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11 hours ago, guestra said:

And here I made trans which still needs correction (anyone can help?) thanks a lot 

Sorry I just saw your PM :sweatingbullets: It's supppsed to be ate not will eat but the sentence is correct:lol:

@justright How long will you be away for?? :tears: You may not be able to get it back once you came back of youre still willing,I'll PM.     Love the new thread name btw!    :D                     @shjfan23 So you want to take over the thread? 

13 hours ago, hola2jin said:

Was she still busying doing stuff on rest day like.. knitting..?

Have you not seen these??:P13.jpg?type=w800_q75 




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Source: Esquire Magazine 2013 December Chinese Trans:  放放English Trans: Angel2013 Reposted from: SHJ Baidu bar Words in BOLD are SHJ's words and the words in normal are the editor's/int

PART 2 From about 8mins plus onwards, KCR ask questions about SHJ and Ken themselves, so I will only share about HJ's part. KCR asked 3 questions, of which they have to respond with a one liner a

Hear ye, hear ye, all HyunJinnies I proudly present to you the newly formed Soompi HyunJinnies Team. Currently we have 5 members as you see above contributing our talent and love for HyunJin.

Posted Images

JHB shared this pic. Soooo cute! My heart melts seeing shideo!!!:blush:


I think I’m the happiest person. The fate I met through Another Oh Hae Young





even #Shideo came to support me to this faraway Sowon along with yummy snacks. Thanks to them I gained energy and on fire.

#IWillPayBackForALifetime #ILoveYou 


Credit to gossong for the translation



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16 hours ago, SweetLullaby said:

@shjfan23 So you want to take over the thread? 

I’m not really that confident taking it over. But if no one else is available, I can take it. Just gonna do the updates on the first page for any news. :D

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@SweetLullaby @shjfan23  Hi, remember i said i took over temporarily until Angel is back. Since Angel confirmed that she couldn't, I have to pass it to someone else. I won't take it back. My health is not that fantastic either. We just need to pass to someone who is an ardent fan and keep coming here for updates or maintain the 1st page. Thanks!


Oh! she's not really on Ninja Mode since she's appearing with Shideo to support JHB, haha. I was surprised to see MJI going there to support too. So now MJI has joined their circle of buddies?

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I am glad that KNTV did the interview with Hyun Jin and lmk! So pleasing to read their conversation and they were very lively! The part made me lol are: HJ had been calling lmk 'haraboji' (grandfather), and lmk mentioned that the NG king was 'Kingkang'!! :D:D


SweetLullaby  HJ just couldn't stop knitting! :blink: Previously, we saw her knitting a blue one at BTI commentary meet up. Now a maroon colour, I think it's a scarf with fluffy texture. She did make this kind of scarf for her BTI make up artist, and even crocheted strawberry shaped "dish scrubber" to the BTI lady staffs! Her schedule must be hectic during BTI filming period, break time she should be resting or cramming the script, yet she bothered to do all these craftwork for the team!! So...kind and thoughtful! :love:

17 hours ago, justright said:

Oh! she's not really on Ninja Mode since she's appearing with Shideo to support JHB, haha. 

Yap! Not really Ninja Mode yet..! Upcoming event on Monday 4th March, her taxpayer award! Hope HJ will attend to receive the President's commendation!! :D


On ‎3‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 9:42 AM, shjfan23 said:

Look how cute Shideo is! :blush:

Amazed!! HJ was able to squeeze Shideo into her sling bag!! :sweatingbullets:

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Soompi already released the news of her along with LJH accepting the taxpayer award but no pictures or videos of the event. Is it a private event?

Lee Je Hoon And Seo Hyun Jin Receive Presidential Award For Being Exemplary Taxpayers

Mar 4, 2019
by J. Lim

Lee Je Hoon and Seo Hyun Jin have been honored by the President for their exemplary behavior as taxpayers!

On March 4, the two actors attended a celebratory ceremony in honor of Taxpayer Day. The event involves the National Tax Service recognizing individuals and corporations who have “done their duty as citizens by being conscientious taxpayers and encouraging a culture of honest tax payments.”

Lee Je Hoon and Seo Hyun Jin were part of a group of 21 people who received the presidential commendation. Along with the award, the two actors will be appointed as honorary ambassadors for the National Tax Service, and will participate in promoting tax administration. Last year’s ambassadors were Kim Hye Soo and Ha Jung Woo.

Lee Je Hoon said, “It’s an honor to be selected as an exemplary taxpayer, and I am sincerely grateful for the presidential commendation as well. I will continue to be an exemplary taxpayer and do my best to uphold my duties as a citizen.”

Source (1) (2)

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sbs news  vid  hd 





"Inside Beauty" ... Moonji Inn, Seo Hyunjin and Trip to Italy

Jungmin Park reporter] 'Beauty Inside' Seo Hyun-jin comes up in real-time search.

On April 4, Seo Hyun-jin, actor Lee Hye-jin was selected as a model taxpayer by the National Tax Service and received the Presidential Commendation.

In this regard, interest in 'Beauty Inside' Seo Hyun Jin's attention has been attracted, and the trip to Italy that Moonji has left together attracts attention.

In January, Moonji in his instagram, "Italy Final .. Woo, a small feature. We introduce our guide. "

In the photos, Moonji and Seo Hyun-jin are taking pictures of Rome.

In particular, the relaxed appearance of two people attracts attention.
The netizens who saw this showed various such as "I support two actors friendship!", "Is not it so cute ...?"

Seo Hyun-jin made his debut in 2001 with Girls' Milk's 1st album "With Freshness", and Moon Ji-in made his debut in the entertainment industry with SBS 11th bond talent in 2009.

The two appeared together on JTBC 'Beauty Inside', which last November 20th.


