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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

here's Priscilla's translation of the clip with her comment:

the part I wasn't sure is written in bold letter with ???

From ETN ~ Entertainment News (Part I)

Dated: January 15???….2005

WR: Woman Reporter

MR: Man Reporter

MR2: Man Reporter 2

MR3: Man Reporter 3

N: Narrator


WR: Yes, now that I've seen Mr. SJS my heart's warmed up and I'm so happy. I want to send this kind of love messages. (hand sign of heart shape) Did I overdo it? Regardless, I like Mr. SJS a lot. We hear there's more news on Mr. SJS? ~that he's leaving to Japan?

MR3: Yes, starting on the 21st, since singer Jo Sung Mo is returning after two years, with his 6 th album entitled "Noonmoolree Nayo." So he'll be going to Japan in order to film the Music Video. His partner is non other than Lover's in Paris ' Miss Kim Jung Eun. The MV is said to be like a Hong Kong movie, an action mellow. It's planned to be beautifully shot, so I would think that both KJE and SJS will show us emotionally loaded acting.

MR: Filming will start tomorrow?

MR3: Today.

MR: I heard something about their concept. It's about gangster's loyalties, their friendship and betrayal. Through this, there's the extreme but forbidden love. A love towards a woman. I heard the cost of filming was 700 million… I don't know if this is true though. I'll find out after watching. Mr. SJS is preparing for other events in Japan? The other day, Miss Lee Hyo Ri, who's now acting in Leaf Clover, said that she learned a lot by watching SJS's acting. She made headlines when she said this.

MR2: That's right. Miss Lee Hyo Ri, regarding cry acting, said that in "Lovers in Paris…" no, at "What Happened in Bali," which is another drama with SJS, she said that the cry acting of So Ji Sub, Ha Ji Won, and Jo In Sung, she didn't just watch the drama, but she monitored the acting, and the scene we just watched of "I'm Sorry I Love You," the ramen scene, she was so touched by that scene… we are watching this right now… she said that she was going to grill and swallow such acting.

WR: The cry acting of Mr. SJS did not just come overnight. I would think this came after lot, lot, lots of work. Actor Shingoo is said to have complimented a lot on SJS's hard working ethic.

M3: Veteran actors hardly give praise to younger actors. There's the generational gap and other things. In the case of Mr. Shingoo, he's known to be a very fearful sunbae (older veteran). But while doing "I'm Sorry I Love You," he said of the much younger So Ji Sub that, putting his good acting aside, he works so hard day and night it was a very good sight, and that he was very proud of this hoobae (younger co-worker). SJS's colleagues usually praise him nonstop, but to have such an experienced veteran, and an older man, to praise him like that, that says a lot of SJS's hard working ethic. I think that's how he was able to develop such acting skill during the drama.

WR: That's why he has lots of fans.

MR: You look too happy.

WR: Ok, I'll stop with this for today. My love is overflowing, right???

MR: That's OK. Miss Lee Hyo Ri mentioned that she wanted to grill and swallow SJS's acting, but it was Mr. SJS who, by watching other good actors around him, and through diligent work, was able to be where he is now. A Star doesn't just rise easy and spontaneously. There's the unseen hard-work, and whole hearted devotion. I would say that Mr. SJS's the best example of this. Long ago, it is said that Mr. Son Hyun Joo when Mr. SJS was just beginning, and was having hard time, would coach SJS a lot in the make up room, answering many questions about acting, and helping him act. There's this story, and there're many other such stories of sunbaes who helped him in the past. So we can safely say that Mr. SJS is a very diligent and faithful man, and have a big willingness to learn.

(posted in Hotelier2002)

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Here's the letter Jisub read to his fans at the ski camp

Translated by Priscilla, reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002

"It's because of your love I'm able to stand here like this. This is actually the first time I'm spending time with you in this way, greeting you all in this public camping arena.

"It's been already 10 years since my debut. I feel it was because of the love given by all of you standing right here before me that I was able to come this far. It was your constant and immovable ways of watching me and my acting. It was because of your existence that the So Ji Sub of today exists. I thank you all.

"My lack of speaking ability had made it very difficult for me to show my heart to you. I can recall many incidents in the past I had felt sorry for you. The time when, though not my intention, people who came to see me were sent back without me greeting you. The time you came while I was leaving, hoping to see me if only for a short time. But I had to leave like that without saying a proper 'Good Bye.' I will surely remember every detail, every moment of it, and I can't stop feeling sorry.

"Not too long from today, I won't be able to meet you in public for a little while. If we think it'll be too long, it'll feel like a very long time. But I believe that if I think I am not alone, and that you are all with me... this thought alone will keep me going.

"By all means keep yourself healthy till the day we meet again and don't forget this So Ji Sub. Instead, do keep me deep inside your hearts. Even I, wherever I go, or whatever I do, I will think of you and do my best. So that when I stand again before you, I will have become a better So Ji Sub. Thank you. Everyone... I LOVE YOU."

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here's the pic with Kim hyun Joo


posted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002

Here's the news of Jisub in soompi, reposted by Priscilla,Hotelier

=saturn,Apr 20 2005, 09:16 AM

Today, I went to Mapo office. with 3 Singaporeans and 1 Japanese (and many Koreans of course)

Singaporeans gave him presents, Jisub posed for them, so they could take really nice picture.

Well, it was my first time there today. I was so happy.

We were waiting for him in 1 long line. Jisub shook hands with all of us one by one.

He got into car, opened window, waved his hand for us till we can't see them.

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Dear Goy, my job was done!! It's been going well with you indeed!

Thanks a lot na ja :lol::lol:

Now, it's time for lunch.

Have a nice one, my pal. :D

You're Welcome. We're a good team, right ? . Posting his pics, it's my pleasure.




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Guest sophia76

By saturn,Apr 30 2005, 01:32 AM

Jisub in Mapo office 2005/Apr/25


He is signing autograph to a Japanese fan. 050425_mapo_2.jpg

This morning(Apr/30), his weekend fashion is so colorful. Maybe he has good schedule after work?

Orange shirt, yellow puma shoes, his favorite square belt and black neat hat in this boiling hot weather!


(posted by Priscilla on Hotelier2002.com)

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Guest thunderbolt

Wow, wow, WOW!!!

Thanks for posting so many goodies here. It's been a long time since I've read those old articles. I'm also going crazy saving all those pics that I've not seen.


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Guest eyecatcher_1

hi eyecatcher!

i see you've been bitten by the HB bug... its good that our Jisub is still among your khunk list. Thnaks for sharing your avvies... looking forward to more!

posted by Lunette @ Hotelier2002

hi ramcee! ~

wahh this thread is moving fast...... faster than before!

yeah yeah the HB bug.. but of course that doesnt mean ive forgotten about our JiSub. no way! :rolleyes:

ive already reinstalled photoshop in my computer! hooray for new avvies.very soon! thanks for the pics that all of you shared.

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