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  1. Just popping in to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for all your updates and I hope to be able join you all more often in 2019. Here's an update and HNY wish from Daenggi Meori I totally missed her Twitter update, so like her style to update because there is good meaning to it ie to promote donation/charity. I heard she did a new recording for OBOS in Dec, so hopefully they will release the new video soon. @LifesLikeThat okay I've been missing for a long time...so what was your original name? XP thanks for well wishes and yes like you and @supergal99 mentioned, happiness or laughter is a great medicine, I will certainly try to pop in more often but due to health reasons(I get tired easily nowadays) I cannot help out with translations as it does take a lot of time and energy from me. @justright thanks for patiently waiting!
  2. Hello Old-bies and New-bies, this is Ninja Angel popping in....sorry I can't be around since I have a long road to recovery for my health. I missed Hyun Jin's 17th Debut anniversary ~ wishing her all the best and to continue to walk on flower road always. Hope she will always stay happy and confident and just be herself. Thanks @justright for taking over and updating the thread! It's quite impossible to upload the LE2 translated link as it always gets removed. I am so relieved that there are new translators ( @kkamong I think there is another? sorry I didn't backtrack too much) to help out here, if you are interested to be part of the Hyunjinies Team, please msg Soompi Hyunjinies on Twitter. Our korean translator on the team here on the thread is @SweetLullaby we have another korean translator on Twitter but I was the only chinese translator and now I can't do it because of health reasons, so if you can help out do let us know. @kopifan have you decided to make a comeback? you know you are always welcome. @supergal99 don't talk behind my back just because I not around, maybe sometimes I will come back and lurk whenever I feel better like now. Seo happy to see so many contributions and making this thread lively, I can't name everyone, you know who you are! i'm happy with the stylist from Soop, HJ's fashion has gotten better, from the way Daenggi Meori is posting HJ's pic, I think she might have done a recent round of CF with them, the christmas pic definitely looks new. And HJ being a prize presenter for Mama is a first and a surprise for me. She looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress. And wow Blu ray for TBI hit 1000? that's really amazing. For new CF, I'm hoping if J'estina would sign her up. I used to be the one bringing you HJ news now I am relying on you all to update HJ news, please keep at it. I will visit whenever I can for some dose of happiness (even though right now all I'm taking are doses of medicine and therapies....) I really hope to be back soon "with a vengence" haha but for now I have to take a back seat, treasure your health everyone and be happy always.
  3. Okay, I'm just done with all 4 episodes, even though I don't know what has been discussed before, allow me to share my viewpoint on the drama and it characters...must put disclaimer here, I'm talking about the drama and the characters and not pinpointing the actors portraying it. I find the story or plot pretty simple or straightforward which is fine with me since I was on a drama hiatus for a while and this would be an easy one for me to get back to dramaland. It is light, funny and easily digestable, not too many complex characters or plot at the moment, first 4 episodes was a breeze through. The characters, I love Han SeGye character (its ok you can call me bias) but she does have a likeable character. She is a kind person, always willing to step out and help whoever in need, be it the school girl that was harassed by the donor or the lady who just wanted to kill herself and how she relent to DJ's threats when she heard that many others would be affected adversely by the rumour hurting the company and the people whose livelihood relied on it. I also pity her especially towards episode 4 when I realise the magnitude of the consequence her face changing has caused her, it is not just inconvenience but how other people viewed you as changed( in terms of personality) when you actually haven't and how she has to do what she does(runs away) and getting misunderstood for her behaviour. HSG is spunky and brave with a soft heart. For Ep1-3 I couldn't really comprehend SDJ character even though I understand that he has huge inseccurity or much to lose if people were to discover his secret and that he also has a weakness like HSG. I guess what I couldn't understand was the constant threat he threw at HSG because frankly he doesn't need to as he does have the upper hand. It does makes me wonder if he was so interested about SG's transformation or weakness that he would go to the extent of asking her to sleep with him(bec that was the first reasoning he got that she changes after she awakes from a sleep) Was it something about SG that has already piqued his interest? or does he really view her as a business partner and nothing more? He have SG twirling at his fingertips with her secret being much more detrimental to her than to him. But I believe his attitude change as he somehow gets himself embroiled more and more with SG. Can't help but notice him searching for SG and following her(with his eyes)at the company event. I do believe his self-defense wall