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Before And After Of So Nyuh Shi Dae

Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

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Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

where's e credits?

i saw the exact same ting, in the exact same sequence in coolky few days back alr thou.but i tink some may not undergone surgery..changes happen when they grow up... >"<

i am sorry for forgetting to credit -_-

credits to one of chinese kpop forum -_-

it is also made up by netizens..i read it @ WG's thread..

if WG fans watched the MTV WG show,they'll know if they got surgery or not

hyuna might done her nose,but i dont trust sun ye got too -_-

nothing changed since she's 11/12i'll post the clip later

anyway,hope Jenn clear all the thing -_-

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i am sorry for forgetting to credit -_-credits to one of chinese kpop forum -_-if WG fans watched the MTV WG show,they'll know if they got surgery or nothyuna might done her nose,but i dont trust sun ye got too -_-nothing changed since she's 11/12i'll post the clip lateranyway,hope Jenn clear all the thing -_-

the netizens said sunye did double eyelid and she indeed only have single eyelid when she auditioned..i also dled WG MTV eps..she looked different..now from the past.

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Guest xaneth9

umm... since we haven't heard them sing or dance that much... aren't we all judging them by the way they look? :huh:

and they are an IDOL group. meaning ppl look up to them not just because of their talent, looks also matter.

please don't drag in other artists into the thread as it is the SNSD before and after thread. :sweatingbullets:

i think this thread is just for ppl to see the before and after pics.

NOT to say that SNSD is bad or putting them down in any way...

more like showing us evidence???

anyway... kind of suprised that so many of themhad surgery. at such a young age...

to those who said they were all pretty before their "transformation"... :blink:

but still. i want to see them debut!!!

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Guest ~ cherrie ~

the netizens said sunye did double eyelid and she indeed only have single eyelid when she auditioned..i also dled WG MTV eps..she looked different..now from the past.

isn't this SNSD's thread..-_-

why talk about WG?.. :blink: .. <_< please stick to the topic..

typically it's common for surgery..even sun ye or hyunA did surgery..they still look the same..not like they overdo it..

i bet other girl groups did it as well..just that their photos are not exposed.. ( i don't mean anything since surgery is common there)

but SNSD??.. :ph34r: practically, everybody is doing it.. :( cause looks real? or camera trick?

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Guest glamchicdiva

yoona still looks the same, i have her younger pics, she's still the same beautiful yoona.

i'm pretty sure that yuri and tiffany got eyelid surgery (WHICH IS VERY COMMON IN KOREA)

i thought about this loong time ago since before this thread is created.

taeyeon's nose look sharper, but i dunno if its just in that pic, so i cant say much.

i luv SNSD n i will definitely support them even tho they're plastic, because what matters is the talent rite?

for those die-hard fans who cant accept the fact that their idol got surgery, think again.

*i read sumwhere that brazil has the highest number of plastic surgeries, but it's korea that has the biggest percentage of plastic surgeries in the country's population. my friend who has a korean friend said that many young girls aged around 13 already got surgery, sometimes its bcuz their moms advised them to do so. i think in korea beauty is very important.*

even though they dont wanna do plastic surgeries, their company will force them to, in order to be succesful. that's the demand. admit it, as much as u love artists with talents, u'll love them more if they're beautiful/handsome right?

i'm just saying that evrytime someone comes up with:"she got surgery", dont bash them saying that they're hater, who knows if she's saying the fact? n if they do, IT'S COMPLETELY NORMAL.

it dont matter to me if my fave celebs r plastic, cuz beauty isnt the only thing we love bout them, right?

n for haters, pls dont bash any celeb just bcuz they got surgery. again, it's soo natural these days, especially in the ENTERTAINMENT business.

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Guest Chocopiex3

:mellow: LOL. Not very surprising. Almost all of Korean celebrities do the same. <_< But are they a little bit young for that?

Sometimes I wonder...Do they ever feel...fake?

