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  1. Count me in! I really love this couple! First of all pardon my poor grammar, my english is not good but I tried my best! Some things that I noticed from them :


    1. Psj doesnt treat pmy as a noona. In the press conference Psj said him and pmy are around same age eventhough they have 2 years age gap. And from the bts so far psj is quite playful with pmy, I dont see the age difference at all (compared to pmy and lee tae hwan, you can see the age difference from their interaction). I love this!


    2. Psj is a long time pmy fan (?). I'm surprised that psj mentioned high kick because the drama was from long time ago and pmy first ever drama. So he still remembered drama from 12 years ago and pmy was in it eventhough from what I remembered pmy is only supporting cast. .I think thats so sweet!! He already knows her from long time ago and finally can act together, how happy he must be! And for pmy she mentioned all recent psj drama and movie, means that she also monitoring him really closely!


    3. Psj seems nervous/flustered around pmy. From some bts he sometimes feel really nervous and cant hide his excitement? Lol. 


    (Credit gif to user aisling from wsk thread)


    This part when they both starring to each other and pmy playing with her bang but then psj cant hide his feeling and laughing so hard lol. Also in the new bts psj cant even control his feeling when pmy tried to fix his necktie, her face is really close to his and make some ngs. .lol. whats wrong with you psj :tongue:


    So far those are things that I noticed. Mostly from psj, Pmy is quite hard to read lol, we need more bts and off cam intereactions!!



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  2. I waited for this drama since forever. PMY is my fav kr actress, I also like PSJ acting since fight for my way.


    I love this drama so much. I thought it would be super cringe because it's adopted from manhwa but it's fun and PD did a good joob converting manhwa comedy into drama.

    PSJ and PMY have a great acting and chemistry, its weird since they dont have any intense romance/skinship yet! Id be dead if they did kiss as the drama continue lmao


    This is the first time I'm rooting so hard for our OTP since the start (only 2 eps). Compared to other drama which the leads have totally different personality, IMO they are so relatable, both match really well and deserve each other. They are solo since birth lol. LYJ is perfect person so is KMS. It's understandable if LYJ doesnt want KMS to quit because she is a legandary secretary. also shes been with him for 9 years. KMS also wont get the same boss/man as good as LYJ, except for his narcissistic personality he is perfect from head to toe, also he knows her better than anyone since they have quite similar personality and close for 9 years. I cant wait to see when KMS tried to do blind date and she would realized that there is no other perfect man like LYJ and she match the best with him lol


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  3. I cant believe myself that I'm watching this show until the end. . . This drama doesnt make sense at all, even with that nonsense ending we are still relief because it might be worse than that. . .how tragic. .


    I just wanna say yall are amazing (me included lol), we can finish this drama with very stupid, nonsense storyline and plot (I swear I could write story better than this), we deserve an award honestly lol. And to the writer, please dont ever write anything again, I beg you. Good job to all the casts and staffs, I feel really bad for them

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  4. Honestly it's not because of TH, or SH fault because he hide his relationship that make the trio friendship broken, the trio relationship is not healthy since the begining. Eventhough they declare their relationship as 'friendship' but in reality its not pure friend but love like SJ to SH, Sejoo to SJ. Knowing how SJ really obsessed with SH, she think that he is hers, even if is not TH, she would destroy every woman that SH love, because she think that SH love is only for her. Again even without a bet, she probably would still furious if SH genuine loves a woman other than her. This is an obsession, there is no excuse of her behaviours.


    Sejoo on other hand I might agree he is right at some point but you have to admit that he is biased. I remember in villa he know that SJ hide their bet to sejoo, but sejoo keep silent for her sake. He is always on soo ji side no matter how wrong she is and never see into SH side. From what ive seen he was mad more because of SH hurting SJ and make her cry. Then how about SJ behaviour to SH and TH? Both are wrong but sejoo only take SJ side.


    Honestly im quite happy that SH finally ended his unhealthy friendship with them. Both sejoo and SJ deserve each other

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  5. Honestly though I dont understand sejoo. .in the last convo with SH he said sth like 'if SH come to SJ again he will kill SH' the whole conversation to me is like sejoo blamming SH for SJ's heart breaking. .excuse me?


    It's clear that SH only treat SJ like his friend, he cant even kiss her and SJ also reject him. End. SH also already ended their stupid bet but it's SJ herself who cant accept the reality, also because she feel bad for her mom, she ruined her mom wedding and want to marry SH (it's really selfish because she never say anything about their marriage to SH). .so why is SH fault again? Not only that she also ruined SH and TH relationship, it's not her bussiness.


