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  1. @KDramaLogic Goodness I LOVED reading your posts. They were incredibly insightful! I TOO truly hope that this drama is more than just a typical story about adultery. I’m literally just CLINGING onto the hope that there’s more to the story than what we’ve been shown so far. Otherwise, if SJ is truly nothing but a wad of garbage through and through, he better be punished by the end... I’m terrified that all these brilliant theories are much deeper and more interesting than the actual storyline the drama writer has crafted. :/ A drama that aired not too long ago had me charmed from the start, but its plot weakened like halfway through and I kept waiting for some kind of ingenious twist, some kind of major development... redemption... Yeah, it never happened. The second half of the story was a constant decline in quality and logic... My hope hasn’t been crushed yet because, like you said, the drama has a serious penchant for red herrings and the like, and there are many things we haven’t actually witnessed yet. Whatever the truth is, I agree with you that SJ is still to blame. He’s caused JS an indescribable amount of pain!
  2. You and me both... At this point, I seriously question if he ever loved his wife...
  3. I enjoyed reading your post! I’m glad you made your account (but I feel evil because all of this is at the expense of you getting quality sleep ) The difference between Jung Sun and Sung Joon sure is huge... I feel the same way about Sung Jun and his hugs for Yu Ri. I mean, yeah, we saw him check on his wife to see if she was still breathing blah blah blah, but we barely ever saw him showing her deep empathy and grieving with her. I suppose she may not have wanted him to physically console her with hugs and whatnot, but did he even try to communicate with her? Talk to her? I don’t think he ever put in this much effort for Jung Sun....
  4. He had his flaws, but he was definitely charming!! I really wish they’d release the MTK/Ryu version of the Busan OST!
  5. So I’m not sure if I’m ever going to get over my deep dissatisfaction with Lucca’s character My brain just keeps going back to Lucca! I GET that he loves his father, but I can’t believe he like, never really felt all that conflicted about loving his father DESPITE THE FACT THAT HIS FATHER MADE SOMEONE ELSE SIGN OFF THEIR SOUL in order to save him? Honestly, if my father did this to another human being... Even if it was for my sake, I think I would have a good amount of trouble loving/accepting my father afterwards. And again, it wasn’t just a random person’s soul—it was the soul of the girl he LIKED! In a way, I feel kind of indifferent about the finale. After being disappointed so many times, I didn’t have the highest of expectations for the finale. It wasn’t the best or worst ending. BESIDES Lucca, it was kinda just whatever to me. I was happy that YK and HR/SDC got their souls back. I was happy that LCR got thrown in jail. I was not happy to see that LCR ended up at the top of the prison hierarchy. I was happy that CEO Ji/Seo Young seemed to be relatively at peace. I was not happy to see that one crazy dude show up again to become a judge. I was sad to see Ryu go and Mo Tae Kang return. Wait omg everyone—I loved it when Ryu sang for CEO Ji. I cried!!! I thought I had more to say... The desert scene was like a visual shock to my system lol. It was nice to look at, but it kind of felt like it came out of nowhere. I thought it was kind of incongruous with the rest of the show, but I’m assuming they had the greater purpose in mind for that scene (which I obviously missed), so whatever I guess. It was just kinda funny, you know, cause like... all of a sudden HR was in the desert lol. with his insanely chapped lips. (would have made for a great product placement lip balm scene) Oh! It was also kind of weird when YK got her soul back. I thought she was going to have more of a reflective moment with like, a bunch of soulless Kelly flashbacks, but then it was more of a “oh I got my soul back. gotta retire from the music industry now.” I’m glad it’s over. It wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. I can’t say I don’t regret watching it at all, but at least the soundtrack was phenomenal!
