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Got this off of Sojisubar FB page. Reposted from a Korean fans IG. Translated it into English for you guys. The fan was lucky enough to have caught Ji Sub at his office at 51K on February 3. She

A love story for Valentines. Hope you enjoy this John Kim version and cherish him once again! Love him!!! Love you all, my dearest friends!!! OH MY VENUS   It t

Hello all Jisubbers! Finally done the translation from Japanese magazine RIVERIVER released in January 2016. As usual, translated based on http://tieba.baidu.com/p/4241387189 by 移动的荷尔蒙. Interview i

2] Prognosis of So Ji Sub’s Shoulder Injury: Estimated Healing Time of 16 Weeks

[sports Today 2002-03-23]


So Ji Sub, who received a thorough medical examination for his shoulder injury (Sports Today March 26th, Article #15) at Seoul Yongsang Sacred River Hospital, was diagnosed on the 27th of this month of broken ligaments and disjointed muscles, with an estimated recovery time of 16 weeks.

The medical personnel have reported that So Ji Sub need surgery right away. They have entreated So Ji Sub and his agency saying that working with such a big injury in a drama would be unthinkable, and that even his daily life will be affected if he were not to have the surgery right away. However, since he is unable to get out of the SBS Drama Special “Glass Shoes” where he is presently playing a leading role, he will wait until finishing the drama at the end of July to have the surgery and proper treatment. However, from now on, he will be careful in not doing many action scenes which may worsen his condition.

By reporter Kim Dae Oh nomoretears@sportstoday.co.kr

(Translated by Priscilla)

(posted in Hotelier2002)

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Here's an inteview in Japan, reposted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002.


by Saturn, Feb/2005, interview at Japan.


Q: What do you do when there's no schedule?

A: I like to be by myself at home. My hobby is what I can do by myself.

I go to the gym, play golf, sometimes I meet friends to play bowling.

Sports are my hobby.

Q: How often do you go gym ?

A: I go almost everyday when I have no schedule. During filming, sometimes, I try to go at least once or 2 per week.

Q: I heard you sing well. What's your favorite type of music, and musician?

A: I can't sing well. My favorite genre is hip hop. musicians are DMX, Coolio, P.Daddy, Will Smith...

Q: How do you feel about older woman than you? And tell me about your favorite type of woman.

A: Older... Well, I prefer older women than younger till now.

Personally I feel comfortable to older women. My ideal type is a woman of good sense, calm, good at cooking,

besides, pretty women would be better.

Q If you met a person you love, do you confess her?

A: No, I can't. Rather... I induce her to confess. But I can't.

Q: How should your fans confess you? give your fans advice.

A: "Be sure of yourself, tell your pure heart." (Spoke in Japanese)

Was it okay? Don't hesitate, dash on him first... He runs away while you're hesitating.

Q: Which animal is alike you?

A: I think it's Koala. As you see, it hardely moves. It looks cute and pretty. But to control Koala is very difficult.

That is similar to me.

Q: Which part of fashion do you pay attention most ?

A: Personally, I pay attention to 3 points.... shoes, belt, earing or necklace.

Q: Do you have any brand you prefer?

A: I don't have special favorite brand. If I like it, I buy it regardless of brand.

Q Did you go shopping in Japan?

A: No. not yet

Q: Do you have any special shopping mall you wanna go?

A: No special mall. I like Japanese accessories. I wanna buy some accessories.

Q: Please say a final greeting to fans.

A: I hope to get closer to Japanese fans. Please look at me as a human being So Ji Sub.

(Greeting in Japanese)

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Guest graceyoon

2005/Oct/07 Jisub at a charity bazaar held by Mapo office.

at Mapo welfare center for handicapped people (near Worldcup stadium)


lol at his hat. u besta recognize lol

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From: Naver News>Star Section>General News http://news.naver.com/news/read.php?mode=L...106&menu_id=106

[He is] Several Misconceptions Regarding So Ji Sub

[City Life 2002-10-04]

I kept looking at my watch for a long time. Everyone who met him before said that he was an actor who never breaks his promises and he is always very punctual. Thus, I wanted to see if this was true. The small hand of the clock was right in between 12 to 1. Our appointment was 12:30 noon time. As soon as the long hand pointed at the number 6, signaling the 30 minutes, without joking, he opened the door and walked in.