Lee Hyeon-hyeon Seo Hyun-jin will be praised as a 'righteous'
  • (Photo = person entertainment, jump entertainment)
  • On the 4th, it is known that Seo Hyun-jin is awarded a prize as one of the leading stars of the initiative and acts as an ambassador for the Internal Revenue Service.
  • ae Hoon Seo Hyun-jin was willing to share his talents and talents for his neighbors. In the case of Jihoon, he contributes as a marathon through his agency and participates in good work through overseas organizations. Among 
    In addition, Seo Hyunjin is one of the stars who continue to lead the good work. Seo Hyun-jin, who climbed to the LoCo Queen through last year's drama, has lavished some of his wealth to domestic disasters as well as overseas service. In addition, I have a history of volunteering with volunteers for two weeks.

    Lee Hyeon - hoon 's record of this year led to the evaluation that Kim Hye - soo, former ambassador to the National Tax Service, Kim Hye-soo Ha Jung-woo also fulfilled the duty of the people in earnest despite the fact that he is one of the top stars who make extraordinary profits.

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This subbed video from our ig and twitter friends. One Korean translated the convos and the other edited it. mbc channel on YouTube isn't open for contribution and they blocked subbed video so I just share it here.. 


Seems like there's a problem with our hyunjinies channel on daily motion? I couldn't find any subbed videos anymore there (and haven't received reply from hyunjinies web admins either). I have some subbed videos and wanna re-upload but perhaps some of you have better idea where to upload? 

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Its not the full trans but pretty close:) @shjfan23 I have a few things that I just couldn't hear and things that are unnecessary like their character descriptions etc. It'll be messy for now. I'll check it tomorrow



1:00 Minki's acting changed halfway through. You'll say that Ah! that's how the actor calculated and feel it. If you compare ehile watching he got cuter. 

I've changed because of her.Its an entertaining drama nevertheless.

SHJ: You can see different couple life's through us.

HOW was it then you first got the scenario? 

SHJ: It was fun. the writer is younger than me  it felt familiar

How  did you decide on shooting?

SHJ: Because LMK said he would do it 

LMK: If it didn't have Seo Hyunjin's name on it. it wouldn't be easy

SHJ: Let's just say that

STAFF: Please think about it then answer

LMK: That's the truth.

SHJ: It didn't sound like you did, you know?

Did you shoot it because you knew the director from your previous drama?

SHJ: He gave it to me saying he'll be working on it and wanted me tell if it's entertaining.I didnt have any intention of doing a romcom. I said it's entertaining and funny. he said; Is that so? do you want to do it? that's how I came here.

First meeting?

LMK: I was sitting and Seo hyunjin was walking toward me 

SHJ: I was late I'm sorry.

LMK: I told her before. she is so natural. on a first meeting even though I've seen her on tv before it should've been awkward. of course it was but even then she knew how to express herself . I thought she is more mature than I thought. she has that side. I thought she would've been cuter.

SHJ: ******

You said I was natural a couple of times I wasn't at all in fact I was so nervous that day.

LMK: We acted like grandparents (meaning they were super respectful to each other ?)

Did you get along?

SHJ: Its my first time working with someone with the same age We cleared we were friends. he is a rat and I'm an ox. we've been discussing for months. Its still not over 

STAFF: Still?

LMK: We have our own opinions  ******

A line that's still on your mind?

SHJ: I like Seo Dojae's... Seo Dojae's? Lee Minki's line understanding a situation vs a person line 

LMK: It's a good line. I agree


The favourite face you've changed into?

SHJ: I changed into a kid once. He was so cute. We liked him a lot.Others were all adults. Even the size got smaller. We have a picture wearing the same jacket. It was so cute seeing a kid wear it.

Mood maker on set?

LMK: Jiin

SHJ: Jiin. she had so many adlibs. Eunho and Woomi had many scenes together and have good ideas and adlibs. they're cheerful.

LMK: Taeri too.

SHJ: He isn't funny but it's what's funny. he had so many NG's.

LMK: KingKang?

Who had the most NG's?

LMK: KingKang 

SHJ: KingKang.

LMK: KingKang is different than a human.

What's left beauty inside? ( what they gained from it?? not sure)

SHJ: Lee Minki

LMK: To be honest the fact that I get to know Seo Hyunjin and get close.

SHJ: Oh my stomach.

*they ask them what real beauty is they couldn't answer because it was deep*

What they want from 2019

SHJ: I want to have a healthy body and mind.Im the type that can't relax when I'm on a break. I'm healthier when I'm working. this time around I want to be healthy when I'm on a break.

LMK: I'll wish for it

SHJ: I think I failed already.

LMK: You have months left ahead.

LMK: personally, want this year to be the year I find something to cherish. whether it be acting, something else or someone





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9 hours ago, SweetLullaby said:


Its not the full trans but pretty close:) @shjfan23 I have a few things that I just couldn't hear and things that are unnecessary like their character descriptions etc. It'll be messy for now. I'll check it tomorrow


Thanks so much @SweetLullaby for this!! You’re the best!:D

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I thought I couldn't login again after awhile but I still can :). A lot of things happened to me, so couldn't really come here often like last time and when I do, I'll be a lurker, so don't worry I'm still an avid fan.


Hey @shjfan23  do you know you're now the owner of the thread and can edit the 1st page & title?  Thanks for taking over. 


I hope she has a new CF. Is she still the spokesmodel for Kolping ?


I don't think we'll be seeing her in a project this 1st half of the year since there are no news of her casting. Perhaps again like last 2 years, the Fall/Autumn period of broadcasting. Do I get the feeling that she's waiting for RDTK 2 ?



I did see some big news happening in Korea but since I'm not a kpop fan, it doesn't impact me.


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