    Sejoo is blinded by his love and blamming SH for SJ action and heart breaking is stupid af. SH is not responsible for SJ one sided love at all. And of course SJ, all of her actions are unforgivable. It's sad we expect sejoo to be the smart one and neutral but the reality he is one of the most annoying characters. I cant stand both SJ and sejoo tbh.

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  6. 17 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    I found something funny. So i watched the newest behind the scenes cut on naver and the comments were saying "please show us 60 mins of making clips only" comments, and the best one was saying if you just watch the making clips it's a healing drama haha


    Lol. Id watch it for sure!! Just replace the actual eps with joy and dohwan bts (especially bts kiss scene :tongue: ), im sure the rating would go higher :D


    Honestly I'm still watching this drama only because of those two but sigh. .idk anymore about the plot and story. The writer seriously need to reflect. .take a break or something, they need to learn of basic writing first :huh:

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  7. 1 hour ago, kaoriharang said:





    I will be editing some of my post here and there to give you better videos or pictures.

    Sorry today's recap was not as smooth, I got cut off and so I definitely lost some details but I think i manage to capture the majority of what happen.


    the writer truly loves to use the breakup thing huh. Well technically they did not break up but you get my point.

    This time round it is SH time to proof his love towards TH. Really let her see his love for her.


    SJ and Se Joo. You know initially I pitied Se Joo for his unrequited love. But now I dont know whether or not I can feel the same way about him. I know he love and is loyal to SJ. But his loyalty is too a fault. He clearly believes she is saint. So to be honest, right now he is the most frustrating character to me at this moment.


    SJ well she never changes, she just keeps on blaming others and hiding behind the whole 'I am protecting my mother' facade.




    Overall my heart needs a break @enzek @icyphoenix @Pikachu92 @biancapot @sakura2016 @triplem @USAFarmgirl @herina_90 @leeeeeecx


     From what I understand - it was not a breakup. Rather TH is suggesting that right now they not meet. I think that guilt that she feels towards SH.


    how it was because of her mother that SH lost her mother. It was her mother that brought pain unto SH and his mother. As such, she feels like she has done a sin unto SH and his family. I think right now she doesnt know how to look at SH and not feel guilty. So she is taking a step back.





    'Lets not meet again', 'thank you' and a goodbye kiss then she leave. .idk any other word than a 'break up'. .


    Honestly the writer is seriously so lacking and inconsistent. IF the writer wanted them to break up like this then yesterday why they gave TH lines like 'it's not SH fault (but his mom fault) why we should break up', she said she is okay because she met him. .then today she suddenly forgot his own her word and let SH go so easily because of similar reason. .again the writer shouldnt give those lines to TH if she would do the same in the next eps. .


    I seriously feel bad for the actors and staffs because of the poor writing they are suffering


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  8. I'm confused. .why TH changed her mind so quickly. .honestly though IF both SH and TH know that TH mom have affair with SH dad, SH would be more hurt and mad than TH, no? But it's the opposite. .and like SH said just yesterday TH said she would be okay, dont break up and such, then today she let go SH so easily. . .


    I dont know anymore whats happening in this drama :huh:

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  9. 1 hour ago, biancapot said:

    All right guys, if the writer really doesn't know how to resolve everything and really does get shihyun in an accident then I hope it goes like this:


    1. Shihyun confesses and of course they should spend time apart for taehee's sake.

    2. Shihyun gets into an accident and is hospitalized.

    3. While he is in the hospital, taehee finds the diary and reads it realizing he was sincere.

    4. Taehee goes to shihyun's bedside and keeps praying that if he wakes up she will forgive him.

    5. He wakes up, they end up together.


    lol it's so cliche i know. But i feel like this is the most drama-like way for them to get back together considering the number of eps left, unless there's a time skip and they show us how he woos her all over again (since the bet has been revealed taehee has no reason to believe it's fake anymore). I would like that more though, shihyun not getting it easy but not being a noble idiot and leaving her alone.


    also, shihyun really is quite immature at the moment... the way he thought she wouldn't want to see him again if she found out about the hit and run "perpetrator" was so similar to my niece and her best friend's conversation. And also the asking for a big punishment and to not be forgiven, sure if you reveal it soon then the sooner you can get your wish then... but you keep on delaying it. I wish we were friends so he could tell me these thoughts and i could knock some sense into him. i guess he has low self-worth and that's making this "i don't deserve love" attitude his default.


