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  1. 9 hours ago, blissfullyblessed said:

    Good morning everyone!:wub:


    The ending was very sweet. Can’t help grinning until the very end. It is so hard to let go KMK and Jia. Hoping for a collaboration of CSB and YSH again in the future. A romantic historical drama perhaps?!!


    Thank you so much everyone for the live recaps, HD pictures and lovely gifs. I hope @Berou will allow me to camp at her other thread until YSH’s new project.:lol:


    ***back to re-watching the drama***


    looks like many of us are hoping for their historical drama together!! :lol::wink:


    you're welcome, you're welcome!! :D we're happy to have more company there!! :wink::D


    8 hours ago, Josh Marquez said:

    The drama ended but until now we don’t know who Madam X is. Hahahahah


    hhhhhhhhhh that's an everlast mistery for us and our Min Kyu knowing he have someone out there having his back with nothing in return?!! :wink: I'd like to think about it that way!! :D


    6 hours ago, macello said:

    I've read on the characters' description that apparently Butler Sung would only leave when KMK has a woman to take care of him in his stead? I haven't watched in full the last two episodes yet, but I don't think I've seen the Butler leave. Right now that MK has JA I bet he did. If that's not the case (and the character description is wrong), I would've still liked some more screen time of him with MK.


    One of the things I wished they fleshed out a bit more was Butler Sung. I wanted to know who he is, why he is so dedicated to MK, how his relationship with MK's father was, if he really is Madam X. I would've wanted to see him become a father figure to MK, walk him down the aisle, etc. I had hoped to see MK discover everything about the Butler and for once, not feel betrayed but grateful. If only we have 4 more episodes....


    yeah I remember that part of the character discription but I still hope he didn't really leave!! but even if he did retire I believe he'll keep visiting our boy who's like a son to him!! :wub:


    can't they add 4 more episodes now?.... :(


    6 hours ago, swagpuppysong said:

    I'm still crying every time I hear the OST..Can someone here help me?!? :unsure:


    we need help as well!! let's cry together then!! :tears:


    8 hours ago, supergal99 said:

    :blink:RiCE BALLS !!! *yum yum...burp*...

    (Poke @sakura2016 : me having ingestion ...hahaaahhaa... need to do some cleaning like u heeee:tongue:)

    Ops pardon... juz letting u know this pic is legit... hahhaaa ... it's in mbc website.:glasses:


    hhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm still not having enough *yum yum* want more *yum yum*


    oh myyyyyyyyyyyy Yoo Seung Ho pics in uniform!! :love: are you trying to kill me chingu?!! :love:


    5 hours ago, stroppyse said:

    They are just so comfortable with each other, even having their own little jokes from the time when JA pretended to be AJ3 and thus going into "friend mode", the casual skinship, the teasing, the mock fights, the easy rapport, and the laughter. I think I could just be happy watching episodes 29,30 and 31,32 over and over again, and seeing JA and MG interact once they had confessed their feelings for each other. Seeing the two of them just gives me some warm fuzzies. :)


    edit: *sigh* I still can't get used to 2 half episodes versus full 1 hour long episodes. :) 


    I so loved this scene and how they went back to their old days when Ji Ah was believed to be Aji 3 but this time is more adorable because the truth is out and they are enjoying reliving those memories in a new light while being lovers and friends awwwww :heart:


    hhhhhhhhh same with me!! don't know if I'll ever get used to it!! :lol:





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  2. 11 hours ago, k8telyn said:


    Sorry, I didn't have a chance to go through all the pages yet. :blush: I think I will probably be crying listening to all the OSTs.

    Ok, why is my heart feeling so heavy? sniff sniff  Why am I feeling like I'm losing a friend? :bawling:


    oh, it's ok!! who wuld say no to the repost of such MV and OST?!! :wink::love: I feel you!! I'm the same!! :bawling: I'm not ready to say goodbye yet!! :bawling:


    @USAFarmgirl your words always touch my heart deeply!! :heart::thumbsup: why did you need to make me cry (again) now!! :bawling:


    now :wub::love::blush:



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  3. 21 minutes ago, prueksa said:

    Yoo Seung Ho did very good job, but don’t forget that Chae Soo Bin did her parts very well too. Soo Bin indeed compliments Seung Ho in this drama. They are a perfect match.


