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  1. But in the end she end up with she SL and personally I wanted her to end up with the king for the same reason that I wanted the FL with the king in flower crew joseon marriage agency (the fact that in both case didn't happen truly made me feel that both drama are melo with sad ending). Anyway it's true that unlike the king in love was about friendship, I would have love SH and JB has friend (I think the drama was so bad that anything can make it better) but even if the writer wanted to say that about the friendship, the true is san loved rin but yoona wasn't told and I believe that acting is also in act of restrain. I was on the thread of the king in love and you take all episode exept the last and you can have as mutch proof that san loves rin than she loved the king. The writer just wanted to have the triangle until the end. Sorry for the off topic. My point is that for an actor to do the best job, he or she must know what the character is supposed to feel. I am not sure that JSY was properly told.
  2. This drama in a way make me remember the king in love. Yoona who play the FL in that drama said in a interview that she wasn't told who her character loved until the last episode and couldn't show in her acting any sign that show it until the end of the drama. I can't stop but believe that the writer never told JSY who SB loved so she acted like she what everybody in the world though was logical : SB loved SH and SB had only brother-sister/teacher-pupil feeling for JB. Then, episode 15, she was told that her character don't know if she loved SH or JB and at the end, was told episode 16 that SB loved JB. In episode 15, when HE take over SB body, she loved HB/SH then as soon as SB take back her body, she didn't know. Maybe for the writer, SB love JB and HE love HB. As long as SB didn't remember HE life, she was both character but then, after she recall everything, she dissociate what HE felt for HB and what she felt for SH. I honestly just try to defend JSY who I believe is a better actress than what she was given to work with (I saw her in other drama being good).
  3. I barely watch 2 full episode, I nearly read all post here. Love this thread too.
  4. Thanks for the welcolme. I wanted more of the past and more precisely HE and HB being fluffy, not that mutch JC. I wanted as mutch HE and HB in the past as SB and JB in the present before they remember their past. Like that, we would have time to love each couple equally and with both HB and JB being great guy, you could think that even if you prefer one, you could understand if SB choose the other. I wanted the conflict to be more internal between past and present personality in each character. You would have : a) eternal love with HB b) current love with JB You have the question if having the memory make you the person or not and SB would have to choose who she like and most important, who she is. Same for HE with SA witch who he would have been happy till now. Can you forget the present life you created just because you have mermory of another person, especially if the present life is good. And the more interesting about having another previous life that we would only know at the end (like last episode), you would realise that the truth was first : a) eternal love with past past JB b) current love with HB c) current love with JB I don't want you to take it wrongly at all and I truly believe that you can think/want what you want but I believe (and I can be wrong) you juste wanted SB and SH together in a romantic drama about them while I personally wanted a drama about the importance of memory and if just having memory make you that person (I feel you are more interested in a drama about the relationship of those two character while I was more interested about a drama about reincarnation and the involvement it creates). Again, I don't say that to tell you that what I think is better, it's just what I believe.
  5. Hi, silent reader on this thread. I have to admit that I stop watching this drama for a while but I follow this forum (I love this forum). I have to admit that I am so disapointed by what I believe this drama could have been more than by the romance. I would have love if they did something like : - 1 or 2 episodes more in the past with them showing us more off HE and HB happy togethher, never showing us JC killing anybody but making us believe he did. Then they die together in the snow but nobody find the corpse. -In the present, SH (still being the same type of prosecutor) in love with a good SA and planning to get married too. We also habe SB together and truly happy with JB. JB still has is bad family and all but let go of all because of SB and is truly happy and good. -SH and SB meet and form some kind of kindship and trust but nothing more (they are both happy in a relationship). -Then a killer like JC was reappears and they investigate it. After 4-6 episodes at least after the begining of the present, SH and SB found their old body and remember everything. -At that point it would be for both of them to have to choice between behing their past self or the person they are now. For SH to want to be with a SA with who he always been happy or a SB that he promised eternal love. For SB it's more complicated because while she is truly happy with JB, she know he was JC before. -They both at first try to make sure JB don't remember anything but at some point he see something (like JC body) and faint. -While in his in the hospital, to protect SB, SH kill JB. -Then, while investigating the new JC, they found tha JC was innocentand it's father was the true murderer. -At some point SB realise it's not her second life but a third one. In the first one, she and JB died together and promise to find each other in the next life. JC found HE but realising he can't never be with her, he decide to die and give her his heart so he can be with her another way. Unlike now, where as soon JB and SH remember their past, it would have been about choising with person they were (they would have been as mutch the past self than the present one). SB an SH would have the choice while SH would have been robing JB of his. P.S. : Sorry for the long post and the spelling, it's been a while since I have written in english