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  2. @Transition Yes I think so. Ryota looked very concerned about Tao. He can't hide it haha Aww hairstyles and videos when Tao sat on the porch really reminded me of Setoka. Thank you for sharing with us. So this might be one of the reasons suddenly Ryota drew and uploaded it on Weibo. Pictures of turtles and rabbits look similar haha. So cute after all. Thank you for translated. Ryota really likes to drink wine. He mentioned it in several interviews like we have talked about before. Then Tao also said something like this, like she likes to drink wine because of Ryota. What do you think
  3. yes its always like that.. maybe they got until episode 3 at most. its a series.. things always change. depends on viewers response, actors chemistry.. etc.. they dont know how it will end until the actual end. what they know is just the premise and the supposed plotvof the story. but they ar aware that things will change without prior notice. thats why their commitment to the job is important, because regardless if they agree or not with how the story goes... they have tondo their part. and of vourse as professional actors they will do their best.
  4. lol! well its only natural that they would want them to be together in real life. because they think that what they see onscreen is how it is in real life. its pretty obvious that they dont know much about the actors themselves. i mean im no expert and dont know them personally, but we dont need that to see if things can go beyond. but yeah.. they can hope.. so I guess well just let them.. theyll soon realize anyway..
  5. It's usually like that in KDramas that are filmed while currently airing. In pre produced dramas they can discuss the plot development, but in dramas where they will continuously film during airing, usually only scripts of the first few episodes are ready during scriptreading sessions before filming and the rest of the story will be adjusted according to actual preferences of the viewers. I think the writer focused more now on KJW because of his KNetz fangirls comments during first few episodes watching only this drama for him. So writers gave him a relevant storyline too but they should have balanced that with fangirling original plot.
  6. she only got the synopsis and ep 1 script????!! what?!! then how can she knows if the drama is good or bad? no wonder her solid fans are upset..
  7. [INFO] 190524 JAEHYUN and MARK will be guesting on Channel A’s show ‘Englishman’s JMT Lab’. Englishman’s JMT Lab airs every Sunday at 7:40pm. (No specific date for NCT’s episode was stated.) 190524 NCT 127 Snapchat update JOHNNY TAEIL JUNGWOO MARK using Superhuman lens!
  8. After watching this youtube video by min Koo I realized that jong kook was so amazed with Somin's sweetness and cuteness for a while. He gives comments such as "she is so cute, she is sweet, wow that is incredible" and oftentimes just as highlighted very well in this video you can see that he laugh so heartily by her jokes. I guess Liking someone does not happen overnight but a process indeed.
  9. thats why I always wonder did she get the scripts up until few eps at the first place? did the scripts for every ep finished when she received it? Obviously she would know the overall story.
  10. If there was steamy bed scene in Hpl, that was too much for 3% rate. I'm sorry, but probably wwwsk deserved'steamy bed scene' coz the rate was also hight
  11. but she chose this drama after reading only synopsis and ep.1 script because it's about fangirling. and if she don't like the scrit and plot, she can't quit a drama during filming. if an actor or an actress does so, he/she will be kicked out from ent industry.
  12. Hahahaha Anne actually liked and commented on that post. I bet that person did a screenshot already bragged that Anne commented on her postz #StrangerNoMore
  13. When it gets even funnier when they compare wwwsk bed scene with hpl bed scene. (contributor to views number)
  14. Fan made teaser for The King http://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4375279658055056 Or not?
  15. Are only we who cannot see the sparks between them?? yes their chemistry is good but I still cannot feel anything between them
  16. The part when Yeonseo stood up from the dining table and stretch out her hand, Dan strutted to her side obediently to give his arm, and he looked at the dining table with his chopsticks and spoon while walking away ... that expression is hilarious. Gosh these two are so cute! Their chemistry is seriously on fire. And i never expected i would enjoy L's acting! He's making me laugh every moment with his silly antics.
  17. to say PMY was deceived is a bit much coz obviously she chose to do this drama.. and she must have gotten the script and reviewed them bfore hand.. so she knows what she’s getting herself into.. the fact that she still does the drama means she likes the script and the plot.. however, one of the craziest comment i saw so far was from some of their shippers.. they think PMY is attracted to KJW in real life that’s y she dont mind doing all the skinships in HPL.. the more the better... hahahaa people are so creative when it comes to shipping lol.. including me ofc...
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