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  1. 13 hours ago, justlove said:

    Awww I try! YSH deserves all the love, so I don't mind telling people about his projects. :)


    Yes he's their bias now! :wub: I'll update on my parents and mine's opinions on Ruler. I actually haven't watched it yet :sweatingbullets: so I'll be watching it with my parents :)


    Yeah instead of 2 episodes a week, they get 5 episodes a week because I believe they cut it to 30 minutes episodes each day. Once IANAR ends, maybe Ruler will air on the other channel as I don't think it's aired there yet but it's supposed to. So lucky them, they get so much YSH on their tv screens :wub::lol:


    I've watched almost all of those projects except Ruler (but I'll be starting it soon! :wink:) and finished Imaginary Cat last week. All his projects are special in their own way for me. I do like all of them, and I like I got to see a different side of YSH in each project! :wub::)




    YSH's Elle magazine photos are here and oh my goshhh he's just SO HANDSOME! :love: Swooning so hard right now :heart:


    he does!! :heart: I wish I can do the same but sadly my sisters aren't fan of melodramas so I was supper happy he took in IANAR so now I can try to get them to watch it!! :wink::D but that will take time but I'll do it for sure!! :D


    hhhhhh I'll be waiting for your opinion alongside your parents'!! :wink::D


    oh my!! I really forgot about the CF's they put in between, airing 30 min of the episode in 1 hour!! that's one of the reasons I stoped watching tv!! :lol:


    true!! and we're still to see more different sides and charms of him as well!! :wink::wub:


    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :love: thank you soooooo much chingu!! :wub: he looks sooooooo handsome and sexy!! :blush::love:






    cr: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003217733



    cr: @ellekorea

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  2. 6 hours ago, justlove said:

    Even though I'm not in the Philippines, I'll keep you all updated through my relatives who are there :) One of them even called last Friday just to say she saw the IANAR trailer on her tv. Wishing it'll be successful over there and that will push for YSH to have a fanmeet in the Philippines and then have some fanmeets in other countries too because IANAR will air in so many different countries :D


    Yes my parents adore YSH! They weren't planning to watch Ruler, but they will watch soon because they enjoy watching him act :) They're almost done with watching Remember :wink:


    I need to remind myself that IANAR ended less than a month ago, so he should still be resting, and I should be more patient :sweatingbullets: But whatever role he decides to take on next, I'm sure he'll be great :)


    People should realize if they don't have anything nice to say, they shouldn't say anything at all. I want to find those people and beat them up like what Ji Ah said in IANAR. But instead, I'll just spread positive thoughts for YSH by introducing more people to his projects :wub:


    Even though it's dubbed, the good side is they get to see YSH on their tv screens every night as ABSCBN airs all drama episodes Mondays to Fridays! :lol:


    Joseon Magician was the second YSH project I watched! Remember was my first project, so it'll always hold a special place in my heart. :wub:


    I'm always greatful to you chingu for the updates and your hardwork on introducing Yoo Seung Ho's projects to those around you!! :heart:


    hhhhhhhhh that's good to know!! he's now their biase like us!! :lol::wub: we'll wait for your update about their opinion about him in Ruler then as well!! :wink::D


    oh you're like me!! I'm so waiting to start reading casting news for him!! :D I'm sure he'll be great in whatever role he takes!! :wub:


    hhhhhhhhh we all want that but speading love and get more people to know of his great talent and love him is way better!! :wink::wub:


    oh, I forgot that they air more than 2 episode per week in tv broadcast unlike our suffering while the drama is ongoing!! :lol: good good, they'll end up missing him after the drama ends when they used to see him every day!! :wink::lol:


    hhhhhhhh I think every project of him I watched is special in a way:

