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  1. I could hardly focus during episode 15 because JP looks illegally good with his hair up.. Thank you stylists for blessing us with forehead JP. I don’t know what got into me this episode, but when JP and DS were drinking and JP was about to give a try at opening the plum wine jar lid, I almost expected him to say “if I open this, we’re dating.” I don’t actually ship them romantically, but I really wish they would be friends! It was nice to see them not arguing or trying to outdo one another in front of DM and having a heart to heart over the wine instead. I feel like they really do
  2. @Cheetos123 So so well said. If we’re going to analyze this drama from a fully realistic, legal point of view, we need to be fair. HJP isn’t innocent either. You can’t just rip someone’s shirt off like that at work lmao. If NDS’s punch was assault, HJP’s shirt stealing was sexual harassment. Now, if you defend HJP’s action as the drama’s attempt at portraying a comedic moment, you can’t attack NDS’s punch, either. Pick one. Your restaurant analogy was terrific! And I’ve been thinking the same the past couple of days. If JP really respected DM, he should have “conceded
  3. Trying hard not to feed the trolls but I’m giving in one last time... I don’t understand what’s making JP fans so toxic. It’s honestly really weird.... When JP fans insist that people supporting DS only like DS because Nam Joo Hyeok is hot, I can feel my brain cells dying. Saying that people are supporting DS because his actor is hot kinda implies that Kim Seon Ho/JP isn’t getting their support because he’s less attractive lol. Kim Seon Ho is super handsome too! I actually prefer him visually, but I still like DS a good deal. I swear, JP fans can’t handle DS getting love and suppo
  4. @inBinJinitrust Thank you for mentioning me and giving me some comfort! I’m glad you have your very own NDS! I shouldn’t have responded, but I couldn’t help myself in the moment
  5. I feel like I’m 100% gonna regret responding to your post, and there’s pretty much no point in doing so since you’re heavily invested in Jidal and not at all likely going to change your mind, but here I am. I laughed so hard after reading “HAN JIPYEONG is the ideal man for every woman.” I guess I’m not a woman anymore! lmao. Do you and other Jidal shippers force your friends to date men that fit your criteria of what makes an “ideal man”? How sad... If my friend was Dal Mi and she loved Do San, as long as he wasn’t the world’s greatest piece of crap, I’d support her, not tell her
  6. So well said! I see the chemistry too. It’s not the swoony type of romance that may be portrayed in dramas, but it is love. And I totally agree. It’s bothered me ever since the beginning how JP only saw DM as a possible love interest after another man took interest in her. It reminds me of when you start eyeing some product you formerly did not care for just because someone else made it look good lol. So many people adore JP; don’t they want JP to end up with someone who loves him? I don’t recall DM ever signaling that she has even a droplet of attraction towards JP.
  7. I’ve been avoiding other discussions since they’re less civil than this one, but it seems like people are still pouring out their hate for DS.. Can’t they use their energy to hate on Won In Jae’s step dad and step brother instead? They’re way worse than DS and have had zero character development (unlike every other character) The writer has kind of been using HJP as a plot device almost this entire time. I want to know if people ignore their feelings in real life and choose someone they don’t have feelings for just because they’re supposedly more polished and accomplished? Don’t people usually
  8. Thoughts on EP14: I’m regretting everything I said about JP’s character yesterday! I was way too harsh.. I was really surprised when he ended up calling DM about stopping DS from seeing her in the elevator. He was protecting her from being seen in a vulnerable state? I wish they made him a brotherly character in the start instead of giving us all a headache with the love triangle rubbish. The love triangle plot line has been so draggy and pointless.. Or they could have even just made JP and DM endgame from the start. Why bother with such a cliche and meaningless love triangle?! W
  9. I don’t have that much of a problem with Do San not contacting Dal Mi and Han Ji Pyeong not making a move on her during the 3 year time skip. Call me strange and naive? but it seems very plausible to me. Still, the whole triangle thing is being dragged out too long! Dal Mi and Do San clearly have not gotten over each other.. I hated the preview for EP14. They’re going to part ways again? I also really dislike how HJP is mad over NDS’s reappearance. I mean, I can understand his frustration if I imagine myself in his shoes, but I wish the drama wouldn’t make him seem..ki
  10. I took the quiz and I got Dal Mi’s grandmother Episode 11 was absurdly frustrating! I felt absolutely terrible for HJP. When Dal Mi called him and he was on the verge of crying the whole conversation, I felt my heart breaking into a thousand pieces.... I understand Yong San’s anger, I do. If I were the recipient of HJP’s scathing words of advice, I’d feel pretty hurt, too. It definitely wouldn’t hurt for HJP to change his tone/delivery, but if you look beyond his ruthless tone, his advice is solid. He knows what he’s doing! He always catches weaknesses and mistakes and does his ab
  11. Right?! She’s not a trophy! She’s not an object for both men to argue possession rights over. She has feelings, people. I don’t know how people are able to so easily overlook JP’s flaws while magnifying DS’s shortcomings. I know that JP is a solid character and that Kim Seon Ho is a very attractive actor/man, but... It practically impresses me how people are willing to turn a blind eye to JP’s flaws. Actually, some people don’t see his flaws at all or excuse them entirely because he had a difficult childhood/adolescence. I dislike how JP developed a deep affection for DM
  12. I’m so thankful this Soompi discussion exists! The shipping war/HJP bias is so bad over on the Reddit discussion threads. I feel really bad for Do San‘s character. Some people are really making Do San out to be some kind of immoral villain.. It’s true he’s far from perfect. I just don’t understand how people almost deny him empathy just because HJP has “always had it harder.” Sometimes I read comments and I truly hope the people behind the comments have more empathy for real people they know! I almost feel crazy for not being madly in love with Han Ji Pyeong’s charact
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