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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

Another picture from Oct/07 charity bazaar.


He looks as gorgeous as any fashion magazine or photo album. :o

Anyonggg my sis thx for pics see ya on bd ji sub i very excite miss ya luktal

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Guest sonickim

vicodin......hi hi.... thanks for postin the Haruki pics... love him there....

and the MOO CHAE compilation pics.... really great joB..... such effort.... BIG THANKS to you....

waving all Fellow Ji SUb lovers and ol' buddies in this thread...

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Another picture from Oct/07 charity bazaar.


He looks as gorgeous as any fashion magazine or photo album. :o

..thanks saturn unni for posting this pix, SOOO SIMPLE YEt SOOOO GORGEOUS!!! :P

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Guest AiraYan

hi AiraYan!

thanks so much for sharing that funny experience that you had at the Korean Embassy :lol:

I admire you for being able to answer the Consul's questions.. you can be called a "CERTIFIED" Jisub Addict for that! :D

He was probably amused that the reason you used was to attend a famous actor's Birthday celebration, thats why he gave you your VISA.. hmmm... i might use the same reason in the future when i do apply for mine.. would you mind? :P CONGRATS and have fun in Seoul! PLS do give us updates regarding the party and post pics pls!

hi ramcee! of course, that jisub reason is free for all!

Now i have to wait for the approval of my friend's visa which is tomorrow.. she will go there for interview and she said she'll be saying "although im not that much of a jisub fan i will go with my friend to the party!" :D

thanks for posting those pics!

Dear Airayan,

5555I'd like to see that officer's face when you said you're gonna go to Korea to attend JS's birthday party!!

I'm so jealous all of you who'll go to this party!

Next year, I won't miss it!


hi pianpilai! to add more to that funny story..

the officer asked me where im working and i then i told him my company name. and then he said where's your mother company? and i answered, "huh? in the US" and he said "what state?" "umm im not exactly sure". and then the officer's confused, he told me "you know mr. so's birthday but you do not know your mother company?!" and he was smiling at me and added "do you understand me? do you understand what im saying?" and i said "yeahh :huh: "

after the interview i was thinking to myself that officer really want me to get serious with work and lessen my craziness.. and i also told my friends what happened during the interview and then i realized.. the officer was asking where is my mother's company! not the mother company of my company :lol: im so stupid and so slow! :lol: :lol:

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waves to all jisub fans nd JSAS

rmc: jsut realised you have already started with your assignment ,i am so sorry i couldnt help you lastnite, i am around this evening! let's aja!

florice: long time no see, thanks for your photos!

AiraYan: i am so envious of you and thanks for sharing your story with us!

saturn unni: i am so glad you are back to the thread again with all the latest information! i also want to join the word of thank you to you!


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evenin Peggie chingu! :)

Are we ready for tonite's assignment? Im so happy that we're a tandem. There were a few posters last night and when i decided to go to sleep, Dahee and Thunder came in to post. Thanks dears! mwah!

Guys, you remember this face right? From BALI...


Prisci translated an article about him last May 18, 2005. here it goes..

In yesterday's News Article on Kim Il-Woo, who's becoming popular through New Employee, the reporter was saying that he's worked with many super dupper stars in the past. So he was asked to describe them. This is what he said:

Eric may seem rough mannered but he is honest and kindhearted.

Jo In Sung is cute.

So Ji Sub is trustworthy.

Lee Dong Gun is a gentlemen.

I read the article from Interview with Kim Il-Woo, the charismatic bad boy(www.mydaily.co.kr)


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There were also several discussions about Jisub's earlier works...

Thunder said

Just want to share a bit more of JoaJoa (Good Good!), Jisub's 2000 drama. This is the earliest drama that I've watched of him and he doesn't look too different - just slightly chubbier cheeks and less prominent jawline. Certainly not as chubby as in the Two Men Show. In JoaJoa, Jisub's still the handsomest guy around, no doubt about it.

I've finished 4 episodes; 30 more to go. I know this is supposed to be a sitcom but it doesn't really feel like one. There's a lot of humor but not the slapstick sort like in Three Men, Three Women. Most of the humor is in the dialogue and little things that make you go "Oh No!"

