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Before And After Of So Nyuh Shi Dae

Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

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some looks like they just lost weight and matured

but yeah.. i think some got their nose and eyes done.. haha i think i've said this quite a few times..

but i'm not really that crazy or harsh over people who gets plastic surgery

i mean, their celebrities anyway.. they need to look good for .... us..

people can be pretty harsh towards ugly celebs.. and those celebs who aren't as pretty/handsome.. don't even get enough fame too..

if they look the same as they were before.. would you all even like them..

lol not pertaining to anyone but..

why are you angry or alarmed when you find out celebs got surgery?

answer: because they're plastic? not real..

why are you angry over them being plastic (getting surgery)?

couldn't think of any answer..?

i don't know but i guess some people get angry because of jealousy.. or ego

like you were admiring their attractiveness and being jealous.. then you find out it wasn't real

you go .. "aha ..so i'm prettier than you actually.. you b_tch.. you made me go jealous of something i could also get"

XDD okay.. getting so out of topic here XD

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yeah..some are pretty obvious..but i believe jessica,seohun,taeyeon and yoona didnt have plastic surgery.

and PS definitely is not something uncommon to see..especially for ANTI-FANS.(who can make them up and just say anyone have plastic surgery.)

i agree ^^

looks are important, but we're also looking for talent, and i'm pretty sure that all these girls are good enough to attract people's attention through their performance :)

and i dont find celebs having plastic surgery is a big deal <_<

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Guest lilpinkhearts

WOW, a lot of them really got quite a bit done.

initially those usual condemming thoughts ran through my head like "ewww i don't like her anymore" or "she doesn't deserve her fame now" and stuff like that...

but the thing is that, normal citizens ALSO get plastic surgery.

it's just that because they're celebs, they get slammed for doingso.

now THAT's kinda unfair isn't it?

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Guest yooniceland

i think some of them did.

but you should realize that just LOSING WEIGHT can make your face change.

SM's trainees lose weight because of peer pressure, pressure from schedule, and losing a few pounds are kind of mandatory.

its really unfair for them to compare pictures from when they were in elementary or middle school

and say that they look so different, so, i have to assume that theyve gotten surgery.

when you get a picture from when i was in 5th or 6th grade, you wouldnt recognize me because ive lost weight, taller by 3 or 4 inches, and i simply GREW UP. I never had ANY SURGERY. So if a netizen saw me, they must think that i got plastic surgery, psh. GO LOOK IN HEALTH AND BEAUTY AND THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE WHO LOOK DIFFERENT WITHOUT SURGERY.

Honestly, i think this is pathetic, i guess netizens have nothing else to do other than point out people's flaws and plastic surgeries. i wouldnt be surprised if some are fat, 200 pound angry fan girls. They are messed up. when there are noses that they dont like, they say go get surgery, and when somebody DOES get surgery, they bash them for getting them. WHO'S THE WRONG ONE NOW?

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I think some members have had things done but..

Hair, make up and accessories can also change alot in some1s appearance.. Also growin up aswell!!

What do you think with them after you seen all the pics :rolleyes:

For me i still like them.. Just like how i did b4 ^_^

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sorry for dragging in WG..my apology.

so my main point is even if my idols have PS,they will still be my idols.

and i agree with lovable93,what she said is absolutely correct.i dun understand haters.when one celeb which they hate becomes prettier by just some growing up or minor surgery,they make a total big fuss of it. -_-

and if the celebs they hate becomes uglier,example this female celeb got dumped,she turns fatter and they laugh at her..what's that?

i will always support SNSD for their talents.^^

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Guest *kyuhyunnie*

I think it's just the eyeliner that make YoonA different.

Tiffany lost weight, which make her eyes bigger.

Jessica I think she did her eyes but it's okay.

HyoYeon...I thought she did her eyes.And her nose look the same or she raise the briged(sp.) of her nose.But still my favorite.

SooYoung...I knew her nose look weird but she still one of my favorite.

i like SNSD because they dances well and their song is very nice and cute.not because of their beauty or something else.They will succeed if they have talent...which imo they certainly are the most talented girls out now. ^_^

I agree with you all the way.

Come on if you're a newbie to KPOP then you'll think it's bad to have surgery but then you'll get use to it.

I mean who don't want to be beautiful esp. in the entertainment world.

And people do surgery in a younger age because it be easier than an older age. Like an auntie I know did her nose when she was around 30 and now her nose is mess up.

And some of them might not have surgery because you change while you're growing.

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DANG!!! most of them got thier EYEs & NOSE done... you can so tell on Hyo Yeon that she got her nose done... she looks better now then b4.

They all look pretty now... what ever makes them happy.

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Guest litkot

haiz...I don't think plastic surgery is a big deal now a day. If something could make u become prettier, why not? And it's better than when u see a non-pretty girl on TV and keep saying she's ugly..., it's better 2 see pretty girl though! ^_^.

For me it's ok. As long as they are talented and have good personalities!

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Guest vietgurlhelen

wow i know a couple did surgery but i didnt expect all of them too...u can totallly tell its on the eyes and noses

*sigh* oh well whats done is done, they are prettier than before i have to admit

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Guest saranghae<3

I honestly believe most of the girls in SNSD didnt have surgery. Those pics were their childhood pics. I am sure that a lot of you guys looked very different when you were little.

some people's double eyelids grow out as they age. My eyes are bigger than they use to be. I didn't get surgery.

Puberty can change you a lot :wink:

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Guest pencilcasee.

yoonah, taeyeon, jessica, & seohyun don't look like they got anything done except braces, growing up, etc - yoonah & taeyeon especially. that's a really bad picture of yoonah though. there's plenty of other pictures of both yoonah & taeyeon that show they look exactly the same.

it's been mentioned before that yuri really did get her eyes done.

the other girls i'm not certain about. the questionable ones for me would probably been hyoyeon & sunny.

i find it a bit amusing that everyone is soooo turned off by them already just because of this whole surgery thing. it's all a matter of opinions i know, but doesn't music and talent count more? taeyeon is an amazing singer & hyoyeon is an incredible dancer. i can care less if they really got plastic surgery or not.

go ahead and dislike them because they look different. ignore their music and talents. hopefully there are a lot of people out there who won't do that because these girls deserve a chance to prove themselves to fans, anti fans, the media, etc.

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Guest lhdn1994

they look hecka different...

like stephanie....she must lost alot of weight..she looks so skinny rite now....

and yoonah..the first pic of her scared me.....wowzers....

and as for jessica...she look like a whole other person .....

aish....if the girls gets more antis cuz of this..im blaming sooman....ahaha jk XP

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