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  2. Hello all I was silently reading this thread so far & finally decided to join with the fun! And yyayyy!!! Finally, Shin Sung Rok in his 1st lead role in rom-com! I am definitely looking forward to this. I loved his performance in The Last Empress & the 1st trailer Of Perfume is looking so cute!! His comic time is excellent! Yeah... I also believe so chingu! Each character has an independent color & I wonder why they are all doubled in vision..??! Do they have 2 different personality or something unique.???! These are the weirdest posters I've ever seen in a KBS drama! They themselves are all enough to grab our attention! I can't wait for the press con & the premiere!!!!! And you seem like a big fan of Shin Sung Rok, dear friend! keep updating about his sweet stuff here! The man himself is all set to launch his next product!! Wave to my dear @triplem chingu! So nice to hear that you are gonna watch this with us darling! Let's have fun!!
  3. @Lawyerh argh ...eps 12 ...meddling Mother , manipulative second lead ...eh this lawyer bong is like printing money is it ??? . I’m so annoyed .. 554
  4. Watch: Jang Ki Yong And Im Soo Jung Get Romantic Under The Cherry Blossoms In New Teasers For “WWW” by S. Nam tvN’s “WWW” has released new videos teasing the lives of the three strong female leads and the romance between Jang Ki Yong and Im Soo Jung! “WWW” is a romance drama about the realistic love lives of three career women who work at Korea’s top search engine companies. The drama will star Im Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, and Jun Hye Jin as the three women who all work in the same field but lead entirely different lives. Im Soo Jung has taken on the role of Bae Ta Mi, a strategic manager at Korea’s No. 1 portal site Unicorn. The teaser starts off with Bae Ta Mi at court as a witness saying, “We at Unicorn manipulate the real time charts.” The scene then shifts to her waking up on the couch with a hangover as the voice over yells, “Are you crazy?” Afterwards, clips of the three career women, Bae Ta Mi, Cha Hyun (played by Lee Da Hee), and Song Ga Kyung (played by Jun Hye Jin) pass by. One of the scenes involve Song Ga Kyung getting ready to slap Bae Ta Mi with Cha Hyun in the middle stopping her. In another scene, Lee Da Hee, who plays Cha Hyun, the head manager of the No. 2 web portal Baro, shows off her athleticism as she practices jiu-jitsu. Furthermore, another scene of Bae Ta Mi shows her dangerously approaching the edge of a bridge. The teaser closes with romantic shots of Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong. Jang Ki Yong will be taking on the role of the genius composer Park Mo Geon who suddenly appears in Bae Ta Mi’s life. He continuously attempts to make smooth moves towards Bae Ta Mi while she stands frozen in shock for most of the scenes. Finally, the two are shown staring at each other beneath cherry blossom trees. The video concludes with a clip of a search engine with the searches “Enter the search word ‘WWW,'” “tvN Wednesday Thursday drama,” “Im Soo Jung Jang Ki Yong,” “Lee Da Hee Jun Hye Jin,” and “real romance.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1325824wpp/jang-ki-yong-and-im-soo-jung-get-romantic-under-cherry-blossoms-in-new-teasers-for-www
  5. Thank you for the stills. I like their couple name! Now I hope we start to get some couple moments in the drama soon lol! I agree we will see those scenes today. I wonder how YC lured CM? The BTS pictures are so great and make me smile too! I'm glad they are all also having fun filming. So I see tvN are finally posting some proper clips before the episode and giving the drama some promo... Maybe I'm wrong but I think that is Seyeon in a wig. I think she might be pretending to be someone else-possibly Hee Jin?-to lure Young Chul. I had the same thought. I was surprised by how little SNS content we had before. I guess because neither PBY or AHS post much on social media. Well, the pics are very nice to see so I'm not complaining
  6. To add on, the CF deals that Somin is getting are mainly due to her exposure on RM, and she wouldn't have gotten those CF deals if the brands didn't think she was popular with the Korean public. Which message board do you go to? Regarding the coffee date, does anyone wonder which 3 dongsaengs Somin saw when she came to meet Jongkook and if she was exaggerating about them being handsome? Because the ones that I see regularly hanging out with Jongkook as part of his squad in MUD don't particularly belong in that category Also I found it amusing how Jongkook was playing along when Somin ribbed Kwangsoo about being an extra wheel on the coffee date when Kwangsoo busted him and explained it was actually the opposite with Jongkook begging him to come. He tried to stop Kwangsoo at first before rolling with it and confessing. Kookmin have come a long way since then huh.
