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Before And After Of So Nyuh Shi Dae

Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

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Guest SilenceAngel

Just say that thank god for cosmetic surgery. They look 100X prettier in their AFTER pictures. We all can't be born beautiful, right?

At first, everyone would be shock and disapprove of surgery to enhance one's looks. Over time, I think the way people think is changing because it's widespread now. It's not a rare thing anymore. I'm not shock or surprise about it anymore. Now, when I see a pretty actress or a handsome actor in a serial drama, I doubt it is their "natural" self.

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Guest asdfjkl;fdsajkl;

omg...i do agree they look 1000% better but i really hate it when you feel like you have to look like some porclein doll. i mean you can still be beautiful and have single eyelids or whatever

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Guest azngal422

yoona looks quite natural to me

as for the other girls, well maybe they had surgery, maybe they didnt. but as long as theyre happy with their prettier face now and have more confidence in themselves i dun think surgery's a bad idea, especially when nowadays appearance is one of the most important things (u know..other than talent)

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Guest jenny~

LOL! hyoyeon!! haha who knew a girl like that could grow up to be one of SM's best dancers?! She's so cute ! xDD.

yoonah looks exactly the same, i doubt she got surgery.

The "before" pic you posted of her was actually a picture for a photoshoot.

yuri...i can tell got something done lol.

and well taeyeon + sooyoung look the same.

the others ... i don't know...a little skeptical maybe.

but wowww jessica lol. that looks like a hyper picture.

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Guest Cheeseburgerplease

THese picture actually dont show anything.. most of them look the same.. it's just a bad picture of them.. yoona did not get surgery.. jessica is known for being pretty.. she was scouted for her looks. Taeyeon didnt get any either... i know yuri did her eyes.. but yeah most of them are pretty natural... I mean seriously, those picture don't prove anything.. unless you give me one like i dont want to drag any names... but nam gyu ri's before and after that was posted.. that is mroe reasonable.. but these.. some of them are soo freaking blurry... enlarging doenst make it any better..so how does taht prove anything? seriously me without eye make up .. my eyes look smaller too and less awwake.

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Guest love4dbsk&suju

i dont think any of them had any major HEAVY plastic surgery. i reckon all of them must have around the eyes but they cant rlly help it since most koreans ave small eyes

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Guest pinkpiglet

that's a REALLY bad picture of tiffany.

she's prettier in person i heard.

she has a inside double eyelids

that's why sm forced her to have

a double eyelid surgery =/

she was pretty before surgery too.

i mean i expected all this.

you can't expect no surgery

from artist coming out from sm.

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Guest xdaisiesx3

They mostly did their eyes/noses.

It's not a huge deal since most celebs do that anyway.

& I don't think Jessica had surgery... it was just the braces.

She still had the same double eyelids & nose.

I hate it when antifans make these. :[

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Guest SN0Wx

it's pretty crazy how all these childhood pics got on the internet.

but um, wow, if these pics were real, the transformations are kinda shocking.

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Guest chocomilky

I just think Sunny went on that famous SM diet... And maybe getting double eyelids.

Jessica still doesn't look good... :ph34r: She looks so average.

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Guest jeanu

OMG hyoyeon got her entire face changed?! she looks like a song hye kyo look alike now. o_o she's talented in dancing but i don't think she should've gotten her entire face changed...

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