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  2. kekkeke.... am still going to avoid my mister. read the recaps of the first few episodes and I was like "meh! this is so depressing!!!!".... and the recaps/reviews of the ending made it seem like the relief after a painful tooth removal! ... so yea, not for me. LOL.... 540
  3. Thought there was something special between Hae In and Ye Jin but turns out he's just being professional He holds hand the same way this time too but i think he looks happier with Han Ji Min Happier ? There goes my sinking ship Now just have to watch the chemistry between these new one. Sigh was rooting for him with Ye Jin despite the Hyun Bin rumours.
  4. Oh i thought today Tencent will anounce the airing confirm date. Please please please... Or it just marketing campaign regarding #520 sigh....
  5. He might save her at some point but I think that the final showdown will be between KJ and Kousuke. They've been tiptoeing around this since the beginning of this season. It would break my heart but on the other hand this will be some awesome development from the plot's perspective. He might be a vigilante but I hope that at least he's not directly into KW too many killer-stalkers for our boy. Now that BJS is on the run there's a lot of enemies for our guys to deal with. I'm very curious about the guy that cried at the sight of Yukiko's body. Who might he be? The production keeps introducing new people and I'm getting nervous. Me too, loved that scene. At least shows that he didn't change completely from who he was in second season. Yea, I also thought that he would never commit suicide, so I was waiting for him to escape. I still don't quite get why he's so angry at KW to the point of wanting to kill him as soon as possible. Like what exactly changed, was it KW's new tatoo? I'm so curious.
  6. KJW did win Best New Actor for Antique at 16th Korean Culture Entertainment Award in 2008.
  7. I love Mi Ri stand up against her selfish bastard that tried to claim as her mother, can't wait to see next episode, love you to the moon and back TJ, fight for your love, MR need a man like him
  8. What's that one product that is completely worth your money?
  9. ... you all keep increasing the page numbers i have to read ... i haven't really gotten my thoughts on episode 11 and 12 sorted out , but i can only do that this week end because am in the middle of exams( i only finish in June ) and if i touch a computer to make gifs am dead ... , so i stopped all my post any saved them for the weekend... who wants to rematch this show with me in June ... i feel like am watching in a hurry now , but after the exams i will binge watch and analyse slowly ... ( i think in the future i will repeat this show i few thousand times and am planning on the box set .... any way let me share my own STS, on Sunday my friend and i played the lets go see each other off game ... where she walks me home and then i walk her home and then she walks me home ... we just do thi over and over while talking about any and everything ... and as i was walking her home i saw something i never noticed in my many years of using this route , i made her take a picture and send it to me ... she couldnt understand why , but i told her i know a group of people who would appreciate the picture ... Any way i found the way to getting us a Ryan Gold .... i think for the rest of my life everytime i pass this i would remember lion-shi and while we are at it why didn't anyone talk about this yet ... the guy is on speed dating ... okay i have a three hour paper at 2:00pm .. let me go study and stop lurking ...
  10. Yes you should @triplem get that hongkong vibe back but anyways I’m so happy that you are my first successful customer for outbound hahaha. When I watched this, I fell for Ruco. Hahaha. He looks so nice haha. ahh memories hahaha. He is the first that I seen of actors who would have earrings / rings on during events and all that haha 542
  11. Yes!!!!! I saw a thread on twitter about someone in 2018 saw wu qian with a guy together who the op latter found out to be zhang yu jian. I even stalked their IGs and somehow they would post similar content, weeks apart. Almost deliberately. I’m thinking to make a shipper thread if there isnt any
  12. When you laugh, we accompany you laughing. When you cry, we will cry with you
  13. Yes, but our Muse has spoken, so @meechuttso (or @immorethant or any of her love slaves) must translate, for her glory. Points of attraction (just SHS portion)
  14. SBS MTV’s “School Attack” will be returning stronger than ever before! “School Attack 2019” is a reboot of the classic variety show from 10 years ago, where popular singers make surprise appearances at schools to perform and play games with the students. MAMAMOO, Oh My Girl, and The Boyz have already been confirmed for the show. In the […] The post MAMAMOO, Oh My Girl, And The Boyz Confirmed To Star In New Season Of “School Attack” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Lee Hi will be making her first variety show appearance in a long time through JTBC’s “Idol Room”! On May 20, a source from “Idol Room” confirmed that Lee Hi will be appearing on the program. However, the source explained that they have yet to set dates to film and broadcast the singer’s episode. Lee Hi’s comeback was […] The post Lee Hi Confirmed To Appear On JTBC’s “Idol Room” For Upcoming Comeback appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Another explotions of couple items making us think they're together.. OMG!! Pichi couple~ kill me
  17. There's nothing wrong with being different than others, dear! I think being different mean you are independent & you have a your own identity which I find absolutely amazing! So no worries, dear! Chill out And dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @gladys0710 friends, In last year, Daniel just shooted a movie called Beast right after The Ghost Detective ended! His character there is a support role as a young detective (minus ghost) .. No further details yet for a release date!! Hopefully we'll get more info as the time passes... Some BTS stills of him during the shoot... Looking so cute as always!
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