    1. Jeoson Magician: my 1st project of him!! :wub:
    2. Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River: my 2nd project but 1st time I knew Yoo Sung Ho can make me laugh outloud beside breaking my heart!! :lol:
    3. Ruler: my 1st drama of him and through it I became a yoopie and broke my resolution to only have sakura pics as my avatar as you can see!! :wink: actually this drama's casting news was the 1st step to me jumping to be his fan as stop waiting for a rom-com from him to do so and I went to watch Jeoson Magician just then!! :lol:
    4. Remember: the drama I would've never ever never watched if it wasn't for Yoo Seung Ho!! that's too much pain for me but he's Yoo Seung Ho so....
    5. IANAR: Yoo Seung Ho's 1st rom-com and healing project where I can see all his cuteness and adorablness and swooning all the time :love:...plus crying for sure!! we can't forget that part with Yoo Seung Ho!! :tongue::lol:
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    [유승호 플레이리스트] Yoo Seung Ho playlist

    1. 김진표 '미안해서 미안해'(Feat. G.NA) ~ Kim Jin Pyo 'Sorry That I'm Sorry' (Feat. G.NA)
    "It's a song I usually enjoy, why do I like this song? It's too sad to say "Sorry That I'm Sorry" (laughs), I feel that sad feelings."

    2. 빈센트 '띵킹 어바웃'(Thinking About) ~ Vincent 'Thinking About'
    "It's my favorite song. I'm so excited about racing nowadays, but I like to listen a song when I drive. I like cars and I decided to go to the club after finishing 'Ruler'. It's a hobby, it's a ride, not a contest, but it's a ride, so when you listen to this song, your stress will be gone. "Racing is enjoy (laughs)."

    3. 듀크 두몽트(Duke Dumont) '오션 드라이브'(Ocean Drive)
    "I would like to recommend this song, which is a bit of a dreamy feeling in the Electro genre."

    Translated by YSHbiased
    Source: http://sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=199489


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  4. 22 hours ago, justlove said:

    @sakura2016 So excited to see those! Based on what you posted, he was already looking so handsome, can’t wait to swoon even harder when the new photos come out :wub::lol:

    Any idea on when the magazine shooting will come out? :D


    I was so happy that ABSCBN finally announced they’ll air IANAR. They promote their shows so well, and usually kdramas that air with ABSCBN end up being a hit in the Philippines :)

    I should make a list of how many fans YSH got from me :lol: Like I introduce one of his dramas to someone, and the response I get back is that he’s so handsome/young yet such a good actor. So then they tell me that they look up his other projects to watch because they enjoy seeing him act.

    Oh! Update on my parents watching Remember, my dad teared up when Jin Woo was in the hospital crying over his dead father. First time ever where my dad did that watching a drama, YSH is that good! They’re still not finished with Remember yet, I believe they’re on ep 15. It’s been busy so they can’t watch an episode every night. They told me not to start Ruler till they finish Remember because they want to watch it together, so fine I’ll wait and watch with them :)


    Thanks chingu for sharing all those photos of YSH's pretty face :love: 


    don't think the ones I posted are related to his elle magazine photoshout or is it?!! :sweatingbullets: but we'll get to swoon alot for sure!! :wink::wub:


    awwwwww that's great!! I'm so happy!! :wub: keep introducing him to more chingu!! hhhhhhh :wink: now you're to keep us updated about how IANAR will be received in the Philippines when it starts ending!! :D


    oh BTW, did your parents/father start Remember yet?!!...oooook, I got my answer!! ahhhhhh :w00t: I'm so happy!! yeah Yoo Sung Ho is that good!! :wink: now let's see if your father will tear up at one of the remaining heartbreaking moments that's to come!! :wink::tongue:...awwww that's great!! your family are officially Yoo Seung Ho's fans now!! :w00t::wub:


    you're most welcome!! :D I'm waiting for more to come!! :wub:


    20 hours ago, Berou said:

    When will YSH do an action drama ?




