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Guest luckycarrienew

Misa episode 1_Australia

The bridge where Moohyuk threw his money away.



credit:Youngsosa,reuploaded by 올리 in Jisubforever




from:DC_So gallery

I think the place is in "Melbourne"~

i really wanna go to take a look~hope will have chances :rolleyes:

florice^^hi~~yep!!just add "new"


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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

rmc, thanks for the pic^^

ji sub is so HOT :wub:

video clip from Patzzi.com


Photos by Jo Sunhee

sojisub.com & dcinside.com


posted by Lunette @ Hotelier2002

i like this pic^^


I tried to register again, but I couldn't make my ID 'saturn' because someone registered it already.

So I resigtered with saturn. (plus dot)

Hi Saturn, great to see you back here again =P

Sep/2005 _ Japanese "STARS KOREA vol.2





Thanks florice^^

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Dear All Lovely Ladies,

I've just changed my avatar.

If it same as someone else, pls. let me know I will change it.

Just want to see his happy face everytime I visit here.



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Hello, I'm the same "ivusonick" in hotelier2002

Here's what Priscilla told us about "Two Men Show", a tv program that SJS was invited with Song Seung Hun.

Posted by Priscilla at hotelier2002 on Mar 21,2005

I just watched "Two Men Show," an hour TV Special for Song Seung Hun. Oh, how I enjoyed this show! I think this is soooo funny I'm thinking I should translate it one of these days... we'll see...

It's a comedy live-show, and SSH's fans were present as well. They had 2 surprise guests: Lee Byung Hun and Song Hae Gyo. (but they only stayed for a short time) All throughout the show, they had 2 guests: SSH's best friends So Ji Sub and Park Yong Ha. They talked about their friendship and they made fun of each other... they talk a lot about SJS... and they played games too. The following is a small example, not cronological, and very rough.

The hosts were saying that all 3 of them are known to be sort of quite, especially SJS. He's NASTY quite! "So when you get together, what do you do????"

Park Yong Ha answered that they lift weighs. He admitted that while he lifts light and small ones, both SJS and SSH are hard core.

Later, PYH mentioned that SJS doesn't talk, so you just have to let him be. "He'll just drink... then, after drinking a lot, he'll leave. He did that at his own birthday party. We had decorated the place with baloons and everything, but he just left after drinking a lot. But he pays before leaving. Then, on the next day, he'll complain: 'did I end up paying AGAIN???'" He'd also dance, all by himself. He's a hip-pop man...

In one game, they were asked: "who among the 3 of you dance better?"

SJS pointed at PYH but his friends pointed at SJS. So he said: "well, I do like dancing, but PYH is the one who dances better. He even took classes." So the hosts asked them both to 'demonstrate.' PYH chickened out and left SJS dancing by himself...

They were also asked: "who among the 3 had the first kiss earlier in life?" SJS was picked... and he agreed . "Freshmen in High School," he said. Though SSH was similar too...

Even the TV host made fun of SJS too. He said that they took a small plane together once, and that the plane was very shaky. So shaky that everyone was scared and grabbing onto each other for dear life. But SJS was... calmly reading. The host, after getting off the plane, approached SJS in a polite manner, and asked: "Weren't you scared?" SJS responded: "If we die, we'll all die."

The host exclaimed: "Oh, how manly!"

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Guest luckycarrienew

Here's what Priscilla told us about "Two Men Show", a tv program that SJS was invited with Song Seung Hun.

Posted by Priscilla at hotelier2002 on Mar 21,2005

I just watched "Two Men Show," an hour TV Special for Song Seung Hun. Oh, how I enjoyed this show! I think this is soooo funny I'm thinking I should translate it one of these days... we'll see...

Later, PYH mentioned that SJS doesn't talk, so you just have to let him be. "He'll just drink... then, after drinking a lot, he'll leave. He did that at his own birthday party. We had decorated the place with baloons

The host exclaimed: "Oh, how manly!"

pianpilai^^u siggies are sooooooooo cute :lol:

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Your avatar is very nice, Goy! ^_^

I haven't seen the same avatar here, yet.