    So cute.


    no dobt about that!! :) this is my 1st time watching any of her works and she totally won me here!! :)


    18 minutes ago, prueksa said:

    Another clip that I like.



    so cute!! :wub: I'll miss them so much!! :tears:


    9 minutes ago, k8telyn said:

    I'm not ready to say good bye to IANAR and Pretty Squad!! :bawling:  I think I will stick around here just a while longer.


    I found the beautiful OST part 7 with English subs. I cried listening to this...oh the feels.  It's so touching. :bawling:


    I sharec this MV last page and pointed how (sadly) I couldn't focus on the sub :tongue: hhhhhhh but yeah it's so beautiful :wub::tears:


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  4. 1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

    MG: This! Should I make you one exactly like this at my house? Do you want to come every day and live there? (me: LOL. Yet another time that MG is asking JA to come live with him and be with him all the time.)


    hhhhhhhh Min Gyu and his special way of proposing indidrectly!! :lol:


    I so loved the ending episode as well 1st and for most for all the cuteness and adorableness and heartwarming happy ending we get for all those who deserved it (Yoo Chul saved himself by the very end and him admitting his mistake and sincerely appologise and side by Min Gyu was good closure (or new start) between him and Min Kyu) :heart: and 2nd for giving the villains their rightful punishement (by rightful I mean at least they didn't end up forgiven and allowed a happy ending like some other dramas did) which prevented me from rolling my eyes and going crazy and actually making me happier for the happy ending we got because Happy Ending + villain's punishement = Double Happiness :tongue::D



    1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

    Totally! He hasn't done an action genre project yet. I think he could be really good in that genre also. :D


    he did action in Warrior Baek Dong Soo (still need to watch that drama....my poor heart...) and we got to see glimpses of him in action through Ruler :love: so he deffinitely need to show us more of his action charm!! :wink::D


    on side note, I'm so thankful to you being part of this thread and for all your translation :heart: hope we will meet again in other dramas threads...hopefully another Yoo Seung Ho's drama that he picks up soon?!! :D hhhhhhhhhh

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  5. 42 minutes ago, stroppyse said:



    Thanks for the photos of YSH discharge versus KMG discharge. Their uniforms definitely look like the same one. :)


    Photos of YSH in uniform is going to inspire all sorts of men in uniform fantasies, I'm sure. Probably almost as much as when DotS was airing. :D


    you're most welcome!! :)


    oh yeah that's for sure!! :love: now thinking about it can we have him in an action drama or movie where he's wearing a uniform?!! I want that!! :blush:

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  6. 2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

    Oh wow! You mean, beyond the fact that it's the ROK camo pattern, you went and looked at his battle dress uniform from when he was in the army and matched the patterns up to his uniform in the final scene? That is some dedication! :D Thanks for checking.


    I have to say, I like the idea that his own uniform was used for that final scene. YSH, drill sergeant, was just so cute and hard core!


    And, I do appreciate that with his human allergy cured, that MG goes and does his mandatory service. With the mandatory military service being such a big deal in Korea for men, as well as their stresses on men, and the scandals concerning the guys with money getting out of serving, I can see why the drama wanted to show that MG once he was cured of his disease did his military service. Plus, there was the chit chat between lovers coming together after time apart and the final sweet kiss. :)


    I want to post more, but the lag is just too bad on soompi for me right now.


    you can check with yourself :wink::wub:


    cr: phyooseungho


    that's a perfect match right?!! :D


    I so loved the fact that they adressed the mandatory service again by the final episode going full circle concerning that matter as well!! I don't how much of this was intented but I loved how Yoo Seung Ho who actually served his dutie service at young age delivered this message through his drama: everyone are equals toward their duties wealthy or not, popular or not!!!! :wub:


    PS: sorry for the concecutive post!! didn't realise no one has posted in between!! :sweatingbullets:



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  7. 43 minutes ago, Berou said:

    I think it's the same army uniform :lol: I looked closely at the pattern  and they match perfectly !  YSH wore his army uniform


    48 minutes ago, blademan said:
    50 minutes ago, butwhatever said:

    @blademan that's what I was thinking too! The only difference is YSH is smiling now instead of crying. hehehe :D

    and he MADE OUT!


    me seeing Yoo Seung Ho looking exactly the same as the day he was discharged 2 years ago: "OH, how can he look exactly the same?!! :o:wub: this looks like his real life uniform he was wearing :o:wub: but here he's smiling instead of crying and have a girlfriend waiting for him and kiss :wink::wub:" hihihihihi

    44 minutes ago, supergal99 said:



    Our cutie looks ...sad...


    I felt Yoo Seung Ho was actually supper tired that he can fall asleep while siting!! poor cutie!! now they can have a good rest :) though I'll really miss this drama and all of you here!!! :(:heart:


    can't believe our drama ended!! :tears: this was one of my favorite dramas and it's my n°1" go to" healing drama for sure!! :heart: I'm out of words right now but I can say that I'm supper happy and proud of/for Yoo Seung Ho through this drama showing his great acting talent and his different charms from being supper cute and adorable to being this swoony manly male lead stealing hearts left and right deservingly :heart: and Choi Soo Bin was a great casting match for him :wub: winning my heart through her Ji Ah and Aji 3 portreyal :wub: same with Eom Ki Joon and the entire cast making us root for their happy ending!! :wub: I'll really miss this drama!! :(

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  8. 27 minutes ago, vangsweetie637 said:

    Having a hard day at work does not matter anymore. This KISS!! Damn!!!



    @sakura2016 my fangirling partner! I am screaming with you!! :wub:


    @Berou thank you for the gifs! Not for the weak-hearted!! :tongue: I feel like melted ice cream lol.


    @kaoriharang @YourHighness . @dramu51ch0c10ve @supergal99 and the rest of my chingus: Good to see you guys again! Work=:confounded:




    Hi my fangirling partner!! :D happy to have you here now to scream together!! :w00t::blush: I thought my heart was weak but he's surprising me how he managed and still managing to not explode over this hotness!! :love: make sure to recharge yourself with this scene every day to not feel the hard day of work!! :wink::D


    OST 7 MV!! :wub:




    @stroppyse thank you for saying what I couldn't say thanks to my brain stop fanctioning over the hot sexy kiss!! :blush: and yeah Yoo Seung Ho's sexy hands are part of the hotness' reason :love: thant's why I asked Berou to make this gif since other gifs didn't include his sexy hands pulling her closer which I needed in a gif to keep dying as much as I replay/rewatch this moment!! :heart:


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  9. 2 hours ago, Berou said:

    As per @sakura2016's request here are the gifs of the kiss. I tried to do one gif, but the kiss scene was too long :huh:,  and my app didn't allow gifs longer than 60 secs. 


     Nevertheless, I'll try to find a way around to do one gif



    tell me to keep quiet, tell me to keep quiet, I'm holding my scream seeing the gifs my family can't see me in this state hhhhhhhhhhh :blush::love:




    2 hours ago, waveoflove said:

    I liked their kiss scene but the scene where MG kisses Ji A's hand, that was super sweet. I felt warm and fuzzy watching that scene. He acknowledged that he had accidentally hurt her hand when he threw his cup at the glass. 


     agree with you!! :wub:


    2 hours ago, JiraM said:

    Now onto the awkward plot/scene, I didn't expect that President Martin was a wanted person by Interpol until it was revealed by Madame-X's representative. Also, what's with the sudden twist about him killing MG's dad? I think this part was rushed a little bit since the drama was heavily focused on MG and JA's relationship.