    @justlove  Thank you for spreading YSH love  :) and converting many people into Yoopies. A good fan is a fan who promotes his/ her bias well. I've read the writer of Remember will team up with the PD of the time between dog and wolf in tvn cable TV, to create a drama in which LJK will be the hero. My low-key wish is, since the writer of Remember has many hits under his belt and writes very memorable villains ( for instance Nam Gyu Man) and likes YSH's acting, the villain role should be offered to YSH lol.



    uhhhhh MY HEART!! :love::heart: really, we need to have him in an action role!! soon, please!! :blush:


    oh, so it's Remember's writer that's writing that drama?!! I only read Lee Jun Ki and the PD's part not realising who the writer is!! why my heart stoped for a second?!! could it be the fear of the heartbreaks the writer would put on us?!! :lol: add Yoo Sung Ho in this and I guarantee you we're doomed!! :lol: but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! what am I supposed to do if Yoo Seung Ho is a villain against Lee Jun Ki?!! :scream: I love them both and having them work together would be a dream come true and we have action as well so :love: but my weak heart can't hate Yoo Seung Ho nor handle seeing him a villain against Lee Jun Ki!! :astonished: don't do that to me!! hhhhhhhh or should they do?!! :wink::D hahahahaha


    12 hours ago, justlove said:

    @Berou You're welcome! Whenever I talk with someone about kdramas, I always end up mentioning YSH in the conversation. I just adore him so much, and he has such a gift in acting, that more people should know about that. Which is why I try to be a good fan by bringing up his projects to people I know :)

    I read about that, and it's a drama I'm considering to watch, but I'm waiting to see more of the cast before making a final decision. Though, if YSH joins the show I'll for sure watch :wink: I'm ready to see what kind of role YSH is going to take on next :) But I actually really want an action drama or movie to be his next project :sweatingbullets::lol:


    great job chingu!! :thumbsup::heart:


    well that drama has action into it you know!! :wink: hihihihihi but really Yoo Seung Ho still taking some rest so we need to wait a little longer I think to hear som casting news for his upcoming project!! I really want him to take a rile that showcase another charm of his like action or villain role!! :D he'd do great!! :wub:


    thank you for the interviews chingu!! :wub: though I got sad reading the 1st one!! :( people really say hurtful things not realising how much it affects the other person!! worst their words are just mean to hurt others not a building criticism!! and as we can't shield him from all those hurtful comments, sadly, we can still spread our love to him from our position as his fans!! :heart:


    hhhhhhhhhhh I really hate dubbing myself!! and to do it to an actor who I ADORE his voice?! you're basically killing me!! :lol: but we need to look to the good side of this and that is more people we'll get to watch Yoo Seung Ho's drama and fall for him!! :D:heart:


    how he took off his hanbock and covered her with it in an embrace!! :love: his emoting eyes, his deep voice and his manly aura!! :blush:


    cr: ysh_persianfanpage

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  5. I thought I posted this yesterday but I didn't apparently!! :lol:


    On 12/02/2018 at 4:36 PM, justlove said:

    Yayyy! I'm super excited for his upcoming magazine pictorial! :wub::lol: It will make the wait for his next project more bearable :) Thanks for sharing the news @imnotarobot, @sakura2016 and thanks for sharing those photos too! :) He's so handsome :wub:




    I think the photo below was taken the same day he was at the car repair shop. The outfit looks the same :)



    @justlove me too!! !w00t: and from the peek we got we will have great pics to swoon over!! :tongue::love:


    @Berou answered you regarding that!! but thank you for the pic!! :wub: lucky the fan who was there!! :tongue::wub:


    On 12/02/2018 at 10:55 PM, Berou said:

    YSH might come to the Philippines :)


    5 hours ago, imnotarobot said:



    2 hours ago, justlove said:

    The news I've been waiting for is officially confirmed! IANAR will air in the Philippines on ABSCBN! :lol::wub:


    yaaay great news keep coming!! :w00t: Yoo Seung Ho's popularity is rising as he deserve and I hope/'m sure he keeps winning more ad more hearts and fans!! :heart:





    cr: ysh_is_miracle

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  6. 23 minutes ago, justlove said:

    @sakura2016  When the day comes that YSH accepts a project where he wears a uniform all the time, I'll be swooning so hard every single day :love::joy:


    And I think the second photo you posted is from right after he did all his interviews :)




    Looks like people are still not over IANAR as it's still #1 overseas :thumbsup: But it's well-deserved to stay there :)

    And aw if this is true, that's very sweet of YSH! :wub: Congrats on your graduation KYJ! Hoping to see KYJ and YSH together in a project some day! :lol:


    oh yeah!! :love:


    oh, thank you for the info chingu!! :wub:


    yaaaaaay it's great news indeed!! :wub: happy the drama is reseaving much love that compensate for the low rating!! :D


    awwww that's so sweet!! :wub: it can be true since they stayed close since their movie Unforgettable 2008!! :) 

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  7. @justlove yeah!! I believe Yoo Seung Ho has an army of fans who are just like Ji Ah willing to beat whoever thinks of harming him!! :naughty::lol: 


    it's sad but a celebrety's life and especially who was on the entertainment industery since his childhould years isn't that rosey as we may think!! there is those who feel bitter and jealous and would enjoy hurting him to feel better themselves beside other different cases where he's not and can't be treated nor live as other people because of his celebrety status but I'm happy he still have good friends and loving family by his side whenever he needs them!! :heart: and he have us his fans as well who'll always support him and protect him as well from our position!! :D:heart:


    you're most welcome chingu!! :D


    more of "Yoo Seung Ho in Uniform" fantasy!! :love: I'd die of swooning when that day will come and he'll do a project with a uniform!! :love: not that I'm not swooning over him all the time!! :tongue::lol:


    cr: owner


    awwww :wub::wub::wub: wonder where was this taken!!

    cr: kkobi.kkobi

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  8. :wub::wub::wub:



    just want to share something with you, not that it matters but still!! :tongue: this channel is one of may favorite channels of Yoo Seung Ho's MVs!! :wub: as everyone knows, or mosteof you do :tongue:, I joined Yoo Seung Ho's fandome with Ruler thanks to my weak heart that couldn't join before as we know Yoo Seung Ho's heartbreaking projects but still even though I couldn't watch his projects properly I still kept looking for his MVs (and scenes) and watched them and go back to reawatch them (and cry over them over and over again) whenever I miss him and JHJ's channels had moste of my favorite MVs of him!! :wub::bawling:











    ok I'll stop here all I'll end up sharing all JHJ's MVs of Yoo Seung Ho here!! :lol::tongue: I'll keep looking forward to her/his future MVs a well for Yoo Seung Ho's upcoming projects as well!! :wub:

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  9. 4 hours ago, justlove said:

    @sakura2016 Oh gosh, remembering that scene, I cried so much. I was such a mess after that episode :heartbreak: YSH was really great there, and that was just one of the most heartbreaking moments I’ve ever watched. I think that’ll be the scene where my dad will cry or at least tear up.


    The clip you posted is my dad’s fav scene from IANAR! He told me it’s his fav because YSH was soooooooo good at that scene. YSH was able to display so much emotions and we as viewers were able to feel all those emotions, all that pain. 

    I wouldn’t mind if we get that in his upcoming projects! YSH can be so cute yet so handsome yet so hot all at the same time :tongue::wub: My boyfriend has complained to my friends that I gush about YSH too often when we’re together, but I can’t help it :sweatingbullets::wub:




    More translations from YSHbiased about his interview have come out :)


    he should!! :lol: maybe I'm crazy but before becoming Yoo Seung Ho's fan (aka while I was waiting for him to do a happy drama for me to jump in and start watching his dramas :tongue:) I used to keep going back to his MVs and scenes from other dramas and cry over and over and over again!! crazy I know!! :tongue::lol: there is many painful moments in Remember actually but beside Jin Woo's loss moment of his father my most hateful look (position) of Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) is when he's lost or/and smiling innocently not realising what's really going on (when he called In Ah "noona" again telling her he's waiting for his "dead" father :bawling:) or forcing a smile behind his tears to assure his father his fine and this is their 1st encounter after graduating when he's been through that pain many and many times :bawling: that was torture!! if you want to kill me just make Yoo Seung Ho smile through his tears or when he's lost!! :heartbreak:


    hhhhhhhh he got there?!! they finished the drama in no time!! :wink: happy for that!! :D yeah Yoo Seung Ho was so great in there letting us see through Min Kyu's struggle with all those different emotions!! :thumbsup::heartbreak: and one thing for sure we can't stop swooning over him no matter wht kind of emotion we and he's going through!! :love: I even swooned over him when he was thrown away in a field in Ruler!! :tongue::lol::wink:


    yaaaaay more interviews!! :w00t::wub: thank you so much chingu!! :heart: ... he's so funnily honest :lol::wub: but I really felt bad seeing how he was hurt by people but he deals with it by just keeping on going on :( as sad as it is but he's right "drama is draman and real life is real life" :( but hope and pray he's always surrounded by those who loves him and protect him from whoever wish to hurt him!! We Love You Yoo Seung Ho!! Always Be Happy!! :heart:

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  10. 2 hours ago, justlove said:

    @hyania  Aww that’s sweet that your parents also adore YSH. I hope your parents enjoyed YSH in IANAR like my parents did. :)


    My parents started Remember this past weekend and my dad said he’s officially a fan of YSH :lol: They’ve watched 5 episodes so far, and he’s just so impressed by YSH’s acting already. He said YSH is young yet so talented, and he’ll for sure watch whatever YSH’s next project is :) Now what I’m curious about is if my dad will cry in Remember because I’ve never seen him cry over any tv series yet.


    I believe the love for YSH is spreading over here where I live :wub: My mom has been telling her kdrama watching co-workers and our relatives to watch IANAR. And the feedback she’s gotten from the ones who started watching is YSH is very handsome and a great actor :) 

    My friends are also enjoying IANAR so far as well :) It makes me super happy when I get all this positive feedback about YSH, he deserves it so much :wub:


    Also I found a review of IANAR! But since it's a long review, I'll just add the stuff she wrote about YSH here :)

    Flash Review: I’m Not A Robot

    February 6, 2018 by kfangurl


    Yoo Seung Ho as Min Kyu


    hihihihi I knew it :D and I'm so happy Yoo Seung Ho is winning more andmore fans through you and your parents as well!! that's great and he totally deserve it!! :wub:...I'm waiting to find out as well if your father will cry as well or not!! at the very least I bet he'll cry at the scene where Seo Jin Woo was crying over his father's dead body!! even the actor playing the father's role cried when he's supposed to act dead you know!! :tongue: that's how great Yoo Seung Ho was there!! :thumbsup:


    I want to add his outburst scene at episode 26:




    we can see the battle of emotions inside him: anger, hurt, betrayal, crushed hope over her lies, anger at himself for still hoping that inside those lies there was sincere emotions towards him add to it the pain and anger of not being able to blieve it and the need to let it all go even if he doesn't want to!! :heartbreak::thumbsup: and angry Yoo Seung Ho is SEXY!! :love: can we have more of that in his upcoming projects!! :tongue::wub: 




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  11. 11 minutes ago, Berou said:

     You should watch one of her movies :),  she's a good actress


     I don't see any ressemblance between V in Hwarang and YSH in Queen Seondeok , I'm saying this without having watched Hwarang.  I watched some clips on YT to try to understand your point of view but I failed.  Perharps you're talking about the characters or the aura they give off ? 


