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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

Hello Izzat, I'm one of JS's Thai fans

nice to meet you here and many thanks for your lovely siggi :P

Jisub wrote a message to his fans after he returned from the camp. Here's what he said (translated by ahssah79):

[[Written by SoJiSub]] Greetings ^^

From SJS's Cafe, From Jisub Section, Article #57

Written on 3/25/2005, 23:20

I received training well and returned with a healthy body.

Even when i was by your side and when i was not by your side, i am always grateful for the letters that you sent, and your continued interest and love.

As we look ahead i will give my all to show you my best.

It was a chilly day and many of you came from far places.

i'm sorry that i departed without giving you warm glances, my mind is not at ease.

however, although my body was not there my mind remained until every single person departed.

Everyone stay healthy until we meet again...I love you...

..So Ji Sub..

reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002

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Saturn wrote about the day she met Jisub leaving the camp on Mar 25,2005

Reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier

Saturn wrote:

Yesterday, I went to the training camp to see Jisub's return.

As you already saw on picture, he became slimmer. He was tanned, especially on his cheeks and nose.

Not brown color, but red, that's why his skin is originaly white. White person turn to red after getting sunlight.

We fans were waiting for him inside the camp gate. a group of guys marched to our side.

But all were so small, looked ugly (sorry for them).

We tried to find Jisub, but soon realized there cannot be our dandy man.

We did the same thing to the 2nd group of people. but he was not.

Soon, the 3rd group of men were marching to our side. I could see him at the first sight.

All guys were very tall in that group. So I realized the groups are divided by heights.

4 guys per line, about 30 lines long. Jisub was in 1st line, rightmost side (so closest to us)

He looked so shy, other guys were whistling and waving hands to us. But Jisub never caught a glimpse us.

He was just looking forward, marched to the end. After the order to disperse, people went back to family's arms,

Jisub came into us, in front of cameras.

He seemed so shy and awkward in front of big crowds. He just said in loud voice,

" I finished basic trainning well. For the rest duty period, I will do my best! "

Then he bowed around to us, stepped out, got into his van. His van was rapidly disappeared.

We fans asked to other guys about Jisub's life in the camp. But all were with their family. so it was not easy.

A guy was alone , answered he was at the same lodgment room. Then he showed us a picture taken with Jisub.

There were about 15 people together in military uniform in the lodgment, Jisub's autograph was on the back.

Soon he was covered with enormous fans Even news reporters came, took picture of him and his picture with Jisub.

He was caught by us, had to answer to our endless questions.

Did he suffer from his waist? / No, I don't think so.

Did he smoke? / No, never.

Did he eat spring onion? / ??? (He did not understand our question, Jisub never eat spring onion)

Then he kept praising Jisub,

"He is man of man. Really manly. So brave, sincere, honest. He did his best to all training.

We took shower together, he has really great body."

We fans fainted to hear he took shower with Jisub.

We heard, all 300 trainees took pictures with Jisub, with 15 persons each.

then last night, Jisub signed autograph on the back of 300 pictures. So Jisub couldn't sleep last night.

(It seems, soon we can get those pictures on internet, you know Koreans use internet a lot

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More pics of Jisub on Mar 25,2005

Reposted by Saturn, Soompi and by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002




Thunderbolt wrote :

Here a pic of Jisub in uniform. This is from a larger pic that he took with the other trainees. There were 300 trainees in his group and he took pics with all of them (15 per group) and autographed every single pic at their requests. Hehe, he was such a celebrity even during training, but he trained really hard.



(credit: Saturn)

(reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)

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News article: translated by Priscilla, posted in Hotelier2002

[sports Korea] So Ji Sub, returned from training camp as an exemplary member

Date: 3/26/05 (?)


TV personality So Ji Sub, who was elected exemplary trainee and received a public service prize for active-sacrifice, on the 25th, finished basic 4 weeks training.

After entering Kyungkee’s 30th division boot camp on February 28th, So Ji Sub finished his training on the 25th of this month, and on the 28th he will start working as a public officer at Mapo District Office, Arts and Physical Center, for a period of 2 years. During the basic training, he worked harder than anyone and thus he won a prize for active-sacrifice in public service.

According to SJS’s agency “Being a public figure and the fact that he enrolled in a comparatively older age motivated him to work even harder. He lost weight and He was tanned, but it was a good sight nevertheless.” And the agency continued: “While working as a public officer SJS is planning not to do any interviews nor do anything else related to the entertainment business. He will return after 2 years, healthier than ever, so he has asked his fans to wait for him.”

