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  1. 7 hours ago, Berou said:


    oh yes ! I need a reunion between YSH-PSH-SJS  to happen and YSH being a surprise guest. I really like Na PD varieties shows and I enjoy watching them. He has a really good eye at spotting hidden raw talents, everything he touches becomes gold. He has the Midas touch. PSH appeared in one of his previous varieties shows, 3 meals a day. He must have liked her. It's a very surprising  and unexpected duo knowing how SJS doesn't appear on variety shows, how private and introvert he is like YSH. 

    for sure he won't turn down the offer knowing his " hyung" will be there :lol:, especially if he'll be invited by him to make a quick appearance. 


    It's quite tiring to wait for any news about him, his drama ended in January but why does it feel like it's been months? I need him quickly to be back on the screen. 


    new update ! 




    let's hope for it then!! :D I heared alot about Na PD and his variety shows it would be a great opportunity to have Yoo Seung Ho make an appearance in this new variety show with his "hyung" and Park Shin Hye!! I'm sure he'd show us more of Yoo Seung Ho's hidden charms!! :D  ahhhhh I keep dreaming!! hhhhhhh


    only January?!! why I feel it has been longer than that?!! :huh: we really need astig news reaaaaaaally soon!! really missed him!!


    oh!! where is this from?!! :wub: he looks soooooooooo handsome wearing all black suite!! :love:



    Japan released First Teaser of I am not a robot of Yoo Seung Ho [VIDEO]

    Japanese Fans is excited for Yoo Seung Ho's First Romantic Comedy





    they released 1st teaser of IANAR that will air 13/4 in Japan!! I'm so happy and excited!! :D:w00t:

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  2. The Great Seducer: Episodes 1-2

    by LollyPip



    The Great Seducer, MBC’s new remake of a classic story of love and revenge, pulls no punches when it comes to drama, humor and flat-out sexiness. This version follows three best friends with more money than sense, bigger egos than they’ve earned, and a hefty dose of romantic entitlement. Seduction is the name of the game, and seduction is what we get — when love and revenge get tangled up, there’s no way anyone is getting out with their heart intact.





    I only know the drama is loosly based on the french novel "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" that I didn't read nor watched any of the other movies that were based on it so my point of view will only be based solely on this drama with no other backgrounds!!


    I'm really enjoying the drama so far:

    • I love the "3 troublemaker's" friendship!! :wub: I love how there is more to them than just being spoiled rich troublemakers that we can actually feel with/for them even if we disagree or even will get to hate (some of) their actions as we go more into the story!!
    • I love the fact that Shi Hyun and Tae Hee crossed paths and interacted before the seduction game has started even if for short moment ut they got to see eachother's true selves away from her being his target and him being the player guy who she can't get what is his motives with her!!
    • I love that Shi Hyun didn't agree to this bet only for Soo Ji to have her revenge but to stop his father's marriage from Soo Ji's mother to protect his mother's place and foundation!!
    • and I love Tae Hee being a smart and strong girl who won't fall for his seducing plans and won't let him get his way to her that easilly!! his face everytime things goes not according to his plans is priceless!! :lol:
    • and this :D "And I think that Woo Do-hwan is so far proving that our faith in him to make a great leading man was not misplaced (not to mention, the boy can smolder like nobody’s business). And I love how well he plays Shi-hyun as jaded but not heartless, someone who’s capable of seeing the truth about people that they try to hide. He acts like a disaffected playboy, but in reality, he’s actually very sensitive and observant. And we can see how much he loves Soo-ji but knows that she doesn’t feel the that way, and how much it hurts him. I can’t wait to watch him struggle with his conflicted feelings once Tae-hee enters the picture."