  6. I’ve only seen part of the ending so far. I wish they let Jung Kyung Ho’s character stay as either HR or revert to SDC Even HR was complaining about it lol. The alternating is annoying lol ;;,,,.,.... The more I think about it, the more annoyed I get with Lucca’s character. I can’t believe he just went back to Montenegro all smiley... His father sold the soul of the girl he liked... But since he was alive and reunited with his father, everything’s ok? Because he believes Kelly will go back to normal one day, everything is ok? Lucca can’t possibly be this optimistic... to me, he’s almost sickeningly optimistic. Damn. I really can’t believe Lucca went back in peace. I’ve only seen the last half of the final episode, so maybe they showed more about Lucca in the first half... Maybe he didn’t go back in complete peace... I need to watch the whole episode lol. I’ll write more later when I finish the entire episode! I can’t believe it’s over lol
  7. I have a question, everyone! One thing I don’t understand is how YK is still a celebrity with a future (poor choice of words.. bear with me,,, the following will clarify, I think) I thought it was important for celebrities to have decently good reputations? Yet... YK... Kelly... with her recent change in attitude—how does she think she’s gonna last in the industry with THAT bad a personality? I’m prettttty sure the music industry has its fair share of celebrities with ugly personalities who still have fans, but... I’d say a good number of them don’t make their richard simmons characters QUITE as obvious as Kelly does. Will someone please enlighten me?
  8. My head.. it hurts. My heart... it hurts also. I should probably stop commenting before fully watching each episode, but I really can’t help myself So... After 272947296 hours of HR freaking the HECK out because of Lucca... Lucca finally stays alive and just? goes back to Montenegro? What? I can’t believe he just survives. It’s not like I have something against the guy, but the show barely developed his character. We/everyone in the show went through SO much trouble because of Lucca... yet we barely even got to know him. What? How can I connect with the situation when the show made it so that Lucca has the personality of a yolkless egg? He’s really sweet and soft, but... that’s like, it? All this mess because of Lucca’s life, and then he just skedaddles home and everything else is still in shambles? Damn. Though, I guess the REAL ROOT of the problem at hand is not Lucca but... HR/the human condition/Ryu’s stupid fight with the deity. Ah. Just stab me already. The last scene of YK singing and HR watching regretfully broke my heart @romance06 Yeah, I’m pretty sure the chance for romance is compleeetely dead. I’m assuming the writers never intended for anything to happen between YK and HR. Again, damn the fan service! (Okay okay I will stop whining about the romance from now on!!) I wish this show had more consistency and logic... I’m honestly pretty disappointed since this show started off so strong... Can’t believe we had more than one truck of doom...
  9. Can I just rant again about the romance tease we had a few episodes back? At this point, HR and YK can’t possibly end up together... unless they throw a curveball and shift the tone out of nowhere. Sooo with this said, I, again, do not understand why they had the hint at a possible romance a couple of weeks ago. Did they do it as fan service? What was the point of making YK have a crush on HR? Was it to make YK seem more pitiful when HR’s past and true intensions were revealed? Was it to increase the impact of the scene where HR snarls at YK to sign her soul away for Lucca’s sake? I fail to see how the whole crush/possible romance thing was necessary. I wish the show either never teased the idea or went with it straight on. I feel a little scammed Last note: If for some odd reason YK ends up with Lucca, I will scream lol. I don’t want this to happen at all. It seems highly unlikely, but I honestly also thought it was highly unlikely for Lucca to come back after he got sucker punched by that truck. Even though Lucca has had a crush on YK all this time, the two have like... no chemistry? Or, at least, the show has never created much, um, tension between Lucca and YK. I don’t see a reason for the two to end up together. To each their own, but I don’t understand what YK+Lucca shippers see! Don’t hurt me! I want Wednesday to come faster...
  10. @katakwasabi I feel the same way!!! HR seems more like an antagonist to me at this point, too. I know Ryu is also far from being a good dude, but I like him better than I like HR. As whiny as Ryu is, HR is establishing himself in my mind as the epitome of whine. Despite his totally backwards thinking and inflated self-concept, Ryu “does stuff for the sake of others/humans,” although I suppose you could argue that he has an ulterior motive... but HR, on the other hand, has been doing things almost solely for his own benefit ever since Ep#something. Everything keeps getting messed up not just because Ryu is an angsty buffoon but because HR keeps making the same mistakes... And yes, good acting can only get you so far. The script is currently driving me insane. I am so desperately hoping that there’s a grand revelation or something in the next episode that redeems the show for me... otherwise I’m going to be bitter lol. Right now, the script is making me feel as if there’s food stuck in my throat. I am d esper ately hoping/awaiting that refreshing swig of water to wash all the frustration down. I’m tired of going in circles.
