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  1. 6 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    Definitely not a couple hahaha.  They still don't know each other back then maybe... probably never even met hahaha.  It's just so amazing that they have common taste that is ....if these stuff are not sponsored 


    Yeah lol. But people are so quick to jumping the conclusion that they were together. It can be serious tho if this fake evidence become a bigger and create a gossip/rumor


    They are both fashionista, even won some fashion awards. I will post later if I had time lol

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  2. 57 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    This is so funny.... Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young became a couple Korean style hahaha even before they met and knew each other hahaha


    Honestly eventhough im also delulu (lol) but I dont think they were really together at that time? That Balenciaga hat is really common for celeb and that post from psj is from his hotel in las vegas (?). .dont feel realistic if pmy was with psj at that time


    I hope this wont be spread because it can create a gossip. The original poster also deleted that post

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  3. 2 hours ago, minseojoon said:

    AAA in November 2017.


    Fated meeting and sitting at the same table...:heart: Even talked to each other....lol



    Aww what a fate. They didnt know yet they would be a couple and doing intimate scene in a drama lol


    This pic

    is my fav, they smiling to each other



    58 minutes ago, trangbam said:

    Hi you all! I’m newbie here and has read all your comments as a silent reader.

    I of course ship PSJ & PMY, I think they will be a “kawaii” couple.

    But I wonder why they don’t follow each other’s IG?


    I think it's quite common for korean celeb not to follow their drama patner on sns to avoid gossip. Also pmy didnt follow anyone, it would be super weird if she only follow psj lol. They still can lurking tho, or use their private account to follow each other, who knows (usually celebs have private account)

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  4. @MeritaG  today is saturday(holiday), I just stay at home lurking to psj and pmy account (also their stylists lol). So I'm so fast to posting here lol. I feel like I'm a creepy stalker :lol:


    Do they have a filming today? Or they just like me staying at home lol, so they need to posting on their ig together. This is not the first time they posting on the same day, probably more than 3 times? Is this really just a coincidental? :rolleyes:


    @Sum Babe I remember psj praised pmy said her smile is beautiful and pmy is good enough to call herself kim mi soo, so smilekim is a nickname from psj? Sorry if this doesnt make sense lol. I'm so delulu :lol:

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Sum Babe said:

    They went to beach and watched ep8 together. You can see PSJ's manager also with them. Lol 

    and you guys see the last post in PSJ Ig. He went with the staffs  and I'm sure PMY were there too :)))


    Sorry I missed your prev post :( you already said it, and yes you are right they were together!!


    I wonder if they filming there? But whataver it is I'm so happy that means both psj and pmy watched their kiss scene together (lol I want to see their reaction!!!) And we get new info now that pmy and psj stylists are also really close, not just our otp. Omg this is really suspicious lol

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  6. 2 hours ago, Sum Babe said:

    PMY and PSJ stylist post this on IG story, lol 


    Omg thank you!! Looks like they watched from same place? So they probably went to drink and watch the drama together. .hmmmm


    I just realized when pmy stylist posted this, she also tagged psj stylists. .one of psj stylists also leave a comment under this post hmmmmm


    Why they are so close this fast? I dont even remember pmy had a project with psj before, I think they just meet in this drama. Not only psj and pmy who look really close since bts episode 1 but also their stylists :o


    Totally suspicious -_-



    Update : oh gosh psj just posted on his ig, the background is totally same with their stylists place when they watched kiss scene together. So since pmy stylists were there too, thats mean both psj and pmy watched their kiss scene together???????? OMGGG!!! WHATS THEIR REACTION I WANT TO KNOW SJSMKSKS



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  7. 1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

    Like I said before I really love this drama because its so light and breezy most all the characters are  likeable in their on way thats really rare.


    I agree. This is the result of combination of the pd and the writer, both of them dont like evil character. Based on the writer interview :


    The drama so far is sweet and funny, without an evil character in sight. Jung Kyung Yoon said, “The reason why there isn’t an evil character is because that’s the style of my work. I usually can’t write about bad people. I met director Park Joon Hwa before the production of the drama and the director also said he doesn’t like evil characters. He has such a kind outlook, I think the drama will turn out better than the original, and I’m really excited.”



    And I agree so much with that, except for the brother I dont see any evil/annoying characters from this drama. Usually in kdrama especially romance/chaebol theme, they would add really evil 2nd female lead or annoying male lead parents who always try to separate the otp.