However, I was more surprised at something else besides his punctuality. The entire right side of his arm was covered with a plaster cast. I felt it wasn’t from a small wound. The role he took for his first movie “Steal It If You Can” is that of a computer programmer who turns into a thief at night. For such a queer character, I was told he had to shoot many dangerous action scenes hanging on a wire, I wondered if he was injured while filming the movie.

“I hurt my shoulders when I fell during the program ‘Let’s Go Dream Team!’ He said this incredible thing as if it were the most natural thing. He was then diagnosed as having broken ligaments and disjointed muscles. He had to go through a severe 5 hour surgical operation where parts of his bones were cut to be re-joint, but he did this only after he finished filming the entire movie.

>> First Misconception: So Ji Sub is a dry person?

No one would blame him if he was to complain of pain after such a big injury, but he doesn’t express any of that. That’s why many people around him say he’s dry. I quietly asked the person in charge of promoting the movie, who traveled together, and he mentioned that there were times they went to interviews without saying one word on the way.

He doesn’t hang out much with other entertainers either. Besides Song Seung Hun, Kwon Sang Woo and Park Yong Ha, he doesn’t have anyone close enough that he may open up. That’s why whenever he has a problem, he usually keeps it to himself and copes with it by drinking alone.

“I’m not the type that leans on others and I don’t like talking about myself. If I do something I dislike, it shows in my face right away. That’s why I heard a lot that my personality don’t match with my career. I tried to change myself, but I got really stressed because of that. I tried, but in the end, I gave up.” However, instead of saying ‘he’s dry,’ it would be more accurate to say that ‘he’s a serious man.’ He may not talk well, but he would not say anything in vain, just for the sake of talking. He doesn’t make easy promises, but once he does it, he will keep the promise no matter what.

>>Second Misconception: He’s good looking, but isn’t he a womanizer?

People know him better for his TV dramas, but he didn’t debut as a TV entertainer, but rather as a model. In a Fashion Magazine, he saw it was advertised that they were looking for supporting models to work behind their main model Kim Seung Jae (from Group Deuce), whom he liked a lot, so he quickly sent his resume. He was Senior in High School back then. He wanted to have an adventurous memory before entering college, but since Kim Seung Jae suddenly passed away, he unexpectedly became main model together with Song Seung Hun, who also auditioned there.

It’s been 8 years of modeling experience, and with his good looks, we would think he had dated a lot, but until this day, his first love was his only date ever. He is rather like Chul Woong from ‘Glass Shoes,’ who had eyes only for one woman till the day he died. “It’s hard for me to meet. But once I start, I would not easily let go.” This is his philosophy.

>> Third Misconception: Looking at his physique, he must fight well?

One day, his movie partner Park Sang Myun said: “On top of being good looking, he has a nice body.” During his High School years, he was part of the swimming team. It might be due to this fondness of his to exercising so much that he exudes such a strong masculine presence. But surprisingly, his fist fight moments were very rare. During his senior in High School, he and his friends formed a ‘Samwoohae’ (Third year students united for friendship) and were drinking when they were provoked by another group of similar age. This escalated into a big fight using instruments as weapons, which became his first and last gang fight ever.

This does not mean he cannot fight well. Rather, he is not obsessed with winning. During swimming competitions, he would set his goal for the 2nd place. Very early in life, he had learnt the difference between getting something after working very hard at it, and just winning without any efforts. That is why he is not so obsessed with being popular. Instead, he likes the whole process of acting.

