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Another one of Prisci's translations... written last May 15, 2005

SJS Manager Wrote again today!

She started saying that it's already been a year since she started working with SJS. She also said (to my surprise) that she hesitated at first when she was assigned to work for him, not wanting to work with him. (Why? I wasn't sure...) Thought it was such honest confession on her part though. Then later, she got to know him and became friends with him... but she continued saying it was still very hard, due to all the hard demands of schedule, etc... But how she misses those times right now.

She also said that she cannot monitor and scold SJS anymore, and that he's gaining too much weight because of that ... ("will you stone me for saying this???").

I feel I should ask Jane to translate this? (Though she seems pretty busy...)

But I just translated a small portion of this.

Members of Younsosa, you’re having hard time due to the unexpected BaekSang nomination, right?

Can you believe this… they’re charging for voting…

Phewww~~ I don’t know what to say

Jisub was like…

Jisub: “Ah… Can’t we tell them not to vote??”

Me: “Why?”

Jisub: “They're charging… It’s not that I’m paying for it… 300won each vote… times 10 is 3,000 won (per day).”

Me: “Hmmm… Still, how can I tell them NOT to vote? Besides, you might win a prize.”

Jisub: “I rather not win, who cares… I feel sorry for them… (he sounded a bit upset~~)”

Me: “Even so, you see… if you win, your fans will be happy…”

Jisub: (Looked somewhat unhappy~~)

He’s right… Jisub’s right!!

They charge for each vote… I don’t know what to say about this.

I went to the chatting board and many people were encouraging to vote…

I’m really grateful… Thank you…

However, don’t overspend…

Even if you can’t vote, wouldn’t you think many people are already expecting Jisub to win??

(Wow~~ Is it just us thinking like this???)

That’s why I ask you… don’t overspend voting…


Many people are wondering if Jisub will attend the Ceremonly.

We haven’t decided yet.

He is allowed to attend… Nevertheless, he still needs to be careful lest people misunderstand.

And she continued saying that Misa will be aired in Taiwan Prime Time starting May 23rd, and that they're already asking for interviews. She was like: "I'm playing the hard to get by saying Jisub is not allowed to have any interviews. But the truth is that he can have interviews... We'll see..."

She also talked about his visit to the hospital, and that he's really healthy so not to worry... that his only problem's he's too fat :blush: ...

Then, she promised to write more often. As for myself... I got 2 run... later!

- Priscilla...

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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

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Jisub Showcase DVD report by Thunderbolt

Okay, shall compose myself and try to give a factual report without drooling too much.

There are 6 parts in the DVD: 4 making clips (each around 15 minutes), a collage of still pics (mostly from the Album), and an interview (Korean with Japanese subtitles).

Making Clip 1

It starts with Jisub talking and about to get into his van. There are two location shootings here: on the yacht and outside the hotel. We can see his Japanese fans lining the road waiting for him. They cheer loudly when he emerges from the van.

I thought Jisub looked a little unwell in this first clip. His eyes were quite puffy. It was very windy in both shooting locations, expecially on the yacht in the open sea. Everyone else was bundled up except for Jisub. No wonder he ended up with the worst cold, poor guy, or perhaps he was already feeling unwell before the shoot.

Making Clip 2

This one starts off with him in the hotel, then it moves to an outside scene that is almost pitch black. In the far distance you can see the lights from the skyscrapers. Periodically we can see Jisub shielding his eyes and trying hard to see because it's so dark except when the camera flashes are going off in his face.

The last 10 minutes of this clip are at the pool. Imagine, 10 minutes of Jisub swimming back and forth doing the butterfly, free, back, and a bit of front-crawl. This is really my favorite clip in the whole DVD! He seems very much in his element, smiling a lot and looking pretty relaxed. I really love the pool scenes. And of course he looked so FINE.

Making Clip 3

I shall title this clip "Jisub and the Red Monster". The location is either a studio or a large room. There's a huge red sheet which I thought at first was some fabric but it turns out later to be crinkly paper of some sort. Jisub looks utterly yummy in a white long-sleeved open-neck shirt. He first lies or sits on the sheet. Later, the 5 members of the filming crew then crumble up the sheet into a huge crinkly mess. See Jisub trying to tame the "red monster" by wrapping it around his neck, hugging it, etc.! He looked quite amused but was always obliging with all the poses that the photographer wanted.

Next we see him surrounded by some large fronds. This is the "Garden of Eden" photography scene. The clip ends with the photographer being interviewed.

Making Clip 4

This is where Jisub reminds me of Robin Hood! I really love the green hat, white printed top, and green pants with red belt. His hair is braided and tied into a little pony-tail at the back. Cute! The location is along a street and later in an underground road tunnel. We see him eating that longish pizza-bread and also doing the shadow poses like a puppet on strings. Before the Robin Hood garb, Jisub is in a bright pink/fuchsia sleeveless top.


When I was looking at the Gifts Photo Album, I was going because of all the absolutely gorgeous pics. But now after watching the DVD, I realize all the HARD work that went into producing the album. Throughout the countless number of poses, Jisub was obliging and accommodating. He hardly spoke during the shoots but did EVERYTHING that the Japanese photographer wanted. At the end of each shooting, he would bow, clap and say thank you.

