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  2. @Eeveeta wheres the part here in this forum that says or implied that no one can accept her for who she is?
  3. No one can force anyone in this thread.If she don't delete it, it's her right. But it would be better if not searched by this thread, isn't it? As far as I read in this this thread , No one doesn't accept her.
  4. I am sorry, I might have missed the discussion. May I know what rumours are of Joseph and management treatment thingy? I was hoping for more WJ and ZM bts scenes now that the series is done broadcasting. The bts seem to release the more serious interaction between WJ and ZM bts (why why why? I want to see more ). Seems like from my quick browse of weibo (without having an account or even understanding what is written. Ouuch ), some users screen shot weibo interactions between Joseph and Yukee so they might not be that distant. But seems like my hopes are futile lol It's great to hear ZM will appear sooner in the TVB version. She is among the best best part of this version, yet she appeared so late (for sure it feels so late for me
  5. Tomorrow ? Not on 24th ? While the whole world is probably waiting for Avengers : End Game on Apr 24th, I'm dying to see her drama's 2nd teaser. Agreed with @Ni Wen that the 2nd teaser would be the angel's narration (+ black swan).
  7. You are laughing at me you said I am new fan but I am in truth fan of PMY for many many years and you are the ones who does not know her well. This is her. She was chubby as a teen and in her early days as actress. If you cannot accept her for who she is then go away you are the fake fans and do not know her and not me.
  8. with all do respect, Soompi is not the only fan forum. there are private groups also, this one is public. and while its true that these photos can also be googled.. its different when it is collected in a collage and ready to be copied by haters. and I did NOT dictate.. it was a suggestion.. just like @jingjajasaid.. she should not be criticized for it again. and those 3 photos above that you said.. only two is her.. the one with short hair was already approved not to be her. it was a different person (at least as posted in an IG account)
  9. Hello! No not yet but already downloaded! I think it will be good since all the actors are talented just like our Jinyoung. It is only an 8-episode drama. I watched his movie tho and it's really good, awesome! Funny!
  10. Darn it! I was afraid the writer would use the biblical "sins of the father" on the JS character. And, probably on the SM character, too. I wonder if SM, set the apartment fire, in the belief that the fire would obliterate all traces of him and his mother, in order to prevent his father from finding them because ... the father is also psychometric. BTW, I just found that Dramamilk.com does live recaps on her site.
  11. There’s no charge for older dramas. As for the new ones, you can start free trial. I don’t remember anything about the sub where I got it or who did it for EOG at all. Appreciated for such a great job well-done though. It’s a difficult drama to tackle.
  12. [MV] Keep Running S3 theme song 造亿万吨光芒 (Making Billion Tons of Light) featuring LUCAS
  13. Me too, I don't know why MinMin show up so late at eps 23. We want more scenes from MinMin.
  14. How long have you started posting on this thread? By the way the term is a THREAD and all threads with different ships is called a FORUM. I am a Soompier since 2008. I seldom post but I am a long time lurker in this thread and if you read backpages the pics were posted on this thread and confirmed by long time PMY fans that it is her in the first set. So i think it is unfair for you to dictate @parkparkloveu to delete what has been discussed and posted already here before. What is there to hide? All these photos can be googled.
  15. jesus christ, that's embarrassing. sorry!!! @raziela THANK YOU! sorry for being dumb lol anyway move along folks, nothing to see here. NOTHING HAPPENED.
  16. agreed.. and most of the pictures sent are not her... yeah.. Ibthink its better to delete it @parkparkloveu because immature haters might use it to spread more hate
  17. Seriously? She's going to appear earlier? That's one thing I don't like about this version - have to wait so long for MinMin to appear.
  18. With love and respect I think this photo should be deleted,please. We should not bring this matter to another point. I love PMY and I don't want anyone to criticize PMY about it again.
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