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  3. 13 hours ago, Berou said:


    @sakura2016 thank you for posting the pics !  The bromance of SJS and  YSH is so endearing !! It has been multiple times YSH had attended his "hyung" VIP movies premieres, he did it last year too for battleship island.  I wasn't sure he would attend this time too.  It's good to see him again after a month. LOL @ the last short clip.:lol:



    Good news !  : 




    According to our source, I Am Not A Robot of Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin is still one of the most top viewed drama for Drama Fever Viki and Viu. As of March 2018, The Drama already surpasses many Korean Drama Contents from three different streaming sites




    it's my pleasure!! :D...yeah I really love their real life bromance and So Ji Sub must appreciate it knowing he's one of the fewwwwwwww celebreties Yoo Seung Ho is close to and comfortable with!! awwwww :heart: now can we hope for him to invite Yoo Seung Ho to his new variety show?! Yoo Seung Ho won't turn his "hyung"'s offer down right?! hihihihihi :wub:


    I'm waiting impatiently for his casting news!! and in the mean time it's good to see him having public appearances like these!! :wub:


    I'm so happy seeing IANAR doing pretty good internationally!! they must be really happy seeing their hard work paying off and recognised!!


    @imnotarobot thank you so much for the video!! :wub: that was a great one!! :heart: I'm so happy seeing the philippines' love for Yoo Seung Ho!! he totally deserves it!! :heart:

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  4. OH MY GOD!! we have updates of Yoo Seung Ho's appearance in So Ji Sub's movie "Be With You" VIP premiere!! :w00t: he looks supper handsome!! :blush: Yoo Seung Ho with leather jacket!! yes, please more of that!! :love: 













    cr: naver


    I really missed him!! :wub: though I never stoped rewatching his MVs and scenes from his previous dramas!! :tongue::lol: 

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  5. 43 minutes ago, Berou said:

    Do you want also the locations of I'm not a Robot ? @imnotarobot.  To make your trip more memorable :tongue:. I think you can find the merchandise around Seoul in shops specialized in k-drama/ kpop merchandise. You will find plenty of them when you get there.


    thank you for all the locations chingu!! :wub: it's impressive how you managed to find them!! :thumbsup: 

    I want to go to Korea toooooo!! :bawling:


    @imnotarobot would it be ok with you to share some pics with us here of the locations you got to visit and tell us how it was?!! :) it would be great for us who can't go to Korea!! :(

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  6. 12 hours ago, imnotarobot said:


     YSH moderator my flight to korea this april 2018 for 3 weeks vacation :) thank you


    aww wish you a great vacation chingu!! :)


    Yoo Seung Ho's drama "Remember: War of the Son" is licenced to be aired on one of Philippines's largest channels soon!! YAAAAAY :w00t: Yoo Seung Ho's fandome is growing in the Philippines as he deserves!! I'm so happy!! :w00t::wub:


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  7. 14 hours ago, imnotarobot said:

    He is definitely coming to Manila and More than 2000 Fans already signed the petition. What you need to do is just reach the goal of the Petition so what are you waitng for? 
    sign the petition NOW >>> https://goo.gl/THpfuw


    awwww I'm so happy as if I'm living on the Philipines!! :D:w00t:




    Yoo Seung ho's love for his cats!! so cute!! :wub::wub::wub:


    cr: yvonnehiroto


    he's shy all the time but he becomes animated whenever his cats ges brought us!! :lol::wub:

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  8. @maryofbethany @Berou I really hope and pray se'll get to see him showing this alluring side we got to see in his ELLE pictorial!! :love: now that can be a great cool villain or anti-hero image we can see him exposing!! :blush:

    cr: yooseungholic


    vote for Yoo Seung Ho for *Most-Handsome-KDRAMA-Stars poll :wub: (you can vote 10 times per day, I did!! :D)


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  9. 3 hours ago, imnotarobot said:

    Yoo Seung Ho Fan Meeting in South Korea by TTU


    The requirements of booking the ticket:
    1. Should be a Talk To U member before March 10th

    2. Those who had completed of full membership until March 10th until at 24:00 KST


    Eww??? they owned yoo seung ho?


    thank you for the news chingu!! :wub:


    hhhhhhh no they didn't own him but TTU is kind of Yoo Seung Ho's fan manager regarding these events!! :) if I could explaned it well!! edit: like @Berou said: YSH has a one man agency and can't manage everything alone. so TTU is there to help him with fans events such as fanmeetings or foodtruck support!!



    @maryofbethany that was a great post!! :heart::thumbsup: I have no words to add after this!! I agree with all you said and Yoo Seung Ho have the talent and charm to give a memoriable outstanding performance portraying these different roles and genres you listed above!! :blush: he just need to be offered these kind of roles which I really hope and pray he will get soon!!