    2 more episodes left, judging from the preview it seems MG's ready to face the crowd and trying to overcome his illness once and for all. Let's all hope for the best on him and the finale of the drama tomorrow!


    p.s. Can we get a proper closure for Ssanip, writer-nim? While everyone around him became a couple except him, I wish that he found a girlfriend too. :(


    let's wait and see!! maybe they can give it a proper and reasonable closure!!


    he'll be fine!! as he said: even if Ji Ah isn't with him physically she'salways with him/in his heart!! :wink::wub:


    maybe they'll got him one?!! let's hope for it!! :)

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  10. 5 minutes ago, moo1304 said:

    i just finished watching ep 29-30 with subs

    and guess what?! Aji3 farewell scenes made me tears up..

    why must they delete everything except the pattern?and hoktal saying he will tell next robot about her.. it breaks my heart

    can they just change her face and not delete everything?


    and kudos to the scripwriter makes a storyline for real Aji3, it's heartwarming and grows my fondness of her. now i can feel how sad the santa maria to part with her. because at first, i just can only see Aji3 as a robot, a side character but now i see he as friend and family and the crucial character in this series.

    so i feel very sad watching ep 30


    yeah!! at 1st you can even see me glaring at Aji 3 whenever she's acting as the robot that she is siting facts instead of showing emotions like Ji Ah used to do around Min Kyu when he's longing for "his" Aji 3 but now I really feel their pain to lose her and I don't want that!! isn't there a way to keep her around and not leave them?!! :(

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  11. 1 hour ago, Mona Ys said:
    1 hour ago, dramu51ch0c10ve said:

    Pretty squad! This BTS has eng sub! Just click on captions and then english.I find the subber's additional comments hilarious:tongue: because we feel the same way too!


    so the kiss scene was YSH idea? LOL..... that's my boy... 


    I don't know how many times I'm going to die watching this and the kiss scene but I'm all for it :heart:


    that's our boy indeed!! :love: I loved his "I'm comfortable since it's my idea" :lol::wub:


    1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

    So, when did MG learn to kiss like that? I mean, JA is the one and only person he's ever kissed, right? So, I guess that is what is meant by natural talent? :wub:


    And, when did YSH learn to kiss like that? Heck, if that's the actor in him, one can only blush brighter red at the thoughts of YSH kissing off-camera. :wub:


    Don't know if anyone wants/needs any translations other than this scene. ROFLOL


    hhhhhhhhhhh natural talent like Min Kyu's?!! :wink::wub: really?!! :lol: but he deffinitely gifted in kissing as gifted in acting!! :blush:


    thank you so much for translaton chingu!! :wub: that was the 1st scene I was waiting for its translation :D:tongue: but sure thing we're greatful to all the translation you can offer us!! :wub:


    59 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    Preview translation



    SH: Min Gyu-sshi isn’t completely cured yet? Then, can he go around without you?
    Hwang: It’s not over yet. Even now…
    YC: That guy, why is he like that just to me? We were definitely friends, so how can he do that to me?
    JA: In that fight, am I not needed?
    MG: No, it’s okay. Wherever I am, you are always going to be by my side. Anyway, I think I’m going to be okay.



    Whatever else happens, I'm just happy that MG and JA are together. These two are so seriously cute. :) 


    really Yoo Chul?!! you're still stuck in pitying yourself not seeing your own mistakes and why you lost Min Kyu's friendship?!! :rolleyes: Min Kyu wasn't wrong when he told him that the more he speaks the more he looks unworthy of being a CEO, he's really dummy ya!! :rolleyes: and he better not think about harming Min Kyu in any way :unamused: but I can trust Min Kyu will be fine even if Ji Ah wasn't with him physically because she's always with him/in his heart!! :wub:


    41 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    The BTS' for this drama have definitely made me smile more than the drama itself. YSH and CSB have some serious off-camera chemistry which seems to have become more comfortable and affectionate as the drama has progressed. That's really lovely to see. Not shipping, by the way. Just think it's nice when romantic co-stars clearly get along. It translates to better scenes on screen as well, which is especially important in a drama like this, where everything depends on the chemistry the two leads have with each other.


