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Before And After Of So Nyuh Shi Dae

Guest I<3SunSunYeMi

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Guest nehsarang

Aw that's sad for them all those antis bashing them. I am sort of against how so many stars get plastic surgery done and stuff but other people have to realize how much money and PAIN a person has to go through in order to get it done. Especially noses. It takes a long time to heal and recovery hurts :[ So think about how some people are pressured to go through it and how they suffer for perfect results that other people like anyway >>

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I think Hyoyeon did get one. She's the one I'm most sure of.

Lol. can't help but smirk seeing the Jessica pics.. *cough*

anywaaaaaaays... not surprised if they did had surgery. it's very common among girl group members nowadays.

but really, people should just love themselves for who they are.

it's a crazy generation that we're all in.

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Pretty big changes uh?

I thought it was pretty normal for korean girls to go under surgery? What for bash them? =.=;;

Hyo Yeon reminds me of Song Hye Gyo in some way though.

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Guest *.:StarryEyeSurprise:.*

I think majority of them just got double eyelid surgery and slimmed down. Double eyelid surgery isn't really plastic surgery. Plastic surgery means breast implants and other health reasons, like plastic hips for old people :mellow: SNSD had cosmetic surgery, which means they had surgery to enhance their beauty and not have plastic moulded onto their faces. I know Hyoyeon probably got her nose lifted, Sooyoung might have too. Jessica had braces. I think Tiffany just got double eyelids, those pictures dont look like Tiffany....but it could be. Besides that, I just think everyone else just slimmed down and probably got double eyelids.... =)

stop making excuses, is this the way koreans think? Oh double eyelids aint surgery

soon it would be considered that nose isn't surgery either

gah cosmetic surgery IS plastic surgery THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED COSMETIC SURGERY


hip surgery ain't plastic surgery -_-


so delusional

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