On a side note, on this day, 200 of his fans stood in front of Shin Byung’s beginner’s training camp in order to congratulate SJS. “I tried my best finishing the training. And for the time I have left serving, I will continue working even harder than now,” he said and he energetically bowed to his fans, returning their gesture of love.

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The first 16 min. of TWO MEN SHOW

(posted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002)


Hosted by: Shin Dong Yup & Yoo Jung Hyun

Date: 2001/11/09

Voice: “Korea’s Top Stars have come together. Song Seung Hun, So Ji Sub, Park Yong Ha, Lee Byung Hun, Song Hae Gyo.”


1. SJS: (blushing) Why would you mention that? (Laugh#$%$%$)

2. SSH: (mimicking SJS) 'Hyung(older brother), are we going to rise(to stardom) now?'

3. SSH & SHG visiting Taiwan

4. Two Men Show Games: CONCERT TALK

5. LBH & SHG

6. Together with Fans: Fantastic Game Parade

The TWO MEN are inviting them right now.


Sdy: Let us meet them now~ SSH, SJS & PYH! (Clap!!!! Yelll!!! Scream!!!)

(The 3 guests come in and embrace the 2 hosts of the night. Yjh keeps on hugging SJS so much Sdy hits him on his butt.)

Yjh: (after finishing hugging, goes back to his place and holds his partner) Oppa(girly way of saying older brother)~ What do I do now? (laughter)

Sdy: Wow! We’re really glad to meet you here.

Yjh: Mr. SSH, Mr. SJS, Mr. PYH. Everyone, today it’s Mr. SSH’s birthday. (wow!!!!)

Audience: (Sings Happy Birtday Song)

Yjh: Well, I really thank you all, and (to SSH) you should buy us dinner tonight. (Bowing) Thank you for inviting.

Sdy: Mr. Yjh never misses an opportunity to eat for free. And Mr. SJS, what’s going on in your life that your hair style is so… As for me, I’m covered by my fine facial features, but you… you’re so covered by your hair. It wasn’t easy to invite all 3 of them tonight, so we’ll make sure we have lots of fun. Let’s welcome them! (Clapping)

Yjh: Welcome! (Everyone’s sitting down)

Sdy: But now that we look at them, don’t you think their hair style changed a lot?

Yjh: Especially Mr. SJS.

Sdy: Mr. SJS, with that hair, you look like a good looking primitive man.

Mr. SSH, your hairstyle’s actually cute.

SSH: This is called “I just woke up hair style.”

Yjh: Looks a little messy and yet it’s natural.

Sdy: Yes! Actually… I’m imitating Mr. SSH’s hair. (turning around to show) That hairstyle, many people would think it’s vey easygoing, that you can just put gel or hair mouse over and you’re done. But in reality it takes a lot of retouching. Really a lot. Even right before we started this program, I saw him at the make-up room, and people usually put hair gel in their palms and they smooth it over, but Mr. SSH went like this (using just 2 fingers).

SSH: That’s right. I wrestled with it for like 2 hours.

Sdy: BTW, everyone knows that Mr. SSH has a nice muscular body. But actually Mr SJS is not a joke either. When I just hugged him, I never felt so sucked into another men’s hug before. But now that we’re talking about muscular body, we see a sullen PYH sitting quietly.

PYH: Muscles don’t need to be shown externally. When you need energy, there is a different type of muscle you use. The external muscle is not all that important.

Sdy: Really, there’s nothing wrong with not being muscular, right? Happiness is not muscular.

Anyways, the audience may be wondering why we’ve invited all 3 of you together. They’ll want to know your relationship with each other. Mr. SSH, they’re your best hoobaes(younger co-workers), isn’t it so?

SSH: Yes. Since I don’t have a younger brother, they’re like younger brothers to me.

Sdy: Yes… How did you get to know Mr. PYH… no, Mr. SJS?

SSH: Jisub was Senior in High School, and I was Freshmen in college when we both took part time jobs at a Fashion Catalogue Company. That’s where we both first met.

Sdy: What about with Mr. PYH?

SSH: Jisub’s my closest hoobae, and Yongha’s Jisub’s best friend. Also, recently we both moved to the same management.

Sdy: Ah… nothing special. Just a friend of a friend. Of course, relationships are not all about ‘special occasions.’ You can get closer after other’s introduction.