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Guest mistresstigress

Dang so surgery is more common than you think. But you have to admit they still have the basics in their old picture. You don't expect a overnight BEAUTY, these girls just got more enhanced in their prettiness. And Hyoyeon, that last picture has to be photoshopped.

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Guest amal_k1986

They all look prettier now!!

Hyo Yeon looks the same as before...

for the others the size of the eyes is different but I don't know one celeb who didn't fix something, it's common.

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Guest ahreum

I don't remember seeing any other artists' old pictures (before Sonyeo Shidae) except for Jessica Jung's and HyoYeon.

After I saw the first official picture, I said, "I bet you that Hyo Yeon got a nose job."

It looks like she did. I mean, her face was always pretty, but her nose was pretty huge.

Some of the girls don't even look Korean in their befores.... especially Soo Young.

Edit: Now that I actually have time to analyze and look at their pictures carefully... This is JUST my opinion.

1. YoonA - looks pretty much the same. The first picture looks like it was purposely made for her to have a lot of makeup. Her eyes look pretty much the same too. Her ssangkkapul looks more obvious in the first picture, but it looks like she's semi-closing her eyes. The second picture, it's obvious that she's looking up, so her ssangkkapul isn't that visible. Her nose looks a little bit bigger than the last two pictures in the second picture, but it could be just the angle.

Surgery: ???

2. Tiffany - I believe that she definitely had surgery; I first saw her picture on Boajjang, and .... in my opinion, she wasn't very pretty. She kind of looks like Yunho in the second to last picture. It looks like she got nose surgery. I don't think any weightloss/diet can make your nose look like THAT. It looks like the entire bridge of her nose changed.

Possible Surgery: Nose

3. YuRi - Like someone mentioned, the first three pictures aren't her. I don't know if that's true or not, so I won't comment.

Possible Surgery: ???

4. HyoYeon - Wow, at her first picture. Her nose is really flat. The second picture, she has Janet Jackson cheeks. It's not until the fourth picture where it looks like her nose isn't flat, but that could be the expression that she has on her face that makes it look unflat. Her picture with blonde hair... her nose DEFINITELY looks new. She also looks like she lost some weight too, but that doesn't make your nose look like THAT either.

Possible Surgery: Nose

5. SooYoung - doesn't look Korean, but looks Thai or Filipino in the first picture. Her nose definitely doesn't look the same. In the third picture, it does show the difference of a new nose, because if that really is SooYoung in the first two pictures, if you look at her nose, her nostrils flare out and down, but the third picture, her nostrils seem to have gotten smaller, and they "flare" up. Her nose looks sharper now. And possibly eye surgery. If they used the eye glue, then I don't consider that surgery. If the last picture is photoshopped, then I get it, but it does look like her chin is more defined. Allthough, it may be the angle and weightloss.

Possible Surgery: Nose

6. SeoHyun - The very first picture doesn't look like her; the nose is ENTIRELY different from the nose shown in the second picture, unless it's just the bad quality of both of the pictures. Her nose looks smaller in the first picture, but bigger in the second picture. And she could have had gotten surgery on her eyes. Her nose looks smaller, and her face is more oval.

Possible Surgery: Nose

7. TaeYeon - She could have used eye glue for her eyes. ...Maybe not. Those eyelid cuts look really deep... I don't think that's natural... or could be formed by glue and a tool. The bridge of her nose looks the same, but her nostrils look smaller.

Possible Surgery: Eyelids, nose

8. Jessica - Her before pictures seem to be ... bad pictures, and it looks like out of all the Sonyeo Shidae members, the Anti-fan that created this bit hated Jessica the most. Her eyebrows are different, but that's changeable; without surgery. Her eyelids look very "deep-cut" too. Since she was even thinner before, if she gained weight, that would have filled her face up a bit, but her jawline and chin look slightly different in the last picture. The point of her nose looks higher in the final picture, too.

Possible Surgery: Jawline/chin, nose, eyelids

9. Sunny - that's such a young picture of her, you can't really tell. I think she got nose surgery and possibly eyelid surgery.