he built around himself is slowly crumbling. Of course I love SG's besties (and the cute dog!) it was heart wrenching to see the back story when SG first transformed(into an old woman) and her good friend couldn't recognise her and hilarious when Eunho also discovers the secret. These 2 are the only one who knows her secret(well until SDJ discovers it) and stood by her. I would love to see more of their interactions. Though I can't find EH's wish of becoming a priest that evident in the episodes I've seen...he seem to quite enjoy the attraction of the women who fussed around him at the charity event. and plus he seem to want to make money all the time? doing anything for money for HSG plus ermm I don't think any company would allow a delivery wearing a helmet with his face covered all the way up to the office? isn't that a security lapse? And SDJ step sister, I can understand the sibling rivalry thingy and how she wants to surpass the brother in every way but I think there must be a back story of how they came to be like that or is it really just a simple jealousy thingy? At their family gathering, it just seems she is not happy about her father's marriage to the step mother as she calls them unrelated or no blood relations people? But she is not that unlikeable as yet as its quite funny how her plans to bring SDJ down always gets foiled. Ok does all secretaries in this drama have that stern stoic look? can't help but notice SDJ and KSR secretaries have the same look hahaha but I wonder if SDJ secretary JH would have a love line with HSG's manager besides the main love line between SDJ/HSG and REH/KSR Not much is shown of other characters to comment so far. But the first 2 episodes pace was pretty ok, though ep 3/4 drags a bit as I find the premise a bit repetitive? as they are going around in circles trying to out each other but not getting anywhere? But still not too bad, I hope the writer have more up her sleeves and I do like the light touch of the drama so far, hopefully it doesn't get too angsty later on. Pardon me if I have touched on things you all have discussed earlier since I did not back read the whole thread to avoid spoilers to watch the drama. But hopefully from now I can join in the discussions for the drama and the characters, I hope it gives us a good ride till the end. Till Monday!
  4. @supergal99 I can't help but notice how many times you were afraid I will faint I'm not so fragile...I have health issues but fainting isn't one of them hahaha and oh I just finished the 4 episodes, it is light enough to be completed easily though I would say the plot is pretty simple right now? but I am ok with it since I would prefer a simple one right now as I have been off dramas for a while, it will be an easier comeback for me to kdramas again rather than having too heavy stuff to grapple with. And I have to agree with everyone else that HJ looks absolutely gorgeous in this drama and I've seen enough comments to know that many others think so too! Maybe her stylist plays a part too as @samaf said, she is also gorgeous in the valentino bag event, here's a recap haha It's such a simple look but it looks glam on her. I like her hair styled straight and simple like that. And I must say JTBC is generous with pics and videos of the drama which is good for us, now is the time to catch the BTS videos, and oh @supergal99 does JTBC streaming link works? I'll see if I can catch it live tomorrow and join in the fun.
  5. @supergal99 I must be really far behind...I didn't know that T'way was a real airline! I haven't back read all the messages yet(trying not to backread to avoid spoilers until I finish drama), I started watching the drama and spent a fair bit of time saving images from JTBC website. And y@justright you know me so well that I will be saving all those beautiful pics kekeke. And supergal yes I want her sign! A big sign if possible I've watched the first 2 episode so far and am pleasantly surprised to find AOHY team support! hehe what with the ex-finance, boss and good friend..and the meerkat doctor KKD haha btw the doggie is so cute too! And I always say HJ looks good in red and she is wearing plenty of red in it! Her role as top star is giving her plenty of opportunities to wear stylishly so I'm looking forward to watching the fashion. kfans are so hardworking! peachtree already come up with a video cut of SHJ portion only for first 4 episodes and sharing it! As for translation @MizzParkSungAh - mostly I am the only one doing trans right now, and I am still going through physiotherapy so I can't work long in front of the computer so I cannot promise anything as yet as translations requires a long time sitting in from of my computer to do it. If I can find anything, I may do a summary instead if possible but still no promises. Most of us do it during our free time, and some have studies, some have work in RL so when RL calls, we can't do as much. Anyone who can help is welcome to message me
  6. I'm on board for this drama! Will catch up with it soon! Glad to see good reviews and ratings. hopefully I can join for the LIVE on Monday if I catch up till the latest episodes, been just catching the trailers and teasers but it looks good and funny will be able to join in discussion of drama after I catch up with the episodes but happy to see familiar names here @supergal99 @Jusyed @shjfan23 @MizzParkSungAh @aSHJfan and also new names just leaving some pics of our top star HSG and her sunglasses, I wonder how many has she donned so far?
