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  2. O! M! G! OMG!!!! i dunno why when i watched that part in sundabang that inna said she doesn’t drink coffee, she only drinks light one. i felt really confused but i didnt know why hahaha i was like ‘huh? i thought she likes coffee?’ maybe because i watched the vlive first and i assumed she likes coffee because she answered americano. maybe thats why im confused. and besides if u don’t really like the taste of coffee its more logical to chose mixed coffee? i dont know? maybe its just me. haha WOAH! DAEBAK! that jjampong/jajamyong tho, dongwook was too surprise she chose jjangmyong. not normal surprise. he was so convinced she was going to chose jjampong! and isnt weird for a guy who chose romance than action? idk it could be because they are promoting a romantic drama, but i like to delulu so its fine ahhahaa i love your analysis my friend! OMG IM SO DELULU RIGHT NOW I FEEL LIKE FLYINGGGGG! WOOOOOOOO!!
  3. @Lawyerh good to know that BIMFL is not yet done. Almost started it, but I will just wait for the 2nd part to be out first before starting. I too didn't expect very highly for FP 2nd season, but it's just really nice to know that they even have the thought of it. 774
  4. @Lawyerh Heheheheheh. LUTYN lol. Sometimes TVN make us all go dirty minded lol. With the needle, or the cpr doll but anyways. I didn't like how he looks. With the period costume. Because it just doesn't fit with the current timeline. But then after he changes into the current timeline's attire...He looks better....But like what @triplem Says. He looks wayyyy better in FP. Probably because he looks super skinny in LUTYN. He very cute ah. hahahah. 772 Edit: Oh No...I put so many lols gotta clear some.
  5. Not to mention it was Valentine's Day when that kiss was filmed.
  6. Seriously TFP will have season 2?Tht's really great, even the ending isn' t cliffhanger.. I really salute e writer n e director, Tht's how drama shud end, nobody die except father Lee. After all, it's a drama and not a real life, so must get happy ending. Hope there're writer n director will do the same for MOTA season 2. They shud think how to twist e story so tht Jin Woo's secretary will be alive again.
  7. LOL yeah. Actually funny thing. Im expecting nothing hahahah. First place i thought that FP will not have a sequel. Cause based on the story, it feels like a one way story in which everything closes well. So no need anymore progression. But apparently not, i'm not expecting much because of the mindset i have now. So im not that hyped for S2 lol. TBH. Just naturally waiting lol. 768 @Lawyerh If you continue onwards it gets better lol.
  8. 766 Im watching LUTYN no 1... quite funny @sushilicious
  9. In the novel, it was because the persian martial art and formation was strange in nature not necessarily because WJ was inferior.
  10. Let's relax for a while... About bracelet thing, I hope we get another clue from them soon... The first kiss was one of my favorite, it's not torrid or steamy, but it's warm, make me keep rewatching again and again. His stare, her reaction, her smile after, the soundtrack, their wardrobe, surrounding, everything is perfect. I feel like the warmth of first kiss by myself. Well, the minus is the zoom out
  11. I hv no idea . It’s fated , I’ll watch & Let you know . I’m watching eps 10 of psychoM. Ahh poor Seung Mo. he needs a hug I read the article too . Yup nothing set in stone , manage your expectations 764
  12. My hope is IW gets to a correctional faclilty where they have programs for abusers. I would want his ending to be like in LMIH. JW: being, marked by, or displaying behavior characterized by expression of negative feelings, resentment, and aggression in an unassertive way (as through procrastination, stubbornness, and unwillingness to communicate) a passive-aggressive personality, that is who MR will end up with
  13. just want to say how much i enjoyed the new episodes. Can't wait for the next ones!!!
  14. Actually, I was wondering why WJ was immobilized so quickly during the fight with the Persians and ZM had to do that suicidal move. Was it because the Persians are much stronger or mainly because they were outnumbered?
  15. To each his own if we love Her Private Life or not. This thread is WWWSK PPC thread so at least we have a common ground here the love for WWWSK and PPC, outside that, we cannot force the others. We have our own standards. My sister loves Jennifer Aniston romcom movies no matter if it won Razzies for Worst Movie because she said it made her happy. Just because we love an actress we should not feel obligated to be blind and praise everything even if we sound plastic. And for the record, not all PPC shippers who do not like HPL are jealous shippers.
  16. I Finally Watched the final episode , for once I didn’t get teary at the thought of not watching or reading about my Mr Hwang every morning , enjoying news about him from @sushilicious & @triplem . Maybe it’s just my happiness at them all coming back season 2 that stopping me from being upset ? I dunno but thoroughly I enjoyed my time on this thread and will look back at it with lovely fond memories it’s was nice to be able to watch this drama with members who loved watching it as much as I did I hope more members watch this drama in the future because speaking as fan now , I consider this the best , most funniest and brilliant drama come my way after years of dry spills So thanks for all the awesome posters , awesome recapping from everyone specially @ktcjdrama from day one I relayed on her recapping so thank for doing it , also thanks for the fantastic opinions, funny theory, news , video , lively chatting & laughter so big thanks for everyone one who make this thread home starting from my sweetheart @triplem , @Lawyerh , @lu09 & @sushilicious @mrsj3n, @phoenix24 , @Dramanoona , @LyraYoo , @joonminfan , @seteney , @kyleatreides & @jadore1 , @katakwasabi As fiery priest I will end it with this , see you around , hopefully season 2 .. we may all enjoy our family & friends
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  18. Lee Guk Joo had a sweet surprise for fans of B1A4’s CNU! On April 21, she shared a photo of herself with CNU on her personal Instagram account and wrote, “Lee Guk Joo goes on her first military visit ever to see B1A4’s CNU, someone she cares for. It’s good to see that he’s doing […] The post Lee Guk Joo Visits B1A4’s CNU In The Army + Shares His Sweet Message For Fans appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. For some reason, i did not finish watching LOCH 2017 too. I agree that the fighting scenes are good too. But somehow HR seem too plain in performance (personal opinion), though I agree she fought gracefully due to her dancing background. . So in between I skipped through certain parts.
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