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  10. South Korean National Curling Team Shares Which Celebrities They’d Like To Meet


    The South Korean women’s curling team became national stars after their brilliant performance at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics won them a silver medal and South Korea’s first Olympic medal in the sport.


    See Also: Olympic Medalists, Including Maia And Alex Shibutani, Rave About CL And EXO’s Closing Ceremony Performances

    In an interview published February 28, the team shared which celebrities they would like to meet given their newfound fame.



    Kim Kyung Ae shared that she was a fan of Wanna One’s Kang Daniel and said, “I put his photo up on my wall at home. Whenever I lost my temper during a game, I would think of his always-smiling face.”


    Kim Young Mi (Kim Kyung Ae’s sister as well as teammate) added, “She bought a tablet computer one day and I thought she was watching curling videos. She was wearing headphones and smiling to herself so I went and looked and she was watching a Kang Daniel video. She practiced self-control during the Olympics by not putting his picture up in the dorm though.”


    For herself, Kim Young Mi shared that she thought EXO’s Chanyeol’s choreography in “Growl” was really cool. Chanyeol had previously said that he’d like to meet Kim Young Mi because she and his mother share a name. (The curler’s name became famous after her teammate Kim Eun Jung was heard calling it out during the Olympics.)


    Kim Sun Young said, “I like watching TV. I relieve stress by seeking out variety shows and dramas. I tell my teammates about dramas I like to watch. I like the actor Go Kyung Pyo.”


    Kim Eun Jung said, “Lee Kyu Hyung, who plays Hae Rong in ‘Prison Playbook,’ made an impression on me.”



    Kim Cho Hee said that she liked Yoo Seung Ho, saying, “He’s good-looking, good at acting, and they say that he’s a very kind person.”


    Source (1)




    yeah he is!! :heart:

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  11. QUIZ: Can You Guess The Korean Actor Based Only On His Smile?


    There’s no arguing that Korea has no shortage of gorgeous and talented drama actors for us to love and fan-girl over. Besides their good looks and talents, I believe it is their radiating sweet smiles that make us fans fall for them instantly.


    See Also: 8 Incredibly Refreshing K-Dramas That We Want To See More Of

    Can you name these Korean drama actors based only on their pearly whites?




    I'm very proud of myself with this quiz!! :lol::tongue: 


    Yoo Seung Ho

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  12. On 28/02/2018 at 3:06 PM, Berou said:

    I just thought about romance dramas and I thought korean tend to portray really well romance in dramas, so I want YSH to play in different kind of romance dramas and experience different aspect  of romance :

    - an appropriate age romance i.e romance people in his age experience

    - a sacrifice romance

    - a forbidden love

    - a noona-dongsaeng romance

    - a mature romance

    - a romance between married couple tackling the issues that marriage brings in

    -  an unconditional romance

    - romance in slice of life type dramas

    - ........

    the options are endless, I want him be part of these type of romance dramas. What do you think @justlove and @sakura2016 ?


    I so love this list and I'm so looking forward to see Yoo Seung Ho taking on such romance plots :wub: he have enough mature aura, deep voice and emoting eyes that will make us totally believe and root for his love story(ies) :blush: but as the weak hearted person that you know I am, let's not take the forbidden and sacrifice romance!! :sweatingbullets: *gulp* I want happy endings please!! hhhhhhh :tongue:


    and can I add a "hate turn to love" romance?!! I reaaaaaaaly love this kind of romance!! :wub: like he's believed to be a bad guy (and he is in a way :tongue: how cool would he be?!! :blush:) and she's against him but she end up forced to be by his side for her safety and they start falling for each other against their will/acceptance without even realising!! :wub: I really want to see him in such role!! :wub:


    On 25/02/2018 at 7:58 PM, Berou said:

    Oohhh I'm not surprised by his answers in his interviews. He has always been honest and sincere in his interviews, ever since he was a child. He always says what is on his mind with simple words. He isn't someone who goes around the bush or give stndards/ formals interviews. This is the biggest reason why I've become his fan. His honesty is an attractive quality.