Thanks a lot sophia76. He's so lovely on this pic. a0024rk.gif

My Dear pianpilai,

Keep go on yr posting. I will post the pics. :lol:


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These're video clips Jisub taking pics for the photo album in Japan, which was mentioned in "What happened in Japan part 3", posted by Thunderbolt at hotelier2002



Dear Luckycarrienew, good that you like my sigs but I'm worried if mine are too many :huh: (just read forum rules and uncertain right now)

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Guest thunderbolt


I tried to register again, but I couldn't make my ID 'saturn' because someone registered it already.

So I resigtered with saturn. (plus dot)


I'm so glad to see you back again. Some of us were so worried about you.

"saturn plus dot"... I like it. Saturn full stop. There's only one Saturn and it's you! *muark!*

Thanks, everyone, for great pics and articles. Jisub's fans are DA BEST!


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[[Written by Manager]] What Happened In Japan 4

From SJS’s Café, JS Office Section, Article #31

Written on 2/25/05

Oh no… I did not want the sign of ‘new’ at our Café’s Office Section to disappear but I’m a bit late… Before I start though, I will take care of other things…

First… Tomorrow (nope, today..) those of you who are coming to our Autograph Session… Please make sure you wear warm clothing… I’m afraid it will be too cold… We were planning not to have another Autograph Session during the winter… My apologies… Instead, I promise I’ll do my best so ~~wrap yourself well when you come.

Second… You must all be disappointed that the Clip aired on TV-Star Special on Wednesday was too short… Hmmm… I am really sorry. I should have doubled checked, but since such a big thing happened… Let’s think that although we may not be fully satisfied, it was better than nothing… Well, it’s not that I’m putting much hope on the Entertainment News Show either, but this week, that’s all we could do… (Sorry~~).

Third… I usually read all your messages. Among them, many had asked me the following!! Have I personally done the interviews…?

Kee Keke… That’s right… Who else would ask such questions without hesitation…?

For that reason, in today’s “Japan Series” I’ll talk about the making of the behind the scene Clips while working on the different projects ~~^*^.

*Work Place: Filming Behind The Scenes & Interviews~~~.

All of you must know already… don’t you?? Jisub is very non-cooperative when it comes to interviews///

I’m sure many of you know this… Doesn’t talk much… (He’s an expert in giving one word answers to a 10 word question… That’s so puzzling… How could anyone finish a sentence so quick…//) Many times, he doesn’t even bother answering…

Early in Australia I tried several times to interview him, but I got very frustrated. But in my own ways, I worked very hard at it and now, I feel confident I can at least interview him.. (Should I say this is a victory regarding human relationship… hee hee so proud~)

The Clip you watched at “One Night Show” where he was interviewed during his lunch break during the Catalogue Session… I’ll let you know we deleted plenty of it...

Would you remember also… Among the photos shown of the Catalogue Session there was a bed scene (?)... A unique picture of him looking as if he’s about to go to bed...

That picture was taken at the hotel we stayed in Yokohama.

Then we took a lunch break…

I was doing something else (I can’t remember what… During working sessions, I tend to get distracted easily and do other things, some times I get scolded by Jisub).

When I came back, he was eating…

Ha ha ha. I shouldn’t miss this chance… With this mission in mind, I rushed to get the camera and start filming~~ he was holding a slice of pizza. I approached Jisub: “Is it good??” (I use polite words during interviews…)

Jisub got caught in the act of eating pizza… He was a bit surprised but then said… “Well~~ have some…” and he faced the camera. Then, with a defiant look, he swallowed the entire slice into his mouth…

We started the interview as he sat across the window…

*I: “What’s the most delicious food in Japan??”

*Jisub: “Umeboshi, End Cup Ramen~ hmm.. The Cup Ramen was really good..” (Of course.. He ate without permission… There was a time he ate without letting me know…)

*I: “How delicious was that???”