  7. On May 20, the Ministry of Justice’s Committee of Past Affairs made their decision as to whether the Jang Ja Yeon case would be recommended for further investigation. The committee held their final meeting at the Gwacheon Government Complex at 2 p.m. KST that day before revealing the results. Their decision whether to recommend the case for […] The post Ministry Of Justice Makes Decision On Whether To Recommend Jang Ja Yeon’s Case For Further Reinvestigation appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. Your whole explanation is plausible but I have it is hard for me to digest all this. I still believe that the consequences of revealing the truth are exagerated. I know that Chairman Han is obsessed with a perfect clean image of the company but he is not innocent if the truth will be revealed. He put the pressure on In Sook and her husband, he put a condition to accept In Sook in the family. Maybe he thought a mother won`t abandone her daughter and he waited to see how determined she is. He thought that the daughter will stay hidden forever? It was a cost they have assumed. What was so terrible for a woman with a child to marry a second time? Yeah... they marry with people from high class and they are so pure. Bla.... If Chairman is claming to be an inteligent man, he will realised after having all facts that what In Sook says is right. She did not know Mi ri is her daughter. He has power, he could cover the truth to not be reveal to the press. The truth won`t stay hidden for long. I can`t wait for everything to be revealed and all those hypocrites to show their true color. In Sook is doing everything to cover the truth about Mi Ri. She blackmailed Director Park, manipulated Sun ja, revealed Mi Ri and Tae Joo`s relationship to get herself some time. She is despicable but for me the chairman is on the same level or more. If In Sook is the sinner who sold her soul, Chairman Han is the Devil. I was disgusted with Tae Joo`s father seeing that meeting. Creepy old man. I loved to see Tae Joo being ferm against both of them. In the preview he told them that he will go with Mi ri if she will accept the proposition. (I assume Weng Wei will give her an offer to go to China). It is natural to feel emotional after so many years dealing with abandonment issues and now she saw how her biological mother will want to abandone her again. She is dealing with lots of stress right now. Her career is at risk. She could cry as much as she wants but in the end I want her to react to injustice, to speak her mind and do what is right. I am glad that she has Tae Joo on her side and she has her family to lean on when it is hard. I think you know how Kdramas are by now. I think 95% of love realtionship in kdramas are like that. Unbelievable, I know. I noticed the steak too but the burnt pizza was too much. They even ate some pizza. Glorious moment. She did not know what to say.
  9. On Radio Apart, Kim Nam Gil said that the scene where Hae Il eats dumplings is related to his past as an orphan ;-;
  10. Yes, they look so good together. HJM looks so beautiful in that simple white dress. Like from the movie "Roman holiday".
  11. well,i think the main reason is yejin will not accept the same role and same genre.. Although i miss her on screen again,i relief that she declined it.. Otherwise,people will say SN is SITR season 2.. And watching the teaser,im more glad.. and another reason maybe because of The Pirates...
  12. Wow.. pichi shippers have an eagle eyes indeed!! Hahaha.. I want to add something else.. was it a "symbolic flower position" from yin n ldw? She put it on her ears.. their couple pose again.. lols..
  13. What if "I want to express my heart to you! Thanks for always being there, love you! ❤" is not directed to fans but rather to LDW, but then she did it OYS style, like the one in the last episode.
  14. Esther also had caught Sanha using the word ‘Abonim’ (Father In-law). And in the preview, Sanha’s family are very happy. Did they know Sanha got her memories back? Namjoon is on a bed now Can’t wait for tomorrow and I dislike the look on Hayoung face in the preview so fking much
  15. Yeah, my biggest fear is coming! I know Sanha is going to get caught in no time because of her loud whisper I want to know what is going to happen next and see how the exhibition goes.
  16. i like her with kng too.. they are so funny together.. but looking at her ideal type,i think hb suit her more.. she preferred quiet guy..
  17. YIN: "Fans, I hereby confess to wearing couple watches with LDW!" ...Hmmmm especially the part about wanting to "EXPRESS HER " to us is....especially interesting "I declare my heart belongs to LDW, just look at my watch!"
  18. When looking at this pic, automatically I remember HK bed scenes. DH sure so familiar with whatever related to his skin, smell, texture, or scientifically his anatomy. Nearly all his bed scenes in other dramas, he is fully covered. Plus bed scenes in HK was under his direction, the Director said he trusted Wookie in that part, so only DH, Wookie and cameraman in that room.
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