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  1. After what her husband said, I just wished forJI and SI mom to take a drink and just slap her husband because he think that make it ok (if she wasn't pregnant, I would want SI to do it too).
  2. I am not particulary for any of the two (but if I was, I would chose the prof) but I would like for the deer to be lying and making the prof think he is not the husband so he can be with her as Geum. I would like it better storytelling wise. (I won't be mad if she end with geum exept the fact that in the end, they made a guy truly fall for a girl to end up heart-broken)
  3. The person at dramamilk who recap this show is so right. I want them so mutch apart now. It make me even feel like the worst because I nearly believe that they make her loose her child so she doesn't seem that bad of a person when they got back together. We got 4 episodes left and it mean they will get back together but I so don't want it right now. If the writers can make me change my mind, that would make them genius.
  4. I kind of think it's "logical" (drama logical) for JE to get nothing and SH to only get one year in jail. Unlike SH, the worst thing JE did was not driving over HN and nearly destroying a dress). Je didn't go to the cop and if SH haven't, she wouldn't evven have gone to jail. I don't think HN, JH or EA would have testified against her and demand that she will be forever in jail unlike with YR mom and JE demanding the worst. HN and JH could even demand the minimum for grandma sake. The last 10 episodes weirdly bored me. I don't mind seeing the evil be evil and sheming (especially since they were losing in the end) but I would have wanted to see HN and HK weeding episode 105-110 with JE and SH forced to attend it and be angry at it but able to do nothing. Then while having them married and happy for more than 10 episodes, we see them taking down the mother and child team. The great thing with this drama was the kisses. The last dayly I watched was lover in bloom and we got only 2 (don't remember a 3 one) for our main couple. Lover in bloom got better actor for me but the romance was poorly done unlike here where it was good exept the moment they weren't together because of HK mom. Anyway, this dayly will not get at the level of ugly alert (people should truly watch it) but it was enjoyable. I don't think I will watch the next one. P.S. : I would love seeing the wedding and not just a picture.
  5. I still find it amazing how easy it was for SH to find someone to impersonate the guy telling JH that SH was dead or the guys to do the kidnapping. She is not a criminal before and doesn't have any relation with this kind of world.
  6. Logically speaking and with how many episode left, HK must confront his mother today or tomorrow. Latter would be weird. I wish to see HK go see JH and beg her to give nothing to his mom. When she will learn that JH is HN mom too, she will change her mind and I just hope everybody see it and just stop caring about what she think.
  7. It was like that in lover in bloom too. Everybody was hurting the male lead. Even the main girl. The only thing I want now is for HG to say in front of all his familly what his mom did then move out.
  8. I couldn't watch today episode (even raw). So tired of the pointless break-up but for what I read on this tread, with HN bio mom at the hospital, I think the good think the writer could do would be to make HK always there for her and her sister in that moment and so she realise she must fight for him. She can't just break up with him because it's becoming hard. I feel it's becoming worse for HK because he is more and more alone. They never used the bromance with Leo, his dad is a spineless dumb guy, his mom is the worst, his sister is useless, his co-worker (JE) is just making thing hard for him (her mom too), ... The only person he could count on was HN and now she want to break up. The guy as so mutch to deal with at home and can't do anything about it but at least when he was with HN, he could forget the pain, just move on and be happy. He never told anyone about what kind of person his mom is and what she has done to him. He doesn't have anymore true ally who will help him.
  9. The best is still ugly alert. The only problem the main couple have come from them and not other. There is amazing acting. Chemestry, .... Lovers in bloom was really not well balanced. From episode 7x (when the guy playing DK "save" the main girl child) to episode 114 when they kiss and go back together, it was hard. Especially until episode 10x where not really anything happen exept everybody hurting the main guy again and again (even the main girl was hurting him). The second character were nothing new at all and so cliche. You got the mother, grandmother and sister acting like HK mom. All the guys were spineless. The other girl who like the main guy was cliche too (we dreamed of a girlmance for once but got nothing but boring stuff). The bad guy weren't really that punished in the end. Lovers in bloom will stay in my mind a drama who could have been so great with an amazing premise and a great main cast (the main couple were great, especially the main actress). This drama got many problem (second character so mutch cliche and useless/boring) but as for the main couple, for me the only problem is that they start everything 10 episodes too late. We got too mutch HN following DK around.
  10. I just wish that for once a kdama parent would just admit the kind of person they are and not acting like the amazing people they think they are. I could accept a mother saying "I just think about my pride and don't care about my child happiness". Right now I just want HK to say in front of all his family what his mom truly say at the hospital when he hurt his leg and for them and her to realise what kind of person she is. I am truly afraid that we will never see it.
  11. Chae Soo-bin is so beautifull and a great actress, when I see her dancing in the preview she look so pretty. I don't know how the drama will go from there but if there is fantasy in it, the writer and co did a great job hiding it until now (just hope it's not a android too because we already got I am not a robot already this year with her).
  12. @stroppyse didn't see you on the same tread as me since a poem a day I think. I love that we still go the "I love you" now and then. I feel like it was more said in 2 week than all the other drama this year. I want JE and DK relationship to grow fast without us seeing to mutch of it so when the reveal about what JE and her mom did, DK and Je got more hurt both.
  13. I watched the ending this morning (work stopped me from commenting about it sooner) and I was so disapointed. I rewatched the ending of episode 12 just after because I feel like it was the highest of this drama. Instead, after SH disapear, their mom would ask KH to take his place to protect his bro and to look for him. I wanted it to be the red string on this drama. While doing that, he learn that her perfect son was corrupted and decide to be better than him to show his bro and mom. I wanted that at episode 13-14, we saw the fight with the corrupt prosecutor, SC and co then at the end of episode 14, they reveal that It's KH and not SH. We see that people KH was fair to defend him and all. I found what we got boring. I could accept it until the end of episode 12 but then I feel we go directly to just the romance.
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