*Jisub: “THIS~~ much//” (This is the part you watched from the Clip… He said “This much” twice…)

Next, he was eating fried rice//

*I: “Is that good??”

*Jisub: “Eng~~ eng~~no~” shaking his head…(But you need to watch this part… You’ll see what I mean by his whining… Will Cable TV show this part?? I don’t think he liked the food though…)

*I: “Aren’t you tired??” (I spoke provokingly)

*Jisub: (He stared at me… and yes, he was ready to fight back) “Not at all… I’m fine…” (Till he got sick…)

After this, he made sure that all the staff was eating, and he told me to hurry and eat too so the interview ended for now.

Also… The part where he felt bad talking about Korean and Japanese women, that wasn’t me doing the interview, but KN station was doing it. He was asked “The difference between Korean women and Japanese women?? Who are prettier??” Well, this kind of childish question.

Since Jisub looked very uncomfortable.. I threw the following…

“Ah~~ this will be aired in Japan~~”

At this, Jisub cunningly said “Japanese women look very natural without make ups…”

Then I hurriedly added… “Oh~~ What my camera’s filming will be shown in Korea..~~~.” Hee hee.

As soon as I said this, he said that when he goes to Korea, he sees Korean beauty, etc… Haaaa haaa. Such a transparent Jisub!!

But after the interview was over, and while we were in the waiting hall, the story continued where Soojin had to pay for this~~~

Shots of him shopping at Harashuku Mall…

Actually that was only for 15 minutes… He was just browsing around the Harashuku area… This day, Jisub bought one hat (yes… it was pretty.. he knows how to pick… those things.)

It rained, and it was the day after he recovered from his sickness and it was just a small break he found while making the Catalogue.

The most important point here… It was very expensive… really…

After looking at the price of a pair of pants, he was shocked so we returned right away… hee hee.

Interview done inside the Van…

It was the day before the last… This day he didn’t want to do the interview saying his makeup was too dark but I almost literally forced him!!

At first, he spoke about the many fans who came… the routine interview…

Then suddenly, we began the absolutely unbelievable interview in Japanese~~

*I: “Ah… Nihon Oni Nandeska?? (What is Japanese Oni??)”

*Jisub: “Ah… Yeeyeedess~~” (That’s good~~… You lost!!)”

*I: “Ah.. (pointing to the ramen..) Oyeshideska?”

*Jisub: “Oyeshides… Honto… subarashi..???” (It’s good… really… charming??) Hee hee, I won…”

This is how this crazy type of interview went… The driver and the coordinator almost lost their breath laughing.

But I the interviewer and Jisub the interviewee, we were serious at it.

(However, I feared that if this is aired, this will damage Jisub’s image so I deleted it… you’ll think he’s a comedian~)

In conclusion…

This day during this interview in Japanese… I was sure that I knew more Japanese than him… but I lost...

Can you believe this..?

The Japanese Jisub spoke during the Fan Meeting, the Japanese he spoke during the interview… Even the Japanese he spoke in “I’m Sorry I Love You…”

All those words, I was the one who taught him.

But I’ve lost… I couldn’t believe this so I kept telling him we should try it again…

Jisub complained~~ “Look at you… you old lady cannot accept the fact that you’ve lost… It’s not that you were bad, it’s just that I’m too smart…”

What I learned that day~~~

“Don’t ever think you know!!!” (I got hurt…)

Oh no~~

I should have written everything before I forget but now I’m losing my memory.


Let me finish with this… If I were to tell you everything that happened while doing the interviews I’d have to stay up all night, so I’ll stop now!!!