    In this drama lyj parents are supportive toward kms eventhough they are from different world, even with lsy, he is not powerful enough to separate our otp. Took only less than 1 episode to cleared the missunderstanding lol. I really enjoyed this drama, I will look forward to the pd and writer for their next project! (Hopefully they would reunite again)

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  8. I'm sorry everyone I havent made the compilation post of their similarities yet because I was busy. I wont compile in one post, I will post little by little whenever I have time


    This is one of the memorable similarities from them, I think it's really important for a relationship. I got goosebumps bacause their answer are really similar almost like a copy paste lol


    About marriage and dating


    Park Seo Joon : Actually I’ve always wanted to get married, and I don’t necessarily have to get married late. If I meet a person whom I do not want to lose, I can get married anytime. When I look at children especially, I have a greater desire to get married


    Park Min Young : I always thought of getting married. Ever since I wished that I could have someone trully on my side in this life. There are a lot of baby shows these days, they are so cute


    Both of them have really similar answers. They want to get married right away when they meet someone they really loved. They also mentioned the same thing, they like children. It's nice to see they have same thought of marriage. IF they could fall in love after the drama end I can see them as new song song couple (lol their first name is also same 'parkpark') who dated secretly then announce later that they would get married lol. What do you think guys? :D


    To be continued :lol:


    Source interview Here Here


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  9. I'm the only one who care less about the brother (lsy) story? Lol :lol: Like I dont even care about his imaginary story. Just like lyj way of thinking, no matter what lsy do, he wont be able to shake lyj, to get kms or company. I like the writer also not dragging the story to our otp, they are dating before kms know the truth, yes just like my thinking, just ignore the brother story and keep moving forward :rolleyes:


    I like lyj is slowly healed and become a better person. In the last eps he can overcome his fear when he closed his eyes because kms kissed him first. In the preview he also can sleep at the office which I'm sure he never done that before because he always had a nightmare. He is slowly opening his heart to other person too (to his subordinate) and fixed his bad behaviors because of kms. Those are more important than the brother story for me.


    I just want to see lyj happy, he deserved it after all those years of suffering. This is the first time I'm totally rooting for male lead in kdrama lol. Usually the male lead is a jerk but lyj is totally different. He is smart af, eventhough he was silly because he never dated and narcissistic but I like how realistic he is and he never afraid to speak what's on his mind ( sometimes too blunt but that's his charm lol). He is also suffering by himself to protect everyone, I just want to hug him.

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  10. 7 hours ago, minseojoon said:

    PSJ's ice cream IG was a late post that is if it was after episode 8.... because they finished filming episode 8 on Tuesday night according to the camera's man's IG post. And PSJ waited til episode 8 aired to post it...you know..sweet like the kiss he just had...LOL


    Stupid me at first I didnt realize his ice cream and 'sweet' post was about his kissing scene in eps 8 lol. .hmm psj you cant hide your excitement huh. I guess it's really sweet for him to kiss pmy :rolleyes::lol:


    And they also ate ice cream together, since pmy stylist also post the similar post. .okay my heart need to calm down, I already imagine them being lovely eating ice cream together :rolleyes:

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  11. Done watching eps 7 with sub!


    -warning a lil bit rant-

    Honestly I feel bad for lyj in the whole eps. He knows that kms is talking about him, he is the 'oppa' but he cant do anything about it and pretend that the oppa is not him but his brother. The worst part is, he is watching his brother with kms the whole time.


    I'd be honest here, I actually quite annoyed with kms. First she knows that lyj likes him, she also knows thay lyj hates his brother but she isn't considerate at all. Like lyj friend tried to close lyj eyes when kms and lsy together (I like that part a lot, he is such a good friend lol) but kms just casually meet lyj even talk about it in front of lyj. I understand she want to searching for her memory but she doesnt seems like she bothered at all when she meet with lsy in front of lyj.


    She also likes lyj but sometimes it seems like the opposite, she also rejected lyj a lot of times. I hope the writer also give us from kms side as well, so it's not just lyj who is crazy about kms but they indeed have mutual feeling especially if they would dating soon. So I pretty much agree with y'all here, I hope kms is the one who initiate kiss first or make a first move when they started dating. Lyj also deserved love and he should know that he's being loved too

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  12. Why this gif is remind me of psj real self than lyj in the drama lol. He cant starring at pmy for too long and get shy after that




    From bts, it's obvious psj likes to starring at pmy but when their eyes meet, psj seems cant hide his feeling and get flustered lol


    Remember this when psj want to say his line without facing to each other, he prefer to do with hug so their eyes couldnt meet lol



    Also this when they are ready to kiss, you can see pmy starring at psj and I think their eyes are meet for a sec and psj get shy lol




    So the next take, pmy doesnt look at psj, she closed her eyes and look at somewhere else lol. no NG when their eyes didnt meet lol




    Whats wrong with psj? Hmm -_-

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  13. @minseojoonThanks for the gifs!!!! youre the best!!! Im dying here :wub:


    Honestly they look so suspicious lmao. The way psj look at her, and pmy is SO comfortable with him like gosh I just cant explain why they look like a real life couple, there is no gap and space between them.