Yjh: That’s right. By the way, I had learned that Mr. PYH speaks really well after he came recently to our Two Men Show. But… those two… they really don’t talk. Especially Mr. SJS, he is nasty quite! He really doesn’t talk and he’s like a mute. What do you do when the 3 of you meet?

SJS: When we meet, we eat together. (SSH: We exercise.) We exercise. (SSH: we drink together).

Sdy: Mr. PYH, why don’t you answer?

PYH: Most people when they meet, they drink and have fun. They also talk about women. But when we meet… We haven’t exercised the 3 of us together. But whenever I exercise with Jisub, or when I go with hyung, they boast themselves with heavy lifting. They try to lift as much as possible. (Sdy: To see who can lift more?) Yes, that’s how they play. We don’t really do anything that’s really fun.

Sdy: Wow, that’s interesting. When other people meet, they go like: ‘Hey, how are you? What have you been doing?’ But them, instead of greeting, once they meet, they go like … hmmmm…(pretending to lift weighs)

PYH: What’s worse is that since they both exercised since young they lift really heavy weighs. This big. But I’m next to them, using small ones. But these two… They make a special sound while exercising. ~~JJJAH!!! They don’t do it on purpose, but because it’s too heavy, like an ignition. I get so intimidated I just keep on using my little one.

SSH: (That’s an old story) I’m not sure now. When I first debuted, I liked exercising a lot. But nowadays I don’t do much. Why? When I tell my mother that I’ll go exercising, she tells me that being muscular is out of fashion now. ‘Really?’ That’s why I don’t lift weighs as much recently.

Sdy: Yes, there was a time when muscular men were most beloved by the public. But now…

SSH: (pointing?) your type’s in now.

Sdy: (pointing at Yjh) this type? (belly man) Mr Yjh is… Wait, you’ve never been to the sauna with him, so you don’t know this. He really has a big belly.

Yjh: These two men, now they’re very close. But there’s always a first time when you just met.

Sdy: Mr. SJS, what was your first impression of Mr. SSH when you first met him?

Yjh: You were Senior in High School?

SJS: Yes, my last year in High School. I went to the audition for the Making of the Catalogue, and there were 5 people auditioning there. But the one person that stood out there as best looking and with the nicest body, that was Seung Hun hyung. So I knew he’d be picked.

SSH: Wait… (holding his laughter) If you say it like that, people are going to think only 5 people applied for the audition. Really, there were lots of applicants.

Yjh: Many applied, but only 5 finalist…

SSH: Yes, that’s how he should have said it. It sounds like 5 auditioned. Many came, several thousands. From there, they narrowed to 5, and finally Jisub and I got in.

Yjh: We all understood it, didn’t we?

Sdy: Not me. I thought only 5 auditioned. (Laughter) So Mr. SSH was the most outstanding there?

SJS: Yes.

Sdy: What was your feeling towards him?

SJS: Back then, he had very short hair. I was surprised when I saw him. How can a man be this good looking?

Sdy: Then, what was your first impression of me when you first saw me?

SJS: Well… that your cute… that you talk well… but you’re full of yourself. (Ha ha haa!!! Sdy hits him)

SSH: Jisub’s saying that now, but when I first saw him… After the two of us were picked, we were going to go to Japan for the Catalogue.

Yjh: Then both of you got in.

SSH: Yes, both of us. I saw Jisub sitting in a little corner of the office. So I went to him. He doesn’t talk at all. He just looked at me like this… Jisub naturally doesn’t talk. But since we were going to work together, I tried to be nice to him. And I thought I needed to know his age. So I asked him: ‘May I ask you what year you were born?’

Yjh: politely?

SSH: Yes, I asked him: ‘When were you born?’ He goes like: ‘Seventy Seven’ (very informal, can be rude) I think he thought I was younger than him.

SJS: Did I really say that?

PYH: You can’t even remember?

SJS: I don’t remember…

Yjh: Those who suffered such experience could never forget this.

SSH: Since he answered like that, I felt he was in a bad mood. So I thought I shouldn’t be friends with this guy.

Sdy: Mr. SSH was born in 1976, right?

SSH: Yes, so I’m a year older. Then we went to Japan to make the Catalogue. He continued being mute. Even though I tried to be friendly. Then we returned to Korea. After we finished everything, there was an Ending Party. (PYH cannot hold his laughter) Everyone was happily getting drunk…

Sdy: Mr. PYH, why are you like that?

PYH: I know the story.

Sdy: You know the story… You’re blushing now, and laughing all by yourself. (to SSH) So you finished everything and you were at the Ending Party.

