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  1. 1 hour ago, USAFarmgirl said:


    Life of the rich & famous?  Not so much... More like life of the lost & lonely...


    @kokodus & @kaoriharang thankful my Chingu's are here and other familiar faces too:w00t:   In just 6 episodes we are given some of what makes up each character's life and personality and a peek into where they have been and where they are.  All it would seem are a part of a large spiderweb weaved within and touching each other in someway or another. 


    Though I am not sure if TH & SH's parents are having a currant affair or one that was halted because of an accident and loss of life and the regret that would follow.  Maybe even having at one time their own thoughts of happiness a beginning after a divorce only to find themselves stuck in the middle with no where to go and no real ending to their love story either.  For it is easy to see there is still love there within that embrace.  That time couldn't change and that can't be denied no matter how hard they try.


    I still worry for TH who although knows about SH's ways want's to believe in the goodness that could lie within him it's who she is.  My hope continues to be that instead of revenge for another SH will choose love for TH instead...


    the parents didn't meet for too long so they aren't really on an affair right now but we're to see how their relationship would be in the future!! they still have feelings for each other, that's clearly seen!!


    I still need subs but Shi Hyun obviously has started shaken and wanted to stop this game till Soo Ji lost her mind!! she's the one terrifying me here!! if he can't stop her madness and and keep on doing what she wishes from him I fear for him the most!! :confounded:


    Full BTS of the kiss scene!! :tongue: 



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  2. 3 hours ago, Table122000 said:

    Right now, the Soo Ji "revenge" plot is just way to expose the character's warped mindset/attitude. Ki Young smiled at Tae Hee with genuine affection as he never did with Soo Ji. Therefore, Soo Ji hates Tae Hee. Soo Ji can never have Ki Young so Tae Hee must never have Ki Young. Soo Ji hurts so Tae Hee must hurt more.  Normal, mentally healthy Soo Ji would just move on but of course this Soo Ji  is not mentally healthy.  Why must Park Hye Jung pay? Still not sure.  Again, writer could have done a better job of showing Soo Ji thought process if this "revenge' isn't really "revenge". 


    Soo Ji's revenge is more a revenge for her hurt pride "he chose them over me (for higher status or real feelings) so I'll ruin them so he won't have them" it's crazy but like you said she doesn't have a healthy mentalityto begin with!! she still have some hope if she tries to get better and have someone that will help her to get better but it's a big "IF" there!!


    2 hours ago, biancapot said:

    If you go back to the scene where he visits his mom, he actually talks about him hitting someone earlier. He said he seemed like his dad, and he hated it (not verbatim lol, can't remember the exact words). So he's usually very non violent because his dad is violent and he has trauma about it. When I saw the mom, she looked quite older than I expected, and so it made me wonder if the head of the family is his gramps or his dad... I can't remember him calling the older person anything so I can't be sure.


    the sneeky woman calls the old man by "abeonim"/father so he must be Se Joo's grandfather, right?!!



    subs are out!! :D


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  3. 54 minutes ago, A-L-1-9-9-4 said:

    God! It's so complicated .

    SH's dad might be TH's biological dad.

    SH's dad and TH's mom are in love.

    S-ji likes SH.

    SH may be likes S-ji, but now he is falling for TH.

    And poor Se-joo likes Soo-ji.

    It getting messy.

    And lots of heartbreak 's coming up.

    Almost every charecter will go through it.

    TH, SH , their parents, S-ji,S-joo, TH's friend. All of them are up for major heartbreak.



    But after watching todays clips .

    I wonder why Se-joo takes up beating at his house, because after watching Se-joo punching that guy who was misbehaving with Soo-ji it's quiet clear that he can fight back.

    And I would love to see him fight back to his grandfather.


    And does anyone else think that white big pot like artifact  which SH's mom and he was seeing in the flashback might be made by TH's mom. 



    add to it Shi Hyun's "uncle" might be his real father and his jerk "father" is his uncle instead!!


    I never believed Se Joo was taking beating because he was weak!! he's just letting them do as they please while being their dissapointment son!! but that will come to an end eventually!!


    it's Tae Hee's mother's 99.99%!! they wouldn't gie it an importance and care enough to mention it wasmade by an unknown artist if it wasn't made by Tae Hee's mother!!

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  4. 28 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Lmao I really laughed out reading your View!! I thought the same!! 

    Yes he is brother's kid!! I think his mom n him were forced on his present father so he had let go of TH's mom!!.. SH is true heir of the family as u could see the grandma putting pressure on his father to train him up to take up the heir position.. I think his father has resentment coz of this.. He might have despised his elder brother n his family.. So looking at his son, he might be hating him!! 


