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  1. Just popping in to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all your updates and I hope to be able join you all more often in 2019. Here's an update and HNY wish from Daenggi Meori I totally missed her Twitter update, so like her style to update because there is good meaning to it ie to promote donation/charity. I heard she did a new recording for OBOS in Dec, so hopefully they will release the new video soon. @LifesLikeThat okay I've been missing for a long time...so what was your original name? XP thanks for well wishes and yes like you and @supergal99 mentioned, happiness or laughter is a great medicine, I will certainly try to pop in more often but due to health reasons(I get tired easily nowadays) I cannot help out with translations as it does take a lot of time and energy from me. @justright thanks for patiently waiting!
  2. Hello Old-bies and New-bies, this is Ninja Angel popping in....sorry I can't be around since I have a long road to recovery for my health. I missed Hyun Jin's 17th Debut anniversary ~ wishing her all the best and to continue to walk on flower road always. Hope she will always stay happy and confident and just be herself. Thanks @justright for taking over and updating the thread! It's quite impossible to upload the LE2 translated link as it always gets removed. I am so relieved that there are new translators ( @kkamong I think there is another? sorry I didn't backtrack too much) to help out here, if you are interested to be part of the Hyunjinies Team, please msg Soompi Hyunjinies on Twitter. Our korean translator on the team here on the thread is @SweetLullaby we have another korean translator on Twitter but I was the only chinese translator and now I can't do it because of health reasons, so if you can help out do let us know. @kopifan have you decided to make a comeback? you know you are always welcome. @supergal99 don't talk behind my back just because I not around, maybe sometimes I will come back and lurk whenever I feel better like now. Seo happy to see so many contributions and making this thread lively, I can't name everyone, you know who you are! i'm happy with the stylist from Soop, HJ's fashion has gotten better, from the way Daenggi Meori is posting HJ's pic, I think she might have done a recent round of CF with them, the christmas pic definitely looks new. And HJ being a prize presenter for Mama is a first and a surprise for me. She looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress. And wow Blu ray for TBI hit 1000? that's really amazing. For new CF, I'm hoping if J'estina would sign her up. I used to be the one bringing you HJ news now I am relying on you all to update HJ news, please keep at it. I will visit whenever I can for some dose of happiness (even though right now all I'm taking are doses of medicine and therapies....) I really hope to be back soon "with a vengence" haha but for now I have to take a back seat, treasure your health everyone and be happy always.
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