SSH: Even then, he didn’t talk at all. He just drank all by himself. (Yjh: He drinks well, right?) Yes, he drinks well. So he continued drinking. I wasn’t sure if he was enjoying it or wrestling with his drink, but anyways, he silently drank. Then I went to the men’s room. He was silently following me.

Yjh: How scary.

SSH: Since my first impression of him was not good so I just stood there. When suddenly, this all quite man: : (mimicking SJS) ‘Hyung(older brother), are we going to rise (to stardom) now?’ (Laugh#$%$%$) That’s when I realized he was kind of cute.

Yjh: OK, we need to have a clear picture of this. You were in the men’s room doing your stuff… (SSH: yes, I was) When…

SSH: (mimicking SJS) ‘Hyung, are we going to rise now?’

Sdy: Mr. SSH was busy doing his business, when suddenly: ‘Hyung, are we going to rise?’ ~~ Ah, splash! (laughter) Wow, it must have been a cute picture. First, he was so stiff: he said ‘Seventy Seven.’ But after he drank a lot, and since he became a Catalogue model~(to SJS) But when you meet people, don’t you feel like breaking the ice and introduce yourself? I feel Mr. SJS, you're not like that.

SJS: I’m very introverted, and I don’t like talking in front of people.

PYH: We just let him be. If he doesn’t want to talk we just leave him alone.

SSH: (It’s written)~ I’m introverted.

Yjh: I remember a unique incident. It was while we were crossing the Korean Stait. We took a plane and instead of going to Pusan or Jeju Island, we went to a small village. So the plane we took was a small jet plane… It really shakes a lot. And without exaggeration, a glass of water would jump up and down. How would people react then? Ohhh!! (grabbing the hand of his partner) What’s going on? I really hate this!

Sdy: That's natural if the plane’s like that!

Yjh: And people reading Newspapers would go like this (squizzing the Paper). But Mr. SJS was seating 2 rows next to me, and he was just reading a book. So when we got off, I asked him, politely~‘Mr. Jisub, don’t you get scared?’ Then he goes~ ‘If we die, we’ll all die.’

SJS: (blushing) Why would you mention that?

Yjh: He doesn’t talk much.

SSH: He’s manly

Yjh: Yes, manly, very manly.

Sdy: Then, if the plane’s turning~ (mimicking) ‘Hyung, are we going to die now?’

Mr. Park Yong Ha, what was your first impression of Mr. SJS?

PYH: When we go out drinking, he’ll drink all by himself. He doesn’t do any toasts, but rather he’ll drink on his own. And when he’s drunk, he just leaves.

SSH: Yes, he disappears.

PYH: He disappears. Even on his birthday, we had balloons everywhere and we gave him presents. He was then drinking, and he just left.

SJS: That’s not a good thing…

PYH: There is something positive, he’ll pay before leaving. He’ll pay, and later he’ll say~ ‘did I pay AGAIN?!’ Also, after drinking a lot, he has to dance. Mr. SJS, he’s a hip-pop man. When he calls me~ ‘Hi man! What’s up, what’s up man!’ He does that. You cannot imagine him like that, right? On normal days, he has reggae perm. Then, after drinking, he goes to the Club and he dances for one hour by himself. Even without a partner.

Sdy: Looking at the mirror, by himself?

PYH: No. There’s no mirror. It’s rather foggy. And he’ll dance by himself. While dancing, he’ll take off his jacket and have only a sleeveless shirt on. Wearing that, he’ll go (dancing).

Sdy: He must be an incredible character.

Yjh: During the past 6 months, I thought I got to know Mr. SJS a little, but I’m finding completely new things.

SJS: I’m only like that with close friends.

Sdy: These three men, I feel the more we examine them, we’ll find new things.

Usually, the very good looking people, and the very ugly people have nicknames, unique ones. Do any of you have nicknames? For example, Mr. SSH could be called ‘Mr. Scum’?.

SSH: Well… Song Sari, James Song

Sdy: Like that…

SSH: Yes

Sdy: What about while growing up?

SSH: Eyebrows. Song Sari. Song Shin.

Sdy: Many of the nicknames, instead of being special, they tend to be related to the last name? In my case, you wouldn’t believe it. Since my name’s Shin Dong Yup, they called me Dong Tae (type of fish). There was no relation whatsoever, but just because there was a Dong in my name.

Video Clip Time: 15 minutes 55 seconds...



Translated by Priscilla

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