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  2. not sure. will have to wait for more episodes before we get a sense of what it is about... but this is a daily and so I don't expect it go super dark.... 608
  3. Another fun fact, they both acted in the play "Closer". MGY did it in 2010 as Alice and KSH did it in 2016 as Dan. ->>>>> According to this blog - It's Monday - Tuesday drama - Airing after Destignated Survivor: 60 Days - First broadcast: August, 19th - Jeong Yoo-Jin (W, Romance is bonus book) also one of the casts for the drama
  4. Thank you so much @meechuttso for translating some points for us. Really don't have time to sit down and watch properly, I lost focus of everything today, so busy Can I ship this couple instead ?
  5. There's also a part 2 for ep 6 bts and this is the deleted video from youtube The part around where the 3 of them are talking have been edited and cut since the 2 videos that sinamoles eng subbed are still on youtube and are in the TYH playlist. So there's something during that scene in the above video that made them delete the video entirely...hmmmmm....
  6. DaChaun is an awesome. He should get more credit its so funny watching him in love
  7. @ktcjdrama I love that kiss! It’s like gravy on top of rice good! 610
  8. 608 Whats the case about? I found missing case person make me unsettled most.
  9. Wow that is very detail schedule! So possible drama have start filming next week maybe 30th May and KTO join filming 1st June? Since main leads have filming first and KSH have fan meeting on 1st June. Maybe this also mean script read happen this week? Am happy to know they start film soon and not wait till very late since it is sageuk drama which take long to film and very tiring. Look forward to script read pics and videos! Maybe we can follow KTO schedule instead of KSH since it have more info! You're right! Again have not notice clothes! It look like heavy winter coat! KSH post another pic that is throwback maybe this also same. Hahaha! Happy to see KSH active on SNS again and if filming now start hope we can have many more updates!
  10. Somehow I think that KW have already fused up with Kousuke just that Kousuke is still too ‘weak’ to take over him fully. Like have to wait for Kousuke to be dominant enough to stay longer. I think that if Kousuke have full control, he would have bash his colleagues when they try to stop him. Lol, I actually kinda love this part. It shows that he is a very very sadistic character. May I say even more sadistic than BJS? (We haven’t seen Kousuke’s full form of destruction yet) but I take my chances to say that Kousuke will be more powerful than BJS. If this ever turns into a psychopath war I wouldn’t mind watching it hahaha. i fully believe that KW crashes into the water on the next episode and will survive and that this will trigger Kousuke on to a certain level. He might not go full Kousuke mode yet, but he is getting there...I just want to see his fullest potential haha. Let’s see if he is worst than his dad or not hahaha. hatred and anger is what drives Kousuke. At this point BJS defeats KW, KW would be pretty mad and thus *snap fingers* he will lose it.
  11. I actually meant the arguments on court. I watched some of the BTS clips that have been subbed and they all mention how they suck at basketball. Last night I laughed because right enough, they do. I don't think that they managed to get the ball in the net once. It made the 'competition' scene between Thun and Prince even funnier because as Prince launched the ball I was thinking : god knows where that went ; it sounds as though it hit the wall rather than going through the net I watched the odd episode of Sotus raw but as I had no idea what anybody was talking about it was a bit pointless aside from giving me a hint as to what was going to happen. I can follow the odd word now in Thai, certainly enough to notice differences in translations for the more familiar phrases. I have enough trouble keeping up with French in my day to day life, so Mandarin and Thai just to watch TV are out of the question. Good on you, even if you do use them on a daily basis, because your English is excellent as well.
  12. Aaah.... yes yes... I love him... I like a guy who is humorous but with a golden heart. I'm Hakka, so a lot of words are similar sounding with Cantonese. Was watching with Chinese subs, so missing the Sixth Prince reference. But I know that he kept being mistaken as calling himself a gong-zi (prince/master) @triplem here's the durian kiss... too short for me, too PG-13, lol, I expected more.... but very natural compared to the kdrama counterpart of such kisses... PM'ed you the link to watch. 606
  13. Good news @Ni Wen , as I just have time to skim through the recorded clip, the auto-generated sub doesn't help. Sometimes they spoke many sentences and the sub just show 1 short sentences. So our hope is for @meechuttso to help translate, or some L fans or some SHS fans or KBS to upload the full sub to this video. I think SHS is so shy today , especially when she's with Myung-Soo. Probably because the effect of those moments in Guerilla date that went viral, so she took cautious today probably too much that it became awkward. We can see that she looked more relax when shooting photo with LDG. And she also tried to avoid standing with Myung-Soo unless forced to do that . Probably only my shipping imagination, Anyway, it's cute to see this shy girl want to get out of spotlight even though she's popular lead actress now. My new shipped OTP. Their chemistry is off the chart.
  14. We also still don't know where Seon Ho's diary is. I think the school guard took it too, we saw him looking at it after he took the phone. He obviously couldn't include it in the cactus. Where could it be and will it tell us more?
  15. am randomly watching some crime documentary to keep awake... but still feeling sleepy! 604
  16. Literally just lay on my parents bed and I just fell asleep. Like I was so tired that I lay on their beds and crashed. Slept for a solid 30 minutes. I feel like trash now. 606
  17. 604 @Lawyerh ~ shady mom-in-law is the name. the synopsis made it seem like it was a typical family drama where the mom-in-law is domineering and instead of a daughter-in-law, is making this son-in-law miserable because she is way too attached to her kiddo. so imagine my surprise when I watched ep 1 and realized the drama is something else altogether. was like "omo, omo, omo! "... right now, we are just in the initial setup.so it should get more interesting.
  18. @ktcjdrama can check you in haha 608 @Lawyerh before pika I wasn’t a yellow fluff. I was some melted sugar.
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