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  2. Kim Go Eun Pairs Up With Lee Min Ho For Her Drama Comeback KIM GO EUN MAKES HER MUCH-AWAITED SMALL SCREEN COMEBACK IN HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED DRAMA WITH LEE MIN HO! Reuniting with star writer Kim Eun Sook, the powerhouse cast and production team eye broadcast date in 2020. Based on the narrative overview, The King: the Eternal Monarch (working title) featurestwo settings featuring parallel universe concept. It is also billed to showcase romantic moments for the hero and chosen female lead. READ: Lee Min Ho Reunites With Star Writer Kim Eun Sook For Dual Roles In New Fantasy Romance Drama Following Lee Min Ho’s dual portrayal, the same challenge will be tackled by the actress. She suits up for contrasting characters in the two parallel words. In Korean empire she portrays criminal Luna. Meanwhile, in the Republic of Korea world, she is Jung Tae Eul, a detective who will team up with Lee Min Ho’s character Lee Gon. Tasked to present antithesis characters, Kim Go Eun acknowledged the heavy load but vows to accomplish it. “It is not easy to play extreme characters like a criminal and detective. She said, “I thought that if I had a wide range of acting skills, I could do a good job for the two characters, one for Jung Tae Eul and one for Luna.” Taking the parallel world theme, The King: the Eternal Monarch depicts the story of Emperor Lee Gon, who is fighting off a supernatural villain by closing the door that leads to another dimension. In the other dimension, he seeks the help of his detective counterpart and Jung Tae Eul. After the massive success of Goblin, Kim Go Eun appeared in 2018 film Sunset in my Hometown. Moreover, she stars alongside Jung Hae In for film Yoo Yeol’s Music Album, which is scheduled to be released this year. While she has relatively worked on films since her debut in 2012, the actress gained mainstream success with her television dramas Cheese in the Trap and the iconic series Guardian: the Lonely and Great God. With confirmed commanding main leads starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun, the series schedules its filming in the second half of the year to enhance its perfection. https://www.hellokpop.com/news/kim-go-eun-lee-min-ho-drama-comeback/
  3. Omg, Youtube is going to be uploading the 55 episode Taiwanese version very soon! @Yui. Pig running means bed scene, Xiao Feng says in the novel that she may not have ate pig but she has seen pig running aka she has never slept with anyone but she has seen it happen plenty when she's out at the prostitution house (is that what it's called?).
  4. “I don’t know how much you guys know that I’ve missed this city a lot, and we’re here in Vancouver! Thank you so much for showing up today we have a lot left to show you guys so I hope that you guys enjoy the show, alright?” Haechan: Why aren’t you crying, Mark? It’s time to cry! Mark: I’m crying on the inside. I love you! Mark’s ending ment from his concert in his home, Vancouver!
  5. *** I read that SJS acknowledged that he's currently in a relationship with announcer Jo Eun-jung. His agency confirmed that he is seriously in a relationship with her. Report said that they met in February last year in an interview for the SBS TV show "TV News at Night" as reporter and interviewee. After meeting for the first time then, they became closer as they hung out with mutual friends. The following is a statement posted on management agency's 51k official Instagram page. Source : www.newsen.com/news_v... credit : Hancinema
  6. Episode 11 recap and comments by thoughtsramble: https://thoughtsramble.com/2019/05/19/her-private-life-episode-11-recap/
  7. GOT7 has made their much-anticipated return! On May 20 at 6 p.m. KST, the group released their new mini album “SPINNING TOP : BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY” along with the music video for the title track. JB participated in the composition and lyrics for the title track “ECLIPSE,” which JYP Entertainment head Park Jin Young […] The post Watch: GOT7 Sings “ECLIPSE” In Sophisticated Comeback MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. Lovelyz is back with their sixth mini album “Once Upon a Time” and title track “Beautiful Days”! Just like their previous title track “Lost N Found,” “Beautiful Days” was composed by Spacecowboy. Lovelyz’s signature synth sound makes the song easily distinguishable, and their voices fit perfectly with the nostalgia that’s conveyed through the song’s lyrics. In the music […] The post Watch: Lovelyz Looks Back On Their “Beautiful Days” Together In Comeback MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Repeat again to watched episode 1...Why Ryan make me just like this.. I want my normal life. Why I just want to look in this thread.. Why.
  10. I am so confuse. Thought presscon at 9pm. Snapshots of presscon. Jung Hae In likes to hold hands. Haha! credit all the above to author There are many more shots
  11. 190520 HENDERY Weibo Update “Today is May 20th” Translated by lumarkbot - SM_NCT
  12. Exactly the same thoughts. But let's just wait for them to be ready.. It's better we delulu and then they announce marriage rather than they announce early but hasn't build and haven't enjoyed each other yet and would end up ending their relationship (which Pichi Shippers doesn't want to hear) though we'll still support them whatever they do.. Bansai Pichi!!
  13. syntyche, thanks for sharing MORE about his upcoming drama. She will take on the challenge of playing two roles. It's not easy playing two roles, on two very contrasting roles at that. However, I believe she has the capacity to pull it off. I can say this since I’ve watched her acting in Goblin. I heard that the drama begins filming later this month.
  14. The word has been spread everywhere already about the fruitful result of Moroccan Argan oil. Lots of people are actively enjoying the benefits of Argan oil not only for improving their skin's quality, also for the benefits of their hair as well. In many research, it is assured that Moroccan Argan oil is extremely helpful when applying on blemishes and acne. It doesn't just reduce scars, it is extremely helpful in making it completely disappear and bring out the better yet brighter skin quality.
  15. Jang DongYoon Profile: Puppy Looking And Charismatic Rising Actor Jang DongYoon is a rising actor. He previously acted in popular dramas such as “School 2017” (KBS 2017). He is grabbing attention for his good and fresh acting as well as for his good looks. He also acted in “A Poem a Day” and “Just Dance”. Let’s learn more about this cute and charismatic actor Jang DongYoon Profile Jang DongYoon Birthday: 1992.07.12 Height: 177cm Specialty: Reading and writing (especially poetry) Academic Status: Hanyang University, The College of Economics and Finance Debut: Drama “Women at a Game Company” (2016) Movie: 2017 – Beautiful Days (Major Role) Drama: 2016 – Women at a Game Company (Minor Role) 2017 – Solomon’s Perjury (Major Role) – School 2017 (Major Role) – If We Were a Season (Major Role) 2018 – A Poem a Day (Major Role) – Just Dance (Major Role) 2019 –Tale of Nokdu Music Video: Bolbbalgan4’s “Galaxy” 10cm’s “That 5 Minutes” Naul’s “Emptiness in Memory” https://www.kpopmap.com/jang-dongyoon-profile/
  16. Doyoung’s way of dealing with Haechan’s teasing: stick out his tongue
  17. Just get married already! We can't wait! Their explosive on and off chemistry and that BTS hand rubbing scene, drama chat body language, its just too evident seriously! They shouldn't torture us fans like this... I think there are many pichi supporters out there cheering for them... what's the need to hide? We support you! Please be together and live happily ever after! [Note: Wish they actually read this thread, ninja style... ]
  18. Wow. If that’s the case, I would have such a mix emotions it would be pretty cool. Because you normally don’t get to see FL and ML showdown. So it would be a cool idea. At the same time, I would feel hella bad for KJ & KW. Ohhhh..I want to binge watch now if we could just get all of the episodes now I would be so happy hahaha
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