I highly recommend this DVD to every Jisub fan. It comes with a 65-page photobook. If you can, get BOTH the Jisub Showcase DVD and the Gifts Photo Album. But if you want to get only one of the two, then I suggest getting the DVD which is all-region. However, the DVD does NOT have the push-up scenes, the hotel bathtub scenes, restaurant scene, hotel scenes, etc. I think it has only 1/2 of the scenes shown in the Photo Album. I guess the two are complementary so you need to buy BOTH to get the full picture of his album-making in Japan.

Finally, Jisub-ssi, thank you for making the album!

-posted by Thunder at Hotelier2002 (May 16,2005)

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Guest AiraYan

Hi cel

Jisub will be in the army until mid- or late-2007. He has to serve 30 months so there are 2 more years to go (he enlisted on 28 February 2005).

We will be seeing him in less than a month when he attends his birthday celebration on 6 November. His birthday is on 4 November. I heard that at least 300 overseas fans will be at the party together with 700+ Korean fans. It'll be fantastic. Saturn is extremely busy as she is helping with the preparations.

See u around this thread!


Hi! Just want to share my experience this morning when getting my Korean visa. ;)

I was being interviewed by a Korean in the embassy and he was giving me a puzzled expression on why I put "attend birthday celebration party of actor So Ji Sub" in my purpose of visit along with "visit tourist spots" in my application form. When I entered the room, he first said "so you want to go to Korea to see So Ji Sub.. do you know where he is now?". At my mind, oh that question's so easy!, I quickly replied "He's at Mapo, a government office".

But he then fired back words "yeah Mr. So's in military and you're going to his birthday party? are you sure he will have one? because he won't be allowed to go out".. I just kept on nodding with YES answer, "it'll push through". And then he asked "where did you get this? and if he will, shouldn't he celebrate it with his parents?" and I answered "on the internet! and i don't know if he will meet his parents but what i know is that day is for his fans gathering" and then he just smiled at me thinking this is one crazy girl! :lol:

At the end of my interview, he told me that their system is broken and I have to come back tomorrow to get my visa. I was really nervous, I thought he's rejecting me! So I went out and waited and then my name was called... and I got my passport with Korean visa sticked into it. I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!! Korea here I come! :D :D

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Hi! Just want to share my experience this morning when getting my Korean visa. ;)

hi AiraYan!

thanks so much for sharing that funny experience that you had at the Korean Embassy :lol:

I admire you for being able to answer the Consul's questions.. you can be called a "CERTIFIED" Jisub Addict for that! :D

He was probably amused that the reason you used was to attend a famous actor's Birthday celebration, thats why he gave you your VISA.. hmmm... i might use the same reason in the future when i do apply for mine.. would you mind? :P CONGRATS and have fun in Seoul! PLS do give us updates regarding the party and post pics pls!


More pics from Hotelier2002

posted by Boola last May 17,2005

Jisub posing naked????




posted by muzi1980 in lovejisub.com

I heard these pix are for a movie named "one thousand year" in 1999. Jisub was naked as a model in it. Pris, I remember you said in Hotelier that one Jisub's movie was unfinished because of lack of funds, is it this one you were talking about?

After seeing these pix, one thought came to my mind. As we know, there are always a lot love scenes in Korean Movies. Actually i saw some my favorite actors like Lee Jung Jae back-naked many times in his works. Just wondering if Jisub is required to undress in his future movie, can you accept that? I think Jisub himself has bravery to show his body B)

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YEY! florice you're here! :)

Thanks for posting those HUGE pics of our Jisub..im saving them all!!!! how are you? I was waiting for someone else to post so that i can continue posting stuff from the Hotel.. thanks dear! :D

The Moo Chae couple that we love...











made by vopo (lovejisub.com)

reposted by Boola at Hotelier2002







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Guest florice

Dear rmc:

yes...I'm here

I heard that some people from Hotel have the plan to uploaded the stuff in soompi

Thanks everyone.

Hope this forum can be re-created soon. :)

Delicious Proposal





From Cafe/Youngsosa

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Guest thunderbolt

Hi ramcee dear

I know you're waiting for someone to post after you. ;)

Thanks for the news and pics. It makes me so happy to see his latest Mapo Bazaar pics. He looks wonderful and I love the glasses! I want that autographed T-shirt!


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Guest aki_wagi

soooooooooo many pics of sjs here!!!! i'm saving all of it!!!! actually my big sis wants to use my pc, i won't give it to her!!! coz i'm glued to this thread just by looking at sjs pics!!!! he...he... :D :D

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Guest pooharhar

omahee gaht. i almost had a heart attack looking

at these pics of him... HE IS SO FREAKING GORGEOUS


hahaha or... that's the impression i get from what i hear.

he cares so much for his fans. AND THATS WHY WE LOVE HIM <3

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Some more pics about the charity bazaar which held by Mapo office on 2005/Oct/07 :)





from:DC_So gallery

Anyonggg florice my chingu thxx for pics oppa he so coolll very cute lovely i love him so muchhh

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