    Here are a few of his bold/ honest quotes from interviews : 




    - "Money or fame is not my priority. I want to become an actor who can continue his career for a long time.”

    I wouldn’t recommend being a child actor. As a child actor, if you do well, it’s hard to break that image [as a child actor], and if you don’t do well, it’s hard to continue on as an actor.

    I don’t have celebrity friends. I still hang out with my middle school friends

    I wouldn’t recommend being a child actor. As a child actor, if you do well, it’s hard to break that image [as a child actor], and if you don’t do well, it’s hard to continue on as an actor.

    -“I didn’t go to college because I didn’t want to study. I said the same thing at an interview at the time, but the article excluded the part about me saying I didn’t want to study and made my image better than I had intended to make it (laughs). In secondary school, I studied because my parents told me to, but I honestly didn’t like studying. I still feel that way, so I have no thoughts of going to college. Maybe I’ll go if I feel like studying some day.

    -  Yes. Very lonely. I don’t have memories of going on a school excursion or special memories. I am always alone. I guess this is what we call lonely. As a artiste, there are a lot of people who will come to me because they are curious and I would have to act in front of them, and then they will leave. But I have 2 very close friends. They don’t treat me like an artiste, we will quarrel with each other and such. Even though life is hard, but they work hard for life. While looking at them, I will always get motivated and relief stress.

    - My youth is gone, maybe this is the feeling when you are a youth. Not long ago, I was still a minor, since 6 years old I started to do all these things, so compared to all my friends, I have a better grasp of success. But up till now, the things that I do are not the things that I want to do but is pulled to do, only right now, I would say it is MY career. I am 20 years old! I need to buck up! Through this job, how successful can I get? Since I am doing it, I would want to see great success! Haha. I would like to believe it.

     I attend Uni because I need academic achievements. The school needs me because they need celebrities, this relationship has no meaning. Even if I go to the Uni, I will be in the Theatre School, I will be able to learn much more at the filming site like that

    - I want to have great success, Senior Lee Byeong Hyeon has gone to Hollywood. I want to go there too

    -  What kind of actor do you want to become ? Someone who is recognised in the entertainment industry, want to be the most outstanding person within those of the same age, to be top of the top

    - There's a scene in The Way Home where I have to catch a bug. The director changed the script a day before filming, and since there were a lot of lines, I struggled with memorizing it and he reprimanded me for not being able to memorize it all. At the time, I wanted to tell him to do it himself. 

    - I act not for the money but for the experience

    - What do you think is important for the advancement of the Korean movie industry?
    A good script. I want more people to participate in the script writing process and be able to express what they don't like about it.



     I haven't seen  a korean actor saying he acts for the experience, not for the money.  YSH is such a gem. Like


    @sakura2016said he always find a way to correct people who admire him, telling them their thinking is wrong  -> the scandal topic or university topic.  He has always been straightforward with his answers, he  knows what he likes and what are his goals. He has a good head on his shoulders.  Back in 2016, we've discussed for weeks about his reserved personality. He is someone who practices self-disciplne and self-control. He doesn't let his emotions to show up, instead he bottles them up inside. He is very strict and critical with himself, that's the reason why he refuses magazine photoshoots if he feels not satisfied with his acting gigs or if his acting gigs have failed.  I'm very happy to hear about the positives changes in him. The day has finally come, it was long OVERDUE !!!  I've noticed them long before but he was very subtle, only a very  observant and detailed person could noticed them.  It's just he is being outspoken and doesn't bother to hide them now. 


    The time has finally come, he still bears scars from his childhood and  from acting at a young age. He has said multiple times in the past that he got hurt by the adults who would approach him for non honest purposes. Now he enjoys acting sincerely but being in the spotlight/ celebrity life is a burden for him.  This is the reason why he didn't like acting at first, also the reason why he run away from the entertainment industry to enlist at a young age, it is also the reason why he has said multiple times he wants to get married with a non-celebrity wife.  It is also the reason he finds hard till to this to open himself up, confide himself and talk about his struggles to people. 