“If I wished to make a big hit of myself, I would have done it already. (smile) My goal as an actor is not to be the best, but rather to increase my acting experiences as I go. If I see my acting has improved in my following work, I feel good. If people don’t turn the channel away when they see me on TV, with that, I am satisfied.”

<reporter Kim Sang Man mlolv@mk.co.kr>

***Translated by Priscilla

(posted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002)

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From: Naver News>Star Section>General News

So Ji Sub – Eric Closing by… Kwon Sang Woo In Hopeless Pursuit[Go News 2005-April-04 20:33]


So Ji Sub enlisted in the army and had left the public arena, but his popularity knows no end.

So Ji Sub, who made the viewer’s heart teary through his portrayal of Cha Moo Hyuk in “I’m Sorry I Love You,” right before enlisting, appeared at Jo Sung Mo’s Music Video as a killer who falls in love with his Boss’s girlfriend. Sowing again a deep impression in the hearts of his fans, he left us for the time being.

However, his popularity has not changed. Actually, if we go by “Go News Monthly MVP poll” alone, his popularity is almost equal to last month’s. By April 6th, 8:30 pm, at “Go News Monthly MVP Male Actor’s Prize,” So Ji Sub is running 1st with 1101 votes.

Reports saying that the district office where he is serving at has become congested are coming up rather frequently.

To such as him, there seems to be a sudden rival rising in the sky.

Already last year, Eric had won the “Go News Male Acting Prize” through “Boolsae” (Firebird). He is playing his cards once again, not as a singer, but as an actor. Eric has 786 votes, running in 2nd place, dangerously closing up on So Ji Sub’s 1st place.

Eric is currently in the drama “New Employee” acting as Kang Ho Yuk, a deceitful bum who becomes a diplomatic new employee at a World Corporation LK Group, rising in popularity.

Especially, by bringing up the social issue of youth unemployment in a manner that is not too dark or too heavy, he has greatly succeeded in transforming himself from "Boolsae's" 2nd generation millionaire to a bum, getting such praise from viewers for his acting that So Ji Sub’ s fortress looks as if it would break down any time soon.

On the other hand, with 202 votes and running is 3rd place is Kwon Sang Woo, running a desperate pursuit.

The results of this male acting prize contest, between the defending MVP champion So Ji Sub, who continues receiving undying love even after his drama came to an end, and the new MVP rival Eric, who succeeded in transforming himself, will come to fruition by April 15th.

By reporter Jang Tae Yong enter@gonews.co.kr

***Translated by Priscilla

(posted by Priscilla, Hotelier2002)

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Priscilla wrote:

This is a new Jo Song Mo MV (5 minutes), where they put captures of his other MV "My First" (23 minutes). But from what I saw, there seem to be scenes that "My First" did not show.

The MV My First was really popular in Korea, gathering attention even before the CD release, and running #1 in Music Show programs. So this sequel is attracting public attention as well, especially since KJE speaks almost at the end, about 'the unsaid word'~ I Love You.

posted by saturn,Apr 9 2005, 04:19 AM

Music video of 'The unsaid word' - Jo Sung Mo (5 minutes)

- Collection of beautiful still pictures of SJS & KJE


Her unsaid word:

Even if we meet again, it would not be this world.

Now I can't say I love you, can't hug you, can't go out to reach you.

But I wish you could hear my word from the wind grazed by my heart, from the sunlight touched my tears.

I love you, I love you, I love you...

screen captures of MV 'The unsaid word' #1




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[[Written by Manager]] What Happened in Japan 6

From SJS’s Café, JS Office Section, Article #36

Written on 3/10/2005

What Happened in Japan Part 6

Phew, so I’ve just returned to my room…

There were a lot of things that happened during those 20 days in Japan, and now that I think about it, it has only been 20 days since all those things have happened.

I still remember those 20 days and how hard JS was working.

Today I met up with the staff that JS worked with on that last day.

Everyone sends their greetings to him and say they miss him~~

I’ll start telling you about that day now…

But I’m sleepy so I don’t know if it will turn out well~~worried!!