    @maryofbethany Aww god bless you ! Don't worry will watch over  Yoo and protect him from any nasty rumours tainting his image and instigating hate towards him. As a long time Yoopie, I've spent years watching over him closely so I have a good grasp of his personality, he is someone who deserves love and support from  fans. He is one of the few - very rare -  korean celeb who doesn't have any anti-fans. This speaks volumes about his personality as we know how koreans can be unforgiving and can turn their backs at you for any small mistake. Thus koreans really love YSH genuinely  and I'm going to be sincerely apalled if one day I see an anti-YSH fan. And yes, let's wish him a long successful career in dramaland and in movieland and to be paired with all those big senior actors you've mentioned :). He is going to learn a lot from them and they might be a great help for him. 


    I'll take your words and watch one of her movies!! :)


    was Yoo Seung Ho in Queen Seondeok supposed to give cute/little dongsaeng vibe?!! 'cause that's the vibe V gave in Hwarang and from the little I saw of Yoo Seung Ho in Queen Seondeok his role wasn't like that!!


    let's keep supporting and protecting our precious Yoo Seung Ho together and pray for him to have a blessful life and career!! :heart::D


    I really want to see him working with those viteran/older actors!! their collaboration would bring those projects to a new level and he's going to learn alot of them!! let's hope that will happen one day!! :)

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  12. 10 hours ago, blackberrypie said:

    Hi Yoo Seung Ho fans! Haha. I recently watched Queen Seondeok and couldnt help feeling YSH looks like BTS V in Hwarang! Hahaha. Maybe its their smile... anyone feel the same? :tongue:


    Hi there!! :D...hhhhhhhhhhhhh I didn't watch Queen Seondeok yet (newbie yoopie here :tongue:) but I know BTS V from Hwarang and from the little I saw of Yoo Seung Ho in Queen Seondeok I couldn't see the resembence :lol: but maybe older yoopies can give you a better/more sure answer!! :D:tongue:

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  13. 4 minutes ago, Berou said:

    Ms Koala published an article about the Gucci Event : http://koalasplayground.com/2018/02/02/big-name-k-stars-don-subdued-overly-labeled-gucci-outfits-brand-event-seoul/#comments


    Everyone in the comments section is raving about YSH :wub:


    @sakura2016 Haha thank you.  I guess I beat the experts- analysis / investigators who give in depth analysis of the BTS/ pics/ gifs or whatever you fill in the blank. My amazing contribution was even mentioned in dramabeans by  the beanies LOL.  I must have surely made a big impression on some of them :tongue:. I'm a certified netizen FBI agent :lol:B)


    It's sad to hear he got hurt as a child by adults :huh:, he has already mentioned this in some of his past interviews.  I hope he gets one day a very good movie offer that'd push him to accept it without any hesitation. The best would be a movie with some box office hitmakers names attached to it because if he's the only star in the movie aka in the only who will bring in viewers, he will carry a huge burden on his shoulders. If he wants to leave his imprint in movieland and be active in chungmuro he should start by accepting and playing  2 nd lead roles or supporting roles, then little by little making his way to the top. He needs to have a few hits under his belt so that great scripts  by great directors and writers will come to him afterwards. If he doesn't make hit movies or  his movies fail at the box office, obviously the good offers won't go to him because his name and reputation are going to be affected. 



    yeah I saw it :D and was happy Yoo Seung Ho was one of the 3 she liked their outfit :wub: hhhhhhh and how all were commenting how handome he is and missed him already!! :wub:


    hhhhhhhhhh you are indeed chingu!! :wink::thumbsup::lol: and I knew it was you they mentioned in dramabeans the moment I read the comments!! :wink::D


    being a child actor wasn't that easy after all :( but he grew to become this great man!! :heart:


    I hope so as well and I'm sure Yoo Seung Ho is one of the actors who would be totally fine with taking a second lead role as long as he finds it challenging for him!! from what I remember I read he was the one who asked to take Yeo Woon's role in Warrior Baek Dong Soo drama when he was offered the male lead's role finding it more benefitting to him as an actor...ok I found it :D “Yoo Seung-ho decided that as an actor, the villainous Yeo-woon role would be a big help in expanding his acting range, which is why he chose to take it.” http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/04/yoo-seung-ho-gets-villainous-for-warrior-baek-dong-soo/ so I have no doubt that he'd take in a good offered role to him even if he's not to be the 1st lead!! lets hope he gets great challenging roles that lifts his confidence in taking in movies like he regained his confidence in his acting ability as a male lead outside of child actor image (as if that was questionable to begin with) through Ruler!! :D


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  14. 16 hours ago, justlove said:

     My dad is really eager to start watching Remember because he’s interested in the plot too, but my mom found KMK so charming she doesn’t want to let go of IANAR yet so I don’t know what they’ll decide to do first Lol.