I shall continue next time~~~

Written by JJEMT

Translated by Priscilla

Posted once by Pris at hotelier2002 on Mar 23,2005

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Here's what Priscilla told us after watching Sport clip: SBS Beautiful Sunday : crossing Korean Straits

The first time, due to severe weather, they couldn't finish. The main spokesmen were Lee Hoon and Yoo Jung Hyun***. They were sitting together and complaining about the bad weather, saying that they didn't want people to think they've failed, that it was the weather, etc. Then they turned to their left and asked SJS: "Say something to the audience man! Don't just sit there and cover your face with that hat!"

SJS: "I feel worse for the people who were waiting there for us. I feel bad they may think we broke our promise. So I told them we'll come back and we'll keep our promise."

Lee Hoon: "You told them THAT? You actually did??? Wow! SJS must have been REALLY MAD to speak up! Ha haaa!" (I keep on seeing these kind of scenes over and over: people poke at SJS for not talking, and make fun of him )


Another day: The team was gathered together, ready for the relays, and encouraging each other. SJS seemed to be the star of the event, people continuously screaming his name and cheering, really. They even forced him to come up with cheering words. We have to keep in mind this took place before he rose to stardom, Aug 2000 (SBS Beautiful Sunday - Crossing Korean Straits).

A cute scene: Girls were there too, screaming his name. "So Ji Sub, go! So Ji Sub Go~!" But before jumping, he turned around, and said: "Are we friends? No, I'm older. So call me oppa!" And he jumped... ~splash~~~!!

Once when everyone was sitting together, Lee Hoon said: "Mr Jisub. The audience is asking about you, curious about your voice. They want to hear your voice, so please say something. I know you say little, but you haven't said anything ALL day!!!"

And in one occasion, Yoo Jung Hyun swam next to SJS. After coming out of the water: "You never know how hard this is until you do it. I was more scared the second time around since I know how difficult this is. And swimming next to SJS... wow! THAT's HARD!!! Now I know how Lee Hoon feels when he's swimming next to me, hee hee."

Posted at Hotelier2002 on Mar24,2005

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Thanks for the pics, lovelyGirl

Here's another article related to Jisub oppa, posted once in hotelier2002.

[[Written by Manager]] What Happened In Japan 5

From SJS’s Café, JS Office Section, Article #34

Written on 3/02/05

*M=manager, SJS/JS=So Jisub

Um…to start, did everyone sees today’s broadcast???

They didn’t show as much as Jisub’s small talk as I thought they would so I’m a little disappointed~~~kk

This was the chance to know the whole truth…what a waste!!

I’m sure it was the writer’s interpretation…

“Shiljangnim~~we tried to show Jisub as charming as possible, but if we show it all his fans would be falling backwards… what would happen to all of the fans of charismatic jisub~~”—this writer is also a huge fan of Jisub!!

Since those are true words I guess it was about time that I stop talking about getting more of Jisub’s small talk~~

Truthfully, in order to prepare for today’s broadcast it was difficult…

Everything that was taped was ours, but the ones I taped are the ones where he’s talking comfortably. It never works out that he speaks sincerely just a little, and he stubbornly refuses to do interviews. So with threats along the way this was prepared.

M-“After you leave for training think about how sad all of your fans will be?? What if they just get rid of you and start liking someone else, what happens?? They could even forget that they even liked you~~~”

Although I know it’s not true, Jisub couldn’t respond to this threat…

SJS-“well…they probably would be a little sad?? After I come back they’ll still like me??”

M-“of course…if you show your everyday self everyone will like it??? My goodness…my brain is great…right??” I don’t usually say things like this…(but I am still pretty good at saying these firm words..kk)

These are some of the behind stories to the So Ji Sub documentary~~

I think it turned out pretty well…I hope this was a small gift for all of you.

Okay…time to close this up and get back to what happened in Japan~~~

*The day of Japanese fan meeting~~

the day before, the 12th, the photo album shoot finished up…afterwards we ate dinner and headed to the stylist’s room to decide on what to wear to the fan meeting… The head coordinator prepared 10 different options and said “let’s try it on!!!” Jisub responded with… “uh~~~do I really have to try them all on? I’ll just wear what you give me. I just want to go to sleep..”