    Yeah it does make sense. Thats why I'm afraid after watching today eps because SH write a diary and draw TH after says his wish for 'big punishment'. .it's like a hint that something bad would happen to SH. Idk if that death or coma, something that make SH unable to say anything to TH, then TH would read his diary instead and she would know that SH is actually sincere and really love her. . .oh god thats why this drama is melo sigh. I cant handle this

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  10. I'm the only one who confused lmao. I didnt expect them to going back together this fast. and why TH isnt curious from what happened in car accident after SH told him? Like how she just let it go. .?


    Honestly after watching this eps, its make me worried because looks like shi hyun would get a sad ending. . .Idk I just feel like that. That birthday party isnt really happy I feel sad instead. .he started to write diary and draw TH, and he keep saying sorry. .

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  11. 14 minutes ago, scarletlover1 said:

    I never understood this but... Great Seducer is doing well English and maybe Chinese fans, right? I'm not sure but Knetz don't like it or just don't want to watch it. I'm not talking about all Knetz but the ones who are like that, I don't understand why.


    It's just like with Scarlet Heart Ryeo. it became a success but only because it was a huge hit worldwide. English, Canadian, British, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and whoever else. Fact is the show and cast were received by everyone but Knetz. Because the biggest reason they didn't want to watch it because of the idol actors! That was the main reason! Criticizing without even giving it a try! Yet a year later they watch it... and regret choosing Moonlight over SHR. They came to love it.


    Why does it have to be like that, why? How many other shows have been like that?


    I think because the casts are mostly young and new. Woo do hwan is new rising actor, this is the first time he plyaing lead, joy is new idol actor, I never know moon gae young before this drama tbh. .I already know kim min jae but he mostly just supporting actor than the lead so a lot of people dont know him too


    And the pilot episode is important. Honestly ep

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  12. Honestly today episode is super boring. .I feel like SJ mom become the main lead, why she keep appearing and all the problems are involved around her. I just want to see our OTP but both are frustating and pitiful. .


    I just hope the rating wouldnt go down too deep. .because no lovely intereaction between main OTP and the parent (and SJ) take over the screentime completely. I almost give up in the middle of streaming because it was so boring. .

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  13. 6 hours ago, aznlad33 said:


    If there is, I wouldn't be surprised. 


    Although the general story is different, that's how Do hwan's counterpart in that movie died. He was hit by a car as he saved Joy's counter part (Reese Witherspoon) from getting hit instead. Although, I though personally thought, he could've of pulled her out of the way together and have them both saved like any other stereotypical drama/movie lol but that's my opinion


    I'm praying that there's a happy ending as the writers of this is making this soooo messy already and making it hard to cleanly tie up loose ends before the drama ends...so at least give us a happy ending which will be completely new with no deaths you know...


    Ikr. Honestly I dont understand, why must kill SH in the end? Is that really necessary? He is already suffering enough. He lost his mom, his dad doesnt love him and he was kicked from home, he has messy and unhealthy friendship with sejoo and sj, he break up with TH because of the past accident eventhough he really loves her. . .now he is all alone, and in the end he also would die??


    This drama is already messy, and most of people still watching because of our OTP,  do they really need to kill him? If they have good common sense, they should give us happy ending. Despite of the low rating thanks to our otp this drama still alive and some of our otp videos always trending after the episode aired.

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  14. So many ppl missunderstand SH motive. it's not about the bet but the car accident. SH clearly loves TH, he said it himself in front of his mom grave. .I think he would be more hurting than TH, because of the car accident his mom died and TH get a trauma. He break up also because he feel guilty, and he keep this secret by himself. I think I'm the only one here who feel really bad for SH.


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  15. So I guess SH feel guilty. When TH said she wont forgive the people who caused the car accident few years ago, SH looks so uncomfortble, because it was his mom? So he know already that TH was the victim from the car accident. .Then he cried in front of his mom grave. He said he loves TH and said why his mom died so early, she shouldve stop him to meet TH


    I think this break up isnt because of the bet but the car accident few years ago. This clearly better than a break up because of childish bet or SJ orders. Both SH and TH are pitiful :(

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  16. I think SH and TH probably got caught by SJ and Sejoo? Remember when in hospital, SH told Sejoo that he already broke up, and SJ probably think the same since she saw him being a mess in the bar after she told TH about their relationship. But then SJ saw SH and TH together, being lovely to each other. SJ got mad because SH lied to her and sejoo and ofc she is also jealous, then she told SH about TH mom and SH father relationship also use their 'friendship' to make SH choose between those or TH. .idk what SH thinking but he ended up choosing his 'friendship' and believe that TH mom is evil (SH dad first love, make his mom suffering) so he doesnt want to continue his relationship with TH because of his mom. He probably still feel guilty toward his mom