    I'm wondering which is worst: being his mother's husband who hated him and used him to be the chairman? or being his uncle who hated him and used him to be a chairman?!! should I really believe that that jerk had a slight intention of marrying Tae Hee's mother if it wasn't for his family's pressure on him (if they did that) at the risk of losing everything for her?!! did he ever had a heart before losing his 1st love?!! we're to see!! 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    lol.. based on comments does hero's father have a thing for his son.. like some hidden being in his son's awe..


    whenever his son likes a girl, daddy goes for mom? first with the friend's mom.. now with future gf's mom?


    Also am i correct that in ep 3-4, they mentioned WDH is actually daddy's brother's child? mommy and daddy's bro had a thing.. seems he died and this guy married mom... therefore he can't throw WDH out of family because elders want him.. he is a true heir..


    hhhhhhhhhhhh that didn't cross y mind!! :lol: but even funnier is how the "son" he doesn't like actually will fall for the daughter of his 1st love if she's not his own daughter as wel!! these two are fated indeed!! :lol: 


    what?!! that's crazy!! :blink: as if they were norman before!! I won't be surprised anymore if that was right after all!! 


    6 minutes ago, biancapot said:

    I feel like all the meetings they had at the beginning and throughout the episodes were meant to convey that he had a hard time and he was having no progress after weeks of trying to woo her. But it wasn't very satisfyingly written, it didn't convey the oassage of time or the hardships well. I think they are trying to get minor details out of the way quickly, which probably means they have a lot of story to cover for the series.


    and from the look of it there is a lot of complicated stories for sure!! :blink: 

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  6. 6 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Again the great seducer rules naver 



    that's good to see!! :D 


    I just remembered something, true that Tae Hee will admit liking Shi Hyun (if it's not his imagination again :lol:) but we shouldn't forget that she'll throw him to the floor as well while he's being sweet to her!! :lol: 


    cr: red_clous_


    that was an expected reply to his kind offer (3:54) :lol: 



    well he deserved her confession after being traumatised by the grandmothers and thrown harshly to the floor!! :lol: 

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  7. 53 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    yeah right complicated huh?


    WELL if SH really isnt his son, technically there is no issue. but legally i suppose there is after all, IF TH's mother and SH's father get married they will technically be step siblings.


    the one thing that makes this connection really scary to me is that the person who is most affected of course is non other than SJ's mother and herself. I am afraid this will spur SJ on more to ruin TH. Although I know she has protested to her mother and SH's father ot get married, still I think she will take this upon as greater insult towards her and her family.


    This just strengthen SJ's need to exact revenge and will push SH to complete the seduction.


    oh great, then TH's friend clearly was not doing any favours for TH but clearing to misunderstanding.


    but I am excited to see how it will all unfold, clearly TH will also have her own 'seduction' of SH.



    Shi Hyun's father will never be able to marry Tae Hee's mother nor will he dare to even think about it for the same reasons that kept them from being together in the past: his status and greed as a chaebol son!! so no worries there!! 


    yeah I think so too!! it's like a double insult to her and her mother being looked over and used by 2 men who had a crush on other women that hapened to be a mother and her daughter!! that's bad!!


    yeah and she even told her about his mother which I want to know what was it exactly but it softened Tae Hee toward him for sure!!


    the fun part is when he's playing to get her heart he's not aware he left his own heart ungarded!! that's bad for him!! :lol::wink: 


    53 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:
    54 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    i don't know.. But still I wanted her to be little bit more brazen.. I could see her melting up instantly.. Is it coz he did little things like her father.. But still she let her guard soon as we could see her imagining him in the bus stop standing n waiting n etc etc!!.. She didn't get to know enough stuff abt him till now.. Just some facts provided by her friend!! I would love to see them as friends before lovey dicey relationship!!.. I want Tae Hee to understand every sides of Shi Hyun even the sides he hides.. *complex*


    well like @sal2 said maybe it is in SH's mind.

    I can see TH having a crush on SH, that I think it is okay but I want her to be rather standoff-ish with him.


    But we have to remember that TH has 0 experience when it comes to love or the whole relationship thing, so for her she is rather gullible in some sense as well.


