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  2. So I watched the whole raw and today was so slow. I'll just state the main points. The chairman and grandma are locked up in their house. We need subs to understand how AR ended up in NJ arms lol. LSH knows the truth and went to the Park's house to talk to the chairman but meets Esther instead. He puts everything together and knows Esther joined the club for Dori and herself. Told her Dori is like a son to him but what about NJ? Nice one LSH There was some news published about the chairman resigning or ?????? and everyone looks shocked. VC is still being his useless self so nothing happened with him other than some men breaking in the Oh house looking for him Esther and San Ha meet at the childcare and Esther decides to meet her Oppa to spill the beans. The family need proof that the chairman and grandma are locked up and safe at the same time so she takes a picture of them. AR catches her in the act. The EP ends with LSH at the Park's house with the police in tow.
  3. Now JI is meeting with Nam and the other detective partner of JS, going over evidence. JI seems frustrated with Nam. She goes outside and An is standing there. They are discussing the case. Sorry I can't understand other than the names they use. I don't know what they're doing with the little police character signs outside the police department. JI is moving post it notes around. Think she's trying to make some sort of point. She gets him to at least half smile. Suddenly, An has a thought. They go back inside, looking through paperwork again... Meeting with Nam. Going over something about Gab...Sorry no idea.
  4. I guess the movie was shot in China, and it is not easy to get any photos, when I was reading about KJH works, I didn't find any stuff about it except the promotion
  5. I can't wait to watch this drama all over again now that we'll get additional scenes from the uncut episodes, so excited! I figured out how to post videos too (yay!) but am still terrible at posting pictures haha I don't think this video has been posted yet, sorry in advance if it has! One of my favourite drama mv creators recently uploaded this. Such a beautiful mv Credit to mvteevee
  6. After brief repeat of yesterday's end.... An seems to really frighten SM's mom, screaming at her about whether it's true what he saw...JI takes her away, as she shakes. I think tries to explain An to her. An is very distressed. He gets a call from the morgue doctor. She hands him JS's ID card. He looks towards the morgue but doesn't go in, yet. Meanwhile JI is sorting through photos and evidence, frustratingly. She calls An but he is now inside the morgue, ignoring his phone. He is staring at the body that's underneath a cloth, and having memories of his times with JS, when she let him do some investigating at the morgue. An!!!! Okay, he doesn't fully uncover the body at least. I was afraid he was going to do that. But he takes her hand which is painful enough. He gets the memory right before her death. He sees everything she told to SM as he held her, and he sees SM's grief. He breaks down, as per preview...
  7. It became such a iconic thing lol. Haha. 518
  8. Lol ! I think Kim Kwon is sensing the grief his fans are feeling @RPM @Lawyerh And actually I think he hinted at all this darkness in his IG stories & post . Like this one , is he trying to tell us something? Haha lol . I’m going nuts .. I initially thought that’s it , I’m going to drop this too @ganko but I have come so far .. thanks @turtlegirl I know it’s hard to recap when feeling so sad . Did you managed to finish the eps @ktcjdrama?
  9. @sushilicious so I wasn’t the only one obsessed with The kimchi fridge -2
  10. And based on this, if it’s confirmed, his upcoming drama will might also has less kiss scene? There are many great korean movies with male lead focus without any ‘controversial’ scenes (ahjussi, train to Busan). But well, intimate skinship scene might be inevitable for actors
  11. A drug test on Park Yoochun by the National Forensic Service has detected Philopon (a form of methamphetamine). Previously on April 16, the police collected hair while conducting a search and seizure investigation on Park Yoochun, which included his own person, his residence in Hanam, and his vehicle. The hair was sent to the National Forensic Service […] The post Park Yoochun Reportedly Tests Positive For Drugs appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. @lu09 @Ameera Ali Esther is changing side for the benefit of DR & thus for herself but not for any part of a guilty conscience. She'll eventually get hurt by NJ & AR. But somehow it's interesting to see how she uncovers the many secrets while she eavesdrops, hides and scurrying around like a mouse. Ep 77 preview: LSH brings some (useless) cops with him and looks determined to save his grandparents when AR opens the gate. Her henchmen just outdo the cops AR discusses with NJ about the in-laws & Esther eavesdrops as usual NJ threatens chairman to sign a document (probably to step down & assign the post to NJ or AR) but granny says no while she's being taken away by the henchmen Chairman alone in the room & is about to tear the document when he suddenly stops (for granny's safety) Esther (the spy) runs to LSH who is waiting somewhere & he asks her to pass a written message to chairman VC sits with Oh family & says something which makes everyone look surprised @Ameera Ali Your last edited post is super humorous! Haha.... @lu09 I've a good laugh at yours too! And you're welcome as I know you're going to thank me for the preview. I try to post the video before but I can't as it's not from youtube & I also think it's restricted
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/BvpOnyDlQRq/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BvpP0xBl4Af/ Instagram LeeJongSuk Fans Club Indonesia @leejongsuk_fc_indonesia via @asiaren
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