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  17. I mean in previous eps SH said he is afraid that TH will find out about his big lie, but why he choose to ended the game like this?? I thought after he said that, he wouldnt dare to say the truth to TH, and she probably would find out from someone else but its the opposite? He did it by himself in VERY cruel way, dump her in front of everyone what the. . .It's really killing SH character. .I'm afraid the writer will follow the original ending if SH really acted like super bad guy like that

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  18. 2 hours ago, viktormani said:

    Isn't Si hyun the heir to JK group from his mother's side? his "father" is only there to help stabilize the company for him to inherit it, his "father" only married into JK group and is not the son of the chairwoman. That's what i got out of it? since the chairwoman is only allowing him to get the Vice chairman position because of Si Hyun. So if the news come out that he isn't the biological father of Si Hyun he would get removed from the position but Si Hyun would still be the heir to JK. Please correct me if i'm wrong :).


    Yes I think so too. I still rmb the grandma said she wants SH to take over the company not SH father. There is a reason why SH father doesnt like SH because SH father wants the company for himself (he probably think he already works hard for it). He even kicked SH from the house but keep it secret for everyone. He is still there because of SH, I'm sure if grandma found out later about SH father is not the real father, he would lose everything

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  19. I want to see their BTS kiss. .<_<

    Why the director always playing with angle, I cant see it clearly :ph34r:


    Omg why the epilogue is so sad. .SH is in love deeply with TH to the point that he is afraid to lose her (she find about his bet with SJ).


    Poor SH because TH is the only source of his happiness right now. Unlike with the trio, with TH he can be himself, SJ said that SH hates drawing but you can clearly that SH really likes drawing. He stopped being a bad boy, his life is clearly better with TH. I almost tear up when he said he will work hard from now (when he is talking with SJ) its like he finally find a reason to live again after his mom died.

    SH is so pitiful, I wont forgive the writer if they make tragic ending for him!!

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  20. Done watching with eng sub. .why the story of the parent is getting complicated


    So SH father would be blind soon? Thats why keep seeing TH mom before it's too late? I still dont know how SH father being blind would change everything tho. Would SH take over the company instead of his father? But his father wont let him. I still remember SH grandma prefer SH to take over the company but SH father doesnt like it, thats why SH father always act evil to SH to take him down.


    I think what I like after watching with eng sub is the way SH treat SJ,  she cant do whataver she wants anymore now. When SJ want SH to drop her in front of hospital, he checked the time first (because he had a promise with TH) and when SJ asked him to eat together, SH said she should eat together with her mom not him. I hope he will keep that because he need watch his behaviour to SJ because he knows that she likes him but now he has TH. Also I like how kyungjoo says that SJ is like a stepsister to TH lol, and SH also laughing (he probably agree with kyungjoo lol). .he need to protect TH from now and dont let SJ to take over their relationship again

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  21. 1 hour ago, sal2 said:

    Is it maybe me, but i feel TH as character is sacrifice for the writer. I feel the writer is more invested in the trio friendship and parents stuff, then write an organic love story for the OTP. I mean they could have showed SH trying to win TH in more manner. they could end episode with them getting back after him doing some big soul searching and maybe breaking away more from his friends. as it is now i feel it is more like a band aid then actually felling that SH deserved TH. would have loved to see him showing TH that he is only hers and that he fiend her more important then SJ... I just think it is sad that writer could have given more of TH than what is showing..


    Right. I also love TH but honestly I feel like the main focus of the writer is the trio not her and the main otp. Since eps 1, the writer explain everything about them, the background story of how the trio met each other etc. .but TH? we know nothing. Its a pity because TH character is really interesting but the writer seems biased and less care about her.


    In today eps too, SJ and SH had more scenes than SH and TH. .SH is more busy with SJ than with TH, he should at least trying to explain what he feel toward TH and win her heart again since he just made her hurt and cry. Same with TH, why she accept him so easily? At least the writer should give us more background story because in the begining of today eps, she said she would be okay without him. But then as soon as she meet SH she just said ok and stay with him until the morning. .??


    I hope we could get better scenes tommorrow. I love the otp so much (the main reason I keep watching this drama). Idk anymore if they keep cut our otp screentime


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