    I want SH to be totally whipped by TH :tongue: like a love sick puppy


    right it can be another imaginary moment :lol: but even if not I think it's ok that she admitted liking him by now!! he kept showering her with his care telling her he's interested in her while she kept turning him down so getting there is understandable!! after all it wasn't withing couple days even if it was couple episodes for us!! 


    hhhhhhhhhhh he will I'm sure!! he won't even realise it till it's too late for him!! :lol::tongue: 


    edit: @icyphoenix it can be!! but good thing Shi Hyun is aware he's not his biological son and Tae Hee has his DNA test!! it must come to use since he asked her to keep it with her and throw it after few months which means it will make an appearance again when things gets complicated between them in the future!!


    well the dark side of the drama needs to stay intact no?!! 

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  8. 43 minutes ago, Berou said:






    This is because  villains are hated and get tragic end most of the times. So his fans dont want him to get  hate and  meet another tragic end.  This boils down to confusing reel from real ( I read many comments on IG or Twitter  recently where INAR fans think KMK is YSH,hence confusing the character with the actor for the sole reason YSH seems as cute,puppish and charming as KMK).The ones who benefit the popularity of dramas are meal lead/protagonists  the most and in the long term,whereas  villains need to prove themselves again in another drama. Their popularity is within a short time even though they might leave a strong impression. Some actors got popular with villains but either they lost their momentum or they couldn't break into the system and snatch  first lead roles.  There are a few who were really smart, used that opportunity to go bigger, I'm thinking about  NGM. The conversation  about villains is really timely, I watched this morning  some old episodes of  Happy together and  I was surprised to see NGM 's cameo.  You see, after remember he received calls to appear in variety shows. Even if YSH gets  international stardom but struggles to get a break out domestically  he will  never receive the first dibs or the best offers.  He will always get the second third and so on. Thus there is no wonder he gets critics for being bad at choosing projects. How can he choose  good projects if the chances are denied to him from the beginning?  You know how much  Im dying to see him playing an antagonist,he needs to go bad and show a different side  of him :not an childlish and secluded chaebol unaware of real world, not a crown prince with high morals  pursuing to save his people,not a son pursuing  revenge and becoming a lawyer in order to clean his father's name.  With a different role, a different  character and a different side of him he might  stand a bigger chance to get some momentum domestically. It's been  3 years since his discharge  but he has still not gotten a good acting gig propulsing his career both overseas and  in korea. The only one that seemed to bring some benefits (which needs to be partially proven since 2018 is a promising year for kdramas and there are some upcoming dramas that are highly anticipated + IANAR is slated to air in  25 other countries) is IANAR, however koreans slept on it. 


    I ll edit my post later to play with templates, my hand felt again itchy haha. I wanted to chip in


    yeah I know but still it's a great opportunity for the actors (like you mentioned) showing different side of them and learning experiance for them which I want for him!!


    hhhhhhhhh yeah that's a problem for the fans who can't distinguish the actor from his roles!! but that's how great Yoo Seung Ho is to make them totally believe his acting right?! :wink: 


    agree with you, he still need to take a role/drama where he'll change his child actor image for good!! he's starting it with Ruler and IANAR showing his ability as a male lead and romance partner and gaining more popularity now he needs a project that will do well both domestically and internationally!! let's pray for it!! :) 


    hhhhhhhhh welcome, welcome, happy I got you to chip in!! :tongue::D 

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  9. 15 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    chingu you are talking TH's mother and SH's father right? haha!


    But that is some triangle right there. or is it a square?


    TH's mother <-> SH's father


    SJ's mother -> (marrying) SH's father


    SJ <-?-> SH


    SH -> (seducing)TH


    such a confuse relationship chart.



    it's complicated indeed!! :blink: good thing Shi Hyun isn't really that jerk's son so some complication is pulled off? or does that make it more complicated?!! :lol: 


    15 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:


    22 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:

    Yes I too felt the same.. I wanted Shi Hyun to fall for her first.. But in preview we could see some moments where he is little drawn to her.. But still I m not much happy with this soon falling of Tae hee in Shi Hyun's web!! 


    right? I mean in tonight's episode it does seem that ETH does know what kind of person SH is.

    So what made her have a crush and have almost 180 degree change I am rather confuse.


    I definitely need subs for tonight's episode. But I really would love to see SH fall more for her rather than the other way round - at least at first.