    Over the years he has grown up and has changed,  he went from a young teen to young adult, who is now ready to fully taste the life and to tackle the upcoming challenges. As a fan I wish him the utmost happiness and I can't wait to see him growing up even more, maturing and  surprising us day by day.  As long as he is happy, his fans will be happy. 



    thank you soooooo much for this post chingu!! :heart: re-reading Yoo Seung Ho's interview quotes fill my heart with admiration toward him more and more!! he's mature beyond his age, knows what he wants and go for it!! his fame and statue that he gained since his childhood days didn't affect his ego but he grew up to be this modest and humble young man who aside from his responsabilities as an actor and a celebrety he see and live his life like everyone else around his age and wants to be seen and treated based on that without being treated as a celebrety all the time by those around him and I have a huge respect and admiration toward him for that!! :heart: I feel sad for the pain he had and still enduring but I'm happy with the changes we're seeing of him being more opening up and accepting his celebrety statue allowing himself to enjoy himself while filming beside keeping overly pressuring and self-creticising himself!! and I pray as time goes by he'll meet more people who'd see and love him as him not as actor Yoo Seung Ho but person Yoo Seung Ho and get to share his struggles and worries with those who really love him and wish the best for him!! and he'll meet those people for sure with his sincere and good heart!! :heart:


    On 27/02/2018 at 9:53 PM, Berou said:

    Such a bittersweet and  realistic open ending .   I can only  interpret the last scene metaphorically : after finding out Seo Jin Wo, Lee In Ah followed him and never let him go. She always watched him from a distance, following each of his step because she didn't want to get  too close to him fearing he might discover the truth.  Such a truth would put him in great dispair and pain. He needs to forget in order to be happy.  On the other hand, despite the fact losing his memory, Seo Jin Woo remembers from his heart that he had a lover.  Although he can't recognize her, he remembers the feelings  he had for her. This is the reason why he penned a love note intended for her.  Throughout his misery, he  studied in  a room without any windows, he always wore dark clothes and his face showed a restless expression.  It is only when his alzheimer deteriotated gravely and made him lose his memories that he changed his wardrobe and hairstyle. The last scene is at the same time painful and a balm : painful because Seon Jin Woo can't even remember his lover and a balm because he  has finally met happiness. 


    you made the ending more bearable for me now!! not that I won't be heartbroken anymore because I will!! :tongue: but I can see that he's happier that way without his painful memories and I canmake my own additional ending version with him falling for In Ah once again with new memories as much as he can make!! she won't give up and his heart knows his loved person!! :heart:


    On 28/02/2018 at 3:49 AM, justlove said:

    Ahh I miss Remember. Even though I cried every single episode, I loved it. It’s worth all the pain and tears :heart:


    yeah it's totally worth it!! :heart:


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  13. 2 hours ago, justlove said:

    Same! And I'm sure those child actors look up to him and wish they'll grow up to be as talented like YSH! :wub:




    Translations from YSHbiased about his Elle magazine interview are here :)



    I'm sure they are!! :wub:


    thank you so much for sharing chingu!! :wub: I love this man's answers, he's sincere, honest and direct!! and how he always "correct" their admiring opinion about him to put it in his simple ordinary way thinking no big deal of it!! :lol: really, people are dying to be looked at with admiration but this guy keep telling people not to!! but that makes him admirable!! what to do with him?!! :heart:

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  14. 13 minutes ago, justlove said:

    So cute :wub:

    Yoo Seung Ho with Gil Jung Woo (Little Kim Min Kyu) and Go Woo Rim (Little Hwang Yoo Chul) in I’m Not a Robot drama set


    awwwww so adorable and cute!! :wub:


    seeing Yoo Seung Ho with child actors give me this feeling, how to say it, how he was a child actor like them but now he grew up to be this greatly talented young man and actor!! I feel so proud of him!! :heart:

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  15. On 23/02/2018 at 2:20 PM, justlove said:

    Aw I tried! Well hoping your sisters will enjoy IANAR :)


    Yes that smile of his makes my heart melt :wub: He honestly has one of the most beautiful smiles :heart:


    Yes I will let you know my take will be on Ruler, and I'll let you know my parents' take too! We'll be starting Ruler on Monday :) They will finally be finishing Remember tonight. 