    hhhhhhhhhhhh that was supper cute and hillarious!! really this drama is my "go to" healing drama, BTSs included!! :wub::wub::wub::lol: Yoo Seung Ho pullinghis cute and aego card is a blast and him cringing over it is a double blast :lol::wub: and like you said he and Choi Soo Bin have a great off-screan chemistery that translates into their scenes!! :wub: it's just what Yoo Seug Ho said at the drama's press conference, how caring and being comfortable around your co-star makes the scenes comes off more natrally which we can feel here!! and I'm outside of the shiper world BTW!!


    and thank you for all the translation!! :wub:

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  12. 1 hour ago, dramu51ch0c10ve said:

    I know everyone's going crazy about the kiss scene but can I just say how cute this scene was? Haha the interaction between MK and JA's brother is awesome:lol:


    hhhhhhhhhhhh that was a hillarious awkward moment there!! :lol::wub:


    they wraped up the drama's shooting!! Big thanks to the entire drama's team for their hard work!! :heart:  but I'll miss the drama!! :( 

    cr: [IG] Repost from @hongpyo91

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  13. 43 minutes ago, Ayoko xx said:

    His eyes too, they give so much expression - from sadness to happiness .. When he was shouting at Ji Ah in the ep 26 - his eyes told everything .. I am so proud of him!


    that's for sure!! he has the most emoting, expressive, emotional eyes!! he can say everything through his eyes with no need for words!! :heart: and he keeps proving himself more and more as swoony talented male lead actor!! I coudn't be prouder!! :heart:


    31 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

    So I guess todays episode was just an hour long kiss :wub:


    and some other things!! :lol: really our brains stped functioning after that kiss :love: hhhhhhhhh


    12 minutes ago, moo1304 said:

    look at naver tv top 100! now they're thirsty of JA-MK hot kiss

    the ultimate kiss scene on TOP! and few of IANAR's clips on top 10!




    and same heree..i cant stop myself replaying the bts n the kiss scene!!!


    the power of our OTP and drama :wink::wub::wub::wub:

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  14. 56 minutes ago, supergal99 said:

    Aw man... u r sooooo lucky @macello heeee...



    Eeeeeee..... yessss... pretty squad...

    How to zzzz like dat ???!!!



    Soooo hungry... *burp*


    ......:blush:...you have plans to sleep?!! good luck with that!! :lol:


    56 minutes ago, moo1304 said:

    Highlights of today's episode:

    1. THE HOT KISS SCENE!!!!!!

    2. Aji3 heartwarming scene


    Writer nim, although it's kind of late... if you lurk at this thread, please give us bed scene and if there's no wedding scene, can we have a cute proposal?hahaha


    cant wait for the longer BTS..:wub::wub:


    he kind of proposed when he asked her if his house isn't hers when she wanted to leave for her home no?!! :wink: that was so cute!! :wub: I WANT MORE!! OF EVERYTHTING!! :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:


    56 minutes ago, yoo-seungho said:

    hello pretty squad. do any of you know if mbc is going to release an ost album of i am not a robot? like an actual physical album?


    don't know about that but they always release the OST and BGM soundtracks of every dramas as I know!!


    55 minutes ago, paperboat04 said:

    YSH is doing all the work. I can sense that CSB is quite shy or maybe nervous while he is kissing her like that.

    Oh, did I mentioned I died watching their kissing scene and I just came back from the dead? lmao


    I am so happy and satisfied I am too greedy to ask for more. hahaha

    PDnim and MBC you're the best! wohoho!


    you're not the only one :blush: hhhhhhhh


    and I second you "PD-nim you're the best!! GIVE US MORE" :wub::wub::wub:


    44 minutes ago, Minbongyi said:



    we're just like you :wink: I can't stop myself :wub::wub::wub:


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  15. 44 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    @happy2018 Yes.... now we need the bts right. no, we demand the bts from MBC...
    MBC, yes, speaking to you, you hear me.... hahha. if it is SBS, they will throw out lots of such bts. i bet tonight rating will soar highest ever.


