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  1. I'm very mad at Soop , right now What agency this , that make her artist in trouble , now I'm thinking that they want distroy her career and her reputation , no drama no movie as they promised , now trouble , and no clarification no defense ,f... them For those bad comments it's normal thing from Korean we know that , that their normal , but no reaction from her company is bad act , before they reacted just for bad comments about one of their artist but for Hyunjin they don't care , she should change this bad agency , her previous company was more professional .
  2. Hi, I miss Hyunjin tvn story this week they are posting about Hyunjin , I hope she work again for TVN mention on NSTYLE TV 1.42
  3. Hi We should go and watch this video From the source They said she visited them , it look like the cold shower I don't the name but I know some player in my country do that for muscles relaxing
  4. recent video on Channel A about Hyunjin , they praised her , a male MC said his fan , latest drama ,MILK time ... https://tv.zum.com/play/990788 it 's new vid
  5. sbs news vid hd https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1005161274 http://www.topstarnews.net/news/articleView.html?idxno=595772#08e1 "Inside Beauty" ... Moonji Inn, Seo Hyunjin and Trip to Italy Jungmin Park reporter] 'Beauty Inside' Seo Hyun-jin comes up in real-time search.On April 4, Seo Hyun-jin, actor Lee Hye-jin was selected as a model taxpayer by the National Tax Service and received the Presidential Commendation.In this regard, interest in 'Beauty Inside' Seo Hyun Jin's attention has been attracted, and the trip to Italy that Moonji has left together attracts attention.In January, Moonji in his instagram, "Italy Final .. Woo, a small feature. We introduce our guide. "In the photos, Moonji and Seo Hyun-jin are taking pictures of Rome.In particular, the relaxed appearance of two people attracts attention.The netizens who saw this showed various such as "I support two actors friendship!", "Is not it so cute ...?"Seo Hyun-jin made his debut in 2001 with Girls' Milk's 1st album "With Freshness", and Moon Ji-in made his debut in the entertainment industry with SBS 11th bond talent in 2009.The two appeared together on JTBC 'Beauty Inside', which last November 20th.http://www.biztribune.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=202226 Lee Hyeon-hyeon Seo Hyun-jin will be praised as a 'righteous' On the 4th, it is known that Seo Hyun-jin is awarded a prize as one of the leading stars of the initiative and acts as an ambassador for the Internal Revenue Service. ae Hoon Seo Hyun-jin was willing to share his talents and talents for his neighbors. In the case of Jihoon, he contributes as a marathon through his agency and participates in good work through overseas organizations. Among In addition, Seo Hyunjin is one of the stars who continue to lead the good work. Seo Hyun-jin, who climbed to the LoCo Queen through last year's drama, has lavished some of his wealth to domestic disasters as well as overseas service. In addition, I have a history of volunteering with volunteers for two weeks.Lee Hyeon - hoon 's record of this year led to the evaluation that Kim Hye - soo, former ambassador to the National Tax Service, Kim Hye-soo Ha Jung-woo also fulfilled the duty of the people in earnest despite the fact that he is one of the top stars who make extraordinary profits.
  6. Happy Birthday to SEO HYUN JIN I couldn't access from my phone , and I don't have my PC everywhere but I'm always with Hyunjin , support her , believe on her , hoping the best in her career , in her personal life , just the best of the best .
  7. hello , it been long time , to come here I wouldn't say that I was too busy , just to lazy , this winter is so cold . first happy new years 2019 , i hope good luck for every one here , of course for our Seohyunjin I still looking for HYUNJIN news every day for that SOCAR youtube high views, that normal , because it' publicity in youtube shown , every time Koreans click some videos and not skip it . for others actress getting offers , that has nothing to do with seohyunjin , and she also got and will get , a lot of offers , but we know that she want different work now , so many wfor ill be rejected , she still one of most wanted actress , every thing depend on public , and all numbers show that she rank on the top , now she has good agency too . for actress aging that true and true it depend , for example , some actress older than Hyunjin and has children , return with success, for seo hyun jin ,one good work it ok for her ,also the last success of SKY Castle prove that not about age or beauty , as she love acting as she hard-worker there is no worry , the only problem we miss her .
  8. hello , happy with Hyunjinie news , also angel2013 appearance, hoping for good health and happy new year 2019 , also for all SoompiHyunjinies . I was thinking about ,what should do on her birthday , I got idea about , making song for her writing by as , we can choose a melody , make it MV also , when the birthday come , we can coordinate with one of seo hyun jin , fan page in Instagram for making , live where all her fan can speak or comments directly , we can tag soop account . this thing I did talked about it before , seo hyun jin familly home. I love this wedding dress from old drama cute one Cinderella This a video of Seo Hyun Jin and Goo Hye Sun. It's in chinese sub this one is new fusion three musketeer and Mink 's movie
  9. big surprise for me ,acutely I more surprising how didn't know Dr Kim was aired 8 month ago on, one of Tunisia channel it's of course Arabic north African country , and one of Egypt tv air it now , it could be aired in many Arabic tv , and didn't notice , there is hundreds , and don't watch TV that much . here , where can watch vid of drama with CLASSIC Arabic language, the doublage is kind weak because they hired voices about countries like Lebanon and Syria ,the best in voice dubbing, I think they made it in Korea , because recently Arabic student in Seoul , shared video , about dubbing Korean drama. http://www.hannibaltv.com.tn/gallerie/videos/%D8%AF%D9%83%D8%AA%D9%88%D8%B1-%D8%B1%D9%88%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%86%D8%B3%D9%8A-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D9%84%D9%82%D8%A9-06/641/4732 yes , happy now Hyunjin will get more admiration . now reading more , so the drama is gifts from Korean ambassador , to Arabic TV , to promote Korean culture, as say before doublage made in Korea , so why the voices sound not that professional vid on facebook
  10. If you notice Soop face book the is no post about MAMA , thy couldn't chare one of many articles , so strange attitude , I love all Soop artists and admire them , but I don't like we the same company or agency do injustice , I don't want to be negative here but they should know , that we observe every thing , I still remember they didn't , say any thing or post about her birthday , when they did for others artists. For the 17 debut celebration , I suggest , to go and comments in habon milk and hyunjin best friend , we tell her congratulations , for her debut from Seo hyun jin fans , it will look as nice move .
  11. Hi , Commenting from phone is problem for me because I can't delete this inst like from my last post , I will edit later from PC , please tell me how to do ? You know recently I did read , that barley tea doing very well in the market , with good profit and it's just new product for the mother company they mention hyunjin in the article , they say the tea has been in Japan and two others countries beside Korea . Good to know that Soop trying to change the images . I was looking at SEO hyunjin post on Soop insta , i noticed that there is increasing in the numbers of likes ,for her last post pics I'd about +8000 likes , her previous post minimum about 2250 , before beauty inside , now her post can't be under 6000 likes in minimum , the last hyunjin Soop inst vid , is about 80000 Vue , one of highest vid for Soop , please continue to like and comments in the original source of pics of the news , also like Soop YouTube hyunjin videos , Naver , fashion account , click to news articles , small thing can make difference , this thing are all easy and free . Merry Christmas to all who celebrity , I don't , but I enjoy Christmas atmosphere , to much red rose , lighting , shopping eveni it's for tourists we still enjoy it too.
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