    I agree with you, usually the press con in only in the early stage of filming. I watched some of press con drama, some of actors even admit they are not close yet when reporter asked about their partner, but parkpark already look like a real life couple like how??? Talking and laughing comfortably and sit REALLY close to each other. .ugh I cant with these two :sweatingbullets:

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  14. 2 hours ago, minseojoon said:

    The IQIYI interview (May 30th, day of the presscon). Thanks @strawberryfall:P




    They look so close omg. .there is no space between them, so they already forget that they are still on cam and doing an interview? Lol. The way psj look at her and pmy is also leaning close toward him aww :wub:


    Did yall see psj ear in the kiss prev, its SO red, not just red but hot red (lol). I cant wait to the bts kiss!! Psj sometimes look nervous around pmy cant imagine when they hot kissing arghhhh


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  15. 12 hours ago, minseojoon said:


    Hahaha...I know. But that is how I feel about a lot of other actors/actresses with chemistry that actually didn't date though. I mean..we all got to ask.....how...why not?  Just being realistic here 2018new_huaixiao_org.png


    However....PMY is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too comfortable with PSJ, more so then what I'm used to seeing her with other actors this early stage of filming...LOL


    Like I said before we are just in eps 6, but a lot of skinship happened already, and we still have upcoming countless kiss and bed scene, this drama is full of these two, compared to other pmy drama, I think this drama has the most skinship. .how not to fall in love??? Lol


    And seeing all bts, they are just way too comfortable with each other. .again its just early eps, we still have 10 eps left!!!. .I wouldnt surprised if they keep being this close then they would date secretly after the drama end lol. And psj already being so obvious that he has some crush with pmy lol


    I actually want to analyze their personality, preference etc, I already watched some of their interview yesterday. Not trying to be shipper but I was surprised too they have quite similar personality, interest (they even have same breed dog lmao) and preference of dating, like they are meant to be together (lmao sorry im so delulu). I will post it if I have enough time!!

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  16. 50 minutes ago, SeGafanlady said:

    Lim Tae Hwan’s apperance does not match with LSY.. it takes an actor with a deep sense of hidden mental disbalance kinda feeling... . hhmm I am thinking about Park Hae Jin..  he would make a great LSY... but it’s just my opinion tho..  anyway it doesn’t matter with me because LYJ and KMS are the apples of my eyes niw KYAK :wub:


    about LTH, he will be awesome to play as a Police Lieutennant that fight for justice.. that would be awesome..


    next week I’ll be in lala land.... too long.. the waiting is killing me...


    I agree. I'm sorry to say this but lee tae hwan is a total miscast, I totally agree with knetz this time. When he and park seo joon act together, there is a HUGE gap of their acting, I couldnt focus because lee tae hwan looks awkward and his angry expression is really lacking. Also he looks a lot of younger than psj and it's obvious


    I agree I wish they choose better actor. I can see park hae jin as brother ,it would be awesome! I got goosebumps when I watched cheese in the trap because he really match with this kind of role (manipulative guy)

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  17. 1 hour ago, minseojoon said:

    LOL....PSJ more comical and dramatic (than his character Lee Young Joon) while watching himself delivered the cheesy line...while MY was immerse how sweet the scene was ... And yes...can you be any closer to each other? 




    Look at the wide space on the psj right side lol. He really want to close to pmy huh


    32 minutes ago, minseojoon said:

    Hmmmmm....PSJ teaching PMY how to hug in this was interesting. He hugged her so unnecessary hard that her whole body shooked...LOL




    Omg I didnt notice this. Pmy was so shocked lol. Usually actor would do rehearsal with director/writer but you can see its only two of them, so I guess they already done rehearsal and they are practicing again by themselves. is that hug really necessary after they done rehearsal? Lol 


    To be honest we are only in eps 6 but SO many skinships and starring contest already for both of them, and we still have 10 eps left!!! Pmy already on the top of psj body (lol) 2 times and I'm sure they've done it A LOT in behind the scene. And from the webtoon they would also do countless kiss scenes and bed scene. It would be super weird IF they dont feel anything or not fall in love except if they are robot lol, they are normal person just like us after all. .I wouldnt be surprised if they dated secretly after this drama end lmao (sorry this is just my delulu thought)


    Thanks for the gifs, youre our saviour!!

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  18. 51 minutes ago, minseojoon said:

    The the full video....:heart:




    I'm waiting for your gif post from this bts lol


    I'm the only one who noticed psj is really close to pmy when they sit together lol. The sofa is quite wide but psj is really close toward pmy and pmy already sit in the corner of sofa. And everytime he laughing he look at her awwww :wub:


    But the bts is quite short only 2 mins argh. I need more asbdkkd

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  19. I think this is the main problem with korean dramas, they usually stick with certain eps like kdrama must be end with at least 16 eps eventhough sometimes the story itself required less than 16 eps.


    Honestly as much as I love this drama but I feel like the story moves SO slow this week, really slow progression of our otp story and they added more supporting cast storyline. .and I know from preview alone it would drag even more in upcoming eps, sigh


    Also this might be unpopular opinion but I think chansung acting is quite lacking. .I'm sorry for his fans but I cant help but notice he looks awkward, I hope he can improve tho

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  20. Wow the last scene, PSJ is such a great actor, his eyes and gaze were so good, looks teary and sad. Yj wish that Ms know that oppa who protect her since she was kid and hired her despite her poor grade was him, but he couldnt say anything to protect everyone including his (super annoying) brother. .argh


    I know that PSJ is a good actor especially for romantic comedy genre but in sad/melo scenes he really nailed it! I really want him act in melo drama. This drama made me like him even more!

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