    58 minutes ago, Berou said:

    pretty squad let's swoon !!!




    I'm sure you meant "let's die of swooning" :love:


    59 minutes ago, dramu51ch0c10ve said:

    Hand kiss


    Cheek kiss


    Lip kiss


    KYAAA!HE WENT FOR IT!THAT'S what I call a KISS:tongue:


    they were preparing our hearts with different kiss satages till we got THE REAL DEAL!! :love: WHAAAAAAA


    57 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    @paperboat04 @Berou @sakura2016 yoopies dearest. we have waited for a long time to prove our faith in our Prince of Tears, that he can be the Prince of kisses one day. oh vey! that he can deliver a "pervy thoughts worthy-kiss". tonight we are rewarded. not shy of from the way Tinseltown dramas can deliver... oh, how he slow mo move his angles.. the muscles moves... you can expect the movement in the ... oh, scene is worthy of archive of our own.fanfic quality. trust me, with his ability to emote with his eyes without dialogues, just not long in the future he will outshine many hunks to be the King of sensual skinship... by this, i dont mean real RA or PG16 kind of lowly cheat skinship.. but skinship and sensual thoughts that inspire your desires and thoughts with just a deep gaze, a twist in his smile... no shredding of any c**, just a look, a kiss, i always believed his ability to tell a thousands feels by his eyes,.. this God-Gift-Eyes will be able to emote true sensual feels one day.
    all sensual feels starts from the eyes isnt it. and YSH has one of the BEST feelings transpiring eyes in the Asia.


    TRUE TRUE TRUE :heart:

    55 minutes ago, dramu51ch0c10ve said:

    @supergal99 @moo1304 Thank you so much for the bts clips!They're so cute together!!!:wub::wub::wub:

    The whole pretty squad celebrating tonight:grin: Uri Min Kyu has grown up!Watching all those kiss scene while he was alone for 15 years has finally been put into real life practice!B)


    hhhhhhhhh he finally his everything to the kiss :wink::wub::wub::wub:


    56 minutes ago, Berou said:
    1 hour ago, Ayoko xx said:

    Has he ever had this kind of kiss? :D

     Yes he has that kind of kiss before, in operation proposal . But I think  this one is more sensual :), other yoopies can confirm it


    1 hour ago, paperboat04 said:


    Chingu @Berou @maryofbethany I am so happy our little boy is all grown up. :D 

    I almost choked on my coffee when they started to kiss, I was blown away. 

    I'm so proud of our baby boy. :wub:


    I hope they will get married tomorrow and give us more OTP scenes. 


    * insert applause gif*


    well done YSH !


    I agree with @Berou, he had this kind of kiss in Operation Proposal (must see it :wink::blush:) but here it's more sensual :blush: ph my heartbeats....




    58 minutes ago, macello said:

    I was on a public transport going home and live streaming when BAM! the kiss scene happens. Do you know how hard I tried to keep myself from smiling like an idiot? I failed though, who knows what people thought while watching me :D


    Seriously though, the writers must be clairvoyant or something. They know what the viewers really want to see: some hot french kissing and cuteness overload.


    I had trouble breathing and turned red like a tomato while swooning :blush: good thing no one was around me by then hhhhhhhhhhhhh


    they made up for our wait and the fure coering kiss :wink::D:wub::wub::wub:


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  16. @moo1304 @maryofbethany @Berou @paperboat04 @justlove and everyone here for sure :tongue:  the long BTS version of the kiss :love:



    I love You Seung Ho's gentle hand gesture whenever one cut of the kiss scene ends!! :wub:  I don't know how to describe it but I find it so sweet gesture of him as a co-actor easing the atmosphere to his female co-star!! don't know if I said it the right way or not but hope you got my point!! :tongue::)


    ok, now to rewatch and rewatch and rewatch while turning red out of blushing and swooning!! :love::blush:



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