    Ahhhh thank you chingu for posting those photos! SO HANDSOME :love:

    And here's more from the Elle Pictorial :wub:


    Credit to: http://www.elle.co.kr/article/preview.asp?MenuCode=en010302&intSno=20729&utm_source=dable


    hope so!! :)


    it reaches our heart and steal in in a second!! :wub::heart:


    I'll be waiting!! :D


    thank you for the pics chingu!! :wub: I love his gaze!! :love::heart: I want to see more of this side of him in one of his upcoming projects!! :blush:


    26 minutes ago, Berou said:

    Veteran actor Park Chul Min reveals he forged Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki's autographs


    The actor also talked about his close friendship with Yoo Seung Ho. He said, "The age gap between us is 26 years. We worked on many productions together. There are about six that we were on together." 


    Park Chul Min complimented the younger actor, saying, "We became close since we met on a variety of works, and my mentality isn't so mature, whereas Seung Ho is mature for his age." He continued, "He comes to watch my shows and we drink together sometimes. He's nice; not because he was directed to be so. He's nice innately so I love him."




    awwwwww I so love seeing how well loved Yoo Seung Ho is by his co-stars!! :wub::heart:


    hhhhhhhhhhhh Yoo Seung Ho is more mature than him?!! :lol: I love their relationship and I was happy to see him being a special appearance in IANAR as well :wub: though he was on the bad guys' side against Kim Min Kyu which was funny in a way knowing how close he is to Yoo Seung Ho and being Lee Seon's teacher and monetor that I loved in Ruler!! :lol:


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  16. 13 hours ago, justlove said:


    Awww but how about showing them Imaginary Cat? It’s not a romantic love story, but it’s kind of a  love story between a cat owner and his cat. :lol: Like I wish the entire series was just filled with YSH’s character Jong Hyun and Bok Gil the cat. Their scenes together I enjoyed the most, they were too cute :wub:


    Gifs credit to hearou on Tumblr 


    I’m hoping to enjoy Ruler! Like based on the trailer, it looks really good. But I’ve read reviews of it and they’re not good :( But the positive things they say about it though is the acting from YSH and the rest of the cast was great, so that’s what I’m looking forward to :) And I do love listening to good OSTs so I’m looking forward to that too :)


    hhhhhhhhhhhh that was a great love story indeed!! :lol::wub: but won't work too!! :lol:


    thank you for the gifs!! that smile of his heals my heart!! :heart:


    let's hope for that!! everyone has a different taste as you could see, I loved it while @Berou loved only him, the OSTs and its MVs :lol::tongue: let's see what your take will be!! :D


    AAAAAAAND...MR.Yoo's swoooony ELLE pictorial!! :heart::love::blush:






    cr: @actoryoocom


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  17. 21 hours ago, Berou said:

    @sakura2016 Ruler had really beautiful OSTS :o, maybe that's one of the rare positive points along with the acting.  I've watched those MVs, I also really like JRUOST's editing ! 


     Speaking about Ruler, Soompi's articles are really timely :)


    yeah!! not many dramas have that much number of beautiful OSTs, some of the dramas I loved barely had 1 OST that I really loved which was sad for me in a way!! :lol: but Ruler had many which was a great bonus to me :wub: since I'm OSTs fans even if I don't watch its dramas!! :lol:


    thank you for sharing chingu!! :wub:...awwwww I really love those moments they are so cute and hillarious!! :wub::lol: and Lee Seon/Yoo Seung Ho asking if he's handsome will always be a memoriable moments to me!! :lol: a handsome man like him asking that question is a shoker for sure!! :lol: but it's sad in a way since he never got to see his face nor know how handsome he is!! :( I'm getting nostalgic now!! hhhhhhh


    and I'm always voting!! :wink:


    21 hours ago, justlove said:

    Aw good luck getting your sisters to watch IANAR. I hope when they start watching it, they'll enjoy it :) Maybe you can show them Kim Seondal too! YSH's character was pretty funny throughout the movie :lol: Or maybe Joseon Magician because YSH's face was so pretty there :wub:


    And thank you for the trailer! :) I'll show it to my parents too because they don't have an idea of what Ruler's storyline is yet. 



