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  1. If I counted corectly, SH and TH only had 2 scenes today. .the hospital scene and SH's home (this one was so short). .I mean this drama has 1 hour but the main otp probably only had less than 10 min scenes. .like how??


    So many useless scenes like the parents (they had more than the main otp) also kyung joo mom, hyejung and her mom. im so bored when streaming. .


    Do they know that we're still watching only for the main OTP yet they cut our otp scenes??? I dont understand 



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  2. Ok done watching the live stream. .

    The first thing that I want to cmt is. .why the editing is so messy? Its all over the place also a lot of useless scenes. .if today is the first time I watching this drama, I probably would think that tae hee isnt the female lead. Why the main otp had little screentime. .sorry to say this but with today eps probably rating will go down again :(

    I hope tmr eps would be better

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  3. 7 minutes ago, dramagirlslove said:

    In the preview Se Joo mentions about a kiss disappointing Soo Ji. I'm confused who did she see kiss? Tae Hee's mom and Shi Hyun's dad or Tae Hee and Shi Hyun? If it's Tae Hee and Shi Hyun, how did she see them kiss at the convience store? Or is there an upcoming kiss?


    I think the kiss between th and sh. She probably know from kyung joo. I doubt th and sh had another kiss because sj use same clothes from the bar, at that time sh and th already broke up

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  4. As expected from smart tae hee. Eventhough she doesnt know about sj and sh bet yet but she knows that shi hyun is not serious with her, she said its one sided love and she think that he doesnt like her (which is true because at first sh only did it for sj and a bet). She probably feel that some of his moves arent genuine, normal ppl would think that sh is madly in love with her but she doesnt think so. then she decided to end it because it would make her hurt later. Sh is a failed seducer lol 


    Also tae hee think that sj is sh priority not because what sj told to her about sj relationship with sh but more like from what she saw from them. Like when shi hyun came to her school for sj, when they talked about sh drawing, sh went to sj immediately when she called her, and tae hee saw a lot of sj drawing in his house. 


    So tae hee is pretty much know a lot already. She knows shi hyun isnt serious with her and now wondering whats the reason he keep seducing her if he doesnt like her and she knows that sj is a snake. I really love her character because she doesnt let other people to step on her or controlling her. She doesnt let sh to make his playboy move, she is the one who seducing him imo, who dump him first and make sh confused about his feeling, she doesnt let sj to controlling her, she take an action based on what she saw herself. I'm curious what happen next because tae hee would start to ignoring sh and also feel a lil bit suspicious, whats the reason sh seducing her if he doesnt like her? She is a type who will find out by herself

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  5. I really like it when tae hee is the first one who ended their relationship. The three friends thought that shi hyun is a great seducer and it would be easy to him to dump her but its tae hee who dump him first lol. Not only that tae hee also make shi hyun fall for her too lol. Tae hee is not your ordinary girl in kdrama, love her!


    Also is that true that sj mom who caused the car accident? I mean sh dad should know that right? Itd be crazy if he married a person who causing the dead of his late wife.  Does he even have feeling? He doesnt care about anyone else but money also his first love. Gosh I hate him so much. Poor sh if he found out later :(

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  6. Hi first time here. I'm enjoying the show so far cant wait for the next eps! Sorry for all grammar error my english is not that good ><


    Wow the preview! Soo Ji personality is trully something else. She was mad when Shi Hyun wanted to stop chasing Tae Hee,  so Shi Hyun did it properly as she want and now she is jealous? She knows that Shi Hyun likes her but she friendzoned him, now she want to annoy her ex, Shi Hyun did it for her (and their bet) and now she doesnt like it and act jealous? Gosh


    Honestly her character is the worst among all the leads, its funny to see the bandwagoners who said they like her better than female lead (I'm talking about those ppl who only want to trashing this drama and joy but didnt watch the drama). She used her friends (shi hyun and se joo) and make innocent ppl life miserable (tae hee, hye jung and kyung joo) for a childish reason


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  7. I know a lot of people here like Jason (ofc I mean he is bright and funny) but we dont know his true motive yet. Yes he is SH friend but again we dont know. I dont think the writer creating Jason character for nothing like just simply being SH friend who always help him. He know a lot about SH also his connection with SH mom (you know SH really hates his mom to death). Its too early to judge that he is completely a 'good' character. I dont mean to judge him being evil either but again the writer also give us some hints that he might be a suspicious character. So its understandable if some people find him suspicious. And ofc also SH past is still mystery, so anything can happen

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  8. 3 hours ago, darr said:

    Can I talk about that without being biased? 

