL said:

    @MillyR thanks for sharing Interviews on PSJ. I am a fan of PMY and got to really know and like PSJ now based on all the sharing here. 


    From above interview on PSJ, noted he is a very deep and thoughtful person. He knows what he wants in life and has a lot of similarities with MY. I hope both can have the best of friendship in WWWSK; which can turn to a closer relationship leading to ending like SongSong couple. :wub::wub:



    Thank you so much for the link! I enjoyed reading psj interview, i also learned a lot from him


    My fav part :


    What is your biggest goal?
    I have a lot, but I am a human being first, then an actor. I want to be a good father and a good husband.


    How to get a man like psj? I need one :tears:

    I hope pmy doesnt let him go lol, he is one of kind

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  11. @MillyR thanks for the link. What a good interview. Psj is such a great person!


    I teared up a lil bit when I read this part :


    I hear others well. I am better than anyone else at not criticizing others just because they are different from me and just accepting them. I don’t judge them based on my values. I am flexible in that regard. I guess that is why people can easily tell me what they are not happy with


    It's not easy to find someone like that. People always like to judging others ( yes even your own friends and family) and put their own standart to other people, but psj doesnt easily critizing others or judging them, he accepts people just the way they are. . .what a beautiful human being, no wonder he has so many friends and really well liked. 


    It's make me mad me when haters saying he is childish and judging him without know anything. .His answers are very honest but you can clearly tell that he is really mature and thoughtful

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  12. 1 hour ago, hrh77 said:

    I have also seen those traits too YWJ... PMY praises a lot all of his co-actors... She always researches the profiles of her co-actors beforehand.....   Too bad only that PSJ acts more "childish" and "immature" ( I think, sorry ), and not a real Oppa for PMY..... But I like him, thou especially in Fight For My Way....  And there's still rumors going on, that he still (secretly) chasing Baek Jin Hee....


    just because of your ship you hating personally to actor?? I also saw you talked bad about psj acting in wwwsk thread and now you creating rumor that he is chasing baek jin he and called him immature and childish??


    Is this allowed in this forum? This user is clearly spreading hate and creating fake rumor. .can mod do something?

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  13. 10 hours ago, PiyuMiUmesha said:

    Hi guys so I'm back after reading all 32 pages.. and after reading the thread, I am happy to see people who think like me.

    So here is something for you guys. This comment was in 'Closet Kiss' NaverTV video and there were 25 replies to this but I only translated best ones. (I saw some interesting Netizen comments about them. If I get some free time I'll translate them.)




    Thanks for this!


    I think it's hard to deny anymore, they are definitely in 'some' relationship right now, they are flirting. Kinda like lyj and kms in the drama before they dating and kiss happened.


    I think both psj and pmy just need a trigger to make them date. Psj is honest and straightforward, I think he would likely to ask a girl first. Pmy already trust him, I've never seen pmy kissed her male colleague like that before and she is waaayy too comfortable with psj, no space at all between them


    I hope everything goes well for them. Pmy said she want to get married before 35 (she is now 33 kr age), she meet (imo) her best partner in wwsk, psj is genuine a nice and a family man, and already finished his military service, pmy doesnt need to wait for 2 years. They match really well from personality, interest and vision of life. I believe they both are single for so long (pmy said she is afraid of love and psj said his love cell is dead), Seeing their interaction on cam and off cam they definitely need a lover, right now they are ready for love and so open for each other. They really meet in the right time imo

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  14. 10 minutes ago, attriste said:


    Haha, if there's too much OTP sweetness I can think of where this will end up... not in a good place like a recent show that went south due to too much kissytimes at the start and nonsensical angst the latter half. I hope/ think/ pray the writers are smart enough to avoid that, and judging from what the early articles said, they're hoping to be faithful to the "no angst or pure evil character" storyline that the novel author did.


    Lol I know that drama :rolleyes::ph34r:


    Yes the writer already said it that she and the pd dont like evil character, so far I agree and we dont have any evil character aside of lsy ( he is more like pitiful than evil tbh), I'm sure they will keep it until the end


    Idk I just feel lil bit boring in this eps except for the last scene and our otp in the begining. I dont mean they should kiss in every eps lol. I just love their interaction. They are so awkward and funny because they are still in early stage of their relationship (they both single since birth too) I want to see that more!


    On positive side I really love mi soo because she is protecting lyj from her unnies! Lol

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  15. Thanks for all recapers!! :wub:


    -rant lil bit, it might trigger you, dont read it lol-


    This eps is so intense but I want to see our otp! I dont mind if they want to progressing the story but why they need to reduce our otp screentime? I think even the officers have more screentime than kms and lyj. The main atraction of this drama is both of leads after all they need to focus on them


    I'm sorry to say this but I really dont feel lee tae hwan acting at all, I can't connect emotionally with him because his expression is really lacking (I'm sure knetz will haunt him again), I'm worried about his acting in the next eps. .

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  16. 45 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    I seriously believe she is the type who can give up her career for a happy marriage.  She's a homebody, during her free time she takes up baking, cooking and flower arrangement lessons.  If Park Seo Joon is a good catch.... so is Park Min Young.  She's been preparing herself for marriage so I think she just have to find that special someone who can really love her like VP Lee Young Joon


    I agree. I find pmy and psj are suitable because they have a lot of similarities. Both are family oriented type who will give it all to their family. Both likes children and ready for marriage.


    It's not easy to find man and woman like that. We live in 2018, a lot of people prefer to be single or married late, They are also celebrities, a lot of celebrities afraid of marriage because it would reduce their popularity, you can see a lot of actors/actresses even in their 40s still stay single. Marriage means that you are ready to be husband/wife and parents, raising children is hard also they need to stay loyal for 1 person for the rest of your life.


    Bring back my old post from their interview about marriage


    Park Seo Joon : Actually I’ve always wanted to get married, and I don’t necessarily have to get married late. If I meet a person whom I do not want to lose, I can get married anytime. When I look at children especially, I have a greater desire to get married


    Park Min Young : I always thought of getting married. Ever since I wished that I could have someone trully on my side in this life. There are a lot of baby shows these days, they are so cute


    it's really amazing, both of them think marriage positively and genuine want to get married and have children. It would be really nice if they could fall in love and would likely have happy marriage and family!!


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