Possible Surgery: Nose, eyelids

I could be 100% wrong, but this is just what I think, based ONLY on those pictures. It seems by the results, YoonA had the least surgery and Jessica had the most. It also seems that everyone fixed their nose to make it look smaller, pointier, "higher" or whatever you want to call it. I believe that these girls could have gotten eyelid surgery or used eye glue. They all lost weight (probably except for Jessica) and they all most likely used whitening products.

People that say "it's because they lost weight/grew up/matured", trust me, I've lost a lot of weight hoping that my nose would look like that, but it NEVER worked. And even if you grow up, you don't get a transformed nose bridge. Oh yeah, and about BoA... I was watching the BoA video when she was in training... she doesn't look different to me. Even her nose. (As many people claim that she had nose surgery) In 1998, she was 12. I DOUBT that she got surgery that young. BoA looks almost exactly the same (except for her major weightloss which makes her face look very thin).

Honestly, I don't really care. I just did this "analyzing" thing because I was bored. Even if they did get surgery, it's their choice, and it's LSM that put them up to it. They all look good now, and seem pretty talented.

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Guest sassydork_.

^Hyoyeon does have a nose job. Heer nose before was kinda flat but it doesn't now.

Yeah, Sooyoung really don't look like a Korean...she looks like....Filipino......for some reasons...

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Yoon A: I don't think she did anything.

Tiffany: Did her eyes? Double eyelid surgery, and I am guessing maybe she cut her inner corners of her eyes since her eyes look closer together now.

Yuri: Looks like she did her eyes.

Hyo Yeon: I think she did her eyes? I think she cut them deeper, because it seems in the first picture she has sok ssangapeul, whereas in the following pictures the ssangapeul is really obvious.

And her nose? I'm not sure, since the last picture looks photoshopped.

Soo Young: I think she did her eyes. In the third picture, it looks like a picture taken like maybe 1 or 2 weeks after plastic surgery.

Seo Hyun: Don't know what she did. Doesn't look like she had double eyelid surgery.

TaeYeon: Looks the same to me.

Jessica: Looks like she did her eyes. Nobody goes from eyes like those in the second picture to her eyes now JUST from growing up.

Sunny: Looks like she did her eyes and her nose?

Disclaimer: I'm just guessing, okay?

And I can totally understand why SM makes these girls get plastic surgery.

Even if you have ssangapeul already, if its not deep enough, it just doesn't look good with makeup and on screen. TV is unforgiving. Just look at TaeYeon. She has a really small ssangapeul in the first and second picture, and in the photoshoot picture, you can't even see the ssangapeul anymore.

So yeah. Almost every celeb has plastic surgery anyway. Even if they look good originally, it won't look good enough on TV without plastic surgery.

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They used bad bad pictures of Jessica. I feel bad for her.

Majority of them have plastic surgery, i'm not gonna deny that. But if they have the talent, what for bother for they did have something done right? Anyway it comes as no surprise in today's music industry for an artist to have plastic surgery.

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Guest chae-gyeong_01

as usual...

surgery thing...


Is there a rule that is against with ANTI-FANS?

Oh, president of Korea...


I recommend a rule...

Arrest all of the ANTIs...

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Guest ADORE.you

Most artists get plastic surgery these days, i guess its not much of a surprise. But i'm sure what they want to show us is their talent, not the comparisons of themselves to their past.

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Guest sassydork_.

^lol arrest all antis LOL

Soo Young: I think she did her eyes. In the third picture, it looks like a picture taken like maybe 1 or 2 weeks after plastic surgery.

She did have her eyes done. I'm not sure if she said it on chunji or something? But she does have her eyes done.

On my opinion, they just did the surgery to improve their looks since some of them wasn't really that pretty and such and SM probably trained them because they have the talent. Yes, looks doesn't matter if you have the talent but on the industry, looks got to be one of the major thing that people look unto second to talent.

You can't say a person is FAKE just because they undergo surgery. I guess netizens got to be the scariest people you could encounter to for considering this kind of things though I know its one thing you should know on a celebrity.

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