    Aside the main leads, no other character in this drama is fun to watch. The acting are mediocre in most scenes.  

    Yura is not acting at all. I don't actually know what she is doing. PD Lee wasn't able to convey two different facial expressions effortlessly so we can read him. U can be brash and cute at the same time. The rest,I can't deal. 

    If I should go further, KSH as this is my first time watching her work,I'm not impressed with her acting seeing that she has been in a drama for a long time.

    Don't get me wrong pls.

    Eg, what she says sometimes doesn't reflect in her expression .  She finally noticed JS was her child crush and so far we haven't gotten a reaction from her. No change after the big confession. We don't know what's in her mind. She simply moved on as if nothing happened. Unless the writer made it so but the aim is what I don't know. JS when drunk mentioned that too. She might look like that before them but the viewers should feel with her and not that thing she did in episode 8 while on the bed. I don't feel the emotions from her. The chemistry before is better than what I feel now.

    We watch dramas for such especially romcom and it seems like it's only JS that gat the vibe among all of them. Honestly if not for him I would have stopped watching. She is still very far in leading a romance drama and I will forgive her cos she is still young. Jason is doing a better job more than her.  The child actors are far better than them. And they are the fun in this drama. 



    Um did Kim so hyun received a l lot of praise for her acting? I still remember she received a lot of praise from knetizen (especially the airport scene in early episode when she stopped the dj, it was the best) I'm surprised that you said her acting is lacking, its like we are watching different drama. KSH is doing super fine with romcom, she did well in lets fight ghost too. She is a pro in acting, one of the best among her generation.


    Its more like writer just wrote her character like that. Did GR say just because JSH know and like her since he was kid doesnt mean he can do anything to her? So based on that its normal if she reacts (but you blame her acting) like that to JSH. Also GR wants her and JSH to be profesional when working especially he is a famous star and she is just a writer. JSH is now different than when he was kid, JSH also admit that GR doesnt change at all but he changed a lot. Thats why JSH still have crush to GR but GR not too much (because the change of JH personality). Not until the last part of eps 9 when she finally understand JSH hardship and his family problem. So I hope you can tell the difference between character and acting, because they are different and not bashing actors/actresses because of their character in drama

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Yongzura said:

    BTW, are  you using a mobile phone or a PC?  As for grammatical mistakes don't worry about it...  English might be the second or third language to some of us... I myself keep making mistakes during recapping... ha ha especially when one is in a hurry....



    For now, some of us are not buying it ... I'm going to focus on the OTP's feeling .. both of them like each other..:wub:  Let's start from there... Both of them also need to sort out their current feeling too... PD Lee will have to wait for now.. 



    I'm using phone, I tried with pc before but it doesnt work either TT I also tried download kbs app and watch there but they said its only for korea region. I also tried to use VPN but it doesnt work Lol


    Yeah I love our OTP. I'm just worried they will reduce our otp screentime. I actually quite interested to SH and PD rivalry but for the sake of their radio not romance. .they are both stubborn but really smart and work hard (dont want to lose with someone), they could work well together for radio and also posibbly a bromance. it would be better if writer and pd focusing on that. sigh

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  10. Hi first time posting here. Ive been watching this drama from ep1 until ep 8 today. But I didnt watching live cause kbs stream doesnt work for me (idk why. .) I'm following live recap and some clips from kbs channel. Excuse all my grammar error because my english isnt really good TT


    Ok about the love triangle I actually confused. .I dont remember kang PD had a moment with GR that he actually fell in love with her but suddenly he said he likes her. .? Ive been following since begining, did I miss sth? I cant help but quite disappointed because its clearly they forcing the love triangle.


    Also it could be more interesting if GR actually have a lil bit feeling to him, but its clear like water that GR doesnt have any feeling to PD. It would make us frustated because in the next eps they will reduce GR and SH moment for PD and SH rivalry

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  11. 1 hour ago, parkr1n said:


    I am sorry for speaking about LJG again in this topic, but since now the new trend is blame LJG for this or that, i want to say one thing.

    Yes, he asked PMY if anyone touched her heart in the last 2 months but don't forget in TV shows there are signs. It's not him who put signs in the episodes. So can't blame him gor a sign like "hoping she meant him".

    I really wish you won't hate Joon Gi for all that happened. Because he really is good person. Wish luck to Min Young new drama. 



    Honestly we shouldnt talk about LJG again here. My ear candy is officially over, all of them (tvn, LJG, and PMY) already moved on too. 

