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  2. hi dear @quietobserver i totally understand where u’re coming from.. u know i love u and everyone in this forum right... however, if we’re too concern about what other ppl say or think or do, i dont think we can write or contribute anything to this forum.. so lets jst focus on our own stuffs and dont worry so much about others.. trust me ive seen other non shippers/shippers/solid fans said bad things about PSJ/PMY or WWWSK, but do i need to call them out everytime they did that? No coz it’s a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. as long as they dont do it here im good.. yeah i admit i may have been critical about HPL but ive never done or seen our fellow shippers do the other stuffs that that they claimed us did.. most of the time we jst chill here, xpressing our perv thoughts lol.. so if other ppl said they jumped ship or hate PMY/PSJ bcoz of us, that’s not on us.. they jump ship bcoz they want to and im not harbouring any bad feelings towards them.. they can do whatever they want.. jst dont justify their action by putting all the blame on PPS.. but yes i agreed that we can be more careful when we talk about some issues in the future.. anyhow im over this issue.. now lets go back into being our own fun perv ship ~~ love u guys 3000..
  3. Another reason why we loved her so much... The down to earth and the kindness... This is our Jieuni the one and only IU. Have great Monday Uaenas
  4. This is where I got it. Wont be released until 10/31/19 though. https://global.yes24.com/Goods/62651842#
  5. Me when I see Team Add Winning: "I am so sad!!! Team Subtract never wins!!! So the number is 526!
  6. He probably remember hairstyle now , thanks to her method - poor thing , she will spend money she didn’t have to straighten her hair & high heels to disguise her 168 height now , she playing hide & seek Welcome to the thread
  7. Why would they do that? As jjongahs we don’t want negativity. Definition of negativity : saying there is nothing between them as an example, or attacking Jong etc etc. So why would they blocked you? Honestly, I personally removed myself from chats who were beginning to doubt about even them being friends lol. Either you support them either you don’t. People who are so so have better thing to do outside our fandom.
  8. May 20, 2019 Some fan-posted clips feat. Lee Byung Hun in the variety show, Master In The House aired on 19/5. If not mistaken, his appearance is called the 'fairy hint' on who the 'Master' will be. In this episode, it's his good friend, martial arts director Jung Do Hong. There's also a short but laughter-filled conversation with BH shown. Source: Soompi for related excerpt // 돌체 @D0LC3_ on twitter On the May 19 episode of the show, the cast traveled to an action school in Paju and met their latest master, the renowned martial arts director Jung Doo Hong. The action director and stuntman boasts a 20-year friendship with actor Lee Byung Hun and has worked with him in movies such as “The Good, the Bad, and the Weird,” “G.I. Joe,” and “Red 2.” Jung Doo Hong introduced his school by explaining, “Every year, from April to October, I give free lessons for six months to people who are interested. This is the only action school in the world that provides this kind of structured action training.” Hope we'll get to watch the full clip with subs, BH laughed out loud a lot!
  9. Me after Ryan and Deok Mi Kiss in Episode 9: "YES!!!!!!! I'm so happy. I've been waiting forever!"
  10. YNK just did an update with all the BTS shots! Thank you YNK!! https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20253793&memberNo=33175148 I am increasingly impressed by the quality of these naver updates after each of her events, some bringing me to tears, but I have to say this, this one, might top them all. There are so many indescribably beautiful pics of Shin Hye-Sun now. of joy. More under spoiler. 3 pics limit per post.
  11. The fact that Jong and Yura occasionally interact is that much celebrated by jjongahs is because they both do it once in while ... only to eachover. They have countless other buddies whom they don’t refrain themselves to chat to, laugh, do stuff with in the real life. Yet they both claim they are still keeping in touch and close friends... Who does that? lol Anyway it was a Jjongah day no matter what haters may think ahahah
  12. Yes the problem is sbs blocks videos so it's been blocked. I can confirm she did say that and pd was surprised and asked again. It was in today's episode! Here's visual stills as sbs blocked my video
  13. I can’t seem to link to your account. Just confirming that SJH said this about KJK. Was it in this week’s ep? If so, what was the context? Thanks.