    Because once ETH admits she has feelings for him, he will begin her seduction for sure.


    we need subs for sure!! but from the look of it it looks like Tae Hee's friend cleared the "missanderstanding" Tae Hee had on Shi Hyun and she appologized for it in today's episode and it maybe she found out about her having a crush on Se Joo not Shi Hyun which would've made her put down her guards from him!! 


    still I love how he got to act outside of his own setted plans and be himself around her and the grandmother which she saw and was affected by I'm sure!! :wub: 


    the 2nd BTS full video!! :) 




    hhhhhhhhh how he was like a little kid who tainted his clothes while eating!! :lol::wub: 

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  10. 16 minutes ago, kaoriharang said:

    I have to admit after seeing the preview

    I was a little taken back that ETH had rather quickly fallen for SH, i thought that there would be a more push-pull going on at least this week.



    it's great thing she managed to get it this far for me!! :lol: we're not sure she'll admit her feelings for him by the start or the end of next episode still but either ways she managed to make him work hard for quite a long time before she got there which is admirable from her side!! :lol: how could she resiste him that long?!! :tongue: hhhhhhhhhhh


    13 minutes ago, icyphoenix said:




    thank you for the BTS and YT videos!! :wub: 


    it was sweet of him how he tried to block the wind from her with his body and coat!! :wub: 


    full BTS video!! :) 



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  11. awwwww that was so sweet!! :wub: happy to see his genuine side with the grandmother!! :wub: she eased some of the trauma the other grandmothers caused him!! :lol: 




    his "you hate me that much" made me feel sad though I know his plans!! shame on him and me!! :lol: 




    uhmm Soo Ji isn't that heartless after all (as much as she's fine with hurting people for her plans) but we have hope still!! and ramyon cooking between our OTP?!! cute!! :wub: 




    why can't she see Se Joo's love for her?!! feel bad for him!!



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  12. hhhhhhhhhh is it bad of me to enjoy their hillarious planning meeting?!! :lol: 






    she's affected by him but still she's giving him a hard time and he's to act outside of his perfect plan and get affected as well!! I love that!! :D 




    that jerk is making a move on that little girl?!! she's too innocent not getting any of what's happening around her!! poor girl!! 




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  13. 1 hour ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016 Thank you for always posting updates.  I should do it more often but l'm a bit busy. Yes I also thought he forged only SJK's and PBG's as it was stated in a previous article. Omo  YSH beating  LJS  ? It feels surreal ! It just proves how popular he is at the moment. 



    Have you seen this template?



    it's ok you can post more whenever yo get free time and in the meantime I can be useful posting here while you're busy!! :wink::D 


    I'm wondering how they reacted knowing about him forging their signature!! :lol: 


    yeah and Kim Soo Hyun in another poll as well!! :D I feel so happy seeing how he's gaining more fans and getting more populer!! :wub::D 


    oh yeah I saw it but I keep forgetting to post them, posting other things instead!! ah with my memorie!! :lol: 


    there is more!! :D 












    why only few loved/wished seeing him in antagonist roles?!! :( as much as it would break my heart I still want to see him taking a great compelling antagonist role actually!! :D:tongue: he'd be awesome in it I'm sure!! :wink::wub: 

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  14. 9 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

    It would really be awesome to see SH have a personal growth as a result of ETH's involvement and all that.

    Clearly we are heading for somewhat of a mess but let's see how it all turns out.


    a mess is there but we still can hope for good results out of it eventually!!


    8 hours ago, biancapot said:

    Hey, chingu hehe that's so cute how you call us chingu. I wonder how the grandma will change tunes once she realizes shihyun may not be her grandson. As someone else said, she seems the type to care about blood relations. I'm still holding hope that dad is just protecting him from the miserable chaebol life lol, though he seems too cold to have such noble hidden intentions.


    thank you!! :blush:


    well I can see her turning cold with him but still will try to keep him as her heir!! she won't risk such a big scandal (her son raising his wife's child from another man all these years) to ruin their perfect image and thus affecting their company's statu as well!! they still need him as their familie's only male heir!! 


    hhhhhhhhhhh you're innocent chingu!! a "father" who raised his "son" only because he needed to have a son to be where he is and slapped him with the painful truth with no remorse and kicking him out of the house when he saw he won't live up to his expectations to be a useful appropriate heir would be caring enough to protect him from their heartless chaebol life?!! :lol: that man's only concern is the company and his position in it!! <_< 


    8 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    New still cuts 



    he's really good in this!! poor Tae Hee!! :lol::wub: well as long as she keeps making things hard for him despite her heart fluttering (that it can't be helped) I'm fine!! :wink: hhhhhhhhh


    6 hours ago, Yippeun_eonnie said:


    Your explanation really make sense, I re watched the episode again and I did heard jaggeun aboeji and the chairwoman. 