C-“No…you have to try them on..the jacket’s are all made of velvet so we have to see how the colors work with you. Depending on the lighting the colors might look weird on you…try them on!!!”

JS-“All of these?” (as he looks towards me with an SOS look)

M-‘No…everything looks good on Jisub…he doesn’t really have to try them all on? Right?' (I tried my best)

Hair coordinator-“still wouldn’t it be better just to try them on??”

Kekeke…in the end Jisub tried on clothes for about 2 hours~~~

Jisub really likes clothes and is very interested in them, but trying on clothes with the coordinator isn’t just trying them on but they have to be fitted and see what accessories work with them… So with 10 different options 2 hours is how long it takes… This is very tiring work. In the end a red velvet jacket, purple velvet jacket, white shirt and long necktie was what was decided… The rest of the clothes he wore during interviews… On the 13th he had to change 9 times…

The next morning…

I called to wake him up like usual.

For some reason it rang 5 times and he still didn’t answer.

‘hm…is he sick again?’

I was worried so I rushed to his room.

No one was in his room…where could he have gone??

After about 5 minutes?? Jisub came into the room…

M-“huh?? Where did you go?? As he looked directly at me with a sly smile

JS-“I went to exercise…”

My goodness…during this time he said he had a cold and was sick and even if I told him to go exercise he wouldn’t go…

But still the day of the fan meeting I wasn’t even awake and he went to exercise.

He said that after he had woken up he noticed his face was a bit swollen…so he had to exercise…

10 minutes before the arrival at the fan meeting location…

I received a call from one of the coordinators who was already there… “there are so many fans at the front door, come through the back door”

JS-“still…there are probably people there without tickets who came to see me briefly, if I go through the back door won’t they continue to wait?? Let’s just go through the front door…”

So we called the coordinator back and explained what we wanted to do, but it wasn’t possible…it wasn’t a good situation for the hotel and hotel personnel…so we just went through the back door…

As we were getting ready in the dressing room Jisub’s words…

JS-“Shiljanghim…instead of you being in here wouldn’t it be better that you go down and check out the situation~~??”

I could have sworn JS was the manager this day

M-“okay…these are your fans huh? You’re telling me to watch out for them huh? alright… I guess~~’

11:15 Hotel Suite Room—(although the suite was used as a waiting room)

JS-“Shiljangnim…can I see you for a second?”

As he quickly moved to the other side of the room, I followed and asking dumbly “what??”

JS-as he showed me the list of questions they would ask during the interview he asked “why are there so many questions like this? What do I have to say?”

The kind of questions that were asked were things like who’s prettier, Japanese women or Korean women?…what are the differences between Japanese and Korean broadcasts? Another…what do you feel about Japan? Where do you want to go in japan, something good you’ve eaten?

Questions like these are the same things he had been answering in interviews over the past 12 days. He looked at me with a serious face saying they keep asking me the same things. But what could I do about it?

It’s not like I could say “Japan…why do you keep asking the same things? Or we’re not answering questions that have already been asked…”

So I said just one thing, and after I said it JS stopped asking me the questions.

The one thing I said was… “Don’t answer!! Then they won’t ask you questions…right??”

Regardless, as it started JS was cool and collected and did a good job.

There were some shaky questions but he still did a good job.

“kekeke…during that time my Sparta training paid off” (?? im not sure about this)

for 40 minutes we had a press conferece…and then an hour for lunch.

1:30 the fan meeting starts

10 minutes before backstage story~~~

two cameras, MC of the fan meeting, translator…coordinators, security…

JS and our 5 staff members…

Jisub was joking around to ease his nervousness as the ‘what happened in bali’ music was playing onstage (you briefly saw this today right?)

The next song that was playing was the same song that Jisub sang last year during his birthday celebration on 11-7, I’m still a man…

JS was surprised “hey this is the one I sang? How is this playing now?”

