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  1. For what I remember, they both met in VIP premier Fabricated City not long ago. And both of them came to support Ji Chang Wook.


    (Sorry I forgot how to show pic from link lol, I didnt open my soompi account for so long)

    I want to know what pmy saying coz in the end of eps6 (ep7 preview) she cries. .I wanna know, if they would meet in the end of series or not? Seems in mu ear candy season 1, the couple didnt meet even after the show end

  2. And then of course there’s the big twist—that Kang Chul’s true creator might be Yeon-joo, not Dad—bringing a whole new dynamic into play. It hasn’t been confirmed, but if it’s true (both Dad and Yeon-joo being able to travel to Chul’s world and change the story seems to support this), this might explain the difference between Kang Chul and the other characters in his world. Everyone else was created by Dad, but maybe Chul belongs to Yeon-joo. Maybe it matters that she created him out of love because she wanted a friend or a hero, or maybe it matters that she wants sincerely for him to get a happy ending. So despite Dad’s wishes, maybe Chul is on a path to happiness because Yeon-joo wants it that way, and what she says goes? In any case it opens up a whole host of interesting ideas, especially for the romance. If there still IS a romance left to salvage, yunno, afterhe followed up swoony kisses by shooting her father in cold-blooded murder. The sentences this drama makes me type, I swear.



    I pretty much agree with this. So in the next episode when kang chul jump from the river, I doubt that he will die because YJ wants him to be alive.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, i.am.bugz.funny said:

    actually they spent half an hour with that conversation and flashback... I don't know if it's good or bad... well anyway I'll just wait for eng sub...

    Baby Chul I still haven't forgive you for shooting Yeon Joo but you did again.... even said that SM provokes him...I still don't think it's right to shoot a person...and to think he's just a webtoon character...


    I agree. I might be minority here, but I hate seeing kang chul shot people again, esp its his own creator. .

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  4. Off topic, I know lee jong suk since secret garden and after that I didnt watch any of his dramas (I watched IHYV but didnt until the last eps). I know that his acting is good, but right now after I am watching W. I am officially a fan, lol.

    His acting is honestly so good. He's perfect as kang chul, and I really can see he worked hard so hard on it. I didnt understand korean but his tone (?) is different compared to his usual self and his previous character, he's trying to portray kang chul with his own style and success imho. At first I didnt understand why so many people stan and like lee jong suk but right now I can understand it. I hope mbc will give him an award soon. Sry for bad english :3

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  5. 4 minutes ago, sebnem said:

    i agree i kind of feel betrayed that he shot her :o:( i dont care if she did get shot or not. did he do it? yes. ... i cant imagine how she felt if i feel betrayed too. he wasnt even my bias as  character lol 


    Plus she's the person that saved his life twice. Just because she couldnt answer his question so he want to shot her? wth. I need subs asap

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  6. Everyone should watch 7 min trailer again. I'm going crazy after watched it again

    Im sorry Im not use spoiler bc I wrote this on my phone. I noticed some events that might happen on the next episodes :

    1. Kang chul will appear on yeon joo's world and meet her at hospital

    2. Police capture yeon joo and she ended up in fhe jail

    3 Yeon joo father attacked by someone

    Anyone have thought about this??

    Ps sorry for bad english

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  7. 32 minutes ago, emme85 said:


    Hi @baby.hae! Still remember me?? hehehe

    Yes.. they're dating for real.. If i'm not wrong, as I read the webtoon (still half of it), they aren't dating yet.. I mean up to where HS working part time and start attending English class.. 

    They made it (dating) real fast in the drama... ^^

    And yes.. In Ho is so cute!! but still, my ship is with YJ-HS.. even though YJ in the drama is more creepier than in webtoon.. hahahaha

    But YJ in love is cute too!! :wub:


    yes of courseee I still remember you <3 Glad I meet you here, youre always give us so many informations and updates hehe :wub:

    so you're already read the webtoon? honestly I am still confusing about YJ and HS. when and how YJ started to like her, and in this epsode why HS directly agree to dating him.