    I can't wait to know what your father will think of him after watching Remember!! :D I'm sure he'll become his n°1 fan!! :wink::D


    15 hours ago, Berou said:
    16 hours ago, justlove said:



    Yoo Seung Ho joked, “Maybe it was because it had been a while since I wore my uniform, but it was hard. Even wearing it made me frustrated and angry.”



     Awww why did he feel angry ? for what reason ? :o


    @justlove your dad is going to become his number one fan after watching remember :lol:, IMO Remember is his best work.  Remember had plotholes too but they were not huge like  IANAR's. And the acting of the cast was on another level, there were no acting holes. The excellent acting could make us ignore  the plot holes. And YSH really shined. The story was sad, thrilling and captivating


    @Berou hhhhhh and he confirmed it himself: it's his uniform only changed the name tag!! :D great jo chingu!! :thumbsup::wink:


    wonder why he was frustrated and angry?!! :blink: is it because it's his own uniform which brought all its/his memories of that time and he wanted it to stay solely part of his personel/private life?!! but somehow I feel that if Yoo Seung Ho didn't really serve his military service he wouldn't have filmed that scene!! I feel it that way at least!!


    he's the reason for my suffering there so totally agree with you!! he was :thumbsup::heart: there!! :D


    14 hours ago, hyania said:

    @justlove I'm really glad to hear that your parents love YSH. Like @Berou said YSH has a wide range of fans. Like you my parents also a big fans of YSH (I had mentioned it before here). After IANAR end my father kind of missing YSH and luckily our cable channel re-run Remember and my father and mom watch it again (I caught him crying yesterday while watching the scene where Jin Woo cried for his dead father). He is going further with taking hearing aid prescription which he always refuse so that he can hear the drama clearly (It took me years to convince him to use hearing aid. He is 74 yo). My parents and I fall in love with his acting ability and then with his personality. He is indeed a rare gem. My partner who is Korean now has to be extra patience because not only me who love YSH but also my parents. They even think YSH as their grandson becoz based on age he can be my son :lol:.

    Reading his recent interview, I cant help but admiring him more. He has his own believes and I'm really happy he keeps it and not influenced by common practice in the industry. I'm happy he satisfied with IANAR. He proves himself as a versatile actor and for me IANAR is one of his best project beside Remember. And of course the famous kissing scene :wub:.

    I just want him to be happy and satisfy with everything he did/does and hope we can see a news about his new project in few moths.


    awwwwww that's so sweet!! :wub::wub::wub: poor your partner though!! :lol:...so your parents watched IANAR with you?!! that would have been great fun!! :D


    yeah me too!! I feel so proud of him and keep falling for him more and more seeing the kind of actor and person he is who's not giving compromises to follow what's common practice and win more swooning fans the easier way but winning his fans through his great talent while holding on to his principles which is admirable!! :heart:


    same wish!! :wub:


    more inteterview parts translated!! :D cr: yooseungho_world


    still you grow well Yoo Seung Ho-ssi!! :heart:

    hhhhhhhhhhh I was thinking about that whenever I saw his scenes with the actor Kim Min Kyu!! :lol:

    owwww I can guess how intimidating it can be to take in a new movie project especially that his last 2 didn't do well!! let's hope he gets offered a great movie offer that makes him surpass that fear and take it for the challenge it will offer him as an actor!! Yoo Seung Ho Fighting!! :heart:

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    1 hour ago, Berou said:

    @justlove LMAO  his shyness kills me every time. IANAR supposed to have a bed scene and he refused ??? It makes me admire him even more.  This resonatse with his first scene in IANAR, I think it wasn't precised in the script he should wear a tank top but he did it because he  isuncomfortable doing fanservice scenes. I just love how he follows his principles and doesn't bend over when he's asked to do some fanservice scenes such as shirtless scenes or bed scenes. You can ask him to do " adult kissing" and kiss with passion his partner but he will always refuse to do bed scenes or shirtless scenes. There is a line drew by him and he will not cross over that line any time soon. 