    Well the big question is why he still cover the fact that Shi Yun is not his blood related.... and why everything will go to Shi Yun as an Heir


    he needed a heir and having a male heir is even better and as long as he's the chairman while Shi Hyun is still not interested nor good enough to take over his position he'll make his best use of him!!


    6 hours ago, Yippeun_eonnie said:

    When your crush is coming devil laugh leafdevil laugh leafdevil laugh leaf


    Anyone can guess about this??


    so Tae Hee new Shi Hyun, Soo Ji and Se Joo when they were kids?!! :blink: that can be a good thing having good memories with them that can help them getting closer to Tae Hee and changing them to the better?!! I hope so at least!!


    1 hour ago, scarletlover1 said:

    Wait, wait, wait. What's going on here?


    We getting a little sexy times, huh? In a library? Shame on ya'll trying to tempt us like this! :lol:

    It's not fair when he wears those glasses. Every time he wears them since Save Me and Mad Dog, I always find him adorable and sexy in them! I can't focus!:blush:


    shame on him indeed!! :lol: I love men in glasses and he makes good use of it looking more approchable while being sexy in them!! :wub: poor Tae Hee...and us!! :lol::tongue: 




    hhhhhhhhhhhh if the library scene was only Shi Hyun's imagination I'll die laughing!! :lol::lol::lol: 




    hhhhhhhhhhhhh I love this girl!! don't mess with her!! :lol::lol::lol: 



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  15. 5 minutes ago, meiil said:
    New stills, I think these might be for ep 7/8 on Tuesday.
    I remember them being caught shooting this scene last week.


    thank you for the stills!! :wub:


    you know I want to strangle him right?!! why is he making it this hard for her?!! I'm swooning and blushing from here :blush: what's her state then!! hhhhhhhhhhh be still girl, be still, I know it's hard but don't let him get his wish!!

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  16. 8 minutes ago, marinated_lemon said:


    The guy playing as Lee Ki Young was in While You Were Sleeping, played as the police officer who was about to commit suicide by drowning himself on the lake after his brother killed his boss (lee jong suk's dad)


    thank you so much!! :D finally I got from where I saw him before!! I was going crazy feeling that I knew him but can't recall from where!! now I can get my brain to stop wondering!! hihihi


    4 minutes ago, 199yoo said:


    Accidentally discovered this drama and now im hooked!

    The plot can be a little complicated with the family relationships and all that but the characters are so rich and moulds to the storyline so well.

    Would love to see more sihyun x taehee interactions for the episodes to come!



    accidental discoveries can be pleasant surprises right?!! :wink:


    they needed to focus more on the 3 troublemakes to set the needed foundation for the plot and for us to get to know more about them before the seducing game starts but from now on we'll get to see more of Tae Hee and Shi Hyun for sure!! :wink::D

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  17. 20 minutes ago, USAFarmgirl said:

    @sakura2016  You're so right TH won't be an easy target and it's the very reason I love JOY playing this character.  She has the ability to be soft & strong depending on the situation and she also has a sexy edge about her that can give it right back at him if needed.  This should be interesting for sure...  Watching them is going to feel like this....



    right!! :lol: it's going to be like a battle who will get the other fall 1st...even though that wouldn't be Tae Hee's intentions :lol: but she's doing great so far unknowingly to her!! :lol::wink: poor Shi Hyun not knowing what he got himself into!! LOL he should watch out for his own heart while trying to steal hers!! :tongue: hhhhhhh

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  18. 2 minutes ago, USAFarmgirl said:

    @rocher22  You're so right SH sure has the ability to make any girl weak in the knees LOL:w00t:  


    I'm like you hoping TH rejects his quickness and takes it slowly with caution.  He is so use to girls & women falling at his feet I hope she puts that stop hand out and shows him she is smart, unique and different...


       I also think Joy is doing a great job!!!!


    I'm sure she will!! :naughty: she'll give him some good lessons!! :lol: he can be alluring and she wouldn't be able to help being affected by him :wink::tongue: but she's still no easy target!! HAHAHAHAHA



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  19. @USAFarmgirl thank you chingu!! :blush:...true!! that's what makes the watching journey richer and more enjoyable and memoriable!! :D:wub: looking forward to your great posts as well!! :heart:



    I noticed something rewatchig the preview and next episode's stills, at 1st I was wondering if Shi Hyun leaning on Tae Hee on the buss was another act from his seducing plan but now I'm pretty sure he fell asleep for real after an exhausting day he spent helping Tae Hee with her charity activities!! :lol:I'm actually loving the idea how he starts on a planning/insincere note but he ends up losing that upper hand and be himself around her with no fakeness!! :wub:

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