    I like LJG too. He's such a good actor and I genuine believe that has good personality. I believe he already learned something, so it will be useless if we keep blaming him.

    We should focus on PMY since this is PMY thread. I hope all people here can understand that. Thank you

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  12. 1 hour ago, saved2K said:

    WOW for them to cancel the next episode.... the chemistry of LJK and PMY must really be that explosive.  Reading the comments from this link, majority of viewers were really mad at LJK, since this is my first time to watch MEC I wonder if the convo between the stars are not at all scripted at least partially? This has been filmed sometime in February right?  so at least LJK and JHB waited for the last episode to be aired before confirming.  For sure they were not caught by dispatch just today lol but the news came out just now....at least I have something to thank dispatch for.... thanks for allowing us to enjoy their onscreen chemistry before dropping the bomb hehehe.


    I feel bad for the production staff tho. I bet many viewers wont watch MEC again after this dating news. Its a pity because MEC is such a good program. 

    I think its not scripted. Their interaction seems so natural and not scripted. Esp in the last episode when PMY met LJK. It looks so real for me. But I dont know tho. Lol. LJK might came for this program to change people thought about him (being cold/rude) like he said, and he seems confident not to get caught (dating) but dispatch is just. . .so mean

    Anyway Lee dong gun is in on PMY new drama. I'm excited!! This is better than jin gu IMO


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  13. Im just sad that the next episode will be canceled. Glad eventhough I really love MEC, I never shipping them. I just like their interaction and hoping that our PMY get a good friend like LJK, who has similar peraonality and thought as PMY. Glad people didnt drag PMY into this (in negative way)

    Anyone know the writer of upcoming PMY drama? I read in dramawiki, the writer is still unknown. I want to know her/him previous works

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  14. @minwookie yes youre right. Honestly PMY and YSH in remember had almost zero chemistry imo. .lol. Their romance in drama seems forced and their age gap is just too big. I just couldnt see any romantic relationship between them. But the drama was good (props to nam gong min).

    Thats right. No wonder LJK had no idea lol. I like how 'firlt' LJK, because like PMY said, she feel hard to approach people first, so LJK being firlt is somehow helped their conversation and relationship. So she is thankful to him. I know its only 3 episode (and maybe they filmed only for 2-3 days). But they seems so comfortable and connected to each other in many ways, because their same personality and thought. PMY even cried when they about to say goodbye. .ah seriously I dont want this show end :(

    And I find it amazing how PMY remembered LJK from 10 year ago. .like PMY remember how exactly LJK was (wear may ear rings and looks at the mirror more frequently than her). Even LJK himself seems forgot how he looks and then embarrased when he remember it. .lol

    (Guys Im so sorry about my english. Im not native and I hate english when I was student so Im regretting it now. .lol)

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  15. 23 minutes ago, minwookie said:

    MEC episode 7 preview (English sub)

    cr: LJG fanclub


    Why do I have the feeling he will surprise her? Just the last line in the preview "if we really wish for it to happen, would it come true", like she does not know he is in Venice. If she said "yes, I wish it would happen", he would suddenly appear? LOL...my wishful thinking :blush:

    And how ironic....Healer OST! LOL.


    Why I feel very sad to know that they will say goodbye and this show will end? :(

    Honestly their chemistry is beyond amazing. Even without sub, when I watching them,  Im smiling, blushing like crazy. Ita so amazing because theyre only taking on the phone without meeting or having any skinship in real life, but I would say that this is better romance story than the actual drama. I watched season 1 but didnt feel like this. I want more of PMY and LJK and I dont want this show end :(:(


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  16. @minwookie yes I know that! It seems like they didnt close at all lol. I think they met in cf 10 years ago, then they didnt keep in contact after that. Because LJK keep being clueless even after pmy give him some hints. .lol.

    Yes, same. I want to them meet in the end :( but I'm afraid coz in season 1, Jang geun suk didnt meet Yoo Ina in the end. And from the preview, pmy cries and say goodbye in the phone (not in person)

    I think LJK is very suitable for pmy. Like how can their conversation is so smooth even they didnt know each other, they seems like understand each other very well, sharing same thought and concern, and both are have similar personality.

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  17. For what I remember, they both met in VIP premier Fabricated City not long ago. And both of them came to support Ji Chang Wook.


    (Sorry I forgot how to show pic from link lol, I didnt open my soompi account for so long)

    I want to know what pmy saying coz in the end of eps6 (ep7 preview) she cries. .I wanna know, if they would meet in the end of series or not? Seems in mu ear candy season 1, the couple didnt meet even after the show end

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