  7. Helllooo ladies, I'm back home safely from 2 typhoons and an earthquake! so happening my trip but I had a good rest thanks to the typhoon?(bec you are confined to your hotel room when it comes) Gimme some time to catch up with so many stuff! Whoop I can see @supergal99 doing a pretty good job and @SweetLullaby too(still trying to get used to the name here) And glad to see @samaf being active again and @aSHJfan good job too! @justright I hear you, here I am haha..you want her sunglasses, see below its from J.estina! I think they have an online store? will try and catch up with the drama soon! How many pages has it been? Need to backtrack soon...and catch up with the drama and everything else! Here, J'estina is one of the sponsors for her drama beauty inside, and have posted photos of SHJ on their IG, have IG account? follow and like Get the rest from their IG account! Will write again soon!(after I catch up with stuff)
  8. Hi everyone, just popping in before flying off. So great to see everyone excited about her new drama and posting updates! you all rock! I'm loving the teasers videos and especially all the exceptionally beautiful posters of our queen! The cinderella teaser video is so cute and funny, haha at first i thought she was rushing home because she was going to 'transform' into another person @SweetLullaby you change your name...at first I thought it was someone new @supergal99 @aSHJfan great job posting all the updates. @justright thanks for missing me! I miss everyone too and all the news about SHJ so I am happy to see so many news and promo about her and her drama! either from JTBC or Soop! Finally things are moving! Let's hope for the success of her new drama. Has this been posted before? profile pic of Han Se-Kye on JTBC website I've read the trans of the character description, sounds like a really good premise for a wonderful drama, I hope PD does his work well to bring out the potential and colours of her character in the drama. But its really got a tough fight with TVN 100daysPrince who have a headstart and is doing exceptionally well. I'll see you all back again in Oct! Have fun spazzing!
  9. Make way for the top star is coming I am just amazed at that tiny waist And I loved the teaser poster as well as the teaser video, yes I like that it has that comedic feel, hope it will be a fun drama to watch.
  10. Looking absolutely gorgeous and totally like top star, omg look at that tiny waist! @shjfan23 she's the main character it would not be justifiable if she gets little screen time. I think they will not spend a lot of time on the cameo scenes. @jenn96 sure wish JTBC does better than SBS. I think @justright did asked me what dramas is Beauty inside going head to head with...I just discovered it will be going head to head with the newly aired TVN's 100daysprince which is doing very well from the start and also directly with SBS drama Fox Bride Star which is also premiering on the same day. @supergal99 you missed me? you're doing a great job here, please continue to do so, I need you here and welcome back @samaf Just need to let you all ladies know, I will be on hiatus for a while...I wasn't able to be here for the last couple of days as I was busy trying to reschedule some travel stuff..I was suppose to travel to Hokkaido end of this month so when the quake happens yeah a lot of things need to be sorted out. Then I injured my back and had to bed rest...I got better this morning and here I am but I will need to rest else I wouldn't be able to travel in less than 2 weeks time. So earliest I can be back is around mid Oct. Keep the thread going everyone especially since HJ drama is coming soon. I'm loving the teaser poster of HJ as well so looking forward to watching our top star in it when I get back from my trip. supergal don't miss me too much
  11. @supergal99 you never fail to crack me up, you're my happy pill haha Thanks for the clip, yay a special teaser clip for Seo Hyun Jin! Kwang Dong officially upload Seo Hyun Jin fan event on their IG as below and this so Daenggi Meori wins brand of the year and the pic above HJ sure looks like the CEO sitting in that chair and good news, deadline has been extended for the fund donation drive as her drama is only airing in Oct
  12. Thanks, sharp-eyed...my mind's occupied with too many things right now kekeke We make a great pair lol I'll miss the beginning and you'll miss the ending (which essentially is the more important part haha) its ok there'll be plenty of spoilers here and at the drama thread. Thanks for the teaser sharing! guess I miss all the buzz yesterday! nope no one's fainting, we are all professionals its just official work *pokes* @jenn96 thks for the trans @shjfan23 its her first project with Soop, they better show how well they can support her
  13. Official JTBC website for drama beauty inside, though the link didn't work for me. ;P Closer up and front view of main couple filming
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