    Has your mom watched Remember ? Make them watch Remember :tongue:. I guess your dad needs a little of time to become his fan. Sadly in korea ratings DO matter when it comes to awards. So it's almost sure YSH and the cast won't receive any acting award.


    @justlove's father is actually a fan wanting Yoo Seung Ho to win awards and watching IANAR that's not his genre of dramas :wink::D...@justlove now your mother can rewatch IANAR with your father then Remember as you said he's planning to watch it!! :D


    @Berou he can win popularity award for IANAR!! :wink: though really I want him to win real acting awards not (only) popularity ones!!


    "10/10 because it's my idea" :lol: love coy and playful Yoo Seung Ho!! :wub::lol: and yes he's not the kind to follow fanservice scenes (shirtless scenes or bed scenes) which I'm so happy and proud of him for!! he follows his own rules and principles and makes those working with him respect his rules as well!! :heart:

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  16. 22 hours ago, blissfullyblessed said:

    Yups I saw Hoktal. He was a farmer in Kim Seondal. It was just for few seconds but I saw his face clearly because he had few lines. Kekeke!


    I already joined the petition for YSH PH fanmeet but sad to say the output is too low. They are targeting 3,000 petitioners but we only have 320 more or less. I know that this project is far from becoming reality as of this time but who knows when Ruler and IANAR starts to air here. There is no harm in trying right!??. I will definitely attend his fanmeet if ever there is in the future. Still can't move on from IANAR and have been rewatching 2 to 3 episodes everyday. :bawling:


    Btw, I saw a shared IG post at IANAR thread and roughly ( as per google trans ) it says that the IG owner was able to interview YSH. I really hope that this is true!:wub:


    and now he got to really act with Yoo Seung Ho!! hhhhhhh


    it's good enough for now!! :D I'm sure in the future the fans number will increase enough to have him have a fan meeing there!! :D:wub:


    he did!! :w00t::wub:


    39 minutes ago, Berou said:

     Same here, he has mentioned a few times since last year he wants to do a villain. He has mentioned it this time too. So can I hope to see him playing a villain ?:rolleyes: i've always wanted him to play again a villain

    If he does, he is going to slay it haha. I just want him to play a villain so he'll get maybe a break out performance. As a matter of a fact I know many actors got popular after playing a villain : Nam Gong min in Remember, Kim Jae Wook in the Voice, Uhm Ki Joon in the defendant and  the ghost, Shin Sung Rok in my love from another star,  Choi Tae Joon in Missing 9 and many more. Since Remember Nam Gong Min is flying high and gets offers for male lead roles, before it he was relegated in doing supporting/ 2nd lead roles. 


    I really hope he takes on a great villain role and I'm sure he'll be phnemoninal :heart: but I need to prepare my heart for it or my consciences if I ever end up rooting for him instead of hating him you know!! :lol::tongue:


    and he did an interview!! :w00t::wub: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WANTING TO "BRAG" ABOUT THE DRAMA YOO SEUNG HO-SSI!! :heart:I'm so happy that seeing how much IANAR is loved overseas made him (and the entire team) see past the low rating and was a sorce of strength for him (them)!! and it helped him see that he did a great job as an actor regardless of the rating which is what he's looking for not the numbers!! :wub: thank you so much @Berou @justlove for the interviews!! :wub: he looks sooooooooo handsome and happy (may he always be)!! :heart: 

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