M-as I slowly got ready to run away “I gave them the tape”

JS-With an that’s unbelievable expression on his face he asked “what else did you pass on?”

M-“Hey—it’s about to start…hurry get going!!”

And without anything else to say onto the stage he went…

This fan meeting was no different than any other…

First part was an 0,X question answer time. He was having a good time holding up those signs. After the 1st part…he came backstage and changed clothes.

JS whispering to me “was it okay?”

M-"yes it was good~~”

Truthfully I wanted to joke around with him, but I didn’t want to upset him, or have the 2nd part be affected so I was very sincere with him…things were feeling good~

The 2nd part was the handshaking time…

At first I didn’t go on stage…

I was right in front of the stage and I made eye contact with JS and through his eye contact I could tell he was telling me to come onstage…

In my head I was thinking…if I go on stage it’s going to be very hot and difficult. I really don’t want to go up there…

At this point he was glaring at me…I went on stage…

It WAS really hot onstage…but it was probably harder for Jisub who was shaking hands with all of the Japanese fans and accepting gifts…

But who am I?? I’m Kim Su Jin…

During that time I was working hard at taking care of and organizing gifts…puhaha

So with that the fan meeting ended.

All of Jisub’s clothes were wet…I’m sure he was sweating a lot…

We went back to the waiting room, changed clothes, and off to more interviews.

After the fan meeting there were three interviews with broadcasting companies.

After all of the work was done…and truthfully speaking although I’m supposed to be the wicked manager it was a long hard day…so I suggested very lovingly

“Let’s eat something delicious for dinner today”

JS—as he didn’t even look at me and said “yeah, Shiljangnim you shouldn’t eat”

Hey now…I can’t be a victim like this…

M-“how do you expect to eat without me??”

JS-“regardless today’s dinner meeting everyone will be going??”

Hey…excuse me…I mean…really…include me too~~~

(this day I endured the entire day by being by his side…)

and so that’s how the difficult day ended.

Truthfully speaking there were so many things to do within the day.

This was not our country or land…and even though they are fans things don't really come that easily…and on top of that an interview with 150 reporters, and even personal interviews… With all of that Jisub didn’t complain once or pout…instead he was taking care of our staff…

As we left he even went to look for the interpreter to say goodbye…

Seeing him giving his best was beautiful…

(When Jisub is working he looks the best ^*^)

It continues until next time~~~

*I hope YoungSoSa lasts forever as a unified group…

I’ll always think of you as one mind…the weather is very chilly…

I hope that this would be a place where you could speak warm words to eachother…

Oh…and those of you talking about gifts and letters…

You can’t send gifts, but letters are okay…

But…I can’t inform you of the address…(sorry~~)

translated by ahssah79

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Guest Priscilla


I tried to register again, but I couldn't make my ID 'saturn' because someone registered it already.

So I resigtered with saturn. (plus dot)

Some old pictures of 1997 and 1998

Magazine of year 1997. The article is about a new face who is swimming player, fashion model and just casted to new drama 'Model'.



With Song Seung Heon and Shin Dong Yeop.


THANK GOODNESS you're here unni! Many of us were wondering where our #1 SJS fan was... our bridge to get to know the real So Ji Sub.

I'm sooooooo happy to see you back here! And thanks so much for those hard to get old-timer pictures of our ajusshi. He really looked young and innocent ~:P:P

Hello, I'm the same "ivusonick" in hotelier2002

Here's what Priscilla told us about "Two Men Show", a tv program that SJS was invited with Song Seung Hun.

Posted by Priscilla at hotelier2002 on Mar 21,2005

The host exclaimed: "Oh, how manly!"

Yah... I remember that. After having such a BIG LAUGH with it, I decided on translating the entire TWO MEN SHOW word by word (although later, I skipped SSH, SHG & LBH's parts

:P ) And Saturn unni timed this. She has this in her CLUB-BOX, so everyone should whatch this...


I'M also happy to see this thread returning to its previous looks... WAVING to everyone!!!

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