*The last of what happened in Japan

The night before we were packing up gifts and went to sleep past3 and then had to wake up at 7!! 8 o’clock departure from the hotel…

We arrived at the studio in Lotbon (I’m not sure exactly what city?) and started to get ready, all of the staff were Japanese…

Our hardworking Korean staff already left back to Korea on this day so we worked with a Japanese coordinator and hair stylist.

Well…Since JS is already very skilled at the world language (body language~~) we didn’t have too hard of a time.

From 10 o’clock on there were interviews with magazines (10 magazine group interview)

There were about 10 reporters all asking questions along with the translator. JS answered questions for about 40 minutes and then had photo sessions with each magazine for 10 minutes each…

So 10 minutes probably doesn’t seem very long for each magazine, but it wasn’t easy for him having to do 10 minutes, 10 times… It wasn’t long for each of the photographers so it was like they were flying to get these pictures taken~

As JS was flying around having his pictures taken…I …will admit, slept briefly at the studio…kkk. JS doesn’t really know about this so everyone has to keep this a secret~~

So the morning session complete and now lunchtime…

Even the last day was boxed lunch again…(but it was very good~~)

And 4 more final individual interviews with well known magazines…

Each magazine interview lasted for an hour and a half…4 times…

This started at 2…and once one interview was done there was about a 30-40 minute break (to change clothes if not a hair check) and then onto the next interview…

By the time this was complete it was 8:30 pm…

It was a 12 hour exhausting day.

The day before was the fan meeting and interview session, it was a schedule that I was very sorry about, so even this day I felt very bad…

This day everyone was praising JS for his professionalism…

During that long time he was working with reporters, photographers, and staff that he couldn’t even communicate with…it’s not an easy thing to do…

And even with that he didn’t complain or express in any way that things were difficult…

There were clothes and hairstyles that both of us didn’t really agree with and I was going to say something but JS said “I might be someone that people recognize in Korea but here I’m just a new actor. Let’s just go with what the staff says to do …Shiljangnim…I don’t think it’s right if we just tell them what we want. What if we say something then the Korean actor image can be affected…what then…”

Our current coordinator who has worked with a lot of Korean actors heard this story. It was the first time that someone was thinking that they were a new actor in Japan…the coordinator was very impressed by this…

This whole day JS was thinking about the Korean actor’s image and smiled until the last picture. The staff was concerned because his eyes were bloodshot saying “dadeejoh boodeh sseu~~” (I don’t know Japanese!) I even had to joke around by saying “da eeh joh byoo deh sseu~~it’s time to sleep.”

This day we also were filming the “making of the day” but I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to use the Japanese coordinator’s camera instead. So there were things missing from the Korean version of the “making of”…if we’re able to send it to cable later we will… truthfully you get a different feeling so I’m half concerned…half anticipating… and now the magazines are slowly beginning to come out, but I’ve only had the chance to see one…

So this is how the long hard work day had ended…although it was difficult it was also a satisfying work day…

So from the day we arrived on January 29th all of the tasks at hand were complete.

There were a lot of happenings and even a lot of difficult moments…but it was successful, with a lot of enjoyable moments, and a lot of things were experienced all through this trip to Japan.

When the final photo session was complete I asked JS for his final thoughts…

JS—briefly thinking for a moment… “there are a lot of things I feel could have been better but now I can go home..hehe”

This day we went to dinner to thank the Japanese staff and coordinators who worked so hard. It was a well-known restaurant in Lotbon owned by a famous actor…

Um…the atmosphere was very good…it was very “Japanese” yet also very traditional…

We had dinner there and our hardworking JS even had some wine (he actually drank a good amount so he was slightly intoxicated…keke) we departed at 2 in the morning and went back to the hotel…

I am not very good at drinking alcohol…

And I can’t drive on top of that…it’s pretty rare to find a manager who is unable to drive~~ So occasionally if I say something mean he always says this…

“A manager that can’t drive or drink…and poor temperament on top of that~~” Mean…Jisub…

So all of our work in Japan was complete and come tomorrow we’re going back to Korea …with this mentality I went to sleep. The next day…with difficulty, with SO much difficulty I woke up. I don’t know if I was really eating breakfast or just crushing it…

In the car on the way to the airport JS and I were both just very sleepy…

10 minutes before we reached the airport I received a phone call…

“There are so many people at the airport you may need to delay your arrival…”

Huh? What are you talking about?