    I mean in episode 1 she was confused about his attitude right because sometimes he's so kind to her but sometimes isnt, and because HS is a smart girl she know that YJ is kind of manipulative person, and she could see something that YJ hide behind his behaviour and his smile that other persons didnt notice in him. If I were her, I would take some of time to think about it,

    dont get me wrong, I like YJ (and park hae jin LOL) and I cheering him with HS, but I am still confused in some of parts in this drama, and hoping that they can tell us later

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  8. so they are dating for real?? OMG I didnt read webton so I didnt know. yeah YJ is kind of weird. Sometimes he is sweet like candy, but in another time, he is kind of scary LOL.

    I thought HS didnt accept him tho?? I mean, she's just close with him in a short of time, but she's agree to dated him? :sweatingbullets:

    And honestly, it is just me that I find baek in ho is so sweet lol. :wub: his interaction with HS esp is so cutee, they look good together. :lol:

    But in my 13 years experience watching k-dramas, I never ship 2nd pairing because I know it clearly how it would end lol.

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  9. I like that He's not a greedy person because he pick a supporting character instead of the main role. I know with his popularity, he maybe already offered to a main role after school ended. He know all critism towards him, and started to improve his acting through a small role. I hope he doing well this time.

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  10. Wow his popularity is no joke, considering he's still rookie in k-ent industry. He already popular overseas too. He's seriously has so many potential to goes BIG in the future. I am happy as fan of him that we can watch over him when he still in progress to climb up rather than following celeb who already very famous.

    Btw, he looks so shy at the airport lol. He is very innocent and still think that he's not a famous person. Just look at his clothes lol. When other celeb is very cautions and try to showing their 'airport fashion',  our joohyuk still had no idea that he is a famous person now. He's just wearing a simple white shirt and jeans, and looks confused because in the airport have so many fans, people and reporter that watching over him. Let me tell you Joo hyuk-ah, you are celebrity now~ lol

    Thank you so much for the updates that make this thread alive and to @saturn. Thank you for translating that make us to know more about our joohyuk *big hug*

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    positive comments from knetz (maybe most of them are NJH fans tho, but thats fine, =D)

    NJH go go gooooo!!!



    "In the end, I chose Lee Eun Bi instead of my one-sided love with Go Eun Byul.  In reality, Lee Eun Bi is my ideal type.  Her personality is just right.  She's someone who makes me want to look after her and protect her.  Or maybe it's because I'm still kind of immersed in the drama (Laughs) [...]"
    Source: TV Report via Naver
    1. [+2314, -88]  Guys will probably like Lee Eun Bi's character more.  I think Kim So Hyun's personality in real life's similar to hers too.  She looks kind ㅜㅜ
    2. [+1748, -68]  Of course if you're a guy it's Lee Eun Bi ㅋㅋㅋ
    3. [+1148, -75]  You're very good-looking, fighting!
    4. [+1185, -128]  Well my ideal type is Nam Joo Hyuk ㅎ
    5. [+987, 88]  Nam Joo Hyuk's handsome
    6. [+122, -10]  Lee Eun Bi's nice so of course they'll like her more... but more than anything, it's because she's played by Kim So Hyun
    7. [+113, -8]  I was frustrated with Lee Eun Bi's character but Kim So Hyun played her well
    8. [+108, -9]  Kind, genuine, and extremely pretty?  Who wouldn't like her? ㅋㅋ
    9. [+113, -23]  My heart still beats when I think of Han Yi Ahn ㅋㅋ
    10. [+94, -15]  It's not just Nam Joo Hyuk's looks that makes my heart flutter when I think of Han Yi Ahn.  It's also because I think part of his acting was very genuine.  Looking forward to his future work~ fighting

    My ideal type is NJH too. .lol. I very agree with knetz number 10, eventhough many people criticize his acting but whenever I see NJH acting as HYA, I feel like his acting was pure and genuine. Maybe his skill is not the best yet, but I like his acting, it has an own charm that can't describe by words. . 