  14. Get ready for a hilarious “family” feud on the next episode of “Running Man”! On May 19, the SBS variety show aired a preview of its upcoming episode featuring guest stars Lee Sang Yeob and Im Soo Hyang. The clip begins with the cast’s “grandfather” Lee Sang Yeob writing a letter in which he asks the […] The post Watch: “Running Man” Cast Pays Their “Grandparents” Lee Sang Yeob And Im Soo Hyang A Visit In Hilarious Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. And what good friends use to do normally?^^ : Being obvious for all people around that they are indeed good friends and not randomly let people know they are indeed « good friends » lol. You can’t call someone who you would say Hi 3 or 4 times a year as « good friends ». More : with all your other friends you behave like a close friend (openly have conversations so that anybody can see, hanging out and do so many more stuff. You certainly have friends too and you know the difference between a friend and random people you may know or have interacted in the past? We can’t call their « unique » behavior as one of normal « good friends » would have had. Look at the way Yura interact with Bohyunan or the other males ex collègues she had as an example. She doesn’t like only their picture but posts comments. No way she would do the same with Jong isn’t it? and it goes the same for Jong... meanwhile those two claimed they are « close friends » ... who don’t dare to even have a convo on IG beside liking once a year each over picture ahahaha. So what is obvious for you... is quite contradicted by their very unusual way of interacting^^. If your statement was legit I would say they are not even friends. Friends are not that cold or shy to eachover or... the definition of friends must be changed That thing said, if you think that way that thread is to support jjongahs so…
  16. I came across this MV which is like a mash up of our OTP's characters from LCDF as well as An Oriental Odyssey. Love the song too, from Bloody Romance OST. Another more light-hearted MV with their scenes from AOO. I love seeing our OTP together again in a different setting. They have such good chemistry! Almost makes me want to watch AOO just for their parts, even though I heard that drama is a mess (and they don't end up together ).
  17. Ji hyo says he even dresses up like that at home and jung cheol min asks really? Btw this is my insta account!
  18. Hi~ Long time no see, hope everyone is well!!! I haven't left, just not much updates these days (as expected...but also i've been forgetful when there are ^^;; sorry) 190518 FANCAMS 25th Dream Concert- Taemin Ending - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 Want - 2 - 3 Move - 2 - 3 Shawols - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 Want+ment+Move 190516 OFFICIAL ENG Korea Times Music Festival Interview- Taemin 190515 The Best CHOI's MINHO VCR highlights by metaoloz 190516 OFFICIAL Taemin Arena Tour 2019 Message- Taemin
  19. exactly, her embarassment at being dissed and rejected and lie fed to another then the adults made it worse with their lies and saving face and reputation. The adults are even worse than the kids they should be ashamed of themselves.
  20. just take it easy.. its been almost a year, but as you can see.. this forum is always a hot topic.. we all know the reason of course.. I never imagined id be in a forum.. because I always thought, fans usually make up things because they wanna feed their "delulus". The only reason I joined is because this one has ACTUAL materials as proof and evidences and I was even surprised.. i thought.. "wow! 1st time I read a forum that has details that are based on facts!". Thats why this is the only forum I joined.. Trust me, there are other kdrama couples that I wish would date in real life... but Iearned to accept and differentiate whats onscreen and real life. PMY and PSJ... yeah.. they are definitely more than you can imagine..
  21. Roughly he said: Thank you for spending a special time with me today. From now onward, I will prepare various works/forms. I would be happy if I can come again to Kobe then. Love the partial Japanese in the youtube live... I can actually understand something he said without having to wait for translation sub I hope one day he'll do an english one too I need to do some catching up with this event... Thank you for the updates @gumtaek, @dukesa1122, @rahma92
  22. I would guess a collaboration. Her latest single was from January. Taemin also said he would have another come back this year. I don’t think taemin would be less careful for anyone to catch his private life. Let’s Wait and see
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