  11. I finally watched the entirety of episode 14! I cried for Dong Hee and I cried for CEO Ji... The scene with CEO Ji and her pills made me so anxious... I was so relieved when she woke up in the hospital. So what exactly is Kang Ha’s role? We haven’t seen that much of him, but he must have a purpose? Perhaps a significant one? My memory is unfortunately already fuzzy, but if I recall correctly, it was revealed in Ep14 that he made an, um, disgraceful? ruling for a case that involved Tiger Pharmaceuticals. which. is directly connected to Lee Choong Ryeol. What’s going on? I feel like I don’t even remember enough detail from all the previous episodes to understand what’s going on. I definitely can’t make conjectures with my flimsy grasp of the situation lol. I have no clue what’s to come in the last two episodes. And a ton of souls can no longer be restored to their rightful owners because HR released them? I’m sure the story isn’t going to just end on such a hopeless note, right? I still don’t understand why Ryu’s sidekick/secretary dude was killed off? Is it because he longed to be with his daughter that much? It can’t be. Was this scene supposed to be some kind of allusion to HR + Lucca’s predicament? Don’t tell me that they’re gonna end up killing off HR and Lucca too in order to “reset” all that went wrong? I’m probably wrong. I’ve been wrong so many times throughout this show lol. I thought the truck was going to be the end of Lucca... yet he’s alive again. Dang it. I really didn’t want YK to sign the contract. Can you all tell that I’m still upset? lol It’s still hard for me to empathize with HR. I still want to smack him. I’m filled with too much negativity at the moment... Ah! Since my mind is shrouded with negativity, I can’t help but feeling like the entire show has been a series of HR making poor decisions and running to Ryu to beg him for help, but the “help” he gets from Ryu is never really “help.” Ryu’s help is more like temptation, and HR has always fallen for temptation... Then things inevitably go wrong again and the whole thing repeats. Rinse and repeat. I guess they kind of developed HR’s character in Ep14 since they showed his determination to not let the deity and Ryu toy with his and everyone else’s lives, but... I guess I’m not forgiving and compassionate enough because I’m going to need a lot more from HR before I feel accepting of his character. Why can’t I like him... Jung Kyung Ho is doing a spectacular job at making me dislike HR’s character lol. Also, I thought it was hilarious how HR tried to stop YK from siding with LCR in Ep13, only to have her retort that there’s not much of a difference between HR and LCR. Yeow! The burn! I suppose LCR and HR are far from being exactly the same, but HR isn’t exactly a million miles above LCR. I hope that episodes 15+16 will reveal something astounding and not leave me feeling sorely disappointed for sticking around for 16 episodes!
  12. I finished yesterday’s episode, but I’ve only had the chance to skim today’s episode! But honestly, I’m with you, @katakwasabi! I didn’t really feel much better about HR from what I saw today. Granted, I need to actually sit through the entirety of today’s episode, but... I also don’t know if I’m going to satisfied with the way HR redeems himself in the time we have left. He’s such a flawed character, and we’ve come so far... I don’t know if the narrative in the last two/three episodes will be enough for me to view HR more favorably. Dang it, I wish he were a more likable character. I’m so upset with HR oh my god!!! I’m still so disappointed in him for pressuring YK to sign off her soul, especially he wasn’t even soulless when he cornered her to sign the paper. ARGH!!!! This week’s episodes have really got me thinking about the soundtrack lyrics. Is “The Road You Left” a song about YK from HR’s perspective? +can I just say that YK’s family situation side story is freaking heartbreaking? Her father is such garbage.
  13. @romance06 I did like how all the negative feelings YK might have suppressed came out today While I felt terrible for her, I found her brutal honesty satisfying and refreshing. To an extent, it’s quite admirable of YK to care for others so dearly and deeply, but it’s about time she speaks up for herself, I think. And like you said, it’s time for everyone else to realize how much YK has been hurting all these years... I know HR didn’t necessarily see her JUST as a tool to revive his son and didn’t intend to ruin her or anything, but he’s rubbed me the wrong way today lol. I guess desperation can do that. I will wait for a better HR to show up (hopefully in the next episode). As for now, I don’t approve of him for YK hahaha.
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