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  2. 190422 NCT 127 IG Story 190422 jcscinematography IG story 190422 NCT 127 were spotted giving out easter eggs to the crowd @ Easter parade, Fifth Avenue, NYC
  3. @triplem @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama Phoenixxxxx Seon! 894 She looks way better with straight hair lol
  4. Hello guys, looks like I missed a lot when I was gone. So first things first, happy birthday to the man! Not like he’ll read it here, but you know, just putting this out there I saw the drama casting news too and hmm I don’t know how I feel about it. Let’s see if he accepts. He’s also going on My Ugly Duckling, you say? Looks like he won over someone in the SBS entertainment department after his RM stint haha. Guess I’ll have to watch the next ep then But anyways, his RM guesting was SO CUTE. How is he so sweet? Can I be JSM please. Girl living the life over there, what a happy birthday to have! She deserves it anyway, I love that the guys all came for her. I knew JSM and KJS had chemistry but whoa they’re so good together. What a talented pair. I’m surprised at how comfortable they are with each other, she was definitely most comfortable with him. They're so similar? No wonder they were so good in the drama. Anyway, I nipped in to the TSYB DC gallery, and apparently KJS talked about his guesting. Here’s where you have to rely on my sketchy understanding… but I believe what was mentioned (please note I’m relying on my rubbish Korean lol) was that he wanted to appear on RM because of what she said about him on Happy Together. I think he also mentioned he wanted to come on right? He must have been stumped but I guess the gist is that he didn’t ignore her and he wanted to speak to her about it? I guess she was just trying to deflect any dating rumours but it came off wrong, maybe? Or he inadvertently ignored her? I think they spoke about this on RM, but it was unfortunately mostly edited out. Can I just say that he got massive response to it though? So many views, likes, upvotes, comments on Naver calling him a sweet guy, he's handsome (how is this news to us? haha) that him and JSM look good together etc. I'm guessing he'll definitely get offers off the back of this guesting (oh hello My Ugly Duckling!) Also, the KJS-JSM-HSJ trio? Never thought I'd see it on RM in a million years. I love those three I want moreeee. Oh also. I just knew KJS would bring up the kissing scene topic but I cringed so hard when he really asked. I felt so awkward on JSM's behalf when he asked how HSJ performed Not something you'd ever want to be asked, he could have done without it, but she was diplomatic. This was longer that I planned lol but the long and short of it is that I'm glad we get more of KJS onscreen, I'm looking forward to his next project.
  5. @jinkzzmec @phoenix24 remember that scene \ I was watching the interview, it was funny because Yi Nok keeps eating all the time
  6. 190422 mcmfilm IG update with NCT 127 "MCM and Capitol Records producing a great video shoot for K-Pop sensations NCT 127. Special shout out to our super producer Mauricio Vasquez for making this huge shoot happen with 48 hour notice."
  7. Ryu Seung Soo Confirmed To Join Kim Sun Ah In SBS’s New Female-Centric Drama by Y. Kim Actor Ryu Seung Soo will be featuring in SBS’s upcoming drama “Secret Boutique”! “Secret Boutique” is a female-centric drama that will portray the themes of money, power, revenge, and survival. It tells the story of Jenny Jang (Kim Sun Ah) who, while working at a bathhouse in Gangnam, becomes familiar with the Gangnam housewives as she runs errands for the women. She is later chosen by Kim Yeo Ok of Deo Company and is made to work at the beck and call of her daughter Ye Nam, thrusting her into the world of the upper class. Ryu Seung Soo will be starring as Cha Seung Jae, the director of the special affairs division at the prosecutor’s office. Through a pre-arranged marriage with Deo Company’s first daughter, Wee Ye Nam (Park Hee Bon), he becomes a male version of Cinderella. Though he grew up frugally as the son of a highly reputable chairman of the board of an educational foundation, his ambitions grow as he joins the chaebol family through marriage. https://www.soompi.com/article/1319348wpp/ryu-seung-soo-confirmed-to-join-kim-sun-ah-in-sbss-new-female-centric-drama
  8. Just love her interviews "Even a compass, which is supposed to tell you which direction to go, wobbles before it finds its true course. I hope young people aren't too scared of facing the wobbles along the way, because they're a natural part of the journey." http://english.chosun.com/m/svc/article.html?contid=2013060800378&utm_source=undefined&utm_medium=unknown&utm_campaign=english
  9. Yesssss! Now all we need is someone to sub and upload them for us haha so sad for us international fans
  10. hey friends, I came across the teaser on KBS World on TV yesterday, Ballet and Symphony Orchestra, just the right mix for me. Just looking at the musicians preparing their violins and string instruments. I just got transfixed. My God, they just read my mind, I love this. 892
  11. Yeah. his father warned him to be carefully with women especially when they know about his status and this time he pointed exactly to not be involved with a woman in the company. It foreshadows the problem for Mi ri and Tae Joo when their relationship will be known. If Chairman Han knows that Mi Ri is In Sook`s biological daughter, he won`t say anything for now. He knows that even being a secret, Mi Ri won`t be happy that In Sook raised Tae Joo. I wonder about the conversation between In sook and the Chairman from the preview. IS: How long do you plan to leave Tae Joo by Vice President Kang. Chairman: Well then, you should have tried to stop it right from the beginning! She is asking how long Tae Joo will work with Mi Ri but I wonder if she will sugest that they are getting close. She definetly sensed that Tae Joo cares about her. We`ll see the next episode. The preview can be misleading. I don`t want In Sook or the Chairman to interfere already in their building relationship. I don`t like how In Sook is trying to humiliate Mi ri in front of the other executives because she doesn`t golf. I understand she is hurt in her pride because what did Mi ri was a real blow to her. I saw that Mi Ri has to carry her shopping bags? In Sook wants to show who is in charge. I like the scene where Mi Ri talked with Tae Joo about that impulsive moment where she rebelled against In Sook. Tae Joo is starting to know MiRi very well and he will witness how she is doing her job properly in spite of In Sook. She willget close even more. Kdrama fashion
  12. I was watching KBS World on TV, they aired the teaser, I just got charmed by ballet. It is just so good. I used to watch Swan Lake in the 1980s on TV. (I am quite old you see )
  13. What's the difference from yaoi in Japanese manga? Can you provide some examples?
  14. Original Post: Song Hyekyo's photoshoot for Suecommabonnie comments 1. Pretty... I can only see her face 2. I can't see the shoes ㅋㅋㅋ I only see unnie's face 3. The shoes aren't pretty ㅡㅜ 4. Because of her face the shoes don't really stand out 5. I don't see anything other than her face, freaking pretty........ 6. Song Hyekyo's clothes are also pretty but the shoes are so ugly ㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 7. The model is pretty but the shoes...source credit @https://kkumnetz.blogspot.com/2019/04/fromtheqoo-song-hyekyos-photoshoot-for.html?m=1
  15. @booha what a cheerful editing video for DJ drama She had a leading role in Sweden Laundry (2015) too but her route is kinda "up-down".
  16. sy new advertisement- glad the insurance company is using her again. Her crying is amazing and so natural
  17. Jiwonn at Purmil Event "Irish Coffee DJ Festival" few days ago cto.
  18. SH believes he can save them all but it is impossible. To tell the truth I really couldn't sympathy with Hong when her actual rapist called her so casually telling her that his son looks like him, tried to feel bad I couldn't in her flashback when she was shivering I couldn't bring myself to do so or even fake it.
  19. Goddess Kyo update her ig acct thank you so much my love @kyo1122
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