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  2. Yes, that scene was so stupid as was the scene where she went to meet him alone..at night..in the deserted park. Or SY just running off alone at the end of episode 6 as if YC wouldn't just kill her anyway. Or CM following YC alone to a secluded area of the hospital with no cameras so YC can conveniently kill him It was really great to see the ratings rise again too! Very true about how much more enjoyable and better paced episode 6. Just as so many of us said the drama should have maintained the tone of Episode 6 (and earlier episode 2) lighter and focused on our leads, their relationship and new circumstances and the mystery as a sub-plot and it would have had a much better audience response. I agree the killer sub-plot should have been gradually built up in the background to lead to some suspense and surprises in the later part of the drama. Let's hope the writer and director harness the strengths of episode 6 for the upcoming episodes to improve the drama. I agree about PBY's crying scenes particularly (for me) when she was by her mother's bedside It is so true that the actors have been the saving grace that keep us coming back. I agree about the physical violence. I feel like a lot of complaints of the violence should also be at the director-not just the writer. He doesn't have to film the scenes so graphically. The scenes can still have impact without being shot so brutally or to keep repeating them. Let us know what you think about episode 6! Ha! Thanks for the BTS! Hyo Seop actually looks pretty cute in that still with the wig on. I didn't realise it was actually him in the mortuary scenes. I thought it was a double or a mannequin. I'm claustrophobic so the idea of filming that freaks me out. I'm glad they didn't close the door.
  3. I think 9 pieces simply to make a 3x3 grid puzzle. The last piece with the boy is at the center of the grid. Maybe. Don't think RG was lost at age 9 (year 1993) because by then he should started formal schooling and would have been old enough to remember his birthday. He did say he can't remember the rebirth hour. Didn't say he can't remember the birthdate. He mentioned September the month he was adopted... After the Leesol reveal (sugar coated and tied with pink ribbon) in ep 14, I suspect the last 2 episodes the focus will shift to DM's Mom and DM. @DeePlatonicFan, thanks for highlighting the mother -child figure in the painting, sharp eyes!
  4. Lawyerh

    drama tropes 2019

    #14 Cryptic Message in Bible Someone always try to send message to prisoner in the bible. I mean can you send with something else? It's so common and if I'm police I will just hold all bible from going there Frequent crime watchers drama will relate with me on this @triplem @sushilicious
  5. lu09

    drama tropes 2019

    @Ameera Ali #13 changing face/feeling/double personality/Amnesia lol. I don't know what I'm writing lol
  6. Do you know i always find Jung Hae In having very boyish look especially when he smile. But strangely when he is next to Ji Min, suddenly i find him very matching. Haha! credit to author
  7. #12 annoying/ always perfect love confession - didn’t they know how hard to come out with love confession in real life But to have two amazing confession in same episode that crime to our little heart @Lmangla these second lead are lazy but maybe they spend there whole life to come up with love confession - it’s was easy for him if he google it @lu09 don’t forget point #13 changing feeling from no where / double personality
  8. @meon yes, if im correct as i read it, is for today hahah yesssss! We are evil people meon!
  9. lu09

    drama tropes 2019

    Thanks chingu. They really should change Subway by now lol. Don't they have McDonalds or Tim Hortons there?? Or any other fast food chains, as long as it's not Subway lol.
  10. 190525 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update CAPTION TRANSLATION: “I always hold the camera before getting hit #FocusedNewsCoverageNCT127 Day1” VIDEO TRANSLATION: “DY: I did it in case you might get hurt!” Translated by lmh99s - SM_NCT
  11. LMAO! Its not different than the BTS? PMY call Jaeuck oppa and in drama SDM will call RG oppa too? Okay. The drama is the BTS itself.
  12. Ok... So lesson to learn from this drama: It's good to listen to your old man occasionally Wu You could have saved himself, Rong Le and the General a lot of heartbreak if he'd just married her in the first place.
  13. @liddi Agree that she is probably blaming JS, and SH too, for indirectly letting her become a victim. So the next question now is who assaulted her? We still have that mysterious appearance of her lip tint in JS's room. I hope the writer has not forgotten that...
  14. That's why! THat's why it was running through my head whether is it real or a dream
  15. The top left picture is the one that you've been waiting for, where all the officers are down... so he didn't arrive later... he could very well be the executor...
  16. don't worry woman. Hahah you do you. Im just gonna spam the refresh button on naver and youtube like how i have always been doing hahaha 874
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