    I love this article and the number of upvotes. after this drama, he's indeed very popular right now. He even have several interview in a short of time. I think in this article it's not commented by his fans alone, because you can see many people praise and mention kim so hyun too. This article maybe commented by the viewers of school because this drama is very popular. I like people leave positive comment and would looking for his future~

    @phichul I love his new hairstyle~ but the bus scene is still my top favourite lol. In conclusion, he's just look good on anything  :lol:  In the last photo he looks so young >.< with that hairstyle I bet the directors would cast him as high schooler again lol


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  12. After know more about him, it's make me love him more . he's so humble, hard working and down to earth person. he's always think that he's not good enough even not afraid to read all hatefull comment to make him more better in future. When people praise him, he always said that it because he's lucky and would make him to work harder.  

    I love his straightforwardness, honest and not being fake. For a long time, I didn't find any celebrity with this attitude so I am so happy and make me fell for him more. 

    I love his dorky, funny and his cute side.  I love his height, body and his handsome face. I love everything about him lol

    Now I am rewatching school, watch all his variety, read all his interview because I miss him so much :3 he maybe not pick project quickly because he would practice more, but I wish we could see his appearence though it's just for interview or variety


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  13. Hahaha so NJH is fell to KSH?  :P  

    Eunbi in 'Who are you' is a type of my ideal girl, who makes me want to protect her.

    "Eunbi is who makes me want to protect her. I think Eunbyul will live well by herself. (laughs) Real Kim So Hyun is close to Eunbi. When filming, she is matured and reliable actress, but at free time, she is a cute little sister who loves rubber duck."

    I think KSH is so charming and mature despite her age. In previous drama, I think Yeo Jin Gu has same feeling with NJH to KSH when they are doing project. Both YJG and NJH adore her a lot. I hope they are working in same project, and they would be in love triangle lol 

    LOL @phichul we have same mind agaiin :lol: :lol:

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  14. Yeah I can feel his frustation too. especially in these part : 

    Joo Hyuk : I had the same experience, so I could feel sympathy to Yian. Bu in the drama, the story of Yian who overcome his injury didn't show well. The process was omitted too much. People may think he came back too easily, too quickly. But I know he had to come through so much pain and agony. I'm also not the person who break down easily.

    Joo Hyuk : The ending was okay but the way to the ending wasn't good. I regret in some parts. People around me told me 'What's wrong with you. Anything wrong happened to you' (laughs) I tried my best to pull Yian to the end. I myself want to cheer up Yian even a little bit.

    I don't understand what the writer thinking to cut this part (YA who overcome his injury) because I think this part is so important and necessary in this drama. When they are decide to write main lead of this drama is about an athlete and !8 years old teenager, they must concrete to show about his dreams, and the process to achieve it even in the middle have so many hardship and difficulty and then showing how he handdle it, what he gonna do to surpass it. I am forever waiting to this process, but they give more scenes to taewang instead (when he came to tongyeong) eventhough this part is not even important. like what?

    The writer seriously lost in the middle of this drama maybe because they thinking they could take a benefit of sungjae fame and give him more part. But because of that they ruined the drama. I think the way writer thinking like that is so wrong. IMO the reason that many people watch this drama not because of sungjae, I read many comment in begining of this drama, and majority of them its curious about the twins, waiting for eunbi's revenge to kang so yong and yian-eunbi. Remember the first bus scene date of yian-eunbi? It made in the top !0 rangking in the naver. If the writer just focus to their first plot, I think this drama would be perfect and there is no thing like shipping war or NJH get so many hate for nothing

    The way writer change the script just to increase sungjae part is the worst decision ever. They sacrifice so many good thing in this drama. I must say I enjoyed the first part of this drama and then get confused and frustated in the middle. It's a pity even NJH himself is feel sympatic to YA and want to cheer up him. This is like the viewer felt and think too, but I wonder why the writer coudn't see about it at all?

    And I love Joo Hyuk words in this part :

    Praise... People's expectation toward me must get higher. So it's time for me to prepare more.
    I should not be relaxed as I finished one drama. Rather, I should find out what I lack, and should practice that.

    I definitely would watch him in his next project and see how his progress!

    And again big thanks to @saturn. for your hard work!