    @Berou I think you told me before that since Ruler wasn't that great, so I should watch the first 5 or 6? episodes (old kdrama format) and then the last 5 or 6? episodes (old kdrama format)? 

    To be honest, the only reason why I plan on watching Ruler is for YSH. I really enjoy seeing him act, so I'm thinking that I'll try and see how many episodes of it I can handle before I give up.  Then for the episodes I missed, I'll just look up clips of it on YouTube and read recaps of the episodes. But who knows, maybe I'll end up liking it and watch the entire thing because the trailer looks really good to me. 


    they love love stories so that won't work!! :(


    hope you enjoy it!! :)


    hhhhhhhhhhhhh you can't do that now since you'll watch your parents!! :lol:...hope you'll enjoy it like I did!! :wub: I think the wait and the trailer made us have high expectations and many theories on how things will get unfold that when it didn't go that way we felt let down but Yoo Seung Ho was AWESOME there and I so loved him as Lee Seon :love: and loved the drama for sure!! :D:wub:

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  18. 44 minutes ago, Berou said:

    *delurking before going back quickly to my cave *


    @sakura2016 Ruler's trailer is really top-notch and really put the bar high in terms of expectations. It gave the impression of a blockbuster drama. Because of MBC 's shameless promotion and  the milking  for months before the premiere, the fans had massive expectations. All fell apart within 4 episodes and it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. When I think of all the wasted potential, I still get upset. If MBC hadn't BOTCHED it completely, YSH would have been flying high now !! He would have hit really big and would have received awards in the major big ceremonies. 


    I prefer watching the fan made videos than the drama itself because they are better edited lol.  Bad writing, bad directing, choppy editing. I just remember one word for this drama : BAD !


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    well yeah, the drama didn't live up to our high expectations!! alot of potential was wasted and talents wasn't used to its fullest but still I enjoyed it and it was basically saved by Yoo Seung Ho (mainly), Kim So Hyun and the rest of the cast's hard work!! and it had great OSTs that I still enjoy and watch its MVs!! :wub: thank you sooooooo much for the MVs!! :wub: I still rewatch them and many others as well till now!! :wub: more better edited videos for you and me!! :tongue::wub: 










    I need to stop or I'll post them all!! :lol: I remember how I was always lookings for the drama's OSTs' MVs mostely JRUOSt and Hibi and was happy when JRUOST kept making MVs for IANAR OSTs as well!! :wub::D  


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  19. 15 K-Drama Actors Who Didn’t Fail To Impress Us In 2017


    As we start of the year 2018, it’s the perfect time to look back at 2017 and the wonderfully charming and talented actors who impressed us in their lead roles. We had everything from an MMA fighter, a ’90s K-pop star, to even a handsome goblin! The year was definitely not short of unique and intriguing characters. These actors are considered some of the top actors in the Korean entertainment industry and we were lucky to be able to see them on the small screen in 2017.


    To celebrate all that they had to offer, here’s a look at 15 of the top K-drama actors from 2017 in the form of some fun superlatives.


    Yoo Seung Ho: Most emotionally packed line

    Yoo Seung Ho in “Ruler: Master of the Mask”



    With this one line, the Crown Prince Lee Sun’s secret is revealed. This one line brings so much pain and despair to the two characters. Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) saved the man who killed her father. It’s an emotional scene as she knows she should hate him, but can’t because she’s in love with him. The way that they look into each other’s eyes in despair and pain makes it an emotional moment. 


    Catch the trailer for “Ruler: Master of the Mask”:




    cr: https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/17/15-k-drama-actors-didnt-fail-impress-us-2017/


    @justlove I would love it but they're not fans of having their hearts broken to peices which is one of Yoo Seung Ho's well know skills!! :lol: but my plan is to get them to know of his talent and love him with the hope of him making another project they can watch!! :wink: hhhhhh


    you're most welcome and thank you for the translation!! :wub: him being happy makes us happy for sure!! :heart: always be happy Yoo Seung Ho-ssi!! :heart: 


    and above is Ruler's 5min trailer, this post came in perfect time with you about to start it!! :D I still remember those days vividly, how I was looking for the drama's teasers and when we got the long trailer!! those feelings and how I was mesmirised by him even through those few minutes!! awwww :wub::wub::wub: 

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