It's really a nice change to see Jisub in a comical role. His acting is a little "raw" and not very subtle here. It's not like in MiSa or Bali where he can portray so much emotion through his eyes alone. Here in JoaJoa, his expressions are more exaggerated, like when he smiles, grimaces, glares, etc. It's really cute to watch our Jisub being so expressive, especially when he did his victory wiggle twice so far.

There was a funny scene last night when Jisub was told that the girl he liked was in the shower. He went and stood outside the bathroom and his expression was so funny because he was trying not to be tempted but the thought of her showering.... So he ran back to his room, took out the bible and prayed that he would not fall into temptation. His prayer was so cute! But then he went again and stood outside the bathroom and he heard the voice of his rival (the Damo guy) inside saying, "Oh, you have such soft skin... Let me scrub you..." Jisub was so mad he banged the door open and rushed into the bathroom! Haha, I shan't reveal what happened next.

Both Jisub and the Damo guy are leads here so there's a lot of Jisub in the drama. I'm really enjoying this even though it is dubbed. The dubbing's pretty good but I still wish it's dual-sound. Pris, perhaps you should rewatch this. Now that you've been struck by the Jisub virus, your views of the drama may change. Remember how you view WDN differently now?

Prisci replied:

Funny you're watching this one. I don't think I disliked this, it's just that it's sooooo long ago and it wasn't one of those 'unforgetable' ones. Remember I mentioned I always 'sort of' liked SJS... though in very superficial way? I think I liked him better in here than in MODELS (Not surprising, since I don't even remember Jang Dong Gun from Models, the reason I started watching in the first place, but I somehow do remember how much I disliked Han Jae Suck's character in there... or his acting? ). I will watch this eventually... Saturn has been uploading so much oldies lately, I'm just too busy downloading. (She has 56 episodes of 3men3women. I haven't seen much of Joa, but I'm sure she has them... Maybe I should send her an SOS .

I am now watching CHEERS 4 WOMEN. (episode 12 out of 16) This is more like a family drama (not my cup of tea), and the main character (Chae Rim's older sister) gets deceived so many times is irritating... but I like the fact she doesn't give up but stands back up after the fall...

Since Chae Rim and SJS are the side story, SJS's screen time would be like... 5 to 10 minutes per episode? But I like this side dish plenty! Maybe I should translate his scenes since they're so short, hee hee... But Did you know our Jisub won "Rooker's Award" through this role?

Being paired with Chae Rim here, this guy reminds me of KyuIn, but a chubbier and trendier one. But KyuIn is nicer, more innocent. This guy's cocky and even 'rude' at times. Yet he is still the 'cool' guy most girls would go after. And I like the way Boola described it: SJS's a male chauvenist and Chae Rim's a female chauvenist. That's why they're constantly bickering... but every time the hit rises, instead of talking they kiss...

Thunder said:

Back to JoaJoa. I'm enjoying this so much! It's wonderful to watch a Jisub drama where he is so cute, adorable, and naughty. Moreover, he has so much screen time. He talks a lot in this drama and very often he talks to himself. When he is faced with a dilemma, he will debate in his head about what to do.

I have this big grin on my face as I'm watching Jisub because he keeps planning this and that (scheming actually) but so often things turn out the opposite of what he wants to his great dismay. It's really funny to watch his reaction. His character also daydreams/fantasizes a lot. There's a girl in his company who likes him after both of them were trapped in the lift. She's supposedly the daughter of the boss assigned to learn the ropes by working as a secretary. Jisub toys with the idea of dating her and fantasizes about marrying her and becoming rich and powerful. Hehe, that scene was hilarious! The girl keeps asking him out and just as Jisub thinks she's about to tell him how much she likes him, she reveals that she is actually... Ah, no spoilers!

And last night in Episode 7... a very familiar scene. Jisub SWIMS! Splash! There he goes, doing his powerful butterfly, yes!

Here's the only pic I managed to find of this drama:


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