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  15. so he's doing interview now? I am glad that he's doing well despite his character on school. thanks again to @saturn. for the update of our Joo Hyuk! I love you so much <3 

    Though he is wearing a simple clothes, he looks so handsome and hot! :wub: No wonder he became a model lol. He looks so good on everything he wears.

    it is just me to that he looks more mature now?  He still trying to make him more manly than cute huh? lol. Btw I love his body, looks so perfect~ :wub:

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  16. aww thank you for you so much @saturn. :wub: 

    I love the interview! :wub: He's seems like a honest and down to earth person. so since high school he was so popular haha I know it~ 

    Though he just done 2 project dramas and 2 years of debut I can tell that he's very popular, Even his instagram now has 1.5m followers! He's just need a good project and he will definetly goes very big 

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  17. @powerpuff75_stv so you live in korea? would you like to translate if any related news or article to NJH since we don't know korean here :3

    I agree with you with idol-actor. I love korean idols, but I don't like if they do acting for dramas or movie. Of course many of them are good but mostly idol-actor acting are bad. I currently watching high society though this drama has a good plot and story, but honestly I can't stand to watch uee's acting lol.

    The korean public tho, they are always against idol-actor and mostly when the lead is idols, they always have a low rating. so if NJH want to do a good project that would be appealing him in general public, its better to him to do with a pure actor instead of idols.

    I am happy though in this project, the writer didn't make his character to shine (even get a lot of hate) but he manage to attract so many people (including me :P) . I am still thought of HYA everytime I saw NJH lol. he's doing a good job portraying HYA imo.

    And after watch the videos of him (thanks @saturn. for translating) he's so adorable in real life too and make me fell for him more! :wub: He seems like a honest person, kind (though he get tease a lot but he never get mad lol), cute and a good child. Ah I miss him already :tears:


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  18. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.ca/2015/06/nam-joo-hyuk-before-he-got-his-teeth.html

    Poor guy getting hate... at least people are calling them out on it.  I know the School fanbase is young, but seriously... I hope he doesn't take it to heart. 

    And he was so skinny in that variety show.  I like that he's filled out.  He looks much more manly (but I'll still call him cute for now)

    Yes, seriously I don't understand. They are really don't know the different between drama and reality huh?.Why they hate the actor that nothing to do with the story of this drama? They hate him just because his character get the girl and not their oppa. . .lol. Their even praise his oppa acting and bring NJH down. .like seriously? Maybe because sungjae is an idol and his fans is mostly teenagers, that's why they are sometimes act so childish

    I am worried when he read all those comments. Sometimes celebrities are read the comments from fans or their article right? He seems like an innocent boy and maybe all those comment could hurt him. I hope he couldnt take it seriously and continue work hard in his acting.



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  19. Nam Joo Hyuk, The Leading Actor of “Who Are You – School 2015 Talked About His Feelings as the TV Series Ended



    “It felt like the end of this series would never come,” said NAM. “But I’m so sorry that the end has already come. I really can’t believe it. “Who Are You” was a series that let me have another dream.” He expressed his gratitude to the audience, saying, ”I feel very grateful to the fans of the series, and I’ll make more efforts to grow more as an actor.”

    NAM JOO HYUK played the role of Han Yi-ahn, a leading swimmer at Segang High School who continues his unrequited love toward Go Eun-byeol (played by Kim So-hyun), his childhood friend. NAM has gained enormous popularity, as he acted a caring character with good looks.

    Despite the fact that NAM played a leading role for the first time, his acting was well received by the public – especially by many female viewers – as he naturally expressed the complex emotions of the character, who gets confused between “Eun-byeol” and “Eun-bi.”

    In particular, the scene in the second episode featuring the hug between NAM JOO HYUK and Kim So-hyun is said to be one of the best scenes of the series. Upon coming across Eun-byeol, who he thought had been lost, Yi-ahn hugged her, saying, “Everything’s all right, now that you are here, Eun-byeol.” This line is still much talked about by the fans.

    And the one in the fourth episode where NAM sat behind Kim – without her knowing – and sent text messages before their eyes met is another enormously popular scene.

    NAM JOO HYUK displayed his unique charm ranging from nonchalance to caringness, and established himself as a next-generation actor, dominating top search words on portal websites of Korea and other countries including China.


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