We didn’t expect or think that there would be people to be at the airport…

The day we left from Incheon airport for Japan many of you were waiting, and when we arrived in Japan there were people, and now we’re leaving Japan and there were people waiting…and there were people waiting again in Korea at Gimpo airport…

There were so many people we were not expecting all welcoming and greeting us. We’re so thankful, and I would like to take this opportunity again to thank you. JS was so very grateful as well…

Anyways…we waited around the airport for about 30 minutes in the car. When we went in to the airport there were so many people but the airport workers told us that we had to leave quickly. I was upset that we had to just pass by… It was very hectic (this day we even skipped the security check~~) and got on the plane.

Hoo~~our work in Japan was really done…

Besides getting the cold there weren’t any major accidents so it ended well…

Now really Korea…we’re going home…

JS along with myself must have been comforted by these thoughts…

Right after we got on the plane…we both fell asleep and slept until we arrived in Korea.

So that is how we arrived in Korea with all of you welcoming us back~~

So this is what happened in Japan.

As I said before just 20 days ago JS was hard at work , now that I’m back here again I’m getting new thoughts about it all…

Compared to the first time I wrote about what happened in Japan while I was in Korea and being here is very different…

I will be going back to Korea on Sunday.

There is work that needs to be done until then and new work to be done starting tomorrow… Meeting new people and starting new work as well…

2005, January 29th through February 14th…all the big and little things that happened in Japan. Through it all, JS’s hard work and dedication is what stands out the most…and our staff’s dedication as well. I don’t know where he mustered all the strength, but always with a smile he was dedicated. I would like to take this time to tell him that he did a great job…and thank you…

“Jisub!!! It must be difficult for you who has a manager who always complains, and whines, and tells you that I’m sick. But you’re always patient with me, and always good to all staff. With a difficult work load, and a packed schedule you’re always doing your best. You even take care of some of the work I should be doing, and even acting like an older brother…I can’t express enough through words… Thank you so much…A job well done!!! Sub~~~Thank you so much...^**^”

Okay so what happened in Japan is really over.

Because I’m sleepy I feel like I’m repeating a lot of what I’ve said…

I should be writing about what happened in the end with a clear mind…

But if I didn’t do it today I wouldn’t have been able to write until I got back to Seoul, so it was a little more urgent.

And…Thank you for enjoying my not so enjoyable writing…

Because of you all I feel like I really did become a reporter.

Not just from the start of “Misa,” but the point at which I became JS’s manager there are a lot of happenings I feel like I will have to share…kkk

But not until I go back to Seoul and if you all would like to know I will definitely consider…(kk…I am evil~~)

Okay…so I will come again when I return to Seoul!!!

*p.s.—gosh~~after I finished writing I wasn’t happy about the ending so I pressed the edit button and everything ended up being erased…

um….i don’t remember what I wrote because I was sleepy…

it may be a little different for those who were able to read it right away…please understand~~~

okay…I’m really going~~~~~~

(translated by ahssah79)

(reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)

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(credit:csttsc00, Soompi)

(reposted by Thunderbolt, Hotelier2002)

here's Thunderbolt's comment for the pic and I really agreed with her!

The more I know of Jisub, the prouder I am to be his fan. He's not the best-looking out there. He does not have the same acting calibre as a Choi Min-shik (yet). He does not know how to charm the media like a Lee Byung-hun. He does not have thousands of fans waiting for him at the airport like a Bae Yong-joon. He does not have the sexy moves of a Bi.

He's just actor So Ji-sub.

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