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Before And After Of So Nyuh Shi Dae

Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

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Guest lackingmoon

Urghh...really scary. Give me a chill...Can't believe ppl did plastic surgery at such young age. I'm not a fan of plastic surgery. Call me narrow-minded but seriously, why can't ppl just stay with the way they are? Plastic surgery has become so popular that I can't even tell who had done something to their face...geez. Anyway, Yoona doesn't look different at all. TaeYeon 'n SeoHyun only look slightly different, probably because they have grown up. Jessica seems to have her teeth fixed, beside that she looks the same. But admit it, everyone else looks a little different, if not alot.

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Guest babypink12345

Some of them probably did get surgery because of Sooman.

But I think most just change over a period of time.

Not everybody looked good when they were a little kid.

Don't you agree?

Also, some people develop double eyelids as they grow up.

Maybe these girls could also be in the same situation.

Just because they probably did makeup, double eyelid tape, or glue doesn't mean they got surgery.

All are sooo pretty now!

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they didn't all get surgery-_______-.

we're not that stupid, its kinda obvious.

but the point is who the freak cares-__-.

no like in the k pop industry their isn't

other girls that got surgery. they're talented

so screw everything else.

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Guest SavannahBee

I think Yoona looks almost exactly the same =]

Although I have to admit that Tiffany looks a bit too different to be natural ><

But who knows, maybe she just changed a lot^^

I think all Hyo Yeon did was lose weight. . . .Sunny too

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that is stephanie, she had those posted in her myspace and her daum cafe. i've seen her change throughout the years as she posted her own pictures....man i see a huge difference in younha nose and everyone's elses noses. but they're still cool.

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Guest ja1ne

I know they have pressure as a new female group of SM and all but what the hell, they're so young...

It's like now in Korea, getting your eyes and nose done is something basic (not even a big deal) anymore. I'm not against plastic surgery or anything but seriously...I could imagine in few years, the majority of the people in Korea are going to get their face fixed and pretend it's no biggie and say "everyone does it." Plastic surgery in Korea is slowly becoming something at the same level of "make up."

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Guest sunnyskys*

Hmmm a lot of these pictures are really old and are of bad quality so it's difficult to tell if they really did get something done or not

I would give them the benefit of the doubt since they're still young

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ahah most of them didn't have sang ggah poohl and then got them.


they could jsut be bad pictures of them.

or they really could've gotten surgery.

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Guest k r e m e s

The most a few of them may have done is ssangapul surgery. Tae Yeon's accused rhinoplasty is ridiculous. Her nose looks basically the same.

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Guest Narda

Mostly all these girls look like 'familiar' celebs "after" they've done surgery.

Now their not unique looking!

But i dont judge on looks so my perspective about them wont change.

After all, i think it's talent that'll make you stand out.

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Guest KaiIem

Hmmm, well, atleast they all look somewhat similar, right?

Anyways, maybe they didn't even have surgury. Almost everyone goes through an awkward stage.

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

everytime someone new debuts.. the first thing we get is a before&after picture comparison thing -___-

I think Yuri got ssangapeul.. but the rest I can't really see a huge difference

they take like old, poor quality pics of the girls when they're like 12 and compare it to airbrushed, photoshopped pictures.. no duh you'd see a difference

maybe some of these girls did get something done, but it's their business

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Guest johnnifer

some of the pictures look old and when some people grow they get prettier. i don't think any different of them if they got surgery. especially ssangapul surgery -.-'. surgery doesn't change a person who they really really are. Hyo Yeon